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Re:AngrySiteKeeps Getting Worse
Wednesday, December 07 2016 @ 10:33 AM CST

Quote by: mr_mordenus
Quote by: J.A.Stewart
Well, Rik, thanks for putting this in frightening perspective.

This Teenage Moondream is now 25 and your brain surgeon — or worse yet —
your auto mechanic.

Sweet dreams. Wink

Happy 27th birthday, Jordan. Wherever you are. Smile

Private aside to J.A. Stewart - whenever I meet anyone named Jordan around the late twenty-something in age, I do always ask if he's ever heard of MacJams. Waiting for that faint flicker of recognition in his eyes... but no, haven't found him yet.

Now that's an interesting idea - a 'Find Jordan' Challenge!

Some things, Rik, are best left... unknown. Wink

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