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Next Time Around (w/jiguma)

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This song is for my wife, Karen.

I’m not a particular believer in reincarnation, but if it should chance to be that we do get to come around again, I would love to find her when I am at a younger age than the thirty-six that I was when I met her in this lifetime. My hope is that I’d be wiser, a bit more mature and focused in a next lifetime, and I would recognize Karen and fall in love with her early, and get right down to the business of happily-ever-after…. She has wisely pointed out to me that we already have a ‘secret sign’…. This is a good start…

On the other hand, if this life is the only one I get, then the happily-ever-after I’m getting to live right now is pretty good, and I’m very grateful…

This is the last of the five songs that I started recording during a week off that I took last March. I have been assisted on this one and on every other one of them by Neil Porter, who has been a great and generous collaborator. Neil played bass on this, and programmed drums, and then when I elected not to put drums on this, he re-did the bass track to better suit an acoustic song. And he did this today. Over the course of an hour.

And he then showed me how to talk over iChat, so we actually had a conversation for the first time since we’ve known each other….

Time now to start on the next batch.

Neil, I hope you’re still signin’ on…
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Next Time Around
© 2001 Ed Hannifin

Intro: [1 x around]

Next time we come around
Let’s find each other soon
Let’s not be coy and wait
For later phases of the moon
Yes and let’s not waste our time
On ones we know are not the ones
Let’s be smart and look alive
And let’s find each other young
C G Am F
Next time around, next time around
C G Am F
I’ll find you and I’ll know what I have found
In my dreams and memory
I think I’ll know how it should be
Am G
I want to love you from the start next time around

Next time we come around
Let’s skip out old mistakes
Let’s dodge a spouse or two
And let’s give each other breaks
We can cut each other slack
And remember what is real
Let’s forget the junk we think
And let’s remember what we feel
C G Am F
Next time around, next time around
C G Am F
When I find you I will know what I have found
In my dreams and memory
I want to know how it should be
I want to love you from the start
Next time around

Next time around I want to recognize you
I’ll look into your eyes and see it’s so
I want to look at you and know
C / Am
That this is how it’s s’posed to go
That I’m supposed to love you now
Next time around

[guitar break: 1 x around]

Next time we come around
Let’s have a secret sign
So you’ll know that I am yours
And I’ll know that you are mine
We’ll pick the right one first
And be grateful to be done
Next time around you’ll skip the rest
And I will be your only one

C G Am F
Next time around, next time around
C G Am F
When you find me will you know what you have found?
In your dreams and memory
Will you know how we used to be?
Will you love me from the start
Next time around?

Oh I will love you from the start
Next time around
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Ed: Taylor 414ce-L30 acoustic guitar, Rode NT-1a, AKG C1000s, ADK Hamburg, Focusrite Saffire, Sennheiser HD-580 headphones, Grado SR-60 headphones, Sennheiser HD-280 Pro headphones, Alesis Monitor One Mk. 2 monitors, M-Audio iControl, FMR Really Nice Compressor, Presonus TubePre

Neil: Fender Precision Bass, direct into Behringer UB802 mixer/pre
GarageBand '09, iZotope Ozone 4 and Alloy

Logic Pro on Neil's end
particledots said 2867 days ago (November 16th, 2009)
Very nice
You are a lucky man

Check out my latest song called how many me can there be
Ed Hannifin said 2866 days ago (November 17th, 2009)
Glad you liked, it, Bryn...
I think I am a lucky man....

scofugate said 2867 days ago (November 16th, 2009)
Very nice, and meaningful. You are a very talented musician and your songs bring on a life of their own. I am envious of your song writing abilities. haha Wonderful

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scofugate said 2867 days ago (November 16th, 2009)
oh yes
thanks for the chords!!
Check out my latest song called DreamKiller
Ed Hannifin said 2866 days ago (November 17th, 2009)
Thanks for listening, Scott....
I appreciate the 'fav'.... I'm pleased you enjoy the song and the songwriting....


You're welcome for the chords. A shame that the MacJams sort of scrunches them all together at the beginning of the line. On the original that I pasted in, they're in more or less the right spot above the words.... Oh well...

Dadai.2 said 2867 days ago (November 16th, 2009)
Just beautiful...
Having a soft spot for love song to one's love, I can say you had my fave from the beginning this lovely song.

This is the blend of heart and art... perfect as far as I'm concerned.

Dadai.2 said 2867 days ago (November 16th, 2009)
being a psychotherapist, you know you'd "have to be crazy to fall out of love with" Karen in this life or the next!

(hat tip to Willie)
Ed Hannifin said 2866 days ago (November 17th, 2009)
You're one of the people, Jack...
who was on my mind as I posted this. I was hoping you'd be around to see it, and I hoped you'd like it. I had a feeling you'd relate to it...

Joe Brady said 2867 days ago (November 16th, 2009)
Dude's on a roll!
Really nice Ed; good decision on the drums; Neil's work extremely tasty. Another great listen; look forward to the new CD:) Tempted to sing harmony on a few lines, really lends itself to it. Great writing.
Check out my latest song called Long Way From Denver
Ed Hannifin said 2866 days ago (November 17th, 2009)
Hi Joe...
It was great chatting with you last night...

I think it's true the song didn't need or take to drums, and I only feel badly that Neil put the time and trouble into it. I was really impressed with how quickly he turned out a new and improved bass line suiting the simpler presentation.

By all means, sing along with it... I wish I were a natural harmony singer... I love hearing harmonies and I am very bad at working them out and singing them. Pleased you like the writing.

drakonis said 2867 days ago (November 16th, 2009)
eat dessert first
don't wait for next time around! This is a deeply resonant song for me, being one of those eternal romantics, my wife and I have often talked of skipping the earlier mistakes and finding each other much sooner, "next time around." But like you, in the mean time, we are living the moments. So glad you have Karen, you are both blessed with each other, cheers.

Sorry, now I'm out of words to talk about the music and singing, other than it conveyed the message with poignant immediacy. Neil's bass work rounded this out nicely, sweet stuff!

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Ed Hannifin said 2866 days ago (November 17th, 2009)
When I was younger and in grad school...
...there was this myth around that guys aren't into commitment or romance or long-term love or... you name it... A bunch of slime puppies, we....

But most of the actual guys I know, especially among my peers age wise, are very much into long term relationships, and most of the ones who are married are crazy about their wives...

Karen and I have alternated wishing that we met sooner and a suspicion that, had we met when we were younger and foolisher, we'd've messed it up. I can't be other than glad for how it is... But NEXT lifetime....

Feter said 2867 days ago (November 16th, 2009)
Next Time Around
Very touchy ..and truly a wonderful wish to hear
and sing ..seems a wonderful wish to do ..what
caught my ears here the warm surround acoustic
guitar on both sides the solid bass is really
helping the whole beat of the song to stay in a
heart beat ..great vocal work really ..as true
as it should be ...brillinat song, thnx alot
for sharin such gem and story !!!!
Check out my latest song called Roll with it
Ed Hannifin said 2866 days ago (November 17th, 2009)
Good ears, Feter....
The acoustics are in fact spread around a bit, with a space in the center for the vocals... I think that you're also right that once again Neil's bass is a solid melodic pulse that keeps the thing together...

Thanks for your comment....

composerclark said 2867 days ago (November 16th, 2009)
Next Time's a Charm…
It's an interesting idea; like so many of your songs, there's a depth there that puts me into a kind of trance state (no, not Utah; a different one) while I ponder what the song is about, and just luxuriate in the beautiful sounds.

I too feel blessed by the privilege of having a loving and wise partner, but I don't know if I would have recognized her as a soul mate had I met her in my twenties, as opposed to in my forties. If there is a next time around, I just hope I am a wee bit wiser than I was this time around, but I kind of doubt that's how it works. I think sometimes you have to get knocked around a bit by Life until you catch a glimpse of the light, and say, "oh! I get it now! Sort of…"
Check out my latest song called A Little Song About Our Mom
Ed Hannifin said 2866 days ago (November 17th, 2009)
As always, it's Clark who peels back the rotten log of the superficial to reveal the deeper meaning!

I'm happy to hear that you're among the happily partnered. I think that's one of life's primary potential blessings. And as I wrote above, I think you may be right--I might well have messed things up in my callow youth... Your second paragraph is a pretty tight summation of the thought and feeling behind the song, actually...

The funny thing is, actually, that Karen and I have figured out that we actually DID meet, briefly, in our twenties. She was the pretty woman working at F.A.O. Schwartz, where I used to get gifts for my niece and nephew, that I had a crush on and never asked out.... Sigh... At least that means opportunities missed are not necessarily opportunities lost....

Char said 2867 days ago (November 16th, 2009)
All that matters
is today and today you have it all. I am very touched. And you both are blessed. Beautifully put together. Thank you both.
Check out my latest song called Bound, v2. w Music by Dirigent
Ed Hannifin said 2866 days ago (November 17th, 2009)
Well, okay then...
Happy in the present will have to do.

My greedy self wants happiness in all available minutes in all available universes in all available lifetimes...

Thanks for listening... It was nice chatting with your lurking self last night, Char...

ledebutant said 2867 days ago (November 16th, 2009)
Hey, I'm in under tensies, that's pretty good!

You and Neil have done 5 songs, that's halfway to an album. Just sayin'.

What a beautiful song, Ed, and like so many of yours comes and thwacks me at an especially appropriate time. I don't know if it's something about the universality of folk music or of your music in particular, but there's always a way for me to connect your lyrics to my own life and that makes your songs extra special.

Also, why don't you go ahead and tell a more beautiful love story and then post a sweeter picture of your wife? She's adorable, no wonder you love her.

Neil, you're just a god. You frighten me now. :)

I like the doubling effect on the vox, Ed. On the monitors it sounded almost as though one voice was slightly behind the other (like one singer standing behind the other). Was it delay or a doubled track you used to accomplish that?
Ed Hannifin said 2866 days ago (November 17th, 2009)
Did you say 'Eighties'?!?
It would be kind of neat to get a CD out... I'd probably want to remix and remaster every song... But still...

Can I just stop wisecracking here for a moment and say that I really look for your thoughts on anything I do, Lisa? Just in case you're wondering... So you taking the minutes to show up really matters to me, and thanks for doing it...

That being said, you have correctly identified emotional thwackage as one of the driving energies behind what I do. And taking your comment more seriously, I think it all gets back to that old Wheatsone Bridge rule, "What is most particular is most universal." You write this particular to yourself thing and discover that you're not alone at all...

And since my lyrics tend to be pretty pared down and simple, it all sort of lands in the lap, I think...

I read your comment to Karen, who laughed and was happy to be thought adorable. She is adorable, by the way, and I do love her.

Neil is a god, too, so once again you are correct. However, he is a god with a funny accent, so that tends, in my view, to somewhat mitigate the power and majesty.

You once again have sharp ears about the vocal doubling. Here's what I did. I did about twelve vocal takes whatever afternoon the house was empty and quiet, and then I sat down and graded them in terms of how they sounded. I picked the top three, plus one in which the ending tag was best. I wiped the others. Then I messed around for months, hating my voice and how it sounds, and tried different presets, plugins, and mixes.

Finally, I had iZotope Alloy on the best vocal along with some echo and reverb. I then had the next best two vocals way back, like -15 or -20 dB, also echoed and compressed and reverbed, spread about to ten o'clock and two o'clock, so you barely hear them. Then the fourth take ended up at about -20dB, right in the middle, for a little extra 'fur'. So the long answer is... it was delay, and reverb, and some compression, and a subtly quadrupled vocal...

Alloy has turned out to be great and relatively easy to use, but something of a CPU hog on my aging but beloved G5, so I could only use it on the main vocal and on the lead guitar bits.

Continued eternal gratitudes for your listens, comments and good thoughts....

magnatone said 2867 days ago (November 16th, 2009)
Next Time Around
oh, this is so so beautiful! so thoughtfully constructed and the genuine and soulful love there shines through in such a touching way. neil's work is such a central element, and that's so COOL that you got to talk to each other on ichat in the process of song making. i will enjoy this song for a long long time - you and your wife are both so fortunate to have found each other - however long it took in this life. thank you ed and neil for this beautiful offering!
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Ed Hannifin said 2866 days ago (November 17th, 2009)
Thank you for responding, Karen...
I really did want you to hear this one.

Neil's work IS a central element, and so it's especially striking that the original drums went away, and then he re-did the bassline Sunday afternoon, after a relaxing and envy prompting breakfast of rhubarb pancakes... in an hour or two... It took longer for me to figure out how to get his Logic files into GB than it took for him to do the track... Actually, it took longer for the .aif files to travel through iChat than it took for him to do them...

It was very surprising and cool to be able to actually hear his voice. Did you know he had an Australian accent? Funny thing, that... I'm still holding out hope that we get to meet sometime....

Thanks for the listen,

Ibstrat said 2867 days ago (November 16th, 2009)
That's what I call songwriting.A great combination of lyrics, melody and accompaniment.Again your guitar playing is beautiful and tasteful.I love the hammer-ons in the solo.Neil's bass tone is perfect. I was kind of thinking that a Yngwie type solo into a cadenza of power chords might make a good ending...
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guitapick said 2866 days ago (November 17th, 2009)
"...a Yngwie type solo into a cadenza of power chords might make a good ending..."
I'd think Captain Beefheart might be a bit more poignant, Mark...but I agree with the sentiment...heartfelt, sensitive, and sparing...
Check out my latest song called 'Cuz I Can
Ed Hannifin said 2866 days ago (November 17th, 2009)
Whoa. A cadenza...
Awesome. That's, like, a big piece of furniture, right?

And the Yng-man. Genius idea. Surprisingly, many people don't hear what I consider to be a fairly obvious Yngwie influence running through everything I do. Starting with my hair...

I do try not to totally shame you when I play, Mark... especially the solo bits.... Hard to do all these songs using that Em scale. Although this was in C, and it actually uses a number of the same notes...

magnatone said 2867 days ago (November 16th, 2009)
forgot to say
although i of course didn't hear this with the drums included, i LOVE it very simple like this, and i think you made the right decision there!
Check out my latest song called Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen) and Variations
Ed Hannifin said 2866 days ago (November 17th, 2009)
And it takes a real gentleman...
...i.e., Neil, to work up a drum track and let it go when that's what the song needs...

What a great guy to work with...

dave_b said 2867 days ago (November 16th, 2009)
Next Time Around
Great songwriting, solid guitar and vocals, Neil is great on that bass. The mix sounds perfect. I hope your wife appreciates how good this is!
Check out my latest song called Llarions Blues
Ed Hannifin said 2866 days ago (November 17th, 2009)
Thank you...
...for the encouraging words, Dave.... Karen seems pleased with how it has turned out...

bud said 2867 days ago (November 16th, 2009)
Great song Ed
Really touched all the heartstrings and entertained the mind with a tapping floor as well. Can't think of more I could want from a song. Wonderful bass from Neil and some fine picking and singing there.
Check out my latest song called Interdependence
Ed Hannifin said 2866 days ago (November 17th, 2009)
Thank you, Kevin...
I try to imagine that heartstrings and minds have some sort of connection...

I'm always pleased when you like one of my songs...

ShadowofNine said 2867 days ago (November 16th, 2009)
Very Nice
Tribute to love...
Check out my latest song called Gone (with Eagle)
Ed Hannifin said 2866 days ago (November 17th, 2009)
Thank you, ShadowsOrca,
...for the listen and the comment... Much appreciated...

Jim Bouchard said 2867 days ago (November 16th, 2009)
This is great!
No nits at all from the nit-meister. I like the choice of no drums and the folkier bass. Seems really appropriate. Is there a lot of compression on the lead guitar? I think it's just that Taylor sound, which for some reason sounds remarkably even and it is probably really just the characteristic Taylor acoustic sound. When I got my Taylor it was the one thing that was a really pleasant surprise when playing leads. I don't mind it but I was just wondering...not that it matters. This song is perfect. Bravo!
Check out my latest song called Big Yawn (Apogee One mic demo)
Ed Hannifin said 2866 days ago (November 17th, 2009)
'Ere then...wot's that?...
No nits from the nit-meister?!?!

Gosh, Jim, I thought this was going to be one of the ones you didn't like. Just goes to show me.

Let's see. Yes, there probably is a fair amount of compression on the guitar. I did an awful lot of takes of the lead, which originally rather diddled throughout the tune, and I messed around with the sound all the way. It ends up being my lovely new used ADK Hamburg mic, which really flatters my voice (although I didn't have it in time to use on my voice here) and also seems to flatter the Taylor, running through the Really Nice Compressor at about 6:1, the Tube Pre, into the Saffire.... The lead track itself is a composite track on which I tried all sorts of things, but it ends up being the standard GB compressor on Guitar Smoothen or something like that, and the Alloy 'Folk Guitar' preset... I thought I had the Really Nice Compressor on Super Nice mode, but glancing at it now, it's off, so maybe not...

I'm looking forward to trimming down to more and more of the ADK, the RNC and Alloy in future.

The Taylor does have a pretty nice sound, but I think I hit on a lucky nice combination here. I didn't like the sound as well with the AKG, which was sort of darker and brighter in the wrong places, and the Rode, which I usually love, was seeming very bright to me, not very warm...

Prob'ly more than you wanted to know...

Thanks for the comment, though... Thrilled you like it...

SISTERS said 2867 days ago (November 16th, 2009)
ooo, wee, ed
i ran a gamut of responses to this.
i liked the easiness of the rhythm - the mellowness of the guitars and the glue of the deep bass worked so beautifully.
i read your intro - and your impatience to waste no time Next Time.
i envisioned the Next Ed and Next Karen taking naps next to each other in day care Next Time, and smiled.
when i got to the last section, i was overcome with exactly what you're talking about - working so hard for, waiting so long for, enjoying so much the person i'm with now. yep - that one got the big boo hoo from me. and turned this into a serious song. you voiced it well - serious, earnest, full of hindsight - just the right mood for your message. neil - next time i want to come back with your bass skills.
8) thank you for your love song, ed - and thank you for ed, karen!
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Ed Hannifin said 2866 days ago (November 17th, 2009)
First off, Anne,
Anyone reading through the comments should just click on that thing at the bottom of yours that says 'How Would I Know' and get ready for a treat... A day later, and still one heck of a gorgeous song...

Karen got a kick out of the notion of us taking naps near each other in day care. We are great nappers, from way back...

Thanks for another comment with lots of heart and insight. Our exchanges this year have been really fun for me... I'm really happy that this one connected with you...

ConnieO said 2867 days ago (November 16th, 2009)
Next Time Around
You are one of the lucky ones who found their soulmate. If only for a moment, that's more than most people wish, dream, and search for!
Check out my latest song called Love Is Blurred - (c) Connie Orlando 2016
johnwhitehead said 2867 days ago (November 16th, 2009)
Next Time
Lovely song, production, and tasteful, restrained arrangement. Really enjoyed this.As a songwriter in a long, mostly happy marriage, I find it challenging to write love songs. You've found a wonderful way to express what some of us might leave unspoken.
Check out my latest song called Wandering Blues
Ed Hannifin said 2866 days ago (November 17th, 2009)
Thank you, Connie...
A lot of this song is about gratitude.... Glad you gave a listen and took a moment to leave a comment... Much appreciated...

Ed Hannifin said 2866 days ago (November 17th, 2009)
Hi John...
Just checked out that one of yours with the Marshall face plate controls last night... That's a neat song and a neat performance...

I'm glad that the person who could do THAT is enjoying THIS.

Thank you for the listen and comment...

thetiler said 2867 days ago (November 16th, 2009)
Truly one of my favorate
folk artist here. You have a flair for creating melodic folk tunes that are pleasing to the ear!! A very important part of MJ in so many ways you are Ed !
Check out my latest song called They Went Underground
Ed Hannifin said 2866 days ago (November 17th, 2009)
Hi Bill...
Haven't seen you so much recently. It's really good to hear from you. I value your support and encouragement very much.

paul f. page said 2867 days ago (November 16th, 2009)
lyrics and arrangement. Many nice things said above — and I agree with all of them. What strikes me most about this, though, is the absolute clarity of the band. Guitar is simple and beautifully played, Ed; the bass is mixed perfectly and provides exactly the balance needed to hold guitar and vocal together seamlessly. In all your songs, the two of you have presented such a solid yet gentle background to support lyrics that tend to be just a little out of the ordinary, but that stay within the range of shared experiences that many others have felt as well. I know you usually downplay your own voice, Ed, but it is so well-suited to this folk style and so comfortable to listen to. You are indeed a lucky man to have such a wonderful inspiration in Karen. The positivity in your remarks and in the song itself is such a breath of fresh air against all the angry lyrics one hears so often these days. Congratulations on a most beautiful song. Can the CD be far behind? I hope not.
Check out my latest song called 124
Ed Hannifin said 2866 days ago (November 18th, 2009)
Thank you, Paul...
...for a really thoughtful comment....

It's curious about the arrangement and mix. By the time I posted this song I had spent so much time on the various mixes and retakes, that I really had lost a lot of perspective on the tune and the recording. I was troubled by perceived harshness and imbalances and one thing and another... After a day or so away from it, listening to it on the MacJams player, it sounds just fine to me--but it sounds different than what I remember posting. Like someone came in during the night and did a better mastering job on it...

Neil is very good about keeping the focus on the song and keeping things simple.

Thanks for the encouraging words on my voice. My voice is another area where I lose all perspective. I hated the sound while I was finishing up the recording, and was still bothered during the mixing. And now I'm cool with how it came out again.

Have to wonder if I'll ever get so far as a CD... That would certainly be nice...

MarkHolbrook said 2867 days ago (November 17th, 2009)
I faved this last night but only got to hear the intro... Your guitar work just blows me away. Well this morning I got to listen to the entire song...

Oh man Ed! Such a beautiful love song! To love someone so much that you want to have another go is really something! Brings tears to my eyes my friend.

And that is what music should do... It should invoke our emotions! This one does a beautiful job!

I'm going to listen again and see if there are any further comments I can give!
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Ed Hannifin said 2866 days ago (November 18th, 2009)
We meet again, Mr.... Holbrook....
It is funny to hear that my guitar work blows anybody away. It's all pretty basic and primitive to me, and doing the darned lead bits took weeks of takes and re-takes, despite the simplicity... But if the end product is working, I'm really happy to hear it...

You became one of the people who's on my mind when I post things when you did that Hannifin-a-thon months ago, so I do wonder every time I post something if I'll stay on your 'good list' with the latest offering... I'm happy to hear that the song touches something in you...

Thanks for the thoughtful comment and all the support...

MarkHolbrook said 2862 days ago (November 22nd, 2009)
Your music is worth several "tours of duty" my friend and I doubt there is anything you could do that would take you off my "instant fave", "Instant Listen" list. I will not lie to you. If there is something I don't like I'll tell you but that will never change how I feel about your talent / music in general.

So no worries!
Check out my latest song called Corn Whiskey
Bob6stringer said 2866 days ago (November 17th, 2009)
This song "gets" me.
I get it, or it gets me. If I could duct-tape my wife down and get her to listen to this it just might change our lives. 'Nuff said. Except: Thank you, Ed.
Check out my latest song called Happy Birthday (Na Na Na Na)
Ed Hannifin said 2866 days ago (November 18th, 2009)
It's cool to hear...
... that this song gets to you, Bob...

I have to counsel against the whole duct tape method, though I'd naturally be happy if you and your wife shared a listen on this....

Thanks for your comment....

daibhre said 2866 days ago (November 17th, 2009)
Good art, Ed.
Everything a song should be - singable, meaningful, memorable - me like!
Check out my latest song called We Wish You Love
Ed Hannifin said 2866 days ago (November 18th, 2009)
Thank you, David...
That gets right to the point, I think... I do try to aim for those three things...

Glad you like it...

blaky smith said 2866 days ago (November 17th, 2009)
Nice tribute
It's a very beautiful and touching song Ed. I love this acoustic guitar sound and your voice is perfect on this, Really very nicely done...
Another good collab with the talented Jiguma (good work on the bass Neil) and a very beautiful love song to listen. Thanks Ed...
Check out my latest song called Un jour de décembre
Ed Hannifin said 2866 days ago (November 18th, 2009)
It's great to hear...
...that you enjoy this one, Marc...

I'm happy that the acoustic guitar and voice sound good to you, and glad that you like the song itself...

As for Neil, he manages to be the MacJams "first call sideman" while still being this top level artist his own self....

Cori Ander said 2866 days ago (November 17th, 2009)
I love this
A song in the pure Ed Hannifin style that I love so much.
Your warm and peaceful voice is medicine to my soul.

The song is natural like a folk song, but still with the clear "Ejh-watermark". In my book it is a most difficult thing to create something so natural and still personal and kind of new.

I completely love this side of your music production Ed.

I just LOVE it!

Neil: you are doing a terrific twist at one place there .. at first I thought you were stumbling but it showed that you introduce a brilliant "thingy".. this is creativity that impresses me, I myself (who play bass sometimes) would never have been able to invent something like that..
Check out my latest song called O store Gud
Ed Hannifin said 2866 days ago (November 18th, 2009)
It is always good...
...when something I do meets with your approval, Johannes...

I feel like you pretty much 'get' what I aim for, even at the moments when I fall short. Kind of like what Paul wrote above, I do try to make my stuff sound like a natural folk song, but with a twist of specificity that makes it a little different, a little to the left or right of expectation, and little particular to me.

I'll have to go back and listen for a Neil stumble... it just can't be... I'm goin' with 'brilliant thingy'...

It's always good to hear from you....

jiguma said 2865 days ago (November 18th, 2009)
Hi Johannes! Nah, it's probably a stumble - I've just become much better at covering them up :)
Check out my latest song called We End Up Being All The Same (42)
jiguma said 2866 days ago (November 17th, 2009)
Thought I'd hold back
to avoid the rush Ed :)

Sounds nice - the decision to drop the drums was a good one - but I'm glad you let me know - the earlier (for drums) bass track sounded so wrong :)

Thanks for asking me to help out with this lovely set of songs. I have really enjoyed all 5 of our collabs on this project - when do we start on "Project 2"?

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Ed Hannifin said 2866 days ago (November 18th, 2009)
I actually DON'T think...
...that the other bass track sounded 'so wrong'.... I liked it just fine.... It was darker, and phrased differently... But your instincts were right... you knew that you could do one better suited to the non-drums version of the song, and you did...

I do have some ideas for the next set of recordings. I'll have to see when I can lay them out and get demo versions started... Soon, I hope....

Thanks again for all the help, all year...

guitapick said 2866 days ago (November 17th, 2009)
This is...
...quite simply, an absolutely beautiful love song, Ed. Your wife must be thrilled. How wonderful.
Check out my latest song called 'Cuz I Can
Ed Hannifin said 2866 days ago (November 18th, 2009)
Hi Bob...
I'm happy that you like this. Karen seems to be happy with it so far...

Glad you could give a listen.

guygrooves said 2866 days ago (November 17th, 2009)
Downloadable for sure. Great song.
Check out my latest song called Summer Bossa with awigze
Ed Hannifin said 2866 days ago (November 18th, 2009)
...is a good thing in my book... Hope you enjoy it, Guy....

stevel said 2866 days ago (November 17th, 2009)
Great song Ed, very lovely!
Check out my latest song called Broken Toy
Ed Hannifin said 2866 days ago (November 18th, 2009)
Thanks, Steve...
I'm very glad you like it...

Willywagga said 2866 days ago (November 17th, 2009)
Very nice
Have to say a very fine song indeed, love the lyrics, very nicely put together.
Your voice has a comfortable control, though I'd like to hear a female vocal come in, maybe for the second chorus, with an Iris Dement tone.
Does your wife sing, could she be persuaded.
Does not need drums.
Great combination of talents.

Check out my latest song called The Jes on Sea Road
Ed Hannifin said 2866 days ago (November 18th, 2009)
Funny you should ask that...
I wanted to post this as it is, as sort of my gift to Karen, but in fact she was asking me over the weekend if she could sing on it. I love her voice, so there may turn out to be another version down the road...

I'm glad you liked the song...

Thanks for commenting....

Relic67 said 2866 days ago (November 17th, 2009)
quite touching!
that is a really nice love song.
I enjoyed listening to it... thanks for posting.
vocal and guitar recording sounds first-rate....

Check out my latest song called Dead Archive
Ed Hannifin said 2866 days ago (November 18th, 2009)
Thank you, Relic....
I'm glad that the general run of commentary is that folks are being touched... that seems good to me...

I'm also pleased that the recording sounds good to you. Thanks for the listen and comment. Much appreciated.

SJB said 2865 days ago (November 18th, 2009)
Hello Ed
The sentiments you expressed here are familiar to me too so this resonates with me lyrically. Music wise it hits the spot too. The crystal clear acoustics are layered and panned perfectly and superbly glued together with Neil's bass. I can't imagine drums adding anything to this - the instrumentation you have used works so well with the lyric and your gentle singer-songwriter vocal.
One to download for sure.
Best Wishes
PS thanks for including the chords too.

Check out my latest song called Harm(less)onics to Fade
Ed Hannifin said 2865 days ago (November 19th, 2009)
Thanks, Steve...
I'm happy for the lyrical resonance. I've gotten a lot of positive feedback on the clarity of the acoustics, and I'm pleased about that, 'cause I thought I might've been overdoing them. I'm happy to think of you downloading this, and happier if you actually learn it or play it...

Thanks for a thoughtful comment.

Gaylen75 said 2865 days ago (November 18th, 2009)
great production
THis is a heaart fealt song. I love the lyrics. Thanks for sharing.
Check out my latest song called Dont Go Now
Ed Hannifin said 2865 days ago (November 19th, 2009)
Thank you, Gaylen...
Heartfelt it surely is... Glad you like the lyrics... Thanks for listening...

ziti said 2864 days ago (November 19th, 2009)
just realized i havent said anything about this...

the line "dodge a spouse or two"....so excellent!!

you are a lucky man, ed. and a good friend.

give the cutie a hug for me.
Check out my latest song called The Viconian Cyclist
Ed Hannifin said 2864 days ago (November 20th, 2009)
I, on the other hand...
...was waiting here by the monitor... Just....sitting....


Wondering... 'Wonder if Fran'll ever get here'.... Kind of thing...

Glad you appreciate that line. Hug has been delivered....

kassia said 2864 days ago (November 19th, 2009)
next time
this is a beautiful song, written from the heart, honest and warm. very touching and wonderfully performed. i love the simplicity of this without drums - and neil's bass is PERFECT! and how very wonderful that you were able to connect with voice chat in the process of this. i love macjams. what a very special gift for your beautiful wife.
Check out my latest song called Greensleeves
Ed Hannifin said 2864 days ago (November 20th, 2009)
Thanks, kassia!
This does seem to have achieved some simplicity, despite how un-simple it was to get there...

I think it does work best without drums, and I really like what Neil has done with the bass. It was very cool getting to just talk for a minute or so all the way to Australia. I'm of an age to still think that's neat. You know, all of sudden his voice was in my headphones...

Thanks for giving a listen...

Vic Holman said 2864 days ago (November 19th, 2009)
better late then never
i'm late to the party here, busy week.

anyway very nice and don't we all wish that we could control time.
mix is great and full sounding. Acoustics sound great and defined, nice leads too! Neil's bass lines set just right. it would have been interesting to hear the drums, but without them does seem to be a right decision.

excellent work guys
Check out my latest song called Photographs
Ed Hannifin said 2864 days ago (November 20th, 2009)
Hi Vic...
Wouldn't have been a party without you...

If I can't control time, it'd be nice to control SOMETHING... I don't know, I keep hoping for a 'redo' button every time I learn something in life... Like, now I know this new thing, let me relive that bit I just messed up, only this time I'll be smarter...

I'm glad you're liking the mix, which just wasn't an easy one. After all the remixes and rethinks and listening, I find that once it was posted I listen at a lower volume and with a more relaxed mindset and I like it a lot. But I was sweating it a bit along the way...

Elevator_Funk said 2864 days ago (November 19th, 2009)
wow ed
you're like a pro or something... i could go on and on about the guitar playing and the production, etc. but what i really liked was the sonwriting (again) and the sincerity. Congratulations on a happy marriage. As a single-dude, I worry about being in an un-happy marriage and it's nice to hear positive reviews, from you AND the other commenters.

thanks for posting.
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Ed Hannifin said 2864 days ago (November 20th, 2009)
Heh, heh..."like a pro"....
Thanks, Brian. I appreciate the vote of confidence, though I'm so aware of how far I am from that realm.

Among things you could be liking, I'm pleased when the songwriting tops the list...

Yes, let me be one to testify: It IS possible to have a happy marriage... And it HAS been nice hearing other people chiming in about that... I know there are a number of people on MacJams who love their spouses/partners and are vocal about it...

damiengh said 2863 days ago (November 20th, 2009)
what's not to love
What's not to love about this tune. Great feelings, great words.

You speak to the "woulda/shoulda/coulda" regrets of the many, who after much living, finally recognize how valuable their relationship with their partner really is.

Check out my latest song called Tea and Scones
Ed Hannifin said 2861 days ago (November 22nd, 2009)
I'm glad you got to this one, Damien...
I probably don't frame it in my own head so much from the regrets side of things as the gratitude side, but I think you get where the song is coming from.... Thanks for the listen and for leaving your thoughts... Appreciated as always....

RadioChuck said 2863 days ago (November 20th, 2009)
and this
is magic
Check out my latest song called A Very Merry
Ed Hannifin said 2861 days ago (November 22nd, 2009)
Thanks, O pirate radio...
Glad it hit you that way....

Pete_NB said 2863 days ago (November 20th, 2009)
This is wonderful. I've always wanted to write a song for my wife but didn't think I could come up with anything worthy. If I could write lyrics like this that would put that fear to rest.

Leave it you Ed, to find a unique and poignant spin on things.
Check out my latest song called One more One Shot
Ed Hannifin said 2861 days ago (November 22nd, 2009)
Hello again, Pete...
I did hope you'd come across this one, and maybe like it.... Glad you did.... Thanks for the listen and leaving your thoughts...

I'm hoping to get a couple of other songs I wrote for Karen recorded in the next few months... I hope, anyway...

K.I.S.KISMET said 2863 days ago (November 20th, 2009)
All we ever dream of...
No matter what age,
we can be grateful that we ever found...
our other half;)

Both you and Karen are beautiful!
This type of beauty and synchronocity
lingers on
beyond a single lifetime.

Check out my latest song called Mad Lands
Ed Hannifin said 2861 days ago (November 22nd, 2009)
May it be so....
...that some things last beyond a lifetime... I'd be totally cool with that...

Thanks for connecting with the spirit of the song... I'm always pleased when you comment on one of my songs...

futzpucker said 2863 days ago (November 20th, 2009)
My theory
Here's how I see it: in your last lifetime Karen and you met and started your relationship at an early age. It didn't work out, but you both knew there was something of substance there, so you made an agreement. Next time around you'd live a while first, maybe meet in your thirties, and by then you'd be ready for a deep love, one that would last.

And you likely told her you'd write her a beautiful love song, get some help playing it from a talented, generous soul who lives on the other side of the planet, and the song would be enjoyed by and touch the hearts of many worldwide. She might have smiled at that enormous dream...

And here you both are. I'm glad we at MacJams play our part as the enjoyers in this. I am very pleased for both of you. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of your wonderful marriage. Blessings to you both.
Check out my latest song called Just As It Is
Ed Hannifin said 2861 days ago (November 22nd, 2009)
All right, Patrick...
I had to first laugh, and then read your comment out loud to Karen in the other room... You could as easily be right as anything I've got going in this song, and you certainly get me upping the gratitude quotient...

Blessings right back at ya, to whatever extent I can wish or send 'em...

orwa_farran said 2862 days ago (November 21st, 2009)
nice 1
gr8 work gr8 lyrics
Ed Hannifin said 2861 days ago (November 22nd, 2009)
Thank you, Orwa....
I appreciate that you listened to my tune.... I hope you'll drop in again....

selters said 2862 days ago (November 21st, 2009)
another wonderful gem!
Again it is a delight to sit down, on a saturday afternoon, and enjoy another tune from one of my favorite songwriters. I have quite a few of your songs on my computer now, and I was thinking it would be cool if you created an EP or an LP of some of your songs, I will for sure buy it.

This may sound like one of the most melancholy tunes that I have heard from you. Well, it could be that I am just touched by these particular lyrics :). It start some processes in my head at least, and makes me think of things i wish i did different in life.

I think this is the best vocal track I have heard from you, your voice carries a lot of emotions. A wonderful song!

Thanks a lot!
Check out my latest song called The Callous Way You Act
Ed Hannifin said 2861 days ago (November 22nd, 2009)
You know, Magnus....
I was in my office on Friday when 'Not To Be Found' cycled through my iPod, so I had you on my mind... I continue to enjoy your songwriting and your singing...

I also continue to look forward to your response to my songs...

I actually don't think of this song as so much melancholy as... I don't know... a little wistful, a little yearning, a little bit gleefully selfish and wanting to have happiness in this life carry over to the next... But what do I know. I lose control of these things once I start writing them, I think....

From you I'll take it as very encouraging that you like the vocal... I was hoping I was taking it in a good direction... As I seem to write all the time, my voice, and getting a decent vocal, is one of my areas of greatest dissatisfaction and insecurity.... So I definitely perk up when someone who can sing thinks I've done a decent job...

Thanks again for listening and leaving a thoughtful comment. I really do look forward to them...

racerat said 2855 days ago (November 28th, 2009)
remember what we feel

Amazing line: Let's forget the junk we think and remember what we feel. Perfect. So glad you bagged the drums on this. It adds a real heartfelt and smooth tenderness to the track. Beautiful guitar work and a nice EQ tone for them on the production side of things. The vocals are warm and have just the right amount of hi and lo end. That Rode NT-1a is a nice mic. I have a Rode NT 2000 and use it for EVERYTHING. Beautiful song. Your wife is a lucky woman to have such a grateful husband.

Check out my latest song called Paper Thin
Ed Hannifin said 2855 days ago (November 28th, 2009)
Thanks, Philip....
I take your comments seriously and appreciate every time you show up at one of my songs....

It's good to hear that you're hearing good things in the general run of production. I think I'm slowly learning, especially as regards getting a little simpler, but perhaps more painstaking in some areas...

I'll have to go google the NT 2000 and check it out... Not that I need another mic in here, but I just get into this stuff....

Good to hear from you...

sloparts said 2855 days ago (November 28th, 2009)
What a great song Ed
I wish I'd written it my friend. It says so many thing to me, and for me, you can't possibly know.

Excellent backtracks and chord progression, clean playing and great vocals, this one has it all Ed. A truly wonderful love song. I envy you and Karen, and your love.


Check out my latest song called Quack's Blues
Ed Hannifin said 2854 days ago (November 29th, 2009)
Thank you, Ed!
First off, you just gave this song its fiftieth fan, and that was sort of a goal I had in the back of my mind for this tune. (I wanted Karen's song to have a good showing.)

I'm pleased that the various parts work for you, and most pleased that you like and relate to the songwriting...

5GoneMad said 2850 days ago (December 3rd, 2009)
Next Time Around
Great song by a great singer songwriter. There is a ton of talent here on MacJams and you sir are one of the heavyweights. Thanks for uploading this beautiful song.
VicDiesel said 2832 days ago (December 21st, 2009)
Love letters
I agree with the decision to have a simple bass part and no drums. This song is perfect.
Check out my latest song called On the sly
Doug Somers said 2830 days ago (December 23rd, 2009)
Comfortable Folk
The sound here, including your voice is so welcoming - it's like being asked to join someone for a coffee in their living room, and they are so down to earth and authentic you just want to hear what they have to say and get to know them better. The mix and performances here are so good and well balanced with respect to each other and the overall context of the message they just disappear to me into the general feel of the whole. What I take away is that you are really one lucky fellow (and I suspect the same can be said for your wife :o) ) and we are all the better off for it!

Thanks for posting this, and kudos to you and Neil. A seamless collab!

Take care,
Check out my latest song called Coming Home - Based on a Theme by David Kneupper
BirdmanWayne94 said 2823 days ago (December 30th, 2009)
... to hear your voice again, Sir Ed.

Excellent performance and perfect accompaniment from Jiguma. I love the Hannifin folk-ish feel here...
Check out my latest song called Groove #7 (SoloMe-o Challenge)
echoroom said 2822 days ago (December 31st, 2009)
Oh Lord
... this is exquisite. i never believed in reincarnation, but a while back spent time at a buddhist retreat, and kinda got into the idea... it completely changes how you live this life. So I found the lyric very moving. You sing this perfectly - its kinda sad, hints of regret, but also with a little bit of hope.

I always bottle out from doing something simple, just voice and no over production and drums - this works so well, I really gotta try something like this... whether it'll be THIS good... another story.
Check out my latest song called Heaven is Waiting
thoddi said 2821 days ago (January 1st, 2010)
I've had that same thought
Would be cool to be able to agree on a secret sign...

It's an absolute beautiful played and sung melody. You have a special quality in your voice and it suits the style you make songs in very much. Neil is doing a very good job supporting you with his bass playing.
Check out my latest song called The King has left
Drew Kopr said 2818 days ago (January 4th, 2010)
Beautiful song
Very well played, written, sung, and especially produced. It sounds very warm and full. I like the lyrics and the thoughts behind the lyrics. Nice stuff. P.S., Next time around, I want to be a bassist.
Check out my latest song called IfIWereHigh
FEEL said 2810 days ago (January 12th, 2010)
Taking care of business
Best to take care of business and start right from the source. No better way to express your dedication and love than to say you would do it all over again and maybe even start a bit earlier. I enjoyed the theme and the ideas you pulled from it. Musically well executed and the mix is right there.

I'll have to play this to my wife... I believe we started a bit sooner than you two reaching our 25th anniversary last November. Thanks for sharing. Sorry I didn't visit this sooner.
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FEEL said 2810 days ago (January 12th, 2010)
and I like the secret sign thing...
Check out my latest song called Ten Years Gone Led Zeppelin Cover
segiperkasa said 2804 days ago (January 19th, 2010)
next time around...
lovely piece... lovely melody and lyrics....
Check out my latest song called Time to Let Go
ted23 said 2789 days ago (February 2nd, 2010)
So many comments not enough time to read!
I'm going to assume they all say this is a fantastic song. If they don't then the someone must be mad.
Really good Ed. I'm glad i've finally made it to your profile.
I'm not to familiar with this kind of music. Although a few years ago i was roadtripping across the West Coast and was looking for some classic American music to drive to. I found a list of great American albums and discovered Jackson Browne. When i heard your tune begin it reminded me of my travels. Its a great piece and has a really classic feel.
chestnut said 2788 days ago (February 4th, 2010)
Next Time Around
To judge by the number of comments here you've clearly written a song which reflects what many people feel about their own lives. Me too. It's a lovely song and a lovely uncluttered arrangement. Thank you Ed and thank you Karen.
Check out my latest song called The Half Hitch
ktb said 2773 days ago (February 18th, 2010)
Next Time Around
a little chagrined for not catching this. re: reincarnation. Like Groundhog Day if we can only make improvements each round, that would be wonderful. Beautifully stated and sung. I did not even think "drums" until I read it in the description, not missed at all. Neil's bass may have something to do with that. A very grounded, solid low end.

Hope you plan to take some time soon to do more.
Check out my latest song called Blackwater (by Tokai)
lavalamp said 2757 days ago (March 6th, 2010)
Truly beautiful
A hell of a piece of song writing.

Check out my latest song called The Shallow People
alackbass said 2750 days ago (March 13th, 2010)
Dripping With Romance
You got to love the romance in this song. The concept behind the lyrics is wonderful and something most people can relate to. The fingered picked guitars are lush. At first I thought the bass was an upright. Great tone.
Check out my latest song called Mean Miss Teacher
Mcboy said 2748 days ago (March 15th, 2010)
now thats
collaborating...the subtraction of the drums makes for a deeper more personal sound/song...love the lyrics.....doesn't get better as a love song...!
Check out my latest song called Bluesphemy (MJRF 2010)
davisamerica said 2744 days ago (March 19th, 2010)
you are such a treat
Check out my latest song called ok char2(Vic and Flatrock mix)
ste said 2713 days ago (April 19th, 2010)
writing. sweet recording of vox and guitar. like the sentiment. excellent
Check out my latest song called songbreak
crissew said 2596 days ago (August 15th, 2010)
Next Time
One of my favorite songs from you here. Earnest lyrics. I think bringing drums in half way into the first verse would add more drama. "save ourselves a spouse or two", lol. Very heartfelt song, touching really. Another Ed classic.
Check out my latest song called Dollar Store Christmas w/ Jerry Rissew
jodyrush said 2393 days ago (March 5th, 2011)
Very wise Ed
I think you have found the wisdom. Very nice lyrics. Thanks for the chord changes. Playing it now.
Check out my latest song called Forbidden Fruit
Philip18 said 2255 days ago (July 21st, 2011)
You have created a wonderful tribute but one which has a universal message. Great guitar sound - clean and mellow. Neil's bass sits very nicely underneath it. You voice has a warmth that suits the subject matter of the song. Much enjoyed.
Check out my latest song called First Night Alone
SJB said 2114 days ago (December 9th, 2011)
Next time around
I already commented 751 days ago so I'm back as a returning listener.
I'm still enbjoying it this time around!
Check out my latest song called Harm(less)onics to Fade
Ed Hannifin said 2113 days ago (December 10th, 2011)
Thank you very much, Steve...
I'm pleased that you took another listen, and are still liking it... Thanks for leaving me a note...
jordifiol said 2064 days ago (January 28th, 2012)
beautiful song
Check out my latest song called Bolero
MissChaos said 816 days ago (June 29th, 2015)
Words have escaped me because I'm a puddle of mush at the moment.
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