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GarageBand Tutorial: Built-in Audio Unit Effects
Underlying GarageBand's simple interface is a host of complex functionality and features that offer some serious power in modifying your audio inputs. Many of these features are inherited from FinalC... [read more]
MIDI Basics for Apple GarageBand Users
This document is intended to be a basic introduction and tutorial on the topic of MIDI, which is short for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. MIDI is a protocol that was developed so that electro... [read more]
MacJams.com Apple GarageBand Buyer's Guide
As many new GarageBand users have already begun to discover, being an amateur musician can entail a number of equipment purchases to complement your music-making setup. In this article, we'll recomme... [read more]
MacJams Review: Drums on Demand Vol. 1
In our first review of third-party, GarageBand-compatible loops, we look at a splendid collection of percussive goodness called Drums on Demand. Currently, Volume 1 of Drums on Demand is available fo... [read more]
The Ultimate GarageBand Keyboard
Many users (or future users) of GarageBand are former or current piano players who were taught and have only used upright or grand pianos. These people, and many others, thus wonder what the best MID... [read more]

In Depth: Apple GarageBand Jam Pack
One of the most frequently asked questions by current or prospective GarageBand users is whether the add-on collection of loops, software instruments and effects called Jam Pack is worth the $99 aski... [read more]
Using VST instruments in Garage Band
Our friend Jacean from Florida Music Company is back with more great info. In this article, Jacean describes how to use Cubase VST (Virtual Studio Technology) software synthesizers with GarageBand th... [read more]
MacJams Announces Five Weeks of Free Loops
(12/06/05 UPDATE: Weeks 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 available) MacJams has teamed with Advanced Media Group to offer GarageBand and other Mac musicians five weeks of free loops starting this week! This week, a... [read more]
MIDI Keyboard Buyer's Guide for Mac Users
As a popular destination for beginning computer musicians on the mac platform, one of the most common questions we see is "what keyboard should I use with my mac?" The answer to this question is diff... [read more]
Using Native Instruments Software Synths with Apple GarageBand
Our faithful user, B.J. Morgan, has authored an awesome tutorial on the topic of using software synthesizers sold by Native Instruments with Apple's GarageBand software. Many users have wondered how ... [read more]
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