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Space Race (mj space race 2011)

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Please accept my late entry. I wanted to do much more wit this but I found myself under some time constraints. If only I could manipulate the space/time contiunum...

I took JFKs speech about going to the moon, chopped it, and created a backing around it. My favortite part is when he says we should go to the moon and the song turns to this bouncy moonwalking style. In fact some may argue it is one of the few parts that sound spacey, but it was kind of what I was going for. I wanted some parts to be organic, and others to be spacey. Hope you enjoy. Sorry for my shitty set up. lol.

No loops aside from the loops that I chopped and mixed from Springclocks drumming. The guitar thats present was done on the boss gt-10 that I just picked up.

Space fact of the day: for those of you that still don't know...There is water on the surface of the moon. ( I say this because still to this day not many people that I have brought it up to have heard )

*** I have tried adding the link to the space race page, but I get an error anytime I do.
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Feter said 2199 days ago (November 14th, 2011)
Space Race
The great song cries for a video ..very nicely done ..thanks for sharing !!
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ic42 said 2198 days ago (November 14th, 2011)
the benefits of the space race
Kennedy's focus to race the Soviets, and pump money and brain-power into ways to achieve this goal, provides all Nations, to this day, with myriad benefits (weather satellites, WD-40, the internet, etc)

I see your offering here as a very apropos piece. And the music that cradles JFK's speech enhances the power and importance of the words and decisions. Well done!

I powered up Mission Control today just long enough to get your piece added to the list of entries, bringing us to a staggering 40 pieces this year, thank you for being a part of it!

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TracyVosh said 2198 days ago (November 14th, 2011)
Space Race
Better late than never is always my philosophy. I'm so glad you made it!

I'm especially loving when the 1:37 mark hits, fades out, and comes back into that sweet bass line. Then there's the speech, which makes it even more engaging. Excellente' Jay-Maestro!!
magnatone said 2198 days ago (November 14th, 2011)
Space Race
what a bunch of really cool ideas in here jay - so well done (as per usual with you!) - glad you got this done! (what shitty set up??)
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Narad said 2198 days ago (November 14th, 2011)
Space Race
Excellent stuff in the space/time continuum ! :)
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davajonah said 2198 days ago (November 14th, 2011)
Love this!
Heavy, super bass, vocal samples really well mixed into the whole thing. Who cares about deadlines anyway?

Nice one sir.
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Char said 2198 days ago (November 14th, 2011)
Who knew?
That JFK could rap a bit.
That, in the end, man "could" travel to space.
Though, we know we can't go far we did exceed our grasp.
Sounds great, Jay. Thanks.

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Sir Bass said 2198 days ago (November 14th, 2011)
Comes to mind, nice mix of bass, and drums.
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gator4040 said 2198 days ago (November 14th, 2011)
Space Race
Very cool concept and execution. Nice work!
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gadzooks said 2197 days ago (November 16th, 2011)
Space Race
I like JF doing the vocals. Cool tune. It actually rocks in the bass and drum department. The organic - spacey thing is working well through this. Enjoyed!
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Outtaorbit said 2196 days ago (November 16th, 2011)
Very Cool
like the groove
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PatriciaGirl said 2196 days ago (November 16th, 2011)
Truly the spacerace song :)
Great music to accompany Kennedy's speeches. It's always amazing to hear the economics that went into the SR back then. Barely enough to pay for some of the bonus pools for execs by today's standards...

Thanks for sharing this one. Enjoyed it.
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awigze said 2196 days ago (November 17th, 2011)
What was so cool about him was that he was concise and did it with class. Like your take on his speech.
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spitlogic said 2194 days ago (November 19th, 2011)
cosmic ass kick
Nice work. Lots of energy.. love it.
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Kicbal said 2191 days ago (November 21st, 2011)
Space Race
I love the lo-fi intro. Such cool contrast to the whole sci-fi/space concept. Yes indeed, once the songs kick in the synth bass is boss. This would be the soundtrack if NASA was run like Pulp Fiction.
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Doug Somers said 2186 days ago (November 26th, 2011)
Kennedy DnB
Nice bed to work under the speech. It has a great head-bopping feel to it. Considering you got all this done under time constraints is really good. Shows what focus can do - just like the space program itself.

Great entry, sorry for the late comments.

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VicDiesel said 2185 days ago (November 27th, 2011)
not merely a race
cool idea to take the original speech that started it all. I like the result.
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