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(Michael Jeffrey Valadez)

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My first introduction to guitar music came when my family lived in Sevilla, Spain, at the age of seven when we went to the féria, or holiday festival as it were and there was a stage of musicians providing lively entertainment. I was drawn across the square by the sight of a man holding an acoustic guitar.

I immediately fell in love with the music. Spanish music was my first taste of live music.
G4Dualie's Songs (5)
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08.18.09 Sailing with QuickTime Pro 10.00 (1) 2098 (4) Acoustic 02.26.17 Active
08.12.09 The Gingerbread Princess 10.00 (1) 2239 (2) Folk (traditional) 08.12.09 Active
06.01.09 I Followed You 10.00 (1) 2508 (6) Acoustic Rock 07.24.13 Active
05.23.08 Driving This Train 8.88 (2) 2316 (1) Folk-Rock 05.23.08 Active
03.21.05 Tootsie Roll Pop 7.86 (11) 6903 (8) Folk (contemporary) 05.23.08 Active
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Music Background Self-taught
Music Skills One-Take, that's me. I'm no engineer, that's for sure. I'm no pro either, but I have been recording myself since the reel-to-reel first came on the scene. Cheap mics, cables and connections, no reverb, just hit Record. The dual-cassette decks added another layer for mixing down tracks, but it wasn't until the Macintosh arrived did infinite possibilities come into play. Even so, I never really took the time to master all of the computer's musical possibilities. Usually I just set QuickTime to record and sing into a cheap USB microphone, recording the vocals and guitar simultaneously. I will sometimes do some harmony voice-overs. But that's usually it. Another technique is to capture a guitar riff soundbite (sample & hold) and copy & paste it on the timeline of Garage Band, using it as the rhythm track. I will then lay down the vocals and lead guitar over the top of the rhythm track, extending my range and layers of music.
Music Hardware iRig and iPad Air
Music Software Amplitube Complete Apple's Logic Apple's Garage Band