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You Can't Change My Mind

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Another song taken from an ancient copy of the Wheatstone Bridge demo tape recorded in 1983. I think this one was recorded at Splice Of Life in Watertown, live to eight tracks. This is the first of three that I was working on this afternoon, which started out very hissy indeed...

I like how this opens with Nan Donald playing a bass line, with Phyllis and I joining in serially a few bars later...

When I reflect on this song these many years later, I suppose that it can sound almost a little creepy, but it really wasn't meant that way. It was more a reflection on the sort of relationship where someone really DOES like, or maybe love you, and you can tell, but for some reason they're also being skittish and shy and pushing you away...a little...

Hope that comes across...

This is a Wheatstone Bridge song where we all play guitar, and all sing. The guitars may get a little mushy in the old recording, but we're all playing our bits in different places on the neck...

When I listen, I can really hear in the articulation just how hard to play our old guitars were...

Photo is one I just recently found of Wheatstone Bridge on stage at the Somerville Theater. Kind of battered, and I don't have the negative...
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You Can’t Change My Mind
© 1980 Ed Hannifin


Something happens to make you shy

Every time I’m alone with you

You can’t shake me but you always try

Do you know what you’re trying to do?

It doesn’t matter what you say:

You can’t change my mind

You can’t make me turn away

You might as well be resigned

Say you don’t believe I love you

Change my mind if I knew you well

You can’t scare me away with stories

There’s nothing left for you to tell

I don’t care if it goes ‘til morning

That won’t change my mind

If I get hurt, you gave me warning

And I’m not walking in blind

[BREAK: 1 x through, verse and chorus]

I don’t care about men who’ve loved you

I don’t care if you’ve hurt them all

Try to chase me out for my own sake

I can wait if you can stall

I don’t care about times before

Oh, that won’t change my mind

You can try and go out the door

But I’ll be right behind
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Bubowski said 4010 days ago (September 30th, 2006)
Another nice tune
Hey Ed,

I really miss those Folk days. Good musicianship, great harmonies, clear
singing, nice lyrics. I'm mglad you're re-releasing these. Always a good
listen. Thanks!

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Ed Hannifin said 4009 days ago (October 1st, 2006)
Yet it was not until the introduction of the Mellotron...
Thank you, Graham... I'm glad you're enjoying them...

I'm having fun restoring these tapes and snippets to a shape where I can enjoy
listening to them again, myself. I'm amazed at what SoundSoap can do. It's not
perfect, but for my purposes it's doing way better than Dolby B ever did...

I'm glad you like the singing and the lyrics...

As always, thanks for listening and commenting.

stevel said 4010 days ago (October 1st, 2006)
Really good performance
A nice group performance, I like the way the acoustic guitars build up - a
nice full rhythmic sound. These old performances sound so fresh
considering they were made so long ago (1983...I hadn't even begun to
think about playing music then!)
Look forward to hearing more - maybe you should have a band reunion
or something?
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Ed Hannifin said 4009 days ago (October 1st, 2006)
One of the things that I enjoyed most...
...was how we played and performed together...

We had a nice intertwining of parts. Whether the guitars, or piano (if there
was one available) or Nan's mandolin or Irish bouzouki, and the various vocal
things... Add to that the fact that we all our individual writing and lead
singing styles... And then, if I may say so, I think we were pretty darned funny
BETWEEN songs...

So I'm pleased that you're picking up on some sense of that interplay, Steve. I
wonder if, should we ever find ourselves in the same room together, we aging
folkies could bring something to the table...

Thanks for listening and commenting.

Feter said 4010 days ago (October 1st, 2006)
I cant believe its 80s !!
this is absolutly a warm acoustic song
loved the guitars sound ..just wonderfull
a real feel of cool gathering of a band
the singin is so great and tasty !
sure it has this feelin of reel types
recordings sphere ... which reminds me of
my ol band early days recordings .. memories !!
well done !!
Check out my latest song called Roll with it
Ed Hannifin said 4009 days ago (October 1st, 2006)
Thanks, Feter!
Glad this is bringing up memories for you as it is for me...

Glad, too, that it sounds 'warm' on your system and not 'muddy'... one of my
fears as I work to get the hiss out...

I'm pleased you like the singing, too. Thanks for listening and leaving your

composerclark said 4010 days ago (October 1st, 2006)
Just discovered this by fluke; I guess the new song notification E-mails
aren't happening any more or something?

Love the feel; nothing there that shouldn't be. Very economical.
Actually, my only wish is that it were longer. You have a very fine
voice, and whoever sings harmony is amazing. One day, in some ideal
universe, it'd be fun to get together for a jam.

Back to hibernation now!
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Ed Hannifin said 4009 days ago (October 1st, 2006)
Clark! You came out!
It's funny, sometimes 'economical', the virtue, arises from 'doing the best we
can with our playing abilities'...

I always loved singing with Phyllis and Nan. Phyllis often was the lead
ringleader person in terms of laying out the harmonies, and would usually
have the top part, but Nan was often the middle part that you hardly heard as
a separate bit, but which you missed if it wasn't there.

I get nice compliments about my singing on MacJams, but I've never been
pleased with my voice, and I always felt that Phyl and Nan's harmonies helped
it to just sound nicer.

I love the idea of jamming, although I've heard your stuff and I'm just not in
that league, sir. But I'd show up...

Hope to see more of you outside that cave... I miss your presence around

snowdragon said 4010 days ago (October 1st, 2006)
Just loved it, Ejh.

You've probably answered this before but I'm wondering, with a sound
like this, geez, this is top drawer stuff, what happened to keep this
band from hitting it really big?

Anyways, thanks for putting this one on the site. Good chance it will
find its way into my repertoire :)
Check out my latest song called Nightmares
Ed Hannifin said 4009 days ago (October 1st, 2006)
Nice of you to say, snowdragon...
I like what we were very much, but on the one hand I don't think we were
in step with what was going on in the late Seventies and through the Eighties
the Nineties, and I don't think we really knew what to do in the music
We more or less made it up as we went along... And we never had much
to invest in ourselves back then... A lot of, "I can buy guitar strings, or I can
tofu" moments...

I'm flattered that you'd even think of working this up, Craig...

Thanks for listening and commenting.

Cori Ander said 4009 days ago (October 1st, 2006)
You saved the best one till now
Ah Ed. You saved the best one till now. This one is musically less sweet
and more spicy than the other ones (which appeal to me). This recording
also reveals how tight you people were toghether, how well you
understood each other and communicated musically. Grateful to be able
to hear your past.
Check out my latest song called O store Gud
Ed Hannifin said 4009 days ago (October 1st, 2006)
Johannes, you always surprise me...
I would've thought you would lean toward the more delicate and maybe more
sophisticated songs. I'm happy you like this, though. It is a window on a
different side of the band than I've posted before... I really do hope that
someday Phyllis posts some of her songs with Wheatstone Bridge, just so you
can hear the contrast... Nan's songs, too, were outrageously good...

Well, in any case, I've still got a couple more that I'm cleaning up. We'll see how
they strike you. Thanks as always, my friend, for giving me the grace of your
good ears and good thoughts.

said 4009 days ago (October 1st, 2006)
Good live performance voices are great the guitars are fluid, fun solo,
very enjoyable
Ed Hannifin said 4009 days ago (October 1st, 2006)
Thank you for listening, Tom...
Your comment, while short, manages to nail most of the areas that I want to get
feedback about...

I appreciate you listening and commenting.

jiguma said 4009 days ago (October 1st, 2006)
Takes me back too : )
Don't you just love looking at lyrics you wrote when you were young,
and the forgotten (well in my case at least) insight into your life "back
in the good old days"? The guitar parts have a sniff of Steven Stills
about them to me, but most of all, I'm enjoying listening to the sounds
you made. This screams out for a rhythm section and a more upbeat
treatment, but also sounds very pleasant to the ears as is - you must
have had a good time back then Ed. Now, about that new track?
Maybe something from the 90s : )
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Ed Hannifin said 4009 days ago (October 2nd, 2006)
It IS pretty funny...
...to lay out old lyrics in a line and listen to them or read them... It can be like
"archeology of a life"...

I did actually have a few hours this weekend, and got some more acoustic tracks
done towards newer tunes and newer recordings of old tunes... Sooner or
later...Actually have some from THIS century...

Thanks for your thoughts, Neil...

ziti said 4009 days ago (October 1st, 2006)
ha-tcha Ed!
this is a snappy little tune....you guys had a good sound...i love the
sound of pick on strings in this...real people playing hard!

really nice, ya rascal

Check out my latest song called The Viconian Cyclist
Ed Hannifin said 4009 days ago (October 2nd, 2006)
Yep. As I may have mentioned...
...This brings me back to the guitars we all used to have...A little harder to play
than what we later owned... Took a little more digging in, and I think you can
hear it...

I'm glad you like it, though, Fran... Always pleased when you leave your thoughts
on one of my songs...


DOCTORBIZARRE said 4009 days ago (October 1st, 2006)
As always Mr. Ed! Another classic! I love how the bass comes in and you guys are all in sync! Rippin acoustic! Where's the flailing solo! Hahaha!
Check out my latest song called STORM
Ed Hannifin said 4009 days ago (October 2nd, 2006)
Ohhh, Wilbur!....
I'm pleased you're enjoying this ancient acoustic interplay, Bizarre...

Y'know, I AM going to post something one of these afternoons with genuine,
certifiable flailing, just so you can enjoy it... Maybe electric 12-string certifiable
flailing...and...and...maybe SIXTEENTH NOTES!...yeah, that's right...

Thanks for listening and commenting, Bizarre....

tatin said 4008 days ago (October 2nd, 2006)
What I
really like is how the guitar rhythm draws you into the song. Your last
tune also had that infectious rhythm. This one opens with a bass line that
sets the pace for the song. I imagine the song is created collaboratively,
but who wrote lyrics, the rhythms, the chord changes? No matter, this is a
fine well crafted song love song in my opinion. Thanks for sharing!
Check out my latest song called freeash aire ( remix-me )
Ed Hannifin said 4008 days ago (October 2nd, 2006)
I DO love rhythm guitar...
...and I think you're right in that a lot of my songs, especially the ones written
before I learned to fingerpick at all, are built on a guitar rhythm. The song itself
is pretty much all mine... I wrote the lyrics and the music... what was always
collaborative with us was the arranging...Nan came up with the bass line, Phyllis
worked out the harmony... I'm glad you appreciate the craft that went into it,
tatin... Thanks for leaving your thoughts.... Ed
Tadashi Togawa said 4007 days ago (October 3rd, 2006)
Beautiful recording.
This record is beautiful.
The grain of the sound gently pats my eardrum.
Beautiful sound.
Gentle harmony.
Check out my latest song called Mexican taste
Ed Hannifin said 4007 days ago (October 3rd, 2006)
I am always grateful...
...when you listen to one of my songs, Tadashi, and I always look forward to
your comments. If it's beautiful to your ears, then I am a happy man.

Thank you,

Komrade K said 4007 days ago (October 3rd, 2006)
Top tune
Great intro - this song's on the verge of being a rocker (and I'm not
referring to furniture). Although this was recorded in the eighties it has
quite a late sixties/early seventies feel about it which I really like. Lots of
great stuff here, fine tune, playing and singing but it ends so quickly I was
longing for another chorus (or two or three...)

Check out my latest song called Urra Moor/The Leckie/Reel CJ/Willafjord
Ed Hannifin said 4007 days ago (October 3rd, 2006)
Komrade, I'm flattered...
I just discovered your stuff tonight, and it's truly terrific. Your playing, tone and
general feel are great. So first off, I'm glad that you listened to this, and second
off, I'm really glad that you liked it. I think a lot of our stuff could've been easily
worked up as rock tunes, and this one was probably written with that in mind.
We actually started out as a rock group, with bass and drums and electric
guitars, but we did a lot better when we cut back to just the acoustic
instruments. Even so, I think we always had one foot out in the rock world.
Thank you for listening and leaving a comment. I do appreciate it. Ed
perceptualvortex said 4007 days ago (October 3rd, 2006)
I vote warm, not muddy
Reminds me of the listening to vinyl days. The way the guitars and voices add up make for a really nice overall vibe. Very enjoyable stuff Ed, thanks for sharing it!
Check out my latest song called Mercury (RPM 6)
Ed Hannifin said 4007 days ago (October 4th, 2006)
Thanks for your vote, David...
I'm glad the overall impression is 'warm'... Your stuff is always so crystal clear,
I'm glad that you had tolerance for this older version of fidelity... Glad you
listened and left me your impressions...

j2morrow said 4005 days ago (October 5th, 2006)
Great folk
Really nice job. Terrific vocals, terrific guitars. Very enjoyable. Had to
download it. Thanks.
Check out my latest song called CAPTURE THE RAPTURE
Ed Hannifin said 4004 days ago (October 6th, 2006)
Thank you, j2...
I'm very pleased that you liked the vocals and guitars, and of course super
pleased that you downloaded it. Thanks for listening to the tune and leaving a
comment. If you get a chance, feel free to check a few of the others.

said 4004 days ago (October 6th, 2006)
A great play...
...from back in the day! Warm yet crisp guitars. Nice vox with wonderful
vocal harmonies. I can't believe I've not checked out your work until now.
I'm truly the poorer for it!

Be well!

apologia: http://www.macjams.com/song/24358
Ed Hannifin said 4004 days ago (October 6th, 2006)
Thank you for listening, Mr. Amagi...
I'm happy that you liked the guitars and vocals. I hope you get a chance to check
out another song or two along the way... Thank you for commenting, too.

thetiler said 4003 days ago (October 7th, 2006)
Cool folk rhythm, enjoyed the harmony. Like the harmony and kicks in as
well. Real nice flow of the lyrics Ed! I hear a mommas and pappa's
influence. Nice ending as well.

Thanks for posting these classic folk gems.

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said 3881 days ago (February 6th, 2007)
lump maker
oh, so glad i randomly took a listen to this one. the 3 guitars is a glorious thing - for me it has to do with many minds focused on one thing - and it gives me chills. prince's half time purple rain OO OO OO OOs with the audience misted me right up, too. it's that GATHERING TOGETHER energy that lumps my throat with emotion - the mark of a Good Song. i started to point out my favorite lines, but there were just too many. but let it be known: that whole last verse nails it for me! doesn't sound creepy to me at all. my partner has had to raise his voice to me in order to remind me when i'm done being mad/alone/crazy he'll still be there. phyllis has a voice to die for - lovely partnering with your rock of stability vocal. enjoyed my listen, thanks to all 3 of you. anne
Ed Hannifin said 3879 days ago (February 8th, 2007)
Hi, Anne...
"Many minds focused on one thing" is a pretty good description of Wheatstone Bridge at our ancient best...

I always have loved musical teamwork, and we were very good about working together to maximize the impact of each of our songs...

I'm pleased that you could relate to the song the way it was intended, as a statement of commitment, and not how I sometimes think it COULD be heard...

Phyllis does, indeed, have a lovely and adaptable voice, able to handle lead or background vocals as she chooses...

Thanks for another listen and great comment....

Mute Albino said 3698 days ago (August 8th, 2007)
Finally made some time
I'm an amateur for Folk, and apparently this is one of the great voices here! When you got the chance, listen to "The Blacksmith" by "Steeleye Span". (the slow dramatic version on "Please to see the King"). A wonderful folkrock piece, very simple - a bit outdated - but effective arrangements. Worth a cover, but I guess nobody sings like Maddy Prior!
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Ed Hannifin said 3698 days ago (August 8th, 2007)
A-a--a... Blacksmith courted meeeee....
Believe me when I say, oniblah, that I'm familiar with that song... I've got two or three versions just from Steeleye Span, and probably a few others...

One of my favorite Steeleye Span offshoots is 'My Love'... for harmony singing, it's pretty close to a Holy Grail...

Thanks for the kind words, sir...

I hope you can catch some of my tunes that are a bit more nicely recorded...

Mute Albino said 3697 days ago (August 9th, 2007)
Progressive Folk
Well, "The Blacksmith" is Folk as well as Progressive Rock to my ears. Jethro Tull - like almost. That's what I love about it! Very dramatic song, at least this version/tempo.
Check out my latest song called Rose Garden Gangsters v2
Mute Albino said 3698 days ago (August 8th, 2007)
and ...
Great intro and theme off course!
Check out my latest song called Rose Garden Gangsters v2
MarkHolbrook said 3027 days ago (June 10th, 2009)
Hiss or not
This is amazingly good! Wonderful work Ed. Man you guys were packed with gorgeous music! I'm really enjoying this trek through yesteryear with sprinkles of today!
Check out my latest song called Corn Whiskey
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