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Summertime (live)



 Genre: Acoustic

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Another 'live' vocal/guitar rendition of yet another old standard, this one - Summertime. This and the other live tunes I've been posting were performed at the Santa Barbara Convalescent Hospital (recently renamed the Californian) around 2008. I'm posting a number of these tunes, not that they are 'all that and a box of biscuits', just to have a spot where they can exist as part of my musical sojourn record. Thanks for listening...

Composer: George Gershwin and DuBose Heyward, 1934
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Ovation/Applause AE-148, Shure 57, Behringer acoustic amp, Zoom A2 pedal, Zoom H2 recorder
Philip18 said 769 days ago (August 13th, 2015)
Beautiful song that always fun to perform. Well done for the community service, too.
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Dadai.2 said 768 days ago (August 13th, 2015)
Indeed a pleasure...
... to perform this old favorite. Thanks for listening and for your nice comment, Philip.
Little_Hooligan said 768 days ago (August 13th, 2015)
Time of the Season
You brought out the essence of this classic with your performance.. I applaud you
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Dadai.2 said 768 days ago (August 13th, 2015)
high compliment...
Thanks, Joyce. I couldn't ask for a better response to my rendition of this classic... Cheers.
MarkHolbrook said 768 days ago (August 13th, 2015)
I used to do
something similar as a kid. My mom would take me to Cottage and I'd play for some of the patients. I remember a lady who was probably 50ish looking at me and saying sing! I was too self conscious but she stood up and started to sing as I played some folk tune and soon we had everyone humming along! Nicely done!
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Dadai.2 said 768 days ago (August 14th, 2015)
As you know...
Playing for these older folk and those in rehab is a unique experience. One that is very gratifying. Thanks for your story, Mark...
egobandit said 767 days ago (August 14th, 2015)
the livins easy
banging away at hat guitar lots of emotion in this , sounds so fresh and played just right!
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Dadai.2 said 767 days ago (August 14th, 2015)
and the living's easy...
Nothing better than banging away on the guitar and singing from the heart. Thanks, Tim, for dropping in for a listen.
magnatone said 767 days ago (August 14th, 2015)
I absolutely love this song - and this is terrific Jack. Cool backstory too! Those folks must love having you there!
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Dadai.2 said 767 days ago (August 14th, 2015)
Absolutely glad...
... you love this song and that you gave me a "terrific" for my rendition. Performing at the home and here at MJ is a joy... Thanks!
KCsGROOVE said 767 days ago (August 15th, 2015)
afdter all these years it's still a great song
a wonderful version
very much enjoyed
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Dadai.2 said 766 days ago (August 16th, 2015)
for stopping by. Hard to go wrong with an old classic and glad you liked it. Cheers...
Vic Holman said 766 days ago (August 16th, 2015)
jack on tour
great live performance. cool that this was captured. a nice moment in time.
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Dadai.2 said 765 days ago (August 16th, 2015)
Thanks, Vicar...
one moment in time I'm glad to have! Soon I'll be releasing my renditions of the greatest show tunes... ;-)
VicDiesel said 765 days ago (August 17th, 2015)
Always a good song to get the audience in a sunny mood.
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Dadai.2 said 764 days ago (August 17th, 2015)
Summer song...
for a sunny mood. Thanks, Vic!
Bowman said 764 days ago (August 18th, 2015)
loved this song and you play and sing it with heart.
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Dadai.2 said 763 days ago (August 18th, 2015)
A little heart...
And a great song to sing. Thanks, Charles...
Carrie71 said 763 days ago (August 18th, 2015)
This is one of my favorite songs. You did a bang up job! I especially love the passionate guitar playing! Much enjoyed.
Dadai.2 said 757 days ago (August 24th, 2015)
Summertime enjoyment...
Thanks, Carrie. You brightened my day with your comments. I'm appreciative of you taking the time to listen...

PeterB7858 said 763 days ago (August 19th, 2015)
Great to hear your upbeat, acoustic interpretation of this classic, Jack. Keep 'em coming. Take care, Peter.
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Dadai.2 said 753 days ago (August 29th, 2015)
Thanks, Peter. I do have more to come. My own little acoustic interpretation of classic songs. So much fun for me and I'm glad you and others are enjoying the set.
Roxylee said 753 days ago (August 29th, 2015)
Keep the treasures coming
It's so good to hear songs that were created back in the 30's.. We don't have to steel ourselves for lewd lyrics, like lots of songs bering written today. Thank you for sharing!
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Dadai.2 said 750 days ago (August 31st, 2015)
Hey Roxylee...
These old songs are indeed gems. Not much being written today like them. So learn them and listen to them when you can. More on the way... what can I say! ;)
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