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Member Since: Sunday, May 15 2005 @ 09:39 AM CDT
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Homepage: http://texasfeel.bandcamp.com
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I'm a self taught guitar player who started playing at the age of 13. I mix my guitar progressions together, add lyrics and from that point I'll search for vocal melodies. The music I write is about life experiences and some about random subject matters. Even though I was active in choir all the way through high school, I don't consider myself a vocalist yet I have learned to use what abilities I do have to help get my music across.

I spend much of my time recording music using computer hardware and software. I currently use Logic Pro, Melodyne, EZ Drummer, Guitar Rig and Amplitube software. Majority of the time I use Logic Pro since it provides all the tools I need to transform my ideas digitally. Most of the music I master ends up here on Macjams where other musicians can listen to what I have posted and feed me valuable input. I owe a lot of knowledge to those members who spend their time evaluating and encouraging.

I have played in a couple of local bands in the DFW area. The people I collaborated with were more into the music scene as a hobby rather than playing professionally. I owe my LIVE experience to many people who not only put up with me through the years but were also there encouraging me along the way.

Thank you for sparing your valuable time to listen.

Here are some artists I have collaborated with or played with their tracks through the years.

Harold Luper-Richard Schletty-Emily Rohm-Neil Porter-David Thomas-Scott Carmichael-Kevin Misan-Lisa Purdy-Hector J. Rivera Jr.-Alan (apb)-Tobin Mueller-Robert Andrews-Massimo Ferrus-John Libby-David Placko-Jack Miller-Mike Dancy-Terry Harp-John Parker-Steve Cole-Peter Greenstone-Larry Vargas-Adam Clark-Alannah Richards-Julian Sims-Freddy (Loob)-Andrew (alackbass)-scofugate-rsorensen-Steve Hix-Peter Romanowski-Feter-Andy Wigzell-Jack Hemby-Sonny Jim-Sam Dixon-Tom G-Lester Long-Chris Flynn-Anne Cozean-Vic Holman-Sigmund-Terry Pearson-Roxanne Smith-Joe Gurner-Bill Pease-Warren Smith-Bill Grundmann-Skunkwrx-Cedrick Barnes

Computer Hope

FEEL's Songs (91)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
06.28.18 A Second Life with Scott Carmicheal  (---) 921 (25) Rock 03.10.19 Active
06.11.18 Dissonance  (---) 770 (24) Rock 07.23.18 Active
04.21.18 Apathy  (---) 896 (32) Acoustic Rock 07.25.18 Active
11.21.17 Crazy Clown Dreamer w/sammydix  (---) 1482 (28) Rock 07.24.18 Active
08.08.17 Ten Years Gone Led Zeppelin Cover  (---) 1659 (26) Acoustic Rock 07.24.18 Active
06.15.17 Stuck n D - 214ce ES2 test  (---) 1392 (30) Acoustic 06.28.17 Active
11.03.16 Recess  (---) 1671 (12) Rock 11.23.16 Active
03.11.16 Above Ground Luper/Dixon  (---) 2873 (46) Rock 06.24.16 Active
02.21.15 Place to Stay with alackbass  (---) 3313 (45) Ballad 03.03.16 Active
12.13.14 Unnoticed and Contained w/Libby and Barnes  (---) 2290 (24) Progressive Rock 01.02.15 Active
11.26.14 Empty Space w/Cedrick Barnes  (---) 2767 (23) Bluegrass 12.31.16 Active
10.31.14 Bucket of Suds w/Cedrick Barnes  (---) 2832 (31) Funk 10.13.15 Active
09.18.14 My Brother  (---) 3552 (32) Acoustic Rock 10.12.15 Active
07.11.14 FEEL with Emily Rohm and Cedrick Barnes  (---) 2957 (35) Funk 10.12.15 Active
06.21.14 SoloMe-o’s First 5 Macjam Uploads 0.00 (0) 2650 (34) Other 06.29.14 Active
05.31.14 Laundry-SoloMe-o Challenge  (---) 2911 (23) Rock 06.21.14 Active
05.12.14 SPD  (---) 2377 (28) Heavy Metal 05.20.14 Active
04.22.14 Aquarium  (---) 3320 (59) Rock 05.06.14 Active
04.07.14 Is Theory Ever Real-Rok41-Sig  (---) 3854 (58) Rock 05.06.14 Active
02.20.14 Forbidden Collaboration with Vic Holman & Lester Long  (---) 3470 (52) Progressive Rock 04.05.14 Active
02.07.14 Gear Head Infection With sammydix  (---) 3490 (52) Rock 04.28.14 Active
01.20.14 God Rest Her Soul  (---) 2957 (38) Gospel 02.01.14 Active
11.11.13 Pushing Buttons with Anne Cozean  (---) 3667 (61) Folk-Rock 12.02.13 Active
10.31.13 Deeper with sammydix  (---) 3353 (57) Rock 06.23.14 Active
09.15.13 Life's a Trip with rok41  (---) 3822 (46) Rock 10.30.13 Active
05.31.13 Freedom Rings (MJCC2013)  (---) 2884 (46) Rock 07.25.13 Active
05.01.13 I Want Emoticon  (---) 3253 (60) Rock 04.01.14 Active
04.14.13 Room  (---) 2948 (60) Rock 11.03.13 Active
02.20.13 iAm (FEEL & apb)  (---) 2651 (30) Alternative Rock 06.01.13 Active
02.07.13 The Rest  (---) 2699 (40) Rock 02.20.13 Active
01.27.13 It's My Dream  (---) 2527 (42) Rock 04.16.13 Active
01.18.13 Weather with Emily Rohm and Steve Cole  (---) 2450 (33) Rock 03.28.13 Active
10.15.12 Human Light FEEL/DarkPlanet/Lester Long  (---) 2993 (52) Progressive Rock 01.22.13 Active
09.11.12 No Goodbyes with paralax and apb 0.00 (0) 2651 (34) Rock 09.19.12 Active
08.10.12 For the Children-woodstock 2012  (---) 2750 (38) Rock 10.03.12 Active
04.28.12 Break Me  (---) 3005 (34) Country-Western 09.05.12 Active
03.23.12 Living It Down Outside  (---) 2789 (27) Folk-Rock 06.29.12 Active
03.05.12 If  (---) 2990 (47) Ballad 05.19.12 Active
02.23.12 Crossing  (---) 2648 (43) Acoustic Rock 05.18.12 Active
01.23.12 When I Grow Up  (---) 4080 (55) Children's Music 02.22.12 Active
01.15.12 Fallen  (---) 2839 (50) Alternative Rock 02.22.12 Active
11.12.11 Break'n the Ice W/Paralax (Word Association Challenge) 10.00 (2) 2806 (21) Blues (contemporary) 01.18.13 Active
08.09.11 Ride the Wind w/RC Andrews  (---) 3365 (28) Rock 09.10.11 Active
07.28.11 Not Just Your Best Friend  (---) 3329 (42) Alternative Rock 08.22.11 Active
06.23.11 R-U-N-Fluenced?  (---) 4142 (64) Psychedelic 08.22.11 Active
04.24.11 Happiness  (---) 3644 (60) Rhumba 08.22.11 Active
03.21.11 Careful Man  (---) 3155 (38) Punk-Grunge 04.20.11 Active
03.12.11 Better Find - Open Collab  (---) 2821 (25) Progressive Rock 04.18.11 Active
02.20.11 Pra Nunca Mais Voltar  (---) 3540 (33) Bossa Nova 04.18.11 Active
02.14.11 Stinger'11 Wave 0.00 (0) 2862 (36) Rock (instrumental) 04.18.11 Active
02.08.11 Gray_Grey  (---) 3382 (59) Experimental 02.07.13 Active
01.29.11 Hey Baby with blamm  (---) 3495 (56) Rock 04.18.11 Active
01.19.11 Drop Me A Line (Tribute to the band FEEL)  (---) 3551 (54) Rock 04.18.11 Active
12.31.10 Unnoticed & Contained-KTB/FEEL  (---) 3897 (47) Progressive Rock 05.12.11 Active
12.12.10 Funky Blues  (---) 3206 (46) Blues (contemporary) 08.06.11 Active
10.24.10 Lucky One w/awigze  (---) 3839 (43) Acoustic Rock 11.09.10 Active
10.06.10 Static Free  (---) 3253 (30) Acoustic Rock 04.18.11 Active
09.20.10 To Get Through  (---) 2859 (46) Hard Rock 10.04.10 Active
08.31.10 Over Time (Religious Metal)  (---) 3409 (36) Heavy Metal 09.06.10 Active
08.06.10 Methaqualone  (---) 3282 (26) Psychedelic 12.04.10 Active
07.03.10 Don't Call Me Again w/mike_d  (---) 3084 (30) Heavy Metal 08.01.10 Active
06.17.10 Am I Losing?  (---) 2957 (30) Punk-Grunge 12.16.10 Active
02.05.10 Tribute to Day (MJRF2010)  (---) 3203 (26) Ballad 05.22.15 Active
01.10.10 Walk It Now 8.19 (4) 3418 (24) Rock 08.05.10 Active
12.23.09 Christmas Dream  (---) 2584 (12) Holiday 01.03.10 Active
10.30.09 Pigs Fly  (---) 3496 (13) Heavy Metal 11.30.09 Active
10.13.09 Melody w/Emily Rohm Gilmore  (---) 4463 (24) Ballad 10.30.09 Active
09.12.09 Me and My Voodoo Monkey Dust Shine  (---) 3188 (13) Rock 07.18.18 Active
08.22.09 That Way w/blamm 9.60 (5) 3903 (23) Rock 06.06.10 Active
08.16.09 Get Out of Here  (---) 4238 (25) Alternative Rock 08.16.15 Active
03.26.09 Crawl - TEXASFEEL with blamm  (---) 4165 (59) Rock 06.22.09 Active
02.04.09 Rock'n the Scene TEXASFEEL/Schletty/Jiguma (MJRF)  (---) 4693 (22) Rock 04.10.11 Active
01.31.09 Tomorrow with Emily Rohm Gilmore (MJRF)  (---) 4842 (24) Pop Orchestral 08.27.11 Active
01.23.09 Bucket of Suds  (---) 3423 (34) Blues (contemporary) 05.10.09 Active
12.26.08 Caught in the Light  (---) 3850 (32) Ballad 03.09.10 Active
11.21.08 OnlyU  (---) 3962 (13) Rock 02.13.09 Active
11.07.08 Ride My Machine  (---) 4244 (16) Blues (contemporary) 06.06.10 Active
09.20.08 Love Her So (Collab w/blamm)  (---) 4601 (18) Ballad 10.01.08 Active
09.09.08 One of These Days  (---) 4356 (10) Ballad 09.14.08 Active
08.10.08 Fever w/ Sonny Jim on vocals  (---) 3440 (16) Heavy Metal 03.01.10 Active
08.05.08 Girl From Padre Island  (---) 3996 (10) Bossa Nova 08.10.08 Active
07.26.08 Free Loader  (---) 3801 (13) Acoustic Rock 05.20.12 Active
07.20.08 Fever  (---) 3270 (30) Heavy Metal 10.22.09 Active
07.06.08 Float  (---) 2977 (7) Art Rock 07.24.08 Active
06.30.08 So Long Now-MJGOOC 9.71 (7) 4983 (34) Country-Western 12.06.08 Active
05.19.08 Half Way Next To Nowhere  (---) 3671 (19) Rock 07.14.11 Active
04.24.08 Meditated  (---) 3526 (13) Progressive Rock 01.03.09 Active
03.12.08 Another Year  (---) 3931 (17) Folk (contemporary) 07.25.08 Active
02.24.08 FEEL with Emily Rohm  (---) 5922 (39) Funk 03.15.08 Active
02.15.08 Pick Up Those Pieces  (---) 4912 (51) Rock 03.09.10 Active
01.14.08 Freezer Brain  (---) 5425 (48) Progressive Rock 03.24.08 Active
Favorite Songs (1000)
Title Artist Date Genre
Get Your Head (Back in the Game) Cheeto 08.25.18 Alternative Rock
Reality Schwerindustrie 07.31.18 Progressive Rock
WHERE DID WE GO WRONG (Band version) KCsGROOVE 07.28.18 Rock
Endless Skies pharmakeus 07.25.18 Rock
NOTION [2.0] Calchas 07.25.18 Rock
Planet Terror Texas Blues pharmakeus 07.23.18 Blues (contemporary)
Gwendolin's Debut pharmakeus 07.22.18 Blues (traditional)
Stepping Stones Mike_Lynn 07.22.18 Acoustic Rock
Platinum grah3am 07.20.18 Rock (instrumental)
Too Little Time jgurner 07.19.18 Alternative Rock
DRIVIN' (band version) KCsGROOVE 07.19.18 Rock
Every Man has a Woman Who Loves Him sammydix 07.18.18 Rock
Loveland pharmakeus 07.18.18 Rock
Poor Wayfaring Stranger (final-2018) Dadai.2 07.16.18 Folk-Rock
Scary Bloody Desperate Deep DWL 07.16.18 Ballad
Grist For The Mill Calchas 07.16.18 Ballad
waiting on clarity egobandit 07.12.18 Art Rock
Rabbit Hole Warren Smith 07.12.18 Art Rock
Slipping off My Feet egobandit 07.01.18 Alternative Rock
Polar Vortex bud 07.01.18 Cinematic Soundtrack
My Opioid, with Sam Dixon grah3am 06.30.18 Reggae
Peace Mystified 06.29.18 Piano
GENTREND groovehounds 06.25.18 Alternative Rock
Project #6 rolf_ruiz 06.25.18 Experimental
Leaving Orbit in a Can DJShadowkat 06.24.18 Electronic
The Bride Groom Soulman4270 06.23.18 Inspirational (contemporary)
Vedro con Mio Diletto (Counter-tenor, 1st part tester) XMaramena 06.23.18 Classical
dream 2 donalraft 06.23.18 Alternative Rock
dream 2 donalraft 06.23.18 Alternative Rock
Ornamenta Scholastica VicDiesel 06.14.18 Acoustic
HAVE HORN...WILL TRAVEL (take 2) Bowman 06.12.18 Classical
FUNK ON WHEELS (band version) KCsGROOVE 06.11.18 Funk
HAVE HORN…WILL TRAVEL Bowman 06.11.18 Classical
Everyone is Different Philip18 06.09.18 Comedy-Satire-Parody
All the Malcontents jobu 06.09.18 Rock
Rogue's March Warren Smith 06.07.18 Folk (traditional)
Race To The Bomb (instrumental) Leebo 06.06.18 Cinematic Soundtrack
Hide grah3am 06.04.18 Art Rock
Road Trip Loob 05.31.18 Rock
Dreaming of the Past (w Sam) PeterB7858 05.31.18 Acoustic Rock
Don't Let It Bring You Down (Neil Young Cover) jgurner 05.31.18 Acoustic Rock
In Deep FrankAxtell 05.28.18 Rock (instrumental)
Briarfield Avenue kingkenny 05.27.18 Art Rock
A Long December (Counting Crows Cover) blamm 05.24.18 Alternative Rock
Can You Stay Awhile? Daugrin 05.22.18 Inspirational (contemporary)
Love Story Moviz 05.20.18 Ballad
Unending egobandit 05.18.18 Psychedelic
Not Living There Anymore with Jon Darren & Loob Philip18 05.16.18 Acoustic
Proletarian Blues Calchas 05.16.18 Rock
Feeding The Sharks Vic Holman 05.13.18 Alternative Rock
The Waiting Room grah3am 05.13.18 Acoustic Rock
The Thirsty Earth grah3am 05.03.18 Cinematic Soundtrack
Ice Cold Calchas 05.01.18 Rock
Blount at 5 VicDiesel 04.30.18 Acoustic
The Tomb Raider obbster 04.29.18 Game Soundtrack
Recoil MissChaos 04.29.18 Electronic
Nathan Browne pablatone 04.28.18 Folk (contemporary)
Clickbait Warren Smith 04.27.18 Informational
Remember groovehounds 04.24.18 Alternative Rock
Drumbin' CeXa 04.23.18 Ambient
Texturas C CeXa 04.23.18 Ambient
Rider jimmyrus 04.22.18 Reggae
All is Lost grah3am 04.21.18 Progressive Rock
IT IS YOU KCsGROOVE 04.21.18 Rock
nothing but hope egobandit 04.19.18 Art Rock
Butterfly effect jimmyrus 04.19.18 Acoustic
Submerged Ex_Silentio 04.18.18 Ambient
EVERYTHING'S GONNA BE ALRIGHT groovehounds 04.17.18 Rhythm and Blues
Mixed Signals Calchas 04.17.18 Rock
Epilogue PeterB7858 04.16.18 Acoustic Rock
Lost Highway LouisLacey 04.15.18 Funk
Cowboy Tom Buckles Down That Hatch sammydix 04.11.18 Art Rock
Can't It Wait Until Tomorrow Vic Holman 04.07.18 Indie Rock
Sunflower with lyrics DWL 04.04.18 Alternative Rock
We Will See The Light (Angry Blue Planet track 10) jgurner 04.01.18 Alternative Rock
Unless Schwerindustrie 03.28.18 Progressive Rock
Rain Down On Me Loob 03.27.18 Alternative Rock
Flood Schwerindustrie 03.17.18 Progressive Rock
An Angel's Voice Skean 03.04.18 Trip Hop
Stenosis Commitosis bronco 02.18.18 Fingerstyle Guitar
Moonlit Night Philip18 02.18.18 Acoustic
Too many Lies Schwerindustrie 02.10.18 Progressive Rock
The One Schwerindustrie 01.22.18 Alternative Rock
Aliens Schwerindustrie 01.19.18 Alternative Rock
new leaf 123117 bud 12.31.17 Electronic
Breakdown Hickling_Stan 11.28.17 Alternative Rock
For You To Decide Vic Holman 11.26.17 Rock
Silk and Honey Philip18 11.24.17 Acoustic
Valley of Unrest Schwerindustrie 11.22.17 Rock
Luminosity ft Maurice7 and Melani Loob 11.21.17 Pop (mainstream)
It Was Perfect (Opus) LWinston 11.21.17 Pop (Alternative)
Chime (Alone) (Inspired by Particle Dots) Ed Hannifin 11.18.17 Experimental
Chime Drone w/Particle Dots Ed Hannifin 11.18.17 Experimental
Seeing When I Should Be Looking Reinholt56 11.18.17 Ambient
OUT OF MIND (3) KCsGROOVE 11.17.17 Rock
Ariadne's Thread Calchas 11.15.17 Rock
rebuke the lie egobandit 11.11.17 Psychedelic
Losing You PeterB7858 11.02.17 Rock
Cinc Del Carbon Loob 10.31.17 Progressive Rock
Oh Coast bud 10.29.17 Electronic
All The Way Home tmcfate 10.25.17 Alternative Rock
And So We Pray (w/Jiguma, Cori Ander & Mackie) Ed Hannifin 10.22.17 Folk (contemporary)
One - Eyed Brain (In a Jar) grah3am 10.22.17 Pop (Alternative)
Mean Streets Vic Holman 10.20.17 Indie Rock
Steel Grip five_extra_arms 10.19.17 Electronic
Nothing Looks Good On You sammydix 10.18.17 Rockabilly
Time Machine sammydix 09.27.17 Art Rock
Gone Without A Trace bronco 09.26.17 Acoustic Rock
Call Your Name Schwerindustrie 09.22.17 Rock
Picture country living Macaudion 09.06.17 Bluegrass
Through the Wheels on the other Side tmcfate 09.05.17 Alternative Rock
Friday Night Hydrogen3 09.03.17 Funk
Re-entry grid stalker 09.02.17 Progressive Rock
Dream Hotel Loob 09.02.17 Jazz (vocal)
On the sly VicDiesel 09.01.17 Cinematic Soundtrack
Playing With the Rain bronco 08.30.17 Acoustic Rock
Lab Chimp Warren Smith 08.25.17 Rock
Flute Bag VicDiesel 08.21.17 Hardcore
Ghost Machine sammydix 08.18.17 Progressive Rock
Deep through the forest / W-particledots Skean 08.18.17 Cinematic Soundtrack
Stairway to Heaven (LZ Cover) tonestones 08.14.17 Progressive Rock
WITCHITA LINEMAN KCsGROOVE 08.14.17 Country-Western
Cantabile Sacra 46 paul f. page 08.10.17 Classical
A Matter Of Trust psexnyc 08.09.17 Alternative Rock
Just A Man (After All) Calchas 08.09.17 Rock
How To Love DEMO MJReunionNAR 08.08.17 Electropop
LORRAINE jie 08.08.17 Pop (Alternative)
This Empire's State DWL 08.08.17 Political
Dejame, memoria triste dirigent 08.07.17 Ethnic-International
Photographs Vic Holman 08.06.17 Rock
Ghoulardi Rocks Doe Peep/Black Swan Shuffle Daugrin 08.06.17 Inspirational (contemporary)
End Of Summer psexnyc 08.06.17 Rhythm and Blues
Quiet Town Dean-Resonator 08.04.17 Folk-Rock
Ships In The Night (w Sam D) PeterB7858 08.03.17 Acoustic Rock
Wherever I Go psexnyc 08.03.17 Alternative Rock
6th St. Masquerade - Take 2 (Jack sitting in with Tom) Dadai.2 07.31.17 Acoustic Rock
Dreamer Skean 07.30.17 Art Rock
Three Sheets To The Wind PeterB7858 07.30.17 Fingerstyle Guitar
Just A Man (After All) Calchas 07.29.17 Rock
6th. St. Masquerade bronco 07.28.17 Acoustic Rock
Invention 64 paul f. page 07.27.17 Classical
East Texas Landscape VicDiesel 07.27.17 Classical
Cloudlifter grid stalker 07.26.17 Progressive Rock
Love Schwerindustrie 07.24.17 Rock
Notion [w/ Loob] Calchas 07.17.17 Rock
First Night Alone Philip18 07.17.17 Acoustic
Myopia 2/Michael2 sammydix 07.13.17 Dub
Lights Out Vic Holman 07.08.17 Art Rock
Port Of Call Calchas 07.07.17 Acoustic Rock
Texas Tango Dadai.2 07.06.17 Rock (instrumental)
Dreaming Of The Past PeterB7858 07.06.17 Folk (contemporary)
We End Up Being All The Same (42) jiguma 07.06.17 Alternative Rock
Austin Texas [with Bronco] Warren Smith 07.04.17 Country-Western
Im not perfect somoya 06.28.17 Pop (Alternative)
You Can Try egobandit 06.23.17 Art Rock
The Ride H3nry 06.23.17 Rock
Sibling Revelry (Jam Demo) Calchas 06.23.17 Rock
Stars pablatone 06.22.17 Acoustic
One Hundred Eighty-Nine paul f. page 06.22.17 Piano
Serenade CCLXII Narad 06.22.17 Classical
Ghost in the Machine grah3am 06.21.17 Progressive Rock
Frisco Feel Dadai.2 06.20.17 Pop (Alternative)
Still Love You Schwerindustrie 06.16.17 Rock
GOTTA STEP IT UP danml69 06.16.17 Smooth Jazz
Zephyr (Just Can't Stay) Calchas 06.15.17 Folk-Rock
Serenade for Strings No. 3: Lake Como (WIP Update) XMaramena 06.14.17 Classical
June 13 paul f. page 06.14.17 Classical
Keep Me In Your Book I Pray Soulman4270 06.13.17 Gospel
pjinky bud 06.09.17 Film Scoring
Symphony No 58 2nd Movement christopherpsly 06.09.17 Classical
I dont know egobandit 06.03.17 Alternative Rock
Time and a Word sammydix 06.01.17 Art Rock
Beach Bossa Philip18 05.26.17 Latin Jazz
Must Have Patient Schwerindustrie 05.26.17 Progressive Rock
Stone Houses MikeyB 05.15.17 Alternative Rock
Devil With A Suit MikeyB 05.15.17 Alternative Rock
Brand New Day Warren Smith 05.12.17 Country-Western
Back In The Tunnel Calchas 05.12.17 Folk (contemporary)
The little mermaid Narad 05.12.17 Inspirational (contemporary)
Dead Man Walking jiguma 05.10.17 Acoustic Rock
May Full Moon VicDiesel 05.09.17 Ambient
When I'm Without You TommyBlueBoy 05.08.17 Bossa Nova
Strawberry Fields Vic Holman 05.07.17 Rock
Evening Walk Jayrodd 05.07.17 Ambient
Heaven is Waiting echoroom 05.07.17 Alternative Rock
Serenade CCLIX Narad 05.06.17 Classical
The fog has lifted tmcfate 05.05.17 Acoustic Rock
Along The Way bronco 05.05.17 Acoustic Rock
Tunnel Vision Calchas 05.05.17 Folk (contemporary)
Baile (Got To Do It) w Scautritas and Happy Cane sammydix 04.28.17 Funk
Games For May Daugrin 04.27.17 Alternative Rock
Homemade Icecream performed by Peter Thorneycroft Philip18 04.23.17 Acoustic
Born to Fail Schwerindustrie 04.21.17 Progressive Rock
Lethe (Song Of Er) Calchas 04.21.17 Progressive Rock
When Ya Gonna? - PBGB jiguma 04.20.17 Alternative Rock
Planxty Irwin Ren-Tin-10 04.18.17 Celtic
Symphony No 47 1st Movement christopherpsly 04.16.17 Classical
Dancing In The Rain (GSB) PeterB7858 04.10.17 Acoustic Rock
Thunder Schwerindustrie 03.29.17 Jazz Fusion
'76 LP Alt stratcat 03.14.17 Rock
Un jour de décembre blaky smith 02.19.17 Other
Angels Moviz 02.14.17 Hawaiian
Something odd is going on Dean-Resonator 02.10.17 Country-Western
Which path will we take Skean 02.02.17 Cinematic Soundtrack
The Shallow People lavalamp 01.28.17 Alternative Rock
Tainted Man Inc. sammydix 01.05.17 Art Rock
Well Played Plans Vic Holman 12.11.16 Alternative Rock
Bird Without Wings jiguma 12.11.16 Acoustic Rock
we may be dreaming Parichayaka 12.10.16 Ambient
Lazy H3nry 12.08.16 Rock (instrumental)
Temptation Warren Smith 12.07.16 Progressive Rock
Dream Age Teen tempie 12.07.16 Indie Rock
My Arms Schwerindustrie 12.06.16 Rock
Dead Mans Shoes groovehounds 12.05.16 Blues (contemporary)
Running With The Wind PeterB7858 12.05.16 Acoustic
My Last Great Depression Outtaorbit 11.16.16 Ballad
But Now She's Gone (feat. awigze) richard13 11.15.16 Reggae
Dark Waters awigze 11.04.16 Inspirational (contemporary)
Youthful Adventure Doug Somers 11.03.16 Twentieth Century
Indie Darlin' tempie 11.02.16 Indie Rock
Searching For Ikhabod Pain Dadai.2 10.30.16 Holiday
Fight For It sewer rod 10.29.16 Rock
BIG FuZz Three Cat Clem 10.28.16 Blues (contemporary)
Another Great Day richard13 10.28.16 Ambient
Snake Oil - PBGB jiguma 10.20.16 Blues (contemporary)
Space Station Construction Narad 10.17.16 Ambient
You And Me eleveneyes 10.16.16 Pop (Alternative)
Life's A River jgurner 10.16.16 Pop (Alternative)
The Canary King Vic Holman 10.16.16 Alternative Rock
(still) DRIFTIN' KCsGROOVE 10.15.16 Rock
Open Warren Smith 10.13.16 Art Rock
Time Will Tell jiguma 10.06.16 Alternative Rock
Sugarbump smokey bacon jnr 09.08.16 Disco
Mr. Hughes Come Home eleveneyes 07.25.16 Alternative Rock
Bleed out (redo) mike_d 06.27.16 Heavy Metal
Lumber tmcfate 06.19.16 Alternative Rock
Psalm 63-I Long for You-4|4 time RichardSchletty 06.18.16 Gospel
Comet egobandit 06.10.16 Alternative Rock
"Ode 2 Prince" abzwork 06.03.16 Funk
Man For Hire sammydix 06.02.16 Funk
Dance In The Dark Skean 06.02.16 Ambient
Satisfied sammydix 05.31.16 Funk
WE'VE CHANGED (#2) KCsGROOVE 05.31.16 Rock
Toasted Western gadzooks 05.30.16 Other
Bolero jordifiol 05.30.16 Jazz (instrumental)
Ramblin' Man awigze 05.28.16 Country-Western
Deliverance Road PeterB7858 05.17.16 Folk (contemporary)
Give It All Away jiguma 05.16.16 Acoustic Rock
The Chillin' Room gadzooks 05.16.16 Rock
No Pain - feat. Strangedream & Rok41 Sigmund 05.15.16 Rock
DANCING ON A CLOUD AT DUSK Bowman 05.15.16 Cinematic Soundtrack
Independence sammydix 05.13.16 Progressive Rock
JUDGEMENT DAY jiguma 05.04.16 Acoustic Rock
Pop Filter jobu 05.01.16 Pop (Alternative)
Maybe This is a Bad Song Franciscus_Henri 04.27.16 Other
"I Hate Goodbyes" Einarus 04.26.16 Piano
Faces groovehounds 04.26.16 Blues (contemporary)
Gone (with Eagle) ShadowofNine 04.25.16 Easy Listening
I was planning egobandit 04.16.16 Psychedelic
Accumulated Experiences Warren Smith 04.14.16 Rock (instrumental)
No Bun Funk VicDiesel 04.11.16 Funk
Chasing Shadows - Feat. PeterB7858, Rok41 & Scofugate Sigmund 04.10.16 Folk-Rock
Pull Up Yo Pants!/Gadzooks sammydix 04.08.16 Funk
The Miracle of Space and Time (ennead #8) mfwmiles 04.04.16 Alternative Rock
Water Under The Bridge (GSB) PeterB7858 03.22.16 Acoustic Rock
A Winter's Day bronco 03.22.16 Folk (contemporary)
Django's Song DWL 03.21.16 Folk (contemporary)
All I'll ever Need J_Gretch 03.20.16 Alternative Rock
Papa's Got A Brand New Bag (live) Dadai.2 03.20.16 Soul
Communion Day echoroom 03.20.16 Alternative Rock
Many Meetings Strings Demo Doug Somers 03.18.16 Cinematic Soundtrack
project x egobandit 03.15.16 Psychedelic
Neutron grah3am 03.13.16 Progressive Rock
Silky way express Narad 03.11.16 Ambient
Pressure XMaramena 03.10.16 Film Scoring
Happy Hour grid stalker 03.09.16 Easy Listening
Pure Music paul f. page 03.08.16 Piano
Lost Einarus 03.08.16 Film Scoring
Make it Right- solo mix1 AllenDean 03.06.16 Heavy Metal
Mary Has An Uzi Warren Smith 03.06.16 Hard Rock
The Restless One Philip18 03.04.16 Acoustic
The Ghost In You jgurner 03.02.16 Alternative Rock
leena's song blaky smith 02.28.16 Other
That Living Schwerindustrie 02.24.16 Progressive Rock
Not Popular bronco 02.23.16 Folk (contemporary)
Red Sky At Night (GSB) PeterB7858 02.23.16 Acoustic Rock
The Yellow Sign Maurice7 02.22.16 Ambient
I Wish It Would Rain (live 1970) Dadai.2 02.22.16 Soul
Basal respiration Narad 02.22.16 Ambient
Make It Right- working Demo AllenDean 02.21.16 Hard Rock
Piano Concerto Clip1 XMaramena 02.20.16 Classical
Ocean in the Sun stevel 02.20.16 Alternative Rock
Wrapped Up musichead 02.20.16 Pop Classical
Here We Go Again (2016 Extended) (…again) EEFliess 02.19.16 Pop Classical
Seeds of Contentment/ with Davisamerica,Sisters,Scofugate davisamerica2 02.18.16 Folk (traditional)
Tuscan Morning v16 Doug Somers 02.18.16 Classical
Free Yourself (with Scofugate & Rok41) hackneybloke 02.18.16 Acoustic
Light up the drama Skean 01.22.16 Cinematic Soundtrack
Face Down Again fasteddie 11.15.15 Hard Rock
Another Round - Gadzooks/Sammydix gadzooks 10.28.15 Jazz (vocal)
I Walked In My Sleep Last Night jiguma 10.22.15 Acoustic Rock
Summer Heat Ace-T 08.15.15 Rock
First Light (solo piano) magnatone 08.14.15 Piano
Summertime (live) Dadai.2 08.13.15 Acoustic
Trout Lake...or? paul f. page 08.12.15 Piano
Scherzo for Four Recorder Quartets VicDiesel 08.12.15 Baroque
I'm Thinking Of You parallel_eighty_eight 08.12.15 Folk (traditional)
Chinese Flutes (first draft) papag 08.08.15 Lo-fi
dust of stars egobandit 08.07.15 Art Rock
The World Is Ours Philip18 08.07.15 Acoustic Rock
Don't Go Too Far/Elaine sammydix 08.06.15 Jazz (vocal)
I See Red J_Gretch 07.16.15 Rock
SET ME FREE. KCsGROOVE 06.28.15 Rock
Lennon's Inconsequential Latin Affair/Grah3am sammydix 06.20.15 Alternative Rock
Lennon's Inconsequential Latin Affair/Grah3am sammydix 06.20.15 Alternative Rock
Slow Train tmcfate 06.11.15 Acoustic Rock
watchin the Dragon Fly egobandit 06.07.15 Progressive Rock
New Things to See Daugrin 06.06.15 Experimental
Paint Them How You Feel jiguma 06.05.15 Rhythm and Blues
Just Some Musing Skean 06.05.15 Ambient
Summer Strut H3nry 06.04.15 Swing
When? (snowdragon sitting in…) Dadai.2 06.03.15 Folk-Rock
BIG Reboots/HWYBF? Daugrin 05.25.15 Experimental
NO REFUND egobandit 05.23.15 Psychedelic
You Can't Take Me Down bronco 05.22.15 Folk (contemporary)
Try To Remember Moviz 05.21.15 Other
I'll Fly Away (Roxylee, Richard Schletty, Jack Miller) Dadai.2 05.19.15 Gospel
On The Up PeterB7858 05.17.15 Fingerstyle Guitar
The King has left thoddi 05.17.15 Blues (contemporary)
Payin' The Piper w/Awigze Charday 05.08.15 Progressive Rock
A Little Light, feat. strangedream, rok41 & alackbass Sigmund 04.27.15 Acoustic Rock
I Could (with Daugrin) Philip18 04.03.15 Rock
Fools and Angels PeterB7858 03.24.15 Acoustic
Stranger Danger grah3am 03.21.15 Rock
Dodge The Bullet Vic Holman 03.18.15 Rock
The Herald grah3am 03.15.15 Rock
Devil Wind by Peter B - feat. PeterB7858 & rok41 Sigmund 03.08.15 Acoustic Rock
Neon Warning Sign W/Awigze final mix/master Charday 03.04.15 Rock
An Itch You Can't Scratch Warren Smith 03.03.15 Rock
An Itch You Can't Scratch Warren Smith 03.03.15 Rock
RPM15.4.2 NASA bud 02.27.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
One Hundred Forty-Two paul f. page 02.25.15 Piano
Misunderstood groovehounds 02.25.15 Rock
SHINY LOVE w Anne Cozean jiguma 02.24.15 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Kepler - NASA Challenge five_extra_arms 02.24.15 Experimental
The Watchers Les_Kloo 02.23.15 Progressive Rock
But I Don't Care The_Applesauce_Project 02.23.15 Pop (Alternative)
Step SmokeyVW 02.23.15 Experimental
Bells grah3am 02.23.15 Folk-Rock
Climbing the Mountain jgurner 02.22.15 Shoegazer
The Vapor Lounge Vic Holman 02.22.15 Easy Listening
Shanghai giovanni 02.21.15 Rock
An 80s Groove (Typical of the era) MikeHuntingford 02.20.15 Easy Listening
Guitar Refraction SpiresVortex 02.20.15 Progressive Rock
Beyond These Walls XMaramena 02.20.15 Film Scoring
Georgia Home / The Speakeasy Sway Gaylen75 02.20.15 Alternative Rock
Summertime Bob Ancona 02.18.15 Fingerstyle Guitar
Countdown: NASA Challenge Alimar 02.18.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
AN EYE FOR AN EYE (acoustic) KCsGROOVE 02.18.15 Rock
Don't Count Me Out groovehounds 02.18.15 Funk
In The Face Of Decision feat.Lisa Hawbaker Garni 02.17.15 Pop (Alternative)
stagnation Stun Nutz 02.17.15 Jazz (instrumental)
Slow Dance (with Warren Smith) Philip18 02.17.15 Acoustic
But That's O.K. Bob Ancona 02.17.15 Folk (traditional)
Subliminal surf Narad 02.17.15 Ambient
Catch Me eleveneyes 02.16.15 Pop (Alternative)
Tits.mp3 paddler 02.16.15 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Play the Blues... Pay Your Dues ronniemitchell 02.16.15 Blues (traditional)
Level up, and Fight Back! Ultrabeast 02.16.15 Game Soundtrack
Some Ambient Skean 02.15.15 Ambient
Love The Orbiting 02.14.15 Pop (Alternative)
Land Speed Skunkwrx 02.14.15 Art Rock
So Typical Les_Kloo 02.14.15 Rock (instrumental)
Long Day 2015 (w/awigze) rok41 02.14.15 Jazz (instrumental)
Love egobandit 02.13.15 Art Rock
PENNIES FROM HEAVEN michaeljayklein 02.13.15 Easy Listening
A Gift From Mexico with Davisamerica2, Sisters and Richard and Dan Marris DWL 02.11.15 Acoustic
Urgent Rondezvous Daugrin 02.08.15 Jazz Fusion
Dirty Hands (w/Sigmund) rok41 02.07.15 Rock
Years from now alley-oop 01.31.15 Acoustic
I Have a Photograph (with Rok41) Philip18 01.30.15 Acoustic
Angel bud 01.29.15 Rock (instrumental)
Origins (formerly 'Elephant Leftovers' WIP) v4 Alimar 01.20.15 Classical
The Bird Sings /ramonaji Les_Kloo 01.13.15 Art Rock
Rhapsody For The Elephant In A Room With A View Alimar 01.01.15 Classical
Cantabile Sacra FOUR paul f. page 12.30.14 Classical
Don't Be That Way Ibstrat 12.29.14 Jazz (instrumental)
Hark the Herald Angels Sing davajonah 12.25.14 Holiday
Mean Miss Teacher alackbass 12.23.14 Blues (contemporary)
Allegro In C Hydrogen3 12.20.14 Classical
I Beg To Be Caught bud 12.14.14 Rock (instrumental)
The Train Into The Unknown Narad 12.14.14 Ambient
A Christmas Dream Moviz 12.13.14 Holiday
Solo guitar -modern art version of Eleanor Rigby thetiler 12.12.14 Fingerstyle Guitar
For A Life PeterB7858 12.10.14 Fingerstyle Guitar
Knife hackjo 12.10.14 Rock
Buddha's bread Narad 12.10.14 Ambient
Cherish Parichayaka 12.09.14 Other
Zombie Wasps Warren Smith 12.09.14 Holiday
Ride Down To Reno Gaylen75 12.09.14 Art Rock
24 Redheads Vic Holman 12.08.14 Art Rock
Orison (for Lynn) richard13 12.08.14 Ambient
Clap Your Hands Skean 12.08.14 Experimental
Allegro from flute sonata 1 in C TennesseeVic 12.06.14 Classical
"Callin' Santa"/ with Moviz Daugrin 12.05.14 Holiday
Call Home the Day (cover of Ed Hannifin) Mackie 12.05.14 Folk-Rock
Money To Burn jiguma 12.02.14 Alternative Rock
Take Your Time Philip18 11.30.14 Jazz (instrumental)
The World goes 'round and 'round thoddi 11.29.14 Soul
When There Is Peace paul f. page 11.28.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
No egobandit 11.27.14 Alternative Rock
Double Tap Daugrin 11.27.14 Jazz Fusion
Etude in D PeterB7858 11.27.14 Fingerstyle Guitar
'Faded Flowers' by Moviz with Paul F. Page Moviz 11.27.14 Spoken Word-Poetry
Funk Jam Hydrogen3 11.26.14 Funk
Fareeda philonnie 11.26.14 Jazz (vocal)
Chores! Chores! Chores! alackbass 11.26.14 Blues (contemporary)
Undying Ultrabeast 11.26.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Funk Sandwich on Rye MikeHuntingford 11.24.14 Funk
edit it out ste 11.24.14 Ska
Rock Me Narad 11.24.14 Rock (instrumental)
Phantoms Skunkwrx 11.23.14 Art Rock
Giving Thanks jfisenne 11.23.14 Piano
The Lonely Man (acoustic) Bob Rodgers 11.23.14 Acoustic
Back From Outer Space (A Reflective Ambient Mix) Reinholt56 11.22.14 Ambient
Dark Clouds antoniosimone 11.22.14 Classical
Horizontal Zero Vic Holman 11.19.14 Alternative Rock
BLUE POOL jiguma 11.18.14 Acoustic Rock
The Heartache That You Sowed (edited) Charday 11.15.14 Rock
Autumn Concerto Moviz 11.09.14 Ballad
Lonely Toys musichead 11.04.14 Open Collaborations
Blood Red Moon jiguma 11.03.14 Acoustic Rock
H1 B Work Visa Daugrin 11.01.14 Informational
Farewell to the Flowers hackneybloke 11.01.14 Acoustic
Space Mood Narad 11.01.14 Progressive Rock
Neon warning Sign (edited) Charday 10.31.14 Rock
Get Inspired by Life MikeHuntingford 10.30.14 Easy Listening
Chicago Crawl Dadai.2 10.30.14 Blues (contemporary)
Deconstruction of a Glance TobinMueller 10.30.14 Funk
The Last Song sammydix 10.29.14 Pop (Alternative)
Seashore III Narad 10.29.14 Experimental
Bleed - 2 min 40 awigze 10.28.14 Other
Bad Chick w/Lokka Garni 10.28.14 Pop (mainstream)
The Atomic Bomb Blues thetiler 10.28.14 Blues (contemporary)
rolling on egobandit 10.27.14 Alternative Rock
Door to Babylon Llarion 10.27.14 Jazz Fusion
Kyne's Theme XMaramena 10.27.14 Film Scoring
Concerto on Caladan Ultrabeast 10.27.14 Classical
Barton Spring 20141021 VicDiesel 10.26.14 Native American
The Raven (by E.A. Poe) richard13 10.25.14 Spoken Word-Poetry
The Party groovehounds 10.25.14 Funk
There will be some noise Skean 10.25.14 Experimental
Devil Wind PeterB7858 10.23.14 Acoustic
8:37 Cori Ander 10.19.14 Acoustic
The Life We Lead Warren Smith 10.14.14 Inspirational (contemporary)
Stalks Like An Animal Vic Holman 10.11.14 Blues (contemporary)
Up a green hill VicDiesel 10.09.14 Native American
Harold's Light Daugrin 10.06.14 Gospel
LIVE from the Hotel Tiptop IV michaeljayklein 10.05.14 Blues (traditional)
Mallacoota Musing PeterB7858 10.03.14 Fingerstyle Guitar
Crankenhurst 1-8(RadioChuck Mix) davisamerica 10.03.14 Other
New Guit Cori Ander 10.03.14 Fingerstyle Guitar
Sasquatch groovehounds 10.01.14 Alternative Rock
A Hymn For Us All richard13 09.29.14 Ambient
Crankenhurst Challenge - Verse 1-7 (Inst. Break) J.A.Stewart 09.28.14 Rock
The Man Who Sold The World (Nirvana/Bowie Cover) Ultrabeast 09.27.14 Pop (Alternative)
New Rig Veda bud 09.27.14 Electronic
A Real Man gadzooks 09.27.14 Reggae
'Tis Autumn michaeljayklein 09.27.14 Easy Listening
Better Believe (Sigmund) rok41 09.26.14 Rock
Web Of Lies/Cold Black Heart w PBGB jiguma 09.26.14 Alternative Rock
Progress rduroche 09.25.14 Electronic
Crankenhurst Challenge 1-5 michaeljayklein 09.24.14 Blues (traditional)
Not For Sale (The Speakeasy Sway) Gaylen75 09.23.14 Alternative Rock
Deadline [Rough Demo] Aemyn 09.22.14 Hip Hop-Rap
Smooth Euro Sax Dadai.2 09.21.14 Smooth Jazz
'lil wet thang Daugrin 09.21.14 Dance-Club
Purple Haze (Acoustic Finger-style Guitar) thetiler 09.20.14 Fingerstyle Guitar
Symphony No.95 m4-Haydn MidiOrleans 09.19.14 Classical
Smile sammydix 09.19.14 Funk
Song of 11 4nglo 09.17.14 Psychedelic
Crying in the Dark Brian D 09.17.14 Indie Rock
Polynesia mystrag 09.16.14 Other
Rewind gadzooks 09.16.14 Ambient
YOU TOOK ADVANTAGE OF ME michaeljayklein 09.16.14 Easy Listening
Ambivalent Vic Holman 09.15.14 Psychedelic
Ordinary Boring Life lavalamp 09.14.14 Alternative Rock
Dum dee dum dee dum egobandit 09.13.14 Alternative Rock
Rainmaker [FINAL w/download] Alimar 09.13.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Grip On The Bottleneck (MJRF) 4nglo 09.13.14 Blues (contemporary)
Cut-Off Narad 09.12.14 Ambient
I'm On Yellow alackbass 09.08.14 Jazz (vocal)
Something, 'Bout Nothin' scaustrita 09.07.14 Smooth Jazz
A Last Confession Schwerindustrie 09.06.14 Progressive Rock
Staircase To The Moon PeterB7858 09.05.14 Fingerstyle Guitar
Palace Called Home sammydix 09.05.14 Acoustic Rock
Ninety-Eight paul f. page 09.05.14 Piano
Crazy Town gadzooks 09.03.14 Acoustic
Crazy Town gadzooks 09.03.14 Acoustic
Just For You / with Davisamerica, Sisters, & BirdmanWayne94 davisamerica2 09.02.14 Ballad
You've Brought a New Kind of Love to Me michaeljayklein 09.01.14 Easy Listening
SHELTER ME 2 KCsGROOVE 09.01.14 Rock
SHELTER ME 2 KCsGROOVE 09.01.14 Rock
Home grah3am 08.31.14 Progressive Rock
KNOW TIME Bowman 08.30.14 Classical
complicated bud 08.30.14 Rock (instrumental)
Gone Girl echoroom 08.30.14 Pop (Alternative)
High, Low, No Pressure Vic Holman 08.22.14 Rock
Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out w/ SylviaD awigze 08.20.14 Blues (traditional)
Don't Go In The Water jiguma 08.18.14 Acoustic Rock
Dream For Dream w Anne Cozean jiguma 08.07.14 Acoustic Rock
Baptism Song (with Dru & Ibotenic Paradigm) racerat 08.05.14 Art Rock
Till the End tmcfate 08.02.14 Acoustic Rock
The Farther That I Fall tf10music 08.02.14 Folk (contemporary)
Blue Sky Bossa Philip18 08.02.14 Latin Jazz
The Looker / with davisamerica, Roxylee, FEEL, jgurner, scofugate, & awigze davisamerica2 07.30.14 Blues (traditional)
All of Me bjack 07.26.14 Rhythm and Blues
In Another Round Loob 07.18.14 Acoustic
False Flag Boogie /Mr. Fab Sax Daugrin 07.18.14 Jazz (instrumental)
I Will Listen PaddyNavinCaryatid 07.17.14 Pop (Alternative)
Electric Skean 07.16.14 Experimental
Lady Loves To Dance (with Norm Grimmett) Philip18 07.15.14 Jazz (instrumental)
Heads or Tails billdancourtney 07.13.14 Psychedelic
I'm Ready groovehounds 07.12.14 Blues (traditional)
Oh Dear Penelope The_Applesauce_Project 07.11.14 Pop (Alternative)
SHE WISHES PICASSO WAS THERE with PHIL18 and PAUL.F.PAGE Franciscus_Henri 07.10.14 Ballad
SKUNKCASS SoloMe-o Skweryl 07.07.14 Art Rock
Twenty years J_Gretch 07.06.14 Rock
sleeping bag bud 07.06.14 Experimental
Always A Way PBGB, feat Andy O'Donnell and the Mills Sisters. jiguma 07.06.14 Funk
Feeling laundry SoloMe-o Charday 07.05.14 Art Rock
The Happiest March (Take Two). Fire_Angel 07.05.14 Pop Orchestral
When The Earth Turns Away From The Sun PeterB7858 07.04.14 Fingerstyle Guitar
'Merica jgurner 07.01.14 Alternative Rock
Sweet Agony / with Awigze & Scofugate davisamerica2 06.29.14 Ballad
Smokin' Spliffs and Smokey riffs (Solo-meO) Charday 06.28.14 Art Rock
The Dummy Up Daugrin 06.27.14 Dance-Club
Dune (SoloMe-o w/SmokeyVW) Mystified 06.26.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Hiding In the Shadows of Love bronco 06.26.14 Acoustic Rock
Digital Age (SoloMe-o w/Skunkwrx) Mystified 06.26.14 Art Rock
Everything She Says tmcfate 06.26.14 Acoustic
Another Day Blues tf10music 06.26.14 Blues (contemporary)
Watchtower groovehounds 06.24.14 Rock
Legend, Uncover the Walls of Your Heart (Second Movement) Ultrabeast 06.24.14 Classical
Power Express III Narad 06.24.14 Ambient
Groove #7 (SoloMe-o Challenge) with Birdman lyzak 06.23.14 Open Collaborations
Cass Corridor : Skunkwrx: SoloMe-O J_Gretch 06.22.14 Rock
Shifting Sands PeterB7858 06.22.14 Acoustic
A MORNING RIDE Bowman 06.22.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Already Gone (with alackbass) Philip18 06.22.14 Blues (contemporary)
Playing w/myself SoloMe-o! ;-) Skweryl 06.22.14 Art Rock
Self-Help Laundromat Warren Smith 06.21.14 Rock
Seek (SoloMe-o) SmokeyVW 06.21.14 Electronic
Laundwette apb 06.21.14 Alternative Rock
Groove #7 w/ BirdmanWayne94 SoloMe-o Challenge Charday 06.21.14 Art Rock
If I could sing (take two) Franciscus_Henri 06.20.14 Other
Sampled and alone egobandit 06.20.14 Psychedelic
Transmission Earth Vic Holman 06.20.14 Alternative Rock
Obsession gadzooks 06.19.14 Other
Cobalt Sunset Daugrin 06.19.14 Informational
EVERY NIGHT (I SLEEP WITHOUT YOU) - w Brett Ralph & PBGB jiguma 06.17.14 Acoustic Rock
Fugue xviii VicDiesel 06.17.14 Classical
SoloMe-o Descending Jazz Yo Charday 06.17.14 Jazz (instrumental)
Martin's Joy Llarion 06.16.14 Jazz (instrumental)
Groove #7 (SoloMe-o Challenge) BirdmanWayne94 06.14.14 Open Collaborations
Star Twitter VII Narad 06.14.14 Electronic
When Lady G Goes Prog/Vic Holman sammydix 06.13.14 Art Rock
Power train II Narad 06.07.14 Ambient
Gladys grah3am 06.06.14 Folk (contemporary)
Crying For The Moon Skean 06.05.14 Experimental
Born to Do - feat. strangedream, rok41, scofugate Sigmund 06.04.14 Rock
Return from Kabul (Solo-Me-o) Ultrabeast 06.03.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
SoloMe-o Part 1 (SmokeyVW) SmokeyVW 06.03.14 Experimental
Beat SoloMe-O peacepiano 06.02.14 Open Collaborations
Gluten-free Guitar Warren Smith 06.02.14 Rock
Solo-mon's gruv-or? apb 06.02.14 Open Collaborations
Ascension paul f. page 06.01.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Cass Corridor : Skunkwrx: SoloMe-O Act I Skunkwrx 06.01.14 Art Rock
MPX8 tonight bud 05.30.14 Electronic
Looking Out For Love Vic Holman 05.27.14 Rock
Curry Soup (Jack sitting in with Johannes) Dadai.2 05.23.14 Acoustic
Bossa Nova Lady... Soundhound 05.21.14 Bossa Nova
Worse Than a Dog grah3am 05.18.14 Art Rock
SOMETHING SHE SAID - PBGB jiguma 05.17.14 Alternative Rock
Floating on hopeless clouds Skean 05.17.14 Experimental
Rising gadzooks 05.16.14 Ambient
The Kid Who Wanted To Be A Cowboy [FINAL] Alimar 05.15.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Frankenfanny TobinMueller 05.14.14 Jazz (instrumental)
Tuck and Roll rduroche 05.13.14 Electronic
Fulkn_15 Aemyn 05.13.14 Rock (instrumental)
Subsumed Warren Smith 05.12.14 Folk (contemporary)
'My Man Miles' JazzIsTvRicky 05.12.14 Jazz Fusion
Sometimes Confused Vic Holman 05.11.14 Art Rock
Sweet Darkness gadzooks 05.10.14 Art Rock
Black Country grah3am 05.10.14 Rock
New Day Philip18 05.10.14 Folk-Rock
Goodbye w/Ravens Garni 05.10.14 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Aufzug (elevator) Narad 05.09.14 Ambient
Politicians Say / with Loob, Sigmund, Rok41, Damiengh and Wendy Stephany davisamerica2 05.09.14 Political
Ninety-Five paul f. page 05.08.14 Piano
HOW DO THOUSANDS? by Brett Ralph jiguma 05.07.14 Acoustic Rock
The Black Guitar PeterB7858 05.06.14 Acoustic
apparition (w/Andrew7102, Les_Kloo) carbon 05.06.14 Rock
F**K gadzooks 04.30.14 Rock (instrumental)
Oh What a Dream stevel 04.29.14 Alternative Rock
The Bagpipes of Clan Shaw (Cinematic Dubstep) Ultrabeast 04.26.14 Celtic
Fragments of Memories Vic Holman 04.26.14 Alternative Rock
'Galleries of Feel' JazzIsTvRicky 04.26.14 Jazz Fusion
'Trane's Eastern Groove' JazzIsTvRicky 04.26.14 Jazz Fusion
The Island PeterB7858 04.25.14 Acoustic
Here she Comes a Orphan Outtaorbit 04.25.14 Art Rock
tone egobandit 04.25.14 Rock (instrumental)
Independence sammydix 04.25.14 Progressive Rock
Six7 jottdee 04.25.14 Smooth Jazz
All My Love jfisenne 04.24.14 Acoustic Rock
Leaves of Autumn (with Groove Hounds) Philip18 04.24.14 Smooth Jazz
Where Did The Sun Go w/Lokka Garni 04.24.14 Gothic Rock
Listen to the Nightingale David Fahnestock 04.24.14 Children's Music
The Captain grah3am 04.24.14 Folk (contemporary)
I Love Her More Bob Rodgers 04.23.14 Pop (Alternative)
Around Me groovehounds 04.23.14 Rhythm and Blues
HOTRS MarkHolbrook 04.23.14 Ballad
Night of the Telecaster stratcat 04.23.14 Rock (instrumental)
Permuto Collybus (interchange exchange rate) A1K3M1 04.23.14 Experimental
Countdown [FINAL] Alimar 04.23.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Brighter Days by pablatone pablatone 04.22.14 Acoustic
Pecunia Fluto (cash flow) A1K3M1 04.22.14 House
test Simon 04.19.14 A Cappella
78 and East 9th Street (Thank you Curtis) Outtaorbit 04.18.14 Acoustic
Sheep (Strangedream, Sigmund) rok41 04.18.14 Alternative Rock
Black Friday Aphrodisiac 04.18.14 Rock
Gethsemane Again TobinMueller 04.18.14 Progressive Rock
Sweet Constance Jane stevel 04.17.14 Folk (contemporary)
As Harrison Said DWL 04.17.14 Pop Orchestral
As Harrison Said DWL 04.17.14 Pop Orchestral
As Harrison Said DWL 04.17.14 Pop Orchestral
Eine Kleine Nachtsmusik (Einfachen Mix) [Mozart Cover] Ultrabeast 04.17.14 Classical
Thinkin' 'bout 'thinkin' gadzooks 04.17.14 Blues (contemporary)
So many ways to choose somoya 04.16.14 Pop (mainstream)
Am Jazzy Thang Charday 04.13.14 Open Collaborations
Smooth Jazz - Smooth Remenant MikeHuntingford 04.12.14 Jazz (instrumental)
Her Eyes Made My Heart Skip a Beat (Cinematic Dubstep) Ultrabeast 04.12.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
micro b2 bud 04.10.14 Electronic
FUNK----ADELIC bigdaddycee 04.10.14 Funk
(I Ain't Ridin' On The) Tech Bus Brian D 04.09.14 Country-Western
My time (final) ginz111 04.09.14 Electronic
Compline VicDiesel 04.08.14 Inspirational (contemporary)
Showing some new gear Cori Ander 04.08.14 Fingerstyle Guitar
Get Where I Belong Bob Rodgers 04.08.14 Alternative Rock
The Lesson danmurrell 04.08.14 Hip Hop-Rap
'Mile on a Trane' JazzIsTvRicky 04.18.14 Jazz Fusion
Going Going Gone (Vocal) announcer 04.07.14 Rock
Monastery Narad 04.07.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Freebie Jam track in A Major Charday 04.06.14 Open Collaborations
DAILY GRIND J.A.Stewart 04.06.14 Pop (Alternative)
Drifting smokey bacon jnr 04.06.14 Ambient
Desert of Man Vic Holman 04.05.14 Alternative Rock
Slow Dancing paul f. page 04.05.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Herbert Absurd/ Mr. Fab Sax Daugrin 04.05.14 Rock & Roll
Egmont Ultrabeast 04.05.14 Classical
movin egobandit 04.04.14 Open Collaborations
What Happened (A Mysterious Ambient Mix) Reinholt56 04.04.14 Ambient
The Dark Room billdancourtney 04.04.14 Electronic
Ayuthayya Hotel (working title) billdancourtney 04.04.14 Rock
Countdown [WIP v1.0] 2 minute teaser Alimar 04.03.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Nothing Lasts Forever antoniosimone 04.03.14 Piano
The Barbara-B with Sasja Antheunis and Phil18 Franciscus_Henri 04.03.14 Folk-Rock
Luscinia (nightengale) A1K3M1 04.04.14 Electronic
Train Speed Narad 04.01.14 Ambient
Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening Doug Somers 03.30.14 Easy Listening
Floydian Caravan/Sig sammydix 03.29.14 Psychedelic
Angel grah3am 03.28.14 Rock
Crimson(Particledots tracks with VicHolman and awigze) rabittwhole 03.26.14 Open Collaborations
MicroBud w/Bud awigze 03.25.14 Experimental
Speak Softly w/ Garni LisaHawbaker 03.25.14 Pop (Alternative)
Take It Back w/Raven Garni 03.23.14 Gothic Rock
My Soul.... Soundhound 03.22.14 Rhythm and Blues
Willie Brown Blues thetiler 03.19.14 Fingerstyle Guitar
Laying off of hands Marino_Experiment 03.18.14 Acoustic
Don't Leave (remix) Doadars Uncle 03.18.14 Acoustic
Anthem PeterB7858 03.17.14 Fingerstyle Guitar
Just Dreaming gadzooks 03.17.14 Acoustic Rock
The Sunken Cathedral davajonah 03.16.14 Classical
I Got Lost Skean 03.16.14 Experimental
Over Fifties Protest song Franciscus_Henri 03.10.14 Folk-Rock
Long Long Winter w/rok41 Vic Holman 03.10.14 Pop (Alternative)
Oh, Caroline No Daugrin 03.08.14 Progressive Rock
Harley David's Son Charday 03.07.14 Rock
Sun King- LIVE ( Skin of Saints) AllenDean 03.06.14 Hard Rock
Drifting In Clean Water (feat particledots) Skean 03.06.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Include Me - Brett Ralph and PBGB jiguma 03.06.14 Acoustic Rock
Choo Choo Lovin' groovehounds 03.04.14 Rhythm and Blues
Another Day (w Philip18) PeterB7858 03.01.14 Acoustic
Big Bear awigze 03.01.14 Jazz Fusion
Distant England (revised mix) DWL 03.01.14 Folk-Rock
bodhgaya (w/DJ WERD) carbon 03.01.14 Art Rock
TIME KCsGROOVE 03.01.14 Rock
Chasing The Sun musichead 03.01.14 Pop (mainstream)
Inverloch Morning (with Rok41) Philip18 02.28.14 Smooth Jazz
Fifteen paul f. page 02.27.14 Piano
Stand By egobandit 02.27.14 Psychedelic
Sweet Life Charday 02.27.14 Funk
Love Letter IX Narad 02.27.14 Classical
Eyes on the Weather sammydix 02.26.14 Rock
Dead Roads MartynAndrewPRice 02.26.14 Alternative Rock
Fading w/Raven Garni 02.24.14 Gothic Rock
Decent Girl lengold 02.24.14 Other
Toccatta for Synth & Percussion H3nry 02.23.14 Pop Classical
Dark Country fishnugget 02.22.14 Rock (instrumental)
Leap of Faith finkeldink 02.22.14 Acoustic
Questions (w Mark Holbrook and Sigmund) PeterB7858 02.22.14 Rock
Night grah3am 02.22.14 Progressive Rock
Homestead/with Roxylee,John Kaplan,Guygrooves,Jiguma,Scofugate davisamerica2 02.22.14 Country-Western
Almost Human ShadowofNine 02.21.14 Art Rock
The Unveiling Loob 02.21.14 Country-Western
Jalopy 867-5309 02.21.14 New Age
Cat Walk MikeRobinson 02.20.14 Ethnic-International
Upbeat Melancholy NigelCampbell 02.19.14 Alternative Rock
Race Across Japan Kicbal 02.19.14 Electronic
The Blue w/Lokka Garni 02.18.14 Pop (mainstream)
Fantasia on a Theme of Thomas Tallis for strings H3nry 02.18.14 Classical
Heart Felt Words... Soundhound 02.18.14 Rhythm and Blues
Leave Me Alone groovehounds 02.17.14 Blues (contemporary)
My Time to Fall ajnorth 02.16.14 Piano
Just a simple man jimmyrus 02.16.14 Acoustic Rock
Devil Who Cares (harmony mix) Mystified 02.15.14 Folk (contemporary)
Odyssey (WIP) XMaramena 02.15.14 Film Scoring
Pip Install oldlibmike 02.15.14 Funk
Have It All rok41 02.15.14 Rock
Preguntas sammydix 02.14.14 Latin
Me And You (w/Skean) Morning Light 02.14.14 Ambient
Neon Warning Sign Charday 02.13.14 Blues (contemporary)
the tide turns egobandit 02.13.14 Art Rock
Puttin On the Ritz H3nry 02.13.14 Swing
That 70's Tele stratcat 02.09.14 Rock & Roll
4 D Glasses Daugrin 02.08.14 Experimental
Push And Pull Vic Holman 02.08.14 Alternative Rock
hey hey egobandit 02.08.14 Art Rock
Sunshine After The Blues Loob 02.08.14 Blues (traditional)
Call my name KCsGROOVE 02.08.14 Rock
The Great Silkie Of Sule Skerry Briguy777 02.06.14 Celtic
The Great Silkie Of Sule Skerry Briguy777 02.06.14 Celtic
(I Can't Stay) Away From You The_Applesauce_Project 02.05.14 Pop (Alternative)
Glass Piano paul f. page 02.05.14 Easy Listening
01-25-14 mvh9591 02.05.14 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
for the love of straw woofer3 02.04.14 Acoustic
You're My Friend Bob Rodgers 02.04.14 Acoustic
Enough w/Lokka Garni 02.03.14 Pop (Alternative)
An Elf's Destiny ShadowofNine 02.03.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Goin' Down groovehounds 02.03.14 Blues (contemporary)
Did You Know rabittwhole 02.03.14 Ballad
Synæsthesia [WIP v2 - 4:20 teaser] formerly 'PROGject One' Alimar 02.03.14 Progressive Rock
SEMI-LIVE from Alphonse's Knuckle Room II michaeljayklein 02.02.14 Easy Listening
Melody uncle808us 02.02.14 Rock
Sacrifice SpiresVortex 02.02.14 Rock
Song for Big [Fran] (Tribute to Ziti) BirdmanWayne94 02.01.14 Acoustic
HEAD egobandit 02.01.14 Psychedelic
Midnight Express II Narad 02.01.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Lady Luck (be good to me now) Philip18 01.31.14 Acoustic Rock
Needs Some Love TommyBlueBoy 01.30.14 Acoustic
SOME DAYS WILL BE LIKE THAT jiguma 01.30.14 Rhythm and Blues
Right on Time 2014- feat. David McNair aclarke 01.28.14 Rock
The Embrace with Garni LisaHawbaker 01.24.14 Inspirational (contemporary)
Long Way To Go (v2) PeterB7858 01.24.14 Acoustic
If I Only Had You, featuring David McNair grah3am 01.22.14 Rock
Shimmer paddler 01.20.14 Electropop
And From The Heavens Came Snow [FINAL w/download] MJ 10 Years Later Alimar 01.20.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
The Holy City Narad 01.20.14 Inspirational (contemporary)
What's It All About, Alfred? grah3am 01.19.14 Acoustic Rock
Goodbye, Martha (with Davisamerica, Roxylee, jiguma, Vic Holman, scofugate) davisamerica2 01.19.14 Ballad
Capsule of Your Mind MikeyB 01.19.14 Alternative Rock
Capsule of Your Mind MikeyB 01.19.14 Alternative Rock
everyones talking bout egobandit 01.18.14 Art Rock
Me And You Skean 01.18.14 Ambient
Scandal! Skunkwrx 01.18.14 Rock
Flakes VicDiesel 01.17.14 Electronic
The Heart Will Know Vic Holman 01.17.14 Alternative Rock
I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm michaeljayklein 01.17.14 Easy Listening
my love's blind ragged_hat 01.31.14 Indie Rock
Already be there egobandit 01.11.14 Progressive Rock
Lost (Sammydix, Sigmund) rok41 01.11.14 Progressive Rock
Roly Poly Ford w/Sloparts,Guygrooves,Awigze,Rgpaddler davisamerica2 01.11.14 Folk-Rock
Silver Frame [with Fran 'ZITI' Dagostino] Alimar 01.05.14 Acoustic
Children's Favourites? (with Hackneybloke) DWL 01.04.14 Children's Music
I'm Tired Of...! Vic Holman 01.03.14 Art Rock
What could go wrong? Philip18 01.02.14 Folk (contemporary)
Open Jam @ MacJams alackbass 01.01.14 Open Collaborations
Sweet Lorraine (Vic Holman sitting in) Dadai.2 01.01.14 Folk-Rock
History of Mankind Skean 12.30.13 Experimental
Once upon a time alley-oop 12.28.13 Acoustic
Soft Crash Xmas Daugrin 12.24.13 Experimental
12 Days of MacJams (alternate mix) alackbass 12.23.13 A Cappella
Goddam Blues sammydix 12.21.13 Blues (contemporary)
Carol of the Bells jgurner 12.21.13 Holiday
Have a COOL YULE michaeljayklein 12.19.13 Holiday
O Christmas Tree (w/lilmom) rok41 12.19.13 Holiday
Winter Light paul f. page 12.16.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Tension (with Vic Holman) MarkHolbrook 12.15.13 Rock
To Claire by thsantac w/ awigze awigze 12.07.13 Jazz (instrumental)
Tarnished Diamond LSP2 peacepiano 12.06.13 Rock
City of Light LSP2(Bud/Outtaorbit Mix) davisamerica 12.06.13 Rock
Cheap Tricks (LSP2) sschedra 12.06.13 Rock & Roll
Antarctica by Brett Ralph jiguma 12.03.13 Acoustic Rock
the chav song woofer3 11.30.13 Alternative Rock
Christmas Bells Philip18 11.30.13 Acoustic
Now Just Close Your Eyes w/ Symphony 101 Vic Holman 11.29.13 Acoustic Rock
Over the River & Through the Woods alackbass 11.28.13 Holiday
Free Plan Skunkwrx 11.25.13 Art Rock
Heart Song magnatone 11.21.13 Piano
Hey, Hey, Natalie Vic Holman 11.16.13 Alternative Rock
Vespers VicDiesel 11.15.13 Renaissance
Sojourner Blues (2013) Dadai.2 11.14.13 Acoustic
The Shopkeeper DWL 11.13.13 Political
The Distant Rumble Warren Smith 11.12.13 Indie Rock
Ninety-Three paul f. page 11.12.13 Piano
The Squall PeterB7858 11.11.13 Fingerstyle Guitar
sharon's stretchy skin. woofer3 11.11.13 Alternative Rock
Mister Right w/ Axelbreeze LisaHawbaker 11.11.13 Dance-Club
Spaced Outta My Mind (SRC2013) DeputyDoofy 11.10.13 Electronic
Water Ways VicDiesel 11.10.13 New Age
The Falling Star (SRC 2013) Skean 11.10.13 Ambient
Eternal(SRC2013) groovehounds 11.09.13 Acoustic Rock
silent movie on a ufo SRC2013 egobandit 11.08.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Orrery (SRC2013) richard13 11.08.13 Ambient
What My Heart Needs To Say... Soundhound 11.07.13 Rhythm and Blues
The New Dawn (SRC2013) Skean 11.07.13 Experimental
CAPTAIN MIZUKI (SRC2013) Bowman 11.06.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
It's True (remix) Moviz 11.06.13 Pop (Alternative)
Homeward Bound (src2013) Henke 11.05.13 Ambient
Inside faultysynapse 11.05.13 Rock
No disassemble! 12parsecs 11.05.13 Alternative Rock
Homage(SRC2013) sschedra 11.03.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
MISTY MORNING KCsGROOVE 11.02.13 Jazz (instrumental)
Waiting rok41 11.01.13 Rock
Stardust SRC2013 bud 11.01.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Update Skean 11.01.13 Experimental
Adrift Near Andromeda (SRC13) richard13 11.01.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Lou where are you egobandit 10.30.13 Rock
Lou where are you egobandit 10.30.13 Rock
Autumn Skies [formerly 'Saudade'] WIP Alimar 10.28.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
(LittleWing)...Stratcat.....Orbit Outtaorbit 10.27.13 Rock
Hammer Down J_Gretch 10.27.13 Rock
Bansuri on a Brick Patio VicDiesel 10.27.13 Ethnic-International
The Real Ones Devilbythedeed 10.26.13 Ballad
what set you in egobandit 10.25.13 Alternative Rock
Zombie Love (by Brother Bill) richard13 10.25.13 Romantic
Evening Watch PeterB7858 10.25.13 Fingerstyle Guitar
This is who we are Philip18 10.24.13 Acoustic
WATCHA GONNA DO KCsGROOVE 10.24.13 Blues (contemporary)
Way out Yonder tmcfate 10.23.13 Acoustic Rock
Nobody Told Me groovehounds 10.21.13 Other
Little Wing stratcat 10.20.13 Rock
The Hunt grah3am 10.20.13 Folk-Rock
Long Shadows Vic Holman 10.19.13 Alternative Rock
Rumspringa/ Mr. Fab Sax Daugrin 10.17.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Man In The Mirror - Brett Ralph with PBGB jiguma 10.16.13 Acoustic Rock
The Old Man DWL 10.13.13 Political
Metal Surfin sammydix 10.12.13 Rock & Roll
You're So Delicious Bob6stringer 10.12.13 Acoustic Rock
Advance! (w/Sam & Ego) IbotenicParadigm 10.11.13 Rock
Poisonous guygrooves 10.10.13 Open Collaborations
Love and Laughter - by Brett Ralph and PBGB jiguma 10.08.13 Acoustic Rock
YOU'RE A HEAVENLY THING michaeljayklein 10.08.13 Easy Listening
Jump Right In jiguma 10.01.13 Acoustic Rock
The Man neckbones 09.27.13 Acoustic
anymore alley-oop 09.24.13 Soul
Don't Wish Your Life Away (H4 Demo) alackbass 09.22.13 Acoustic
Chaconne Cori Ander 09.21.13 Acoustic
Abyss (w SammyDix) IbotenicParadigm 09.21.13 Rock
Rockin' Big Sister Daugrin 09.19.13 Rock & Roll
Say (Spitlogic/Davis2 mix) davisamerica 09.19.13 Psychedelic
it can be sonic_magpie 09.18.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Photographic sammydix 09.17.13 Acoustic Rock
Three Legged Man Llarion 09.16.13 Folk (contemporary)
mM7 demo [Psycho Shower Scene] Alimar 09.16.13 Film Scoring
cosmic blues 9-15-13 bud 09.15.13 Psychedelic
Gang of One grah3am 09.15.13 Rock
Trouble Bob Rodgers 09.15.13 Acoustic Rock
Today's Far Too Long lavalamp 09.15.13 Alternative Rock
The COFFEE SONG michaeljayklein 09.14.13 Easy Listening
Brief SmokeyVW 09.14.13 Other
Slomo Skean 09.14.13 Ambient
Burn Out the Lights groovehounds 09.14.13 Blues (contemporary)
waste some time egobandit 09.13.13 Art Rock
MUSE tadashi 09.13.13 Jazz Fusion
Hey Johnny (One Hour Challenge) PeterB7858 09.12.13 Acoustic
Exposed [hour or improv challenge] peacepiano 09.08.13 Country-Western
It's All Good alackbass 09.08.13 Blues (traditional)
End Tunnel Light - feat. strangedream & rok41 Sigmund 09.07.13 Indie Rock
Old Friends & Margaritas (Miller-Schletty) Dadai.2 09.02.13 Acoustic
The King Of No Man v3.0 [expanded to 5 min - WIP] Alimar 08.31.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Syzygy II w/VicDiesel sammydix 08.30.13 Ethnic-International
Song of the Morning (with Franciscus Henri) Philip18 08.26.13 Acoustic
West Texas Outtaorbit 08.24.13 Alternative Rock
I Mellow Tone Moviz 08.15.13 Jazz (vocal)
Where are we heading Skean 08.13.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Say No More Vic Holman 08.10.13 Alternative Rock
Voodoo tattoo 2 apb 08.10.13 Alternative Rock
Swimming in the Circuits /carbon Les_Kloo 08.05.13 Progressive Rock
No Dancing Please lengold 08.05.13 Other
Piano Vrs Piano(s) MarkHolbrook 08.01.13 Piano
Samba Del Sur (with Rok41) Philip18 07.26.13 Latin Jazz
What a life tmcfate 07.22.13 Acoustic Rock
Tonight LisaHawbaker 07.18.13 Dance-Club
I Have Been Deceived TobinMueller 07.08.13 Jazz (vocal)
BILLY (Won't Be Waking Up At All) jiguma 07.03.13 Acoustic Rock
sleeper tokai 07.01.13 Art Rock
Wire Vic Holman 06.29.13 Alternative Rock
Where Has it Gone by Jerry Quinn w/ Ryan, Jeff, ktb & Loob alackbass 06.20.13 Blues (contemporary)
If Ever There Was A Time Alimar 06.16.13 Classical
Sailor's Warning w jiguma, Philip18 PeterB7858 06.15.13 Rock
Wave Goodbye magnatone 06.12.13 Piano
Folsom Prison Blues thetiler 06.12.13 Folk (contemporary)
INTO THE BLUE jiguma 06.12.13 Acoustic Rock
Coulda Shoulda gadzooks 06.11.13 Pop (Alternative)
Lacy / w davisamerica, awigze, Sisters & rok41 davisamerica2 06.11.13 Ballad
Aida (Speakeasy Sway/ Mayflower) Gaylen75 06.11.13 Art Rock
Close to the Bone by Jerry Quinn alackbass 06.10.13 Rock & Roll
Manic Pixie Dream Girl The_Applesauce_Project 06.10.13 Pop (Alternative)
They Must Vic Holman 06.09.13 Alternative Rock
Dignity TobinMueller 06.09.13 Blues (contemporary)
Afraid of the Rain w/ Davisamerica awigze 06.06.13 Ambient
'African Tears' Evolution On The One CD TvRicky 06.05.13 Jazz Fusion
You Can't Touch Me (MJCC2013) mr_mordenus 06.05.13 Showtunes
Coming Home (MJCC2013) Philip18 06.02.13 Acoustic
Groove (MJCC2013) peacepiano 05.31.13 Jazz (instrumental)
Travellers Blues (MJCC2013) gadzooks 05.31.13 Blues (contemporary)
Feel This Moment SmokeyVW 05.31.13 Other
Find Yourself (MJCC2013) MarkHolbrook 05.31.13 Acoustic Rock
I'll Always Love You (MJCC2013) Moviz 05.31.13 Ballad
Reflection Skean 05.31.13 Electronic
Hey, Cool Water (MJCC2013) PeterB7858 05.30.13 Acoustic
solo guitar 5.29.13 bud 05.30.13 Solo Instrument
Melif smokey bacon jnr 05.28.13 Downtempo
Nylons and Harp Dadai.2 05.27.13 Acoustic
When Loving Is One-sided, Music by Bob Rodgers Char 05.27.13 Ballad
'Track ? OBFFTD' New CD TvRicky 05.26.13 Jazz Fusion
time to time egobandit 05.24.13 Psychedelic
Adagio in G minor-Albinoni MidiOrleans 05.24.13 Baroque
Song of Life gadzooks 05.20.13 Reggae
Autumn Falling PeterB7858 05.19.13 Acoustic
Come With Me Dadai.2 05.19.13 Gospel
Sweet Isolation echoroom 05.19.13 Alternative Rock
Darkest Skies Vic Holman 05.17.13 Art Rock
ditto bud 05.13.13 Experimental
Psycho J_Gretch 05.11.13 Rock
Not For The Likes of You DWL 05.10.13 Folk-Rock
Miniskirts n Popsox PaddyNavinCaryatid 05.06.13 Alternative Rock
Monet's Garden (new) Moviz 05.05.13 Ballad
Your Life Garni 05.04.13 Pop (Alternative)
Close to Midnight w/ alackbass, rok41, paul f. page, & KyasheMusic Philip18 05.03.13 Acoustic
Anyway apb 05.02.13 Pop (Alternative)
Ride Yer Bike Daugrin 05.02.13 Jazz Fusion
Inner Sanctum grid stalker 05.01.13 Progressive Rock
I Can /w adf, Paulo, Ken, & Don Loob 04.30.13 Pop (mainstream)
Blue Moon Of Kentucky thetiler 04.30.13 Folk (contemporary)
Amy Go Away J_Gretch 04.29.13 Rock
We Can't Let It Go Bob Rodgers 04.28.13 Country-Western
Syzygy One sammydix 04.27.13 Ambient
Take It Back gadzooks 04.27.13 Rock
The Long Way (w/ Saltaireguru77) PeterB7858 04.25.13 Rhythm and Blues
12.26.12 carbon 04.24.13 Art Rock
Someone Is Jealous Of You Vic Holman 04.21.13 Alternative Rock
say it aint so egobandit 04.19.13 Psychedelic
SUSTAIN w/Michael2 bud 04.17.13 Alternative Rock
out of nothing egobandit 04.17.13 Art Rock
Ripple of Hope (Collaboration with JAB24) 867-5309 04.16.13 Inspirational (contemporary)
Home kingbee 04.16.13 Pop (Alternative)
Cosmic Conjection Garni 04.15.13 Pop (Alternative)
News Is Gonna Break jiguma 04.15.13 Reggae
Café Orléans MidiOrleans 04.14.13 NUjazz
Muddy Fields/ w DWL & rmarris davisamerica2 04.14.13 Acoustic Rock
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