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Warren Smith commented "Do you hear what I hear?" on the song "A-hole F'er" by DeputyDoofy5 hours ago
Philip18 commented "We Love To Play..." on the song "We Love to Play" by groovehounds17 hours ago
Daugrin commented "Playas play don't dey?" on the song "We Love to Play" by groovehounds18 hours ago
Daugrin commented "Forgotten Vista" on the song "A Sojourn's End..." by LouisLacey18 hours ago
LouisLacey uploaded a New Age song called "A Sojourn's End..." 19 hours ago
Philip18 commented "Love Story" on the song "Love Story" by Moviz24 hours ago
Daugrin commented "Mo Classic" on the song "Love Story" by Moviz1 day ago
Moviz uploaded a Ballad song called "Love Story" 1 day ago
Moviz commented "Sounding " on the song "Coming Through my Back Door" by groovehounds1 day ago
Philip18 commented "Nathan Browne" on the song "Nathan Browne" by pablatone2 days ago
Philip18 commented "The Waiting Room" on the song "The Waiting Room" by grah3am2 days ago
Philip18 commented "Proletarian Blues" on the song "Proletarian Blues" by Calchas2 days ago
Philip18 commented "One Too Many Virgos" on the song "One Too Many Virgos" by The_Applesauce_Project2 days ago
Philip18 commented "Cowboy Tom" on the song "Cowboy Tom Buckles Down That Hatch" by sammydix2 days ago
Philip18 commented "Rock and a Hard Place" on the song "ROCK AND A HARD PLACE" by KCsGROOVE2 days ago
Philip18 commented "Feeding the Sharks" on the song "Feeding The Sharks" by Vic Holman2 days ago
Dean-Resonator commented "Proletarian Blues" on the song "Proletarian Blues" by Calchas2 days ago
Dean-Resonator commented "Dream Team" on the song "Not Living There Anymore with Jon Darren & Loob" by Philip182 days ago
Dean-Resonator commented "Unending" on the song "Unending" by egobandit2 days ago
KCsGROOVE uploaded a Rock song called "ROCK AND A HARD PLACE" 2 days ago