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 Genre: Ballad

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The words are a poem written by Henry Lawson (1867-1922), short story writer and balladist. He was born on 17 June 1867 at Grenfell, New South Wales, Australia
This poem written circa 1910
PHIL!* and I wrote the music and recorded it from various venues via dropbox.
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ON the Night Train Henry Lawson (1867 -19220 ) Music Franciscus Henri
Philip Gardner (Alberts Music /Control)
Have you seen the bush by moonlight, from the train, go running by?
Blackened log and stump and sapling, ghostly trees all dead and dry;
Here a patch of glassy water; there a glimpse of mystic sky?
Have you heard the still voice calling – yet so warm, and yet so cold:
"I'm the Mother-Bush that bore you! Come to me when you are old"?

Did you see the Bush below you sweeping darkly to the Range,
All unchanged and all unchanging, yet so very old and strange!
While you thought in softened anger of the things that did estrange?
(Did you hear the Bush a-calling, when your heart was young and bold:
"I'm the Mother-bush that nursed you; Come to me when you are old"?)

In the cutting or the tunnel, out of sight of stock or shed,
Did you hear the grey Bush calling from the pine-ridge overhead:
"You have seen the seas and cities – all is cold to you, or dead –
All seems done and all seems told, but the grey-light turns to gold!
I'm the Mother-Bush that loves you – come to me now you are old"?
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VicDiesel said 508 days ago (July 21st, 2016)
I like the song, lyrics, vocals, guitar work. Really lovely stuff.

But please if you ever redo this, use a different bass drum? Deeper sound, and not as nervous. Say on beat "1" only?
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Franciscus_Henri said 507 days ago (July 22nd, 2016)
Thanks for stopping at the station
Thanks for the observation I have taken serious note
Im still in the learning stages of "recording at home" and all comments are very welcome
Henke said 507 days ago (July 22nd, 2016)
Very nice
Enjoyed, and thanks for the DL. A pity no one seems to be here to listen to the good music still being posted. Hopefully some will catch up after summer/winter ;-)

Take care,
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Franciscus_Henri said 507 days ago (July 22nd, 2016)
Thanks Henke
We are but voices crying in the wilderness...MacJams is shrinking
why? Perhaps there is enough there for a weekend seminar.But I'll Keep having fun and I hope you do too.
Jarvoid said 507 days ago (July 22nd, 2016)
Nice one...
train song see...love them I does....ooo arrr ... toot
Seriously tho' really nice ....
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Franciscus_Henri said 507 days ago (July 22nd, 2016)
love the TOOT
Who was it that did that?..Was it Toad?...no that was a car not a train.
I'll settle on Thomas..LOL
Philip18 said 507 days ago (July 23rd, 2016)
On the Night Train
He's quite a writer, that Henry Lawson. There's plenty more to do with his works!
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Franciscus_Henri said 505 days ago (July 24th, 2016)
more to come
jiguma said 507 days ago (July 23rd, 2016)
Franc and Philip
I like the song, vocals and guitars, but the drums and percussion let it down I'm afraid. It probably doesn't need them at all, but if you are going to use them, something more subtle, more varied and more in keeping with the style of the music would work better. Sorry to criticise, but midi drums are something of an obsession for me :)
Henry's words work so well in this - you have come across a rich stream of lyrics there I suspect.
Production and performances are nicely done.
Cheers from "up the coast",
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Franciscus_Henri said 505 days ago (July 24th, 2016)
Thanks for the comments....
I went back to the track and dropped the percussion and it was certainly a different sound. I was, I hoped, going for the ambience of the train (perhaps I made the train too big) and as we are not the first to put this poets words to music I am seriously trying to avoid the OZ country ballad sound...and as the meter of the write points heavily in that direction, it is hard not to fall into that milieu.. thanks again all observations are very welcome
Moviz said 506 days ago (July 23rd, 2016)
So soothing
beautiful and sensitively sung and performed.....love the guitar that seems to run and ripple like a moonlit stream meandering throughout.......lovely poem; much enjoyed, regards M
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Franciscus_Henri said 505 days ago (July 24th, 2016)
Its an interesting exercise going back to nearly hundred year old poetry and trying to capture the ambience in a current style..Phil's guuitar did it again!
abzwork said 505 days ago (July 24th, 2016)
On The Night Train...
Most excellent...such beautiful flava...wish I could write like this..cheers
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Franciscus_Henri said 505 days ago (July 24th, 2016)
its an interesting discipline to write music to someone else's words.
Lyrics to have their own power of creating their own music its as if they lead you.
KCsGROOVE said 504 days ago (July 25th, 2016)
on the nighttrain
what a lovely poem! and your vocals are great
wonderful song
great performance by the both of you
enjoyed it very much
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Franciscus_Henri said 504 days ago (July 25th, 2016)
Thanks KC
I'm not sure that the poetry of Henry Lawson is much known out side Australia its certainly low on the radar here...culture changes and forgets.

PeterB7858 said 502 days ago (July 27th, 2016)
On the night train
This has a a dreamy, fluid quality that I really like. Sympathetic vocal and a fine melody. The guitars and piano are very nicely recorded and played. It would be interesting to hear it without the drums but they didn't really distract me too much. Thanks, guys.
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Franciscus_Henri said 502 days ago (July 28th, 2016)
Hello Peter
Interesting ..there is something about the "drums" that bothers a number of people. I 've gone back and listened with out them there and it is significantly different in that the "train" is gone.
Without them the song is mellow and contemplative but the "edge" has gone
The poem was read at Lawson's funeral as a eulogy ,I guess, so I wanted to keep a certain "nervous" feel about it. I guess its all about nuance.
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