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IbotenicParadigm's Songs (7)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
07.31.14 Pre-Drome (YRP)  (---) 2826 (19) Art Rock 02.17.15 Active
10.11.13 Advance! (w/Sam & Ego)  (---) 2986 (43) Rock 12.07.13 Active
09.21.13 Abyss (w SammyDix)  (---) 2846 (41) Rock 09.30.15 Active
08.23.13 MJ is Dead! (with SammyDix)  (---) 2500 (37) Funk 09.30.15 Active
02.16.11 Please, Ann Compton (Stinger '11)  (---) 3522 (27) A Cappella 02.03.12 Active
04.27.08 Sunday 9.42 (3) 3142 (18) Psychedelic 08.30.13 Active
04.15.08 Dial Up 0.00 (0) 2728 (14) Ambient 09.09.14 Active
Favorite Songs (220)
Title Artist Date Genre
Save Your Bait Chief Thunder Bear 01.25.19 Pop (mainstream)
STARLIGHT Calchas 01.24.19 Rock
The Long Arm of Grace Scott Carmichael 01.23.19 Rock
Phil's Exit Daugrin 01.23.19 Easy Listening
I'm The Best At Sex Chief Thunder Bear 01.23.19 Pop (mainstream)
Mork and Mindy Chief Thunder Bear 01.22.19 Pop (mainstream)
Autumn Leaves (Philip Gardner and the Hounds) groovehounds 01.21.19 Jazz (instrumental)
chaos and destruction HairyJohnson 01.20.19 Electronic
Polythene Parade grah3am 01.19.19 Electronic
Inferno Narad 01.19.19 Film Scoring
always another egobandit 08.13.16 Alternative Rock
Summer holidays tadashi 08.12.16 Acoustic
"The Flava Sava" abzwork 08.12.16 Jazz Fusion
Paper Thin racerat 01.04.16 Art Rock
Jetway racerat 01.04.16 Art Rock
Losing (D1&D2 Remix) davisamerica 09.30.15 Acoustic Rock
Thinking Backwards racerat 03.01.15 Art Rock
Land Speed Skunkwrx 02.14.15 Art Rock
moth on a leaf egobandit 01.23.15 Art Rock
Origins (formerly 'Elephant Leftovers' WIP) v4 Alimar 01.20.15 Classical
Hark the Herald Angels Sing davajonah 12.25.14 Holiday
Hark the Herald Angels Sing davajonah 12.25.14 Holiday
Mean Miss Teacher alackbass 12.23.14 Blues (contemporary)
Cantabile Sacra Two paul f. page 12.20.14 Classical
Cantabile Sacra Two paul f. page 12.20.14 Classical
North (with Sonny Jim) yrp 10.17.14 Electronic
North (with Sonny Jim) yrp 10.17.14 Electronic
Gratiot Avenue Skunkwrx 09.26.14 Art Rock
Palace Called Home sammydix 09.05.14 Acoustic Rock
jester egobandit 08.07.14 Alternative Rock
Baptism Song (with Dru & Ibotenic Paradigm) racerat 08.05.14 Art Rock
The Russians Are Coming PaddyNavinCaryatid 08.03.14 Punk-Grunge
I Can't See Through This Haze Charday 08.01.14 Acoustic Rock
Omni TR Skean 08.01.14 Experimental
Dad's March 2014 Doug Somers 07.31.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Garnet Wine (with CiggiBurns) mana_junkie 07.30.14 Pop (Alternative)
The Looker / with davisamerica, Roxylee, FEEL, jgurner, scofugate, & awigze davisamerica2 07.30.14 Blues (traditional)
July 27 tadashi 07.29.14 Jazz Fusion
Voile Sur Le Soleil PeterB7858 07.27.14 Fingerstyle Guitar
False Flag Boogie /Mr. Fab Sax Daugrin 07.18.14 Jazz (instrumental)
Cobalt Sunset Daugrin 06.19.14 Informational
The Naked Bones Skunkwrx 03.11.14 Art Rock
Have It All rok41 02.15.14 Rock
Preguntas sammydix 02.14.14 Latin
Neon Warning Sign Charday 02.13.14 Blues (contemporary)
Ipé-Amarelo 1rwhite1 01.25.14 Classical
Caffeine paul f. page 01.23.14 Piano
Shimmer paddler 01.20.14 Electropop
Scandal! Skunkwrx 01.18.14 Rock
Between Earth and Heaven paul f. page 01.16.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Samsara, sera oldlibmike 01.14.14 Ambient
Lost (Sammydix, Sigmund) rok41 01.11.14 Progressive Rock
Preacher 2nd mix w/bass yo! Charday 01.04.14 Blues (contemporary)
Preacher 2nd mix w/bass yo! Charday 01.04.14 Blues (contemporary)
Preacher 2nd mix w/bass yo! Charday 01.04.14 Blues (contemporary)
Preacher 2nd mix w/bass yo! Charday 01.04.14 Blues (contemporary)
Preacher 2nd mix w/bass yo! Charday 01.04.14 Blues (contemporary)
Hey Preacher remix w/drums/lead... Charday 12.21.13 Rock
Hey Preacher remix w/drums/lead... Charday 12.21.13 Rock
Prussian Blue racerat 12.06.13 Downtempo
Laura (LSP2) sammydix 12.06.13 Folk-Rock
To the Light LSP2 gadzooks 12.06.13 Acoustic Rock
City of Light LSP2(Bud/Outtaorbit Mix) davisamerica 12.06.13 Rock
Cheap Tricks (LSP2) sschedra 12.06.13 Rock & Roll
Ammirazione LSP2 Doug Somers 12.05.13 Twentieth Century
Two Part Invention in A Minor (LSP2) SmokeyVW 12.05.13 Electronic
On The Mountain Bob Rodgers 12.02.13 Alternative Rock
Free Plan Skunkwrx 11.25.13 Art Rock
David B owie sung about Cows egobandit 10.18.13 Art Rock
Aneurysm faultysynapse 10.17.13 Rock
Man In The Mirror - Brett Ralph with PBGB jiguma 10.16.13 Acoustic Rock
Say Bye Bye ramonaji 10.15.13 Alternative Rock
Razorblade Bent_Axis 10.15.13 Rock
F*king Sleep shavingronaldscar 10.15.13 Ambient
Got Me Saying (Whitey's On The Moon) danmurrell 10.14.13 Dance-Club
Jazz Glitch Dub Experiment michael2 10.14.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Instrumental Reggae jottdee 10.13.13 Reggae
The Old Man DWL 10.13.13 Political
Story Of Me And You groovehounds 10.13.13 Pop (Alternative)
Thank You grah3am 10.12.13 Pop (Alternative)
Metal Surfin sammydix 10.12.13 Rock & Roll
You're So Delicious Bob6stringer 10.12.13 Acoustic Rock
Toward the Light richard13 10.12.13 New Age
Twisted outlier 10.11.13 Hard Rock
Tell Me About It [Vocals] New Arrangement Alimar 10.11.13 Pop (mainstream)
Poisonous guygrooves 10.10.13 Open Collaborations
Under Sail PeterB7858 10.10.13 Fingerstyle Guitar
Ninety paul f. page 10.10.13 Piano
DON'T BE LATE KCsGROOVE 10.09.13 Swing
Love and Laughter - by Brett Ralph and PBGB jiguma 10.08.13 Acoustic Rock
Porta Coeli Narad 10.08.13 Classical
YOU'RE A HEAVENLY THING michaeljayklein 10.08.13 Easy Listening
The Clock Struck Midnight Moonwolf_Project 10.07.13 Blues (contemporary)
Ornamental Featherweight echoroom 10.06.13 Acoustic Rock
clusterFCK M2 vocal mix michael2 10.06.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
oddball ste 10.05.13 Pop (Alternative)
Saudade [Prelude] WIP v1.0 [2 minute teaser] Alimar 10.05.13 Classical
"Adagio" Theme & Variation [FINAL] w/download Alimar 09.30.13 Classical
Ninety-One paul f. page 09.29.13 Piano
She Sounds Like Blood falo 09.27.13 Heavy Metal
I Can't Sleep At Night [WIP - v2.0] String Quintet and Piano Alimar 09.27.13 Twentieth Century
Thatz wat it iz oldlibmike 09.26.13 Jazz (instrumental)
I'm Dreaming groovehounds 09.26.13 Jazz (vocal)
Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 1, Issue # 158 tempie 09.25.13 Pop (Alternative)
And Now A Pause For Station Identification... Alimar 09.25.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Repercussion Mosaica 09.24.13 Latin
In My Life Llarion 09.23.13 Folk (contemporary)
"Adagio" Theme, Variation and Development [6 min+ v3.0] WIP Alimar 09.23.13 Classical
Serenade XCCV Narad 09.23.13 Classical
Don't Wish Your Life Away (H4 Demo) alackbass 09.22.13 Acoustic
Share It grah3am 09.21.13 Pop (Alternative)
a bit egobandit 09.21.13 Electronic
THE MAN FROM LARAMIE Bowman 09.21.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Theme, Variation and Development [4 min+ v2.0] WIP Alimar 09.21.13 Classical
Chaconne Cori Ander 09.21.13 Acoustic
Abyss (w SammyDix) IbotenicParadigm 09.21.13 Rock
Everyone In Between Vic Holman 09.20.13 Alternative Rock
I Don't Wanna' groovehounds 09.20.13 Pop (Alternative)
La Rosée Symphony101 09.20.13 Ambient
Rockin' Big Sister Daugrin 09.19.13 Rock & Roll
Say (Spitlogic/Davis2 mix) davisamerica 09.19.13 Psychedelic
Hey Johnny (Big Band version) PeterB7858 09.17.13 Rock
Photographic sammydix 09.17.13 Acoustic Rock
Three Legged Man Llarion 09.16.13 Folk (contemporary)
Gang of One grah3am 09.15.13 Rock
Life's a Trip with rok41 FEEL 09.15.13 Rock
Today's Far Too Long lavalamp 09.15.13 Alternative Rock
The COFFEE SONG michaeljayklein 09.14.13 Easy Listening
Slomo Skean 09.14.13 Ambient
MUSE tadashi 09.13.13 Jazz Fusion
Waiting For You (1985 Version) mr_mordenus 09.12.13 Electropop
Exposed [hour or improv challenge] peacepiano 09.08.13 Country-Western
It's All Good alackbass 09.08.13 Blues (traditional)
Toxic Affairs Daugrin 09.05.13 Ballad
Syzygy II w/VicDiesel sammydix 08.30.13 Ethnic-International
Rogers Meets Detroit Daugrin 08.29.13 Experimental
Improv. 22 August paul f. page 08.27.13 Piano
Improv. 22 August paul f. page 08.27.13 Piano
BAD PLUMBING BLUES (w Grathy) KCsGROOVE 08.27.13 Blues (contemporary)
Mood Music Garni 08.27.13 Piano
Song of the Morning (with Franciscus Henri) Philip18 08.26.13 Acoustic
Something in my Heart hackneybloke 08.26.13 Acoustic
Venetian Blind Tattoo tmcfate 08.25.13 Acoustic Rock
West Texas Outtaorbit 08.24.13 Alternative Rock
Petroglyph Rock VicDiesel 08.24.13 Native American
Aquarium MidiOrleans 08.24.13 Classical
The King Of No Man v2.0 [2min 30sec w/intro - WIP] Alimar 08.24.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
High Point oldlibmike 08.22.13 Classical
oosh ste 08.21.13 Reggae
Legacy #5 (New Recording) Llarion 08.21.13 Smooth Jazz
The King Of No Man [60-second teaser WIP] Alimar 08.21.13 Film Scoring
fold egobandit 08.20.13 Electronic
Buffalo Grass VicDiesel 08.20.13 Native American
Trane's Eastern Groove TvRicky 08.18.13 Jazz Fusion
Unusual Times TvRicky 08.18.13 Jazz Fusion
Swimming in the Circuits /carbon Les_Kloo 08.05.13 Progressive Rock
Tonight LisaHawbaker 07.18.13 Dance-Club
Eighty-Four paul f. page 07.04.13 Piano
Eighty-Three paul f. page 06.29.13 Piano
Soul Party/ Live from the Digital Ghetto Daugrin 06.21.13 Soul
Syzygy One sammydix 04.27.13 Ambient
12.26.12 carbon 04.24.13 Art Rock
Fifty-Seven paul f. page 02.01.13 Piano
Wee Weed Up in Oz Daugrin 06.27.12 Informational
boom tide egobandit 04.06.12 Rock (instrumental)
BeBop Jarricky Kees and Gees - TV Ricky and Jarvo in a Jam Jarvoid 04.01.12 Open Collaborations
Guitars on the Prairie (better version!) Philip18 11.06.11 Country-Western
Hebel cyt 05.22.11 Experimental
Congratulations (Band Mix) cyt 05.22.11 Acoustic Rock
Stumblin (PockBluesman/awigze/Outtaorbit) davisamerica 03.03.11 Rock
Dapper flapper (Stinger) apb 02.19.11 Ragtime
Yellow Stinger (Stinger'11) MarkHolbrook 02.16.11 Ambient
obama (mjStinger'11) dimm witness 02.16.11 Electronic
Perfect Balance - MJStinger-'11 Lennon714 02.15.11 Cha-Cha
mjStinger'11 - Paths Doadars Uncle 02.15.11 Folk (contemporary)
30-1 / 30-2 MJstinger'11 Vic Holman 02.15.11 Other
A Brief Moment (mjStinger'11) BirdmanWayne94 02.15.11 Acoustic
mjStinger'11 jodyrush 02.15.11 Acoustic
the ashes/stinger 11 tokai 02.15.11 Progressive Rock
(Stinger '11) sonnyjim 02.15.11 Solo Instrument
Latest News - MJStinger11 DWL 02.15.11 Film Scoring
MJStinger'11 Farm Train awigze 02.15.11 Children's Music
Vení Acá - mjStinger'11 billykirsch 02.15.11 Folk (contemporary)
bud dub - mjStinger'11 bud 02.15.11 Reggae
MJ Stinger '11- The Danse Leviathan Six-Nail-Coffin 02.15.11 Spoken Word-Poetry
MJ Stinger '11- Night five_extra_arms 02.15.11 Other
mjStinger'11 - Tarantula Hawk Ren-Tin-10 02.14.11 Rock (instrumental)
mjStinger'11 SmokeyVW 02.14.11 Other
mjStinger'11 - 3ME Melbourne PeterB7858 02.14.11 Acoustic
Stinger'11 Wave FEEL 02.14.11 Rock (instrumental)
E Lucevan Le Stelle sschedra 01.16.11 Opera
Paula Scat Illogical PaulaMunk 06.16.10 A Cappella
69some VicDiesel 05.18.10 Disco
Symphonic Smackdown magnatone 10.12.09 Pop Orchestral
Classical Smackdown magnatone 04.08.09 Piano
Birthday Song MotherofMeursault 10.06.08 Twentieth Century
Sammy The Sperm's Big Adventure announcer 08.22.08 Rock (instrumental)
Hey! Man Skean 08.04.08 Trip Hop
dont choose egobandit 08.02.08 Alternative Rock
Western Film Theme Evelyn Machine 07.27.08 Other
Coprolitic Converter (Slow Fast Mix) Diviner 07.17.08 Experimental
Spit VicDiesel 06.21.08 Twentieth Century
Progulation #1 (w/perceptualvortex and ibstrat, with ziti remaster) Ed Hannifin 06.17.08 Progressive Rock
Miles of Sound shavingronaldscar 05.23.08 Cha-Cha
Lunar C (Backside of the Moon) Diviner 05.10.08 Trance
into the blue egobandit 04.28.08 Experimental
Rain Rain onesweetworld 04.28.08 Jazz (vocal)
Surrounded Evelyn Machine 04.16.08 Trip Hop
Asteroid w/iG.STUDiO timothy devine 04.14.08 Jazz (instrumental)
This City Doadars Uncle 04.12.08 Rock
Hubris oldlibmike 04.09.08 Ambient
Mushroom Poem Diviner 04.09.08 Experimental
Kyoto Glitch michael2 04.08.08 Experimental
Go Turtle Go! LIOLI 07 (with Justbase) five_extra_arms 03.31.08 Experimental
Salvia Glaikit 03.04.08 Experimental
Dance With Me E-Frame Wrecker 02.14.08 Acoustic Rock
The Magnificent Mile stratcat 10.13.07 Jazz (instrumental)
Klara The 5th baki 04.15.07 Ambient
My Space timothy devine 01.05.07 Experimental
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