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Alone at Christmas



 Genre: A Cappella

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A kind of Tone Poem. GB is undergoing its now too frequent gremlin controlled settings. I wanted to do quite a bit more but it was literally out of my hands.
This is about choices and making do. I am sure I'm not the only one who spends Christmas alone.
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I'm alone at Christmas;
Not unusual for me
My kids live way out west
And are busy as can be
I don't like coming home
After a cross country flight
To cold, rain, sleet or snow
At the darkest time of night
One year, I blindly drove
Almost to the next state line
Got lost in a detour
After an hour, I was fine
One year, I missed the bus
Walked through the lot for too long
Thought I'd parked in one place
But, found out that I was wrong
This, after six-plus hours
And one stop, with some delays
I've never been so tired
Visiting Kari's and Jay's
California trips!
The kids, they do understand
Are hard on poor old Mom
And being alone isn't grand
But, we love each other
Across all the many miles
And there are memories
Of when I shared their smiles
So, I'm here at Christmas
And my family is not
But, we'll call each other
That's the best that I have got

Charlene M. Kankiewicz December 24, 2012, 3:25-3:40 AM

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djdrshaman said 1703 days ago (December 24th, 2012)
xmas alone
you create music that arises out of a situation - which is how music came to be in the first place! a way to express through sound that which can't be expressed otherwise. ur certainly not alone at xmas, as i vicariously experienced your raw honesty. blessings!
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PaulaMunk said 1703 days ago (December 24th, 2012)
Thank you
for the listen and for the empathy. The best to you.
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alackbass said 1703 days ago (December 24th, 2012)
Alone at Christmas
Excellent poem. Many others can share similar stories and will really relate. Merry Christmas Char!
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PaulaMunk said 1703 days ago (December 24th, 2012)
Andrew. I had so much more in mind for this. I had some Christmas carols hummed for a background, some bass and some percussion. It got wrecked by spinning dials and sliding settings. I might not have tossed all of it. One came up on Itunes that sounds like water buffalo at a kegger. I'm going to have to search that out and put it out of my misery. You Do the best you can. Thanks. Merry Christmas, Andrew.
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Skean said 1703 days ago (December 25th, 2012)
Alone at Christmas
I don't know what to say, it's to me little sad to hear you guys is apart, but the circumstances maybe is the reason why.

Anyway I thank you from bottom of my heart for sharing your deepest thought to us all.

Much love, your friend, Kenta

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Char said 1702 days ago (December 25th, 2012)
decided I'm better off staying home during the winter months. There's no way around the long flights and the chance of really bad weather when I get back. People don't even have to wear coats in LA. Why everyone has Ugg boots is beyond me. It is less worrisome when you have another person to travel with. I've gone for two birthdays and two graduations. I'm hoping one of the kids moves closer.
Love to you and Linda. Thanks.
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The_Applesauce_Project said 1701 days ago (December 26th, 2012)
I really liked the vocal effects, and they gave the lyrics a nice disoriented quality that suited the subject matter. Loved it, Charlene!
PaulaMunk said 1701 days ago (December 26th, 2012)
As I
wrote, I had more in mind. This, with three tracks, was all I could salvage. Thank you.
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gadzooks said 1700 days ago (December 28th, 2012)
Alone at Christmas
Great words Char and a nice way of expressing your feelings ... I enjoyed this.
Happy Holidays
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PaulaMunk said 1697 days ago (December 30th, 2012)
You know,
Stan, I felt better once I did that. So, it was a good thing for me. Thank you so very much for listening and for getting it. I hope for a brighter New Year. Thank you.
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dave_b said 1696 days ago (January 1st, 2013)
Alone at Christmas
Xmas stream of consciousness. Did you send the link to the kids? The vocal fx suited the subject matter really well.
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PaulaMunk said 1695 days ago (January 1st, 2013)
thank you, Dave. You are such a sweet kid. Actually, no. I didn't send them a link. I've told them these things, whether they are reasons or excuses or both. I think I did this for me to absolve myself. When family lives so far away you are bound to miss a lot and things like that can't be helped. I used to be scared of traveling alone. Now, it is just unpleasant and lonely. Thanks very much.
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DWL said 1695 days ago (January 2nd, 2013)
Intense stuff Char!

Nicely produced with the vocal effect which makes it a little disturbing and slightly manic.

Perhaps they could come to you next year?

Happy New Year!



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PaulaMunk said 1694 days ago (January 3rd, 2013)
didn't want it to be disturbing as much as stream of consciousness. I don't know what will happen as many of the same variables will be there, then, too. Alone is not the most comfortable adjective at any time of the year. Happy near year to you and yours. Thank you.
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happyandmeticulous said 1686 days ago (January 11th, 2013)
Alone at Christmas
I'm really loving the vocal effects you've used here, it does make it a little unsettling but it all adds to the sparseness and emphasises the subject matter. Songwriting as a form of catharsis is always to be commended! I hope you weren't too lonely this christmas after all :D
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PaulaMunk said 1686 days ago (January 11th, 2013)
I agree that the act of writing a lyric or a poem is catharsis. Sharing sheds light on darkness and minimizes the sense of being unique. I was alone as I usually am. I well practiced at just letting it be. Thanks for coming by.
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Jayrodd said 1680 days ago (January 17th, 2013)
Very interesting tone set with this, if not creepy sing song feeling. Definitely something unusual, but nonetheless heartfelt. Btw, thanks for posting some comments on my songs. Much appreciated!
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PaulaMunk said 1674 days ago (January 23rd, 2013)
sing song...yes, I guess so. Thanks.
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PeterB7858 said 1597 days ago (April 9th, 2013)
Alone at Christmas
I missed this just prior to Christmas, Char. Sorry for being late. Very evocative piece. The dissonant harmonies work well to convey the mood of the song. Travelling can be a real trial sometimes. You have a few months to decide what to do for this year, though :-) Take care, Peter.
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PaulaMunk said 1597 days ago (April 9th, 2013)
Thank you
for your kind attention. It turns out I am now dealing with some new aches and pains that cause me some pain in getting around. I'm hoping these go away but they might not. My Polka-ing and Mambo-ing days are over. My decision may well have been made for me. Thank you so much.
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FEEL said 1592 days ago (April 15th, 2013)
A little late
But I hope you enjoyed your holiday season. Some fine FX as well.
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PaulaMunk said 1589 days ago (April 17th, 2013)
I make do. It is kind of you to come by. Thank you.
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