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Location: Nashua, NH United States
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Software Engineer by trade, I have always been interested in music and how it is created. I believe the best sound instrument you have is on either side of your head. About 10 years ago I hooked up with an amazing bunch of guys in a band called MidLife Crysis (www.midlifecrysis.com) and started to do sound for them. One thing lead to another and the next thing you know we are building a sound studio together in Amherst NH. I still do sound for the band, and am also playing percussion and adding backup vocals to their gigs and in the studio. I can not imagine life without music and the wonderful musicians that create it...
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11.29.08 Hole In The World 10.00 (1) 2027 (3) A Cappella 11.28.09 Active
03.15.08 Summer Fly 9.33 (3) 2505 (12) Acoustic 04.26.08 Active
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Music Background Just what god has provided in my ears
Music Skills Percussion and vocals
Music Hardware Roland VS2400 +si and a whole bunch of mics, mixers, compressors, and other necessart tools of the trade.
Music Software Roland VS2400 +si, Audacity, Garage Band
Keywords Roland, MidLife Crysis,