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Daugrin commented "Lip Smacking Good" on the song "DIXIE CHICKEN" by KCsGROOVE8 minutes ago
richard13 commented "oh yes," on the song "Beach Bossa" by Philip187 hours ago
KCsGROOVE commented "medea" on the song "Medea Don't Matr H8 Party" by Daugrin8 hours ago
KCsGROOVE uploaded a Rock song called "DIXIE CHICKEN" 8 hours ago
groovsh8ker commented "Humble Hat" on the song "Humble Hat" by Calchas18 hours ago
Daugrin commented "Progress?" on the song "Reversed Curses" by lazernation1 day ago
bronco commented "Smooth" on the song "Beach Bossa" by Philip181 day ago
VicDiesel commented "Texture" on the song "Reversed Curses" by lazernation1 day ago
VicDiesel commented "Industrial" on the song "Nihil veritas" by Eftos1 day ago
christopherpsly uploaded a Classical song called "My Love" 1 day ago
Philip18 commented "Sunbeams And Such" on the song ""Sunbeams And Such.."" by abzwork1 day ago
Philip18 commented "Brand New Day" on the song "Brand New Day" by Warren Smith1 day ago
Philip18 commented "I won't wait" on the song "I Won't Wait DEMO" by MJReunionNAR1 day ago
Daugrin commented "Organ stabs for days..." on the song "way-o man" by richard132 days ago
Daugrin commented "Ring around the Moon?" on the song "Want To Buy A Lemon?" by The_Applesauce_Project2 days ago
Daugrin commented "Unlucky number?" on the song "13" by jgurner2 days ago
Daugrin commented "Purple Haze!" on the song "Sunday haze" by VicDiesel2 days ago
Daugrin commented "Captiva Island Bossa" on the song "Beach Bossa" by Philip182 days ago
Daugrin uploaded a Inspirational (contemporary) song called "Medea Don't Matr H8 Party" 2 days ago
Franciscus_Henri commented "great groove" on the song "WHEN I GET HOME" by KCsGROOVE2 days ago