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Mystified's Songs (90)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
11.24.18 Elevated--Miss Chaos/Mystified vox  (---) 906 (16) Electronic 09.06.19 Active
06.29.18 Peace  (---) 752 (20) Piano 08.17.18 Active
03.30.15 Child of Yesterday  (---) 2885 (25) Folk (contemporary) 11.02.15 Active
11.29.14 dark wave  (---) 2259 (16) Surf Music 01.02.15 Active
06.26.14 Dune (SoloMe-o w/SmokeyVW)  (---) 2152 (12) Cinematic Soundtrack 07.15.14 Active
06.26.14 Digital Age (SoloMe-o w/Skunkwrx)  (---) 1793 (7) Art Rock 07.03.14 Active
03.10.14 you always have my love  (---) 2244 (16) New Age 04.05.14 Active
02.15.14 Devil Who Cares (harmony mix)  (---) 1970 (12) Folk (contemporary) 03.30.14 Active
02.11.14 hymn (sample)  (---) 2009 (32) New Age 02.23.14 Active
12.16.13 moonrise  (---) 2215 (13) Ambient 01.29.14 Active
07.29.13 An Old Irish Blessing  (---) 4456 (28) Folk (contemporary) 08.09.13 Active
01.07.13 the snowflake dances  (---) 2032 (12) Classical 06.15.13 Active
07.09.12 stops for transit  (---) 2098 (12) Other 07.31.12 Active
04.07.12 of all the days  (---) 2859 (15) Ambient 01.03.13 Active
03.13.12 distortion (w/michael2)  (---) 2075 (21) Other 03.17.12 Active
12.30.11 circus dreams (revised)  (---) 2206 (12) Ambient 01.17.12 Active
12.22.11 harmonium  (---) 2327 (15) Other 01.01.13 Active
10.31.11 synthetic requiem  (---) 2695 (16) Ambient 11.30.11 Active
07.22.11 the garden (w/ particledots)  (---) 2839 (12) Other 07.29.11 Active
07.08.11 dark (w/particledots)  (---) 2784 (14) Other 07.12.11 Active
05.22.11 everything (taylormorgan collab)  (---) 3297 (25) Alternative Rock 06.11.11 Active
04.04.11 solitude  (---) 3513 (31) Piano 01.06.12 Active
03.10.11 bitter-sweet-bitter  (---) 3110 (15) Ambient 07.09.17 Active
02.28.11 the road less traveled (2trx2011)  (---) 3687 (63) Piano 07.09.17 Active
12.13.10 Six  (---) 3731 (37) Other 01.30.11 Active
10.22.10 my name is emma (w/ davisamerica)  (---) 4413 (49) Cinematic Soundtrack 02.21.19 Active
02.12.10 Winter's Breath (MJRF 2010)  (---) 7403 (53) Ambient 06.10.10 Active
12.06.09 V: Kenen Gor  (---) 4164 (35) Cinematic Soundtrack 12.18.09 Active
11.28.09 Einarus' 9.25 (3) 3591 (16) Cinematic Soundtrack 12.01.09 Active
11.22.09 For the Beauty of the Earth  (---) 4082 (25) A Cappella 01.27.10 Active
11.12.09 Father Time  (---) 4649 (63) Folk (traditional) 02.28.15 Active
10.05.09 Forever Voyaging (space race 2009)  (---) 4667 (65) Ambient 05.31.11 Active
05.12.09 echoing hope  (---) 5309 (18) New Age 10.07.09 Active
05.11.09 no other thing  (---) 4275 (25) Other 07.04.09 Active
01.31.09 Shenandoah (MJRF) 9.75 (8) 6211 (55) New Age 01.13.11 Active
01.11.09 the memory of stars  (---) 4099 (39) Experimental 02.12.09 Active
12.24.08 Winter White (w/ Birdman Wayne) 9.13 (8) 4125 (15) Classical 01.11.09 Active
12.19.08 While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks By Night  (---) 8351 (21) Holiday 11.23.09 Active
11.25.08 Anna Maria (w/Feter)  (---) 4216 (22) Classical 12.01.08 Active
11.06.08 gold at my feet  (---) 4129 (29) New Age 04.14.11 Active
10.28.08 Take Time To Be Holy  (---) 8915 (26) A Cappella 08.12.10 Active
10.15.08 walk with me...  (---) 4197 (28) New Age 04.17.11 Active
09.27.08 Sinister Jazz (LIOLI 8)  (---) 4136 (43) Downtempo 02.17.09 Active
09.05.08 like rain...  (---) 4333 (39) Ambient 04.18.11 Active
08.13.08 the aspen grove  (---) 5279 (35) New Age 11.25.09 Active
07.28.08 a spectre's tale  (---) 3633 (18) Cinematic Soundtrack 07.30.08 Active
07.14.08 Another Round--EKNM  (---) 4286 (19) Renaissance 07.23.08 Active
07.03.08 Hanway Street (Unauthorised Bootleg mix) 9.50 (5) 3441 (13) Alternative Rock 07.09.08 Active
05.30.08 the road I travel...  (---) 4182 (25) Ambient 04.01.09 Active
05.01.08 beautiful wall (with Einarus) 9.73 (13) 5524 (49) Cinematic Soundtrack 01.24.09 Active
04.24.08 God Be With You (til we meet again)  (---) 12502 (51) A Cappella 11.23.09 Active
04.09.08 in conversation...  (---) 4180 (23) New Age 10.25.10 Active
04.04.08 Amorosi miei giorni  (---) 3556 (21) Classical 10.23.08 Active
03.31.08 Industrielle #2--Subterranean  (---) 3865 (16) Other 04.08.08 Active
03.29.08 LIOLI7--Industrielle #1--Capture 9.14 (7) 4074 (45) Experimental 09.05.08 Active
02.20.08 in winter's spell  (---) 5255 (34) New Age 04.05.08 Active
02.03.08 a passing cloud  (---) 5299 (33) Classical 03.08.08 Active
01.28.08 Marble on a Journey  (---) 3180 (26) Experimental 05.22.08 Active
01.09.08 Shades of Blue (Mcboy collab) 9.42 (12) 6625 (62) Acoustic 02.28.15 Active
12.06.07 Painful (remixed)  (---) 2740 (11) Other 12.18.07 Active
11.30.07 'Court'eous Music (LLSP)  (---) 4468 (41) Renaissance 05.07.11 Active
10.21.07 wandering  (---) 3780 (23) Cinematic Soundtrack 11.09.07 Active
10.12.07 Mt. St. Helens (revised)  (---) 7078 (16) Alternative Rock 05.31.08 Active
09.23.07 Wanting, Waiting II  (---) 4213 (25) Ambient 02.22.09 Active
08.13.07 Minstrel Boy (soundtrack mix)  (---) 7256 (50) Cinematic Soundtrack 01.18.08 Active
07.18.07 Reverie  (---) 3773 (16) Classical 02.09.08 Active
07.07.07 Kyrie  (---) 5583 (32) A Cappella 09.17.09 Active
07.02.07 Hollow Earth Revisited (w/vox)  (---) 4224 (32) Ambient 07.23.07 Active
04.08.07 The lights across the lake (w/vox)  (---) 5371 (37) New Age 11.23.09 Active
02.07.07 I Could (jolofsson collab) 8.60 (10) 3492 (20) Pop (mainstream) 03.02.07 Active
02.04.07 the lights across the lake (instrumental)  (---) 3983 (11) New Age 02.11.07 Active
01.14.07 Dinosaur Museum  (---) 4115 (25) Cinematic Soundtrack 04.05.08 Active
01.12.07 Illuminate  (---) 3282 (6) Ambient 01.23.07 Active
10.24.06 What I was missing  (---) 3682 (12) Ballad 04.27.08 Active
10.18.06 Whatever it will be  (---) 4693 (20) A Cappella 04.27.08 Active
06.12.06 A Far-off Place  (---) 4149 (29) Classical 02.13.08 Active
04.09.06 Dream (meditation mix) collab 8.41 (19) 3695 (15) New Age 04.16.06 Active
03.02.06 The Significant Sorrows of Sasquatchia  (---) 4191 (23) Classical 04.16.07 Active
02.23.06 Ember and Cherry Blossom (Drak--remix) 8.73 (20) 6172 (27) New Age 03.20.09 Active
02.03.06 In Echo of Emptiness  (---) 6820 (76) A Cappella 02.18.06 Active
12.12.05 Galaxy band Episode 3 8.47 (15) 5764 (28) Cinematic Soundtrack 03.19.09 Active
10.28.05 Poe--The Bells (w/TAtwood) 8.23 (40) 10062 (71) Spoken Word-Poetry 01.16.06 Active
10.11.05 Winter's Breath II (w/vocals) 8.46 (27) 5835 (34) Ambient 12.19.05 Active
09.17.05 Rehlehna  (---) 7182 (45) Cinematic Soundtrack 06.05.07 Active
07.12.05 Grace (Ziti w/Mystified) 8.33 (46) 6980 (75) New Age 01.21.06 Active
03.31.05 Tristezza 8.54 (63) 11124 (104) Classical 10.12.15 Active
03.13.05 (Further) Demented--a remix 7.97 (27) 5964 (48) Experimental 08.11.06 Active
02.26.05 My Way Home (revisited) 8.26 (35) 7302 (69) Folk (contemporary) 11.02.09 Active
02.13.05 On and On (3) 8.12 (37) 9093 (65) Folk (contemporary) 09.14.05 Active
01.13.05 Something like that 7.57 (29) 6192 (50) Alternative Rock 11.05.05 Active
Favorite Songs (1000)
Title Artist Date Genre
Solivagant Parichayaka 10.14.19 Ambient
Autumn Flower Parichayaka 09.28.19 Other
Sleep Through MissChaos 05.11.19 Electronic
Elsewhere MissChaos 03.23.19 Electronic
Antimatter MissChaos 01.05.19 Film Scoring
Baby, It's Cold Outside Joanna 12.04.18 Jazz (vocal)
Elevated MissChaos 10.08.18 Electronic
In my head (neurotic mix) MissChaos 06.22.18 Film Scoring
Ornamenta Scholastica VicDiesel 06.14.18 Acoustic
Uncertainty paul f. page 01.02.17 Piano
we may be dreaming Parichayaka 12.10.16 Ambient
Valse Triste H3nry 11.29.16 Classical
One Hundred Eighty paul f. page 11.07.16 Piano
Whole-Hearted notsosweet 06.13.16 Piano
Gentle Stream PeterB7858 06.08.16 Fingerstyle Guitar
"I Hate Goodbyes" Einarus 04.26.16 Piano
An Unanswered Question paul f. page 04.07.16 Piano
Symphony No.96 IV Vivace-Haydn MidiOrleans 04.01.16 Classical
Many Meetings Strings Demo Doug Somers 03.18.16 Cinematic Soundtrack
Symphony D Eisen26 III Allegro-Leopold Mozart MidiOrleans 01.01.16 Classical
Face the Dragon (updated Vocals) elfdaughter 12.01.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
bloom evolve Parichayaka 10.15.15 Electronic
Wistful paul f. page 10.14.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
TOSABORI-breeze tadashi 10.11.15 Blues (contemporary)
Spring Moon PeterB7858 10.06.15 Fingerstyle Guitar
Irene Goodnight Philip18 10.05.15 Folk (traditional)
Rain, Sky and Thunder(w/davisamerica,Sisters,BobRodgers,jiguma,awigze,scofugate davisamerica2 10.03.15 Rock
song no. 2314 jottdee 10.03.15 Acoustic
Transmission MissChaos 09.14.15 Electronic
Variations on a theme by George Winston PeterB7858 09.11.15 Fingerstyle Guitar
Before The Wind PeterB7858 08.25.15 Fingerstyle Guitar
A Ballad For The Fortunate aRcTip 07.19.15 Ambient
A Brighter Day (Roxylee, R. Schletty) Dadai.2 07.03.15 Folk (contemporary)
Symphony No.88 IV-Haydn MidiOrleans 05.01.15 Classical
Warm Summer Knights Alimar 04.21.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
I'm Gumby dammit!/Mcboy alley-oop 03.31.15 Funk
Before The Dawn paul f. page 03.28.15 Ballad
Love The Orbiting 02.14.15 Pop (Alternative)
Men of Dale elfdaughter 02.09.15 Film Scoring
Sussex Carol kristyjo 12.21.14 Classical
Symphony No. 95 m1-Haydn MidiOrleans 11.30.14 Classical
When There Is Peace paul f. page 11.28.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
WIP 112514 v1.0 Alimar 11.27.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Back From Outer Space (A Reflective Ambient Mix) Reinholt56 11.22.14 Ambient
A Minor Melancholy PeterB7858 11.12.14 Fingerstyle Guitar
A Certain Longing paul f. page 06.29.14 Piano
Skyrim MP - Title Idea 1 XMaramena 06.24.14 Game Soundtrack
Cinematic Experiment XMaramena 06.23.14 Film Scoring
Shifting Sands PeterB7858 06.22.14 Acoustic
Self-Help Laundromat Warren Smith 06.21.14 Rock
Simply Put paul f. page 05.25.14 Piano
Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening Doug Somers 03.30.14 Easy Listening
Funeral March of a Marionette MidiOrleans 03.29.14 Classical
When I Humanize XMaramena 03.11.14 Other
Beethoven Piano Concerto 'Emperor' 2nd Movement davajonah 03.09.14 Classical
Deus ex machina stevel 03.05.14 Alternative Rock
Per La Gloria JohnnyCanuck 03.03.14 Opera
Black Is The Colour Of My True Love's Hair JohnnyCanuck 03.03.14 Folk (traditional)
Fairy Song Diego_B 03.01.14 Easy Listening
By The Waterhole (An Immersive Ambient Mix) Reinholt56 02.23.14 Ambient
Questions (w Mark Holbrook and Sigmund) PeterB7858 02.22.14 Rock
Homestead/with Roxylee,John Kaplan,Guygrooves,Jiguma,Scofugate davisamerica2 02.22.14 Country-Western
Almost Human ShadowofNine 02.21.14 Art Rock
Me And You (w/Skean) Morning Light 02.14.14 Ambient
Synæsthesia [FINAL w/download] Ten Years Alimar 02.09.14 Progressive Rock
Mozartiana MidiOrleans 02.09.14 Classical
Glass Piano paul f. page 02.05.14 Easy Listening
01-25-14 mvh9591 02.05.14 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Song for Big [Fran] (Tribute to Ziti) BirdmanWayne94 02.01.14 Acoustic
Long Way To Go (v2) PeterB7858 01.24.14 Acoustic
Wild Glow stevel 12.27.13 Alternative Rock
Winter Light paul f. page 12.16.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Less Is More paul f. page 12.05.13 Classical
Heart Song magnatone 11.21.13 Piano
Ninety-Three paul f. page 11.12.13 Piano
Birth SRC2013 Doug Somers 11.03.13 Twentieth Century
Stardust SRC2013 bud 11.01.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Unforgiven Tears stevel 10.20.13 Alternative Rock
Come Home Morning Light 10.18.13 Ambient
Colossal Seed Parichayaka 10.17.13 Electronic
Colossal Seed Parichayaka 10.17.13 Electronic
Ninety-One paul f. page 09.29.13 Piano
anymore alley-oop 09.24.13 Soul
Don't Wish Your Life Away (H4 Demo) alackbass 09.22.13 Acoustic
Chaconne Cori Ander 09.21.13 Acoustic
it can be sonic_magpie 09.18.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
mM7 demo [Psycho Shower Scene] Alimar 09.16.13 Film Scoring
God is God (revised - new vocal) MartinD28 09.03.13 Gospel
After August notsosweet 08.11.13 Piano
le fleuve de la vie [The River of Life] Alimar 08.03.13 Film Scoring
Side By Side with Dadai.2 Joanna 06.22.13 Folk (traditional)
Wave Goodbye magnatone 06.12.13 Piano
Crystal paul f. page 04.29.13 Piano
Seventy paul f. page 03.15.13 Piano
Fields of Light Parichayaka 10.24.12 Piano
Rock ( At The Top of The Park) Ann Arbor ,MI Feter 07.05.12 Rock
Fifty-One paul f. page 06.04.12 Piano
(An Untitled) Intro BirdmanWayne94 06.01.12 Fingerstyle Guitar
Fourteen paul f. page 05.26.12 Piano
To Nothing Peter Greenstone 05.13.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
dorsey filters are fun 04.10.12 Dance-Club
Just A Small Child paul f. page 03.17.12 Other
Short Story paul f. page 03.08.12 Classical
Gläns över sjö och strand Cori Ander 12.23.11 Fingerstyle Guitar
Christmas Pastorale-Corelli MidiOrleans 12.22.11 Baroque
Blind Love (Seeing Heart) - Orchestral Version magnatone 12.06.11 Pop Classical
Running Away (Demo) sonic_magpie 11.18.11 Other
Dream of Tomorrow (Demo) sonic_magpie 11.17.11 Other
One of Jupiter's moons (mj space race 2011) sonic_magpie 11.11.11 Ambient
Feel #2 Space Race Challenge classicfeter 11.10.11 Classical
La Stravaganza MidiOrleans 11.08.11 Baroque
Astronauts on Asteroid (mj space race 2011) sonic_magpie 11.04.11 Experimental
moving piles of dirt sonic_magpie 09.21.11 Lo-fi
Happy Birthday sonic_magpie 09.03.11 Lo-fi
Quack's Blues sloparts 08.05.11 Blues (contemporary)
thunder storm-7-24-11 Found_Sounds 07.24.11 Informational
Dandelion PatriciaGirl 07.13.11 New Age
Vee Eye (7) sonic_magpie 07.01.11 A Cappella
Victims (Video) ShadowofNine 06.17.11 Other
Blind Love (piano solo) magnatone 06.15.11 Piano
aperture sonic_magpie 06.14.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
The Recital…(live) PatriciaGirl 05.26.11 Classical
OSX86 (Part 6) Chimera Marlon 05.24.11 Electropop
BR1 stevel 05.23.11 Alternative Rock
To Serve Man (LIOLI-10) sonic_magpie 05.20.11 Other
86BPM Keys/Beat/Combined taylormorgan 05.17.11 Open Collaborations
A Lullabye Of Love jazzman1 05.08.11 Acoustic
we stare at memories (sketch) sonic_magpie 05.08.11 Other
The End of the Beginning Reinholt56 05.07.11 Ambient
Anathema PatriciaGirl 05.05.11 Piano
The Cook's Estampie VicDiesel 04.19.11 Renaissance
Infiltration Einarus 04.08.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Catacombs sonic_magpie 04.04.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
an intricate network sonic_magpie 03.24.11 Ambient
More Than You Know (w/ParticleDots) michael2 03.24.11 Downtempo
Clever sonic_magpie 03.20.11 Pop (Alternative)
13 SAFE FALLING apod 03.17.11 Acoustic
touch the silence sonic_magpie 03.14.11 Ambient
The Customer is Always Wrong stevel 03.13.11 Alternative Rock
09 INTERNAL DELIBERATION apod 03.13.11 Experimental
08 ERIC'S GUITAR apod 03.12.11 Experimental
07 WAITING FOR SOMETHING apod 03.11.11 Easy Listening
The Entertainer neilh79 03.10.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
05 EVERYTHING IS FINE apod 03.09.11 Lo-fi
Crimson sonic_magpie 03.08.11 Pop (Alternative)
Multiple Shades of You sonic_magpie 03.06.11 Pop (Alternative)
02 FOR OURSELVES apod 03.06.11 Pop (Alternative)
01 BUD SEES THE LUNAR ECLIPSE apod 03.05.11 Other
sad cosmonaut/reprise/i became afraid of everyone sonic_magpie 03.02.11 Shoegazer
Fleeting (2trx2011) SmokeyVW 02.28.11 Acoustic
chime and grater (2trx2011) bud 02.28.11 Metal
Drive Away sonic_magpie 02.19.11 Pop (Alternative)
Confluence (Piano Solo) magnatone 02.08.11 Piano
Warm the Grave PlatonicLust 02.06.11 Psychedelic
Child of Yesterday PlatonicLust 02.06.11 Acoustic
Closely Watched Trains (w/ Particledots) michael2 01.19.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Little Perfect* MissChaos 01.11.11 Electronic
In The Bleak Midwinter magnatone 12.18.10 Piano
Partial Particles (w/ Diviner and Particle Dots) michael2 12.13.10 Alternative Rock
MacJammiversary #6 Bubowski 12.13.10 Dance-Club
Dancing Monks kassia 12.13.10 New Age
Felix and dad Cori Ander 12.08.10 Acoustic
wonderful (brian wilson cover) sonic_magpie 12.01.10 Art Rock
A Farewell magnatone 11.30.10 Piano
Surrender jazzman1 11.26.10 New Age
Flight of Fancy kassia 11.23.10 Piano
Love Comes Walking notsosweet 11.21.10 Classical
Keep on Truckin' composerclark 11.08.10 Piano
Fall Rising magnatone 11.03.10 Pop Orchestral
Gravel Bells cjhoose 10.24.10 Ambient
Montana Moon notsosweet 10.23.10 Piano
Montana Moon notsosweet 10.23.10 Piano
Emma rabittwhole 09.25.10 Open Collaborations
New Ideas (featuring APOD) sonic_magpie 09.12.10 Pop (Alternative)
Her Blue Eyes BirdmanWayne94 06.10.10 Acoustic
Good Lighting Advocates for Starry Skies (LSP) sonic_magpie 04.06.10 Pop Classical
Glue apod 03.30.10 Acoustic Rock
Glue apod 03.30.10 Acoustic Rock
Don't Lie To Me sonic_magpie 03.29.10 Downtempo
Cliches stevel 03.28.10 Alternative Rock
Beach Walk kassia 03.19.10 New Age
Comes The Dawn paul f. page 03.14.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Smokin' Pickin' BirdmanWayne94 03.07.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Confluence magnatone 03.05.10 Pop Classical
Fare Thee Well stevel 02.28.10 Pop (Alternative)
Bouncing M Go_Turtle_Go 02.17.10 Experimental
Everything About You michael2 02.15.10 Indie Rock
Deeper Than Blue MJRF2010 Day For Night 02.13.10 Ballad
Laura (MJRF2010) Cameron 02.11.10 New Age
The Empiric And The Theocrat [MJRF 2010] Alternate Version Alimar 02.06.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Traveling Blind MJRF2010 eleveneyes 02.06.10 Acoustic Rock
Life Goes On Cameron 01.22.10 Ambient
Colors of the Water Einarus 01.22.10 Classical
Heart of The City stevel 01.18.10 Alternative Rock
Test Simon 01.08.10 A Cappella
The Blue Moon sonic_magpie 01.01.10 Experimental
EmoLogic* Alimar 12.28.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
silent night sonic_magpie 12.23.09 Easy Listening
Christmas Time Is Here Scorpjammer 12.19.09 Holiday
Guillô, Pran ton Tamborin Doug Somers 12.17.09 Ethnic-International
Instant Karma 1 - Whorls of Barsoom Bubowski 12.16.09 Ambient
Don't Cry sonic_magpie 12.14.09 Ambient
The Phoenix magnatone 12.11.09 Pop Classical
Old Provencal Christmas Carol - Liszt notsosweet 12.07.09 Holiday
Get Your Mango On kassia 12.06.09 Pop Orchestral
For the Beauty of the Earth Ren-Tin-10 12.04.09 Solo Instrument
think of you sonic_magpie 12.04.09 Other
Yours K.I.S.KISMET 11.20.09 Experimental
Deep Majesty kassia 11.18.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
All Smokey ziti 11.18.09 Acoustic
Behind Enemy Lines (w/Bud and Particle Dots) michael2 11.17.09 Film Scoring
eye for you (w/particledots and michael2) bud 11.17.09 Indie Rock
PODtoki (featuring Mystified) apod 11.17.09 Downtempo
Next Time Around (w/jiguma) Ed Hannifin 11.16.09 Folk (contemporary)
O Come All Ye Faithful elfdaughter 11.14.09 Holiday
Sur le sable (w Jiguma) blaky smith 11.12.09 Acoustic
Gas Town Blues ShadowofNine 11.12.09 Film Scoring
and one... bud 11.10.09 Ambient
Electricity stevel 11.01.09 Alternative Rock
Unlimited (B-Side) sonic_magpie 11.01.09 Soul
Unlimited (A-Side) sonic_magpie 11.01.09 Soul
are you happy now apod 10.31.09 Alternative Rock
Unlimited sonic_magpie 10.24.09 Soul
After Loving Anne (w/jiguma, SISTERS, Komrade K and Scott Carmichael) Ed Hannifin 10.23.09 Folk (contemporary)
"Kyrie" - A Vocal Collab With Mystified LonePineMusic 10.17.09 A Cappella
The Broken Doll's Waltz notsosweet 10.12.09 Piano
Symphonic Smackdown magnatone 10.12.09 Pop Orchestral
Pulsar Encounter [Space Race Challenge 2009] davajonah 10.10.09 Ambient
Loneliness Becomes Pandora (MJ Space Race 2009) Ex_Silentio 10.07.09 Ambient
The Normalization of Deviation (space race) apod 10.07.09 Ambient
Life Is Short - Never Say Goodbye - Bond Challenge apod 10.04.09 Film Scoring
Desiree (MJ Space Race 2009) Doug Somers 10.03.09 Ambient
MAYDAY (space race) Vic Holman 10.03.09 Art Rock
Stars and Dust (space challenge) michael2 10.03.09 Indie Rock
March of the Knids (space race) Pernicious_Knids 10.07.09 Experimental
Aging Oak of Blossom Corn Yordbear 09.25.09 Folk (contemporary)
For String Orchestra: The Lost Child andreasvanharen 09.21.09 Classical
December Rain georgeptingley 09.19.09 Classical
f12 Parichayaka 09.15.09 Downtempo
osx86 (pt2) kalyway 10.5 - 10.5.5 Marlon 09.14.09 Electropop
Sweet September gail60 09.13.09 Piano
Ukulele Boogie Cori Ander 07.14.09 Twentieth Century
Walking Jim Bouchard 06.27.09 Ambient
MagnaFlight magnatone 06.12.09 Pop Orchestral
A Little Alleluia kassia 06.06.09 Classical
The Golden Sonata mov.4 MidiOrleans 06.03.09 Baroque
The Cafe Go_Turtle_Go 06.02.09 Downtempo
Sonnata-Purcell MidiOrleans 05.29.09 Baroque
Amazing Grace (Multi-Collab) magnatone 05.29.09 Blues (contemporary)
Foggy Pier Einarus 05.29.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Tuscan Morning Doug Somers 05.25.09 Classical
The Lonliness and the Waiting Reinholt56 05.07.09 Ambient
Stepping Down Einarus 04.28.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Phrygian Verse MidiOrleans 04.14.09 Baroque
Speak To Me Gently kassia 04.14.09 Piano
Don't Leave Me In The Devil's House sonic_magpie 04.14.09 Film Scoring
Legacy, A song for my mother Alimar 04.12.09 Classical
Classical Smackdown magnatone 04.08.09 Piano
Excelsior! - The Power and Glory of Christ (Reposted for Easter 2009) Alimar 04.07.09 Classical
dont cry dont talk (prototype version prior to sonicmagpie) prototype 04.04.09 Easy Listening
Golden (Tomorrow Will Shine) kassia 04.04.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Revelate spitlogic 04.03.09 Hip Hop-Rap
Go to Sleep sonic_magpie 03.23.09 Acoustic
Starfields #1 Reinholt56 03.21.09 Ambient
Galaxy Band 10 SmokeyVW 03.18.09 Film Scoring
tick tock stacey 03.17.09 Folk-Rock
The Ugly Dog Prophecies sonic_magpie 03.15.09 Downtempo
Andalucia stevel 03.15.09 Alternative Rock
Springtime dirigent 03.15.09 Classical
A Story(Drama) Feter 02.26.09 Classical
Albinoni Concerto 4 mov.1 MidiOrleans 02.22.09 Baroque
your voices sound great inside my head sonic_magpie 02.22.09 Other
Dual Tapestry (w/kassia) magnatone 02.17.09 Piano
The lonely heart elfdaughter 02.14.09 Classical
Coming Home - variation on a theme by David Kneupper Doug Somers 02.08.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Rain of Love (Dadai.2, Jiguma, Roxylee, Vicholman) (MJRF Mix) Feter 02.08.09 Acoustic
North Atlantic Remix (MJRF) Kicbal 02.03.09 Electronic
Eviction (MJRF) Joanna 02.02.09 Acoustic
Indigenous Space (w/kristyjo) michael2 02.02.09 Ambient
Haecceity (by Alimar) (MJRF) Alimar 02.01.09 Film Scoring
Mama Cries - Album Version (MJRF) MissChaos 02.01.09 Downtempo
Elder Haven WharmtonRise 02.01.09 Ambient
A.N.Other Remix - Particledots/Diviner Diviner 02.01.09 Downtempo
Gardening (with Lisa Purdy) Jim Bouchard 01.29.09 Ambient
Such A Shame stevel 01.26.09 Alternative Rock
A Return To Hope (w/LunaTrick) kassia 01.23.09 New Age
Your Brain's Ears on Music sonic_magpie 01.23.09 Ambient
Inner Battle legato 01.23.09 Film Scoring
Geoffrey stacey 01.18.09 Folk (contemporary)
Underpass (with Particledots) stevel 01.17.09 Electropop
Evergreen Dance ShadowofNine 01.16.09 Pop Orchestral
CONFIRMATION SISTERS 01.13.09 Pop (mainstream)
If Words Don't Fail Me Now stevel 01.10.09 Alternative Rock
A Tale Of Two Pianos (w/magnatone) kassia 01.09.09 Piano
Dance at Merry's Tavern Andronis 01.06.09 Folk (traditional)
Dragonfly borisluxx 01.04.09 Ambient
Heros( aclarke/mcboy) Mcboy 01.02.09 Alternative Rock
Albinoni Concerto 4 mov.3 MidiOrleans 01.01.09 Baroque
More Snowfall sonic_magpie 12.24.08 Ambient
Beyond the Horizon Einarus 12.22.08 Ethnic-International
Pastorale-Corelli MidiOrleans 12.19.08 Classical
Abracadabra blaky smith 12.19.08 Folk (contemporary)
Baby Baby M2 Remax (w/Particledots) michael2 12.09.08 Downtempo
i can sleep sonic_magpie 12.08.08 Pop (Alternative)
One More Song stacey 12.08.08 Acoustic
Meridian Cycle magnatone 12.08.08 Pop Classical
Silent Night notsosweet 12.07.08 Holiday
Baby Baby w/particledots bud 12.06.08 Open Collaborations
Winter Whimsy kassia 12.06.08 Holiday
Speculation michael2 12.03.08 Ambient
Jingle Bells dreadmon 12.01.08 Holiday
Give in 2 Love echoroom 11.30.08 Pop (Alternative)
Galaxy Band 8 Bubowski 11.26.08 Cinematic Soundtrack
Courante Praetorius MidiOrleans 11.25.08 Renaissance
Sunday Morning edpdx 11.25.08 Ambient
In memory of 400 Cheyenne and Arapahoe Indians VicDiesel 11.25.08 Native American
Joy To The World dreadmon 11.24.08 Holiday
Outside Fantasy MidiOrleans 11.23.08 Psychedelic
Folsom Prison Blues PlatonicLust 11.23.08 Country-Western
Here We Go Again stacey 11.23.08 Acoustic Rock
The Castle stacey 11.15.08 Folk (contemporary)
She Slips Away stevel 11.15.08 Alternative Rock
Chaac Mayan God MidiOrleans 11.12.08 Film Scoring
La Casa de los Marinos MidiOrleans 11.09.08 Latin Jazz
An Equally Lovely Day cjhoose 11.09.08 Other
The Sound of A Human Voice Jim Bouchard 11.08.08 Ambient
Interlude #2 WildlifeAnalysis 11.07.08 Open Collaborations
Among The Trees kassia 11.06.08 Cinematic Soundtrack
Conversation Song, by Feter Roxylee 11.05.08 Folk (contemporary)
Devil's Delight #2 (The All Hallows Mix) Reinholt56 10.28.08 Experimental
Delayer stevel 10.26.08 Art Rock
Carmen Entr'acte III MidiOrleans 10.25.08 Classical
Tell Me About It (Alimar Rerelease) Eikonoklastes 10.22.08 Pop (mainstream)
Carrying On Einarus 10.22.08 Pop (mainstream)
Wait For Your Rain fambroski 10.21.08 Romantic
Autumn Interlude stevel 10.19.08 Acoustic
Il est bel et bon dirigent 10.19.08 A Cappella
The Sound of Goodbye kassia 10.18.08 Piano
Not Sharp Enough (Excelsior Medical) Andronis 10.15.08 Film Scoring
Everything to lose MarkHolbrook 10.13.08 Alternative Rock
Excelsior Credits (Season 1) Andronis 10.07.08 Classical
f r e q u e n c i e s sonic_magpie 10.05.08 Other
Track4 What Jessie Heard BigFinish 09.30.08 Opera
Solitude Nolan 09.29.08 Rock
Rapunzel (LIOLI8) The Orbiting 09.27.08 Pop (Alternative)
Feedback Loop Overdrive With Electronic Reinforcement / Plutonic Overdrive With Electronic Reinfo... SmokeyVW 09.24.08 Other
The Summer Day sonic_magpie 09.21.08 Pop (Alternative)
Cumulus Parichayaka 09.18.08 Cinematic Soundtrack
I can't heal you stevel 09.16.08 Alternative Rock
I'm Still Here (Fishcow Remix) sonic_magpie 09.14.08 Downtempo
Commence to Landing stevel 09.07.08 Rock (instrumental)
I'm Still Here sonic_magpie 09.06.08 Ambient
Stolen (and if I ever find you I'll break a Dell over your skull) MissChaos 09.06.08 Downtempo
SISCOM/EVP--time slowed and stopped (v2) sonic_magpie 09.03.08 Baroque
how low*covers buckhorn 09.02.08 Country-Western
Letter of a Heart (by Feter) michael2 09.01.08 Indie Rock
Sea-Foam Green (MJ Cover Challenge) Vic Holman 09.01.08 Alternative Rock
Carry Me Home (New Edition) Mckenzie 08.31.08 Acoustic Rock
Old Friends notsosweet 08.29.08 Piano
Hands Full of Rain stevel 08.29.08 Blues (contemporary)
Close Your Eyes w ledeb + Jim Bouchard jiguma 08.28.08 Acoustic Rock
Arise(w/Roxylee) Feter 08.25.08 Acoustic
The Land Henke 08.24.08 Ambient
Vacancy Blues (w/Mystified) Feter 08.21.08 Blues (traditional)
Toad Hall (the return) Jim Bouchard 08.20.08 Ambient
Nagasaki fishboisfo 08.13.08 Other
Canyon Rise magnatone 08.08.08 Pop Orchestral
April stacey 08.01.08 Folk (contemporary)
What Should I Say(w/Dirigent-RSchletty) Feter 07.28.08 Renaissance
Grass Under My Feet Vic Holman 07.27.08 Indie Rock
Arise in this Bright Morning Enrique Gil 07.27.08 Classical
Je Me Souviens jiguma 07.23.08 Baroque
Springtide (w/Mark Holbrook) kassia 07.20.08 New Age
Edgewood Point BossHook 07.19.08 Rock
Kokako sonic_magpie 07.18.08 Ambient
Branle Gay AcetyleneJukebox 07.15.08 Renaissance
Electric Lute Land(EKNM) Ibstrat 07.12.08 Classical
Odyssey AcetyleneJukebox 07.12.08 Rock (instrumental)
The King (EKNM Fest) sloparts 07.11.08 Classical
Ein Kleine Nacht Music MJ Opening Feter 07.11.08 Baroque
A Soldiers Dream (EKNM Fest) Moviz 07.11.08 Pop Orchestral
Stella Too michael2 07.04.08 Acoustic
more than one - x files mix (with the orbiting) sonic_magpie 07.01.08 Experimental
When The Sun Goes Down(GOOC) Feter 06.30.08 Country-Western
His Yoke is Easy (MJ Coffeehouse) Roxylee 06.27.08 Inspirational (contemporary)
Cernunnos of the Wildwood elfdaughter 06.25.08 Cinematic Soundtrack
Cat's Walk ziti 06.24.08 Rock (instrumental)
Progulation #1 (w/perceptualvortex and ibstrat, with ziti remaster) Ed Hannifin 06.17.08 Progressive Rock
spirit moves sonic_magpie 06.16.08 Other
it's a small thing sonic_magpie 06.16.08 Other
Chorale Prelude BWV 639 MidiOrleans 06.14.08 Baroque
Every Dying Sun stevel 06.10.08 Alternative Rock
Guards of the Cannon VicDiesel 06.09.08 Renaissance
Remembrance kassia 06.09.08 Classical
Pu Ekaw (The Orbiting's Wake Up remixed) Jim Bouchard 06.07.08 Ambient
Struck Dumb (MacJams Coffee House) dajama 06.06.08 Acoustic
Wake Up (w ledebutant) perceptualvortex 06.05.08 Alternative Rock
TUMBLEWEED EMBER SUNDOWN (DRAKONIS & RHJ) richardhowardjones 06.05.08 Ambient
Cat's Coffee Shop sonic_magpie 06.02.08 Acoustic
Between Green Sleeves guitapick 06.02.08 Acoustic
My Dear Lady(The MacJams Coffee House) Feter 06.01.08 Acoustic
Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary MidiOrleans 05.30.08 Baroque
Hold Time lisanova 06.01.08 Spoken Word-Poetry
Avalon - the Isle of Apples elfdaughter 05.29.08 Film Scoring
Elevated Passage magnatone 05.28.08 Pop Orchestral
pale blue haiku sonic_magpie 05.26.08 Other
Tell Fate That I am Busy stevel 05.25.08 Alternative Rock
Apogee MissChaos 05.25.08 Dance-Club
L A T E L Y MattGranz 05.20.08 Rock
Witch's Waltz kassia 05.19.08 Classical
Vanity Fair stevel 05.18.08 Alternative Rock
Lazy Afternoon (improv) kassia 05.17.08 Piano
I'm uneasy too (w Michael2) stevel 05.17.08 Open Collaborations
TGV-fishboi:sfo fishboisfo 05.17.08 Electropop
Daze in Sunshine (w/michael2) sonic_magpie 05.17.08 Indie Rock
Driving (with my girlfriend) michael2 05.15.08 Indie Rock
The River sonic_magpie 05.14.08 Lo-fi
I'm Uneasy michael2 05.12.08 Open Collaborations
Mist [w/ Mystified] davisamerica 05.11.08 Celtic
Beyond chipan 05.11.08 Cinematic Soundtrack
Waking Life stevel 05.11.08 Alternative Rock
The Reluctant Ballerina (Rough Mix) Reinholt56 05.10.08 Classical
Verborgenheit - Seclusion dirigent 05.10.08 Inspirational (contemporary)
Summer Storm (with Motu) kassia 05.06.08 New Age
Hey Baby (CBGB) Scuzzalert 05.06.08 Punk-Grunge
LAUGHTER AND TEARS craighalkett 05.04.08 Folk-Rock
Aria dirigent 05.04.08 A Cappella
Ember (kassiafied) kassia 05.03.08 New Age
It Sucks (CBGB) Joanna 05.02.08 Punk-Grunge
Zoom Bang Bang (CBGB) with Sir Dennis Crowther & Rebsie DWL 05.02.08 Pop (Alternative)
String Theory (CBGB) sonic_magpie 05.02.08 Punk-Grunge
What You Deserve by Rivelino prototype 05.01.08 Alternative Rock
Chopstix Organatrix Reinholt56 04.30.08 Classical
That Life I used To Live. bonnieprincejohnny 04.28.08 Blues (traditional)
St.Philip's Street Breakdown woofer3 04.28.08 Jazz (instrumental)
Musica's Box Einarus 04.27.08 Cinematic Soundtrack
I Love SlimGirlFat 04.27.08 Dance-Club
Consequences stevel 04.27.08 Pop (Alternative)
Browning's Blues (House of Blues) DWL 04.26.08 Blues (traditional)
Picture that my beloved daughter drew Tadashi Togawa 04.26.08 New Age
Let's Go Steady michael2 04.25.08 Lo-fi
Excelsior (Title Theme) Andronis 04.23.08 Cinematic Soundtrack
Waiting For Nothing michael2 04.22.08 Experimental
Butterflies and Dragonflies (Re-Master) (with garner_smake) guitapick 04.21.08 Acoustic
Echo Sunday stevel 04.20.08 Lo-fi
Last Teardrop droop 04.20.08 Pop (mainstream)
Prepared Piano (re-mix) michael2 04.19.08 Alternative Rock
Letting Go (improv) kassia 04.18.08 Piano
EVP Series #6. Kubrick: A Trip to the Temple sonic_magpie 04.15.08 Other
Phenomenon bud 04.14.08 Other
Big Man lengold 04.13.08 Alternative Rock
Le bal de Minuit blaky smith 04.12.08 Other
LIFTED stacey 04.11.08 Folk (contemporary)
FLAWED (redux) stacey 04.10.08 Folk (contemporary)
Dream Dance composerclark 04.09.08 Classical
Kyrie YsaeK 04.09.08 Classical
Sierra Madre futzpucker 04.09.08 Cinematic Soundtrack
emma [revised] davisamerica 04.06.08 Art Rock
Angel Convention magnatone 04.04.08 Pop Classical
Half The Blues sloparts 04.04.08 Blues (contemporary)
Hopeless gail60 04.02.08 Piano
Wake Up (LIOLI7) The Orbiting 03.31.08 Pop (Alternative)
THE PEN IS MIGHTY (at 3 AM) stacey 03.30.08 Acoustic
What's In The Air? (LIOLI) michael2 03.28.08 Indie Rock
Not Welcome (in this heart anymore) stevel 03.24.08 Ballad
Deliberating the Call Doug Somers 03.22.08 Classical
Empty Stage stevel 03.10.08 Acoustic
For Marion futzpucker 03.09.08 Acoustic
Glacier Ride magnatone 03.09.08 Pop Classical
Le Petit Negre MidiOrleans 03.08.08 Classical
In the Forest (Micromoog Multitrack 1978) Bubowski 03.06.08 Ambient
Key Lime Sunday ziti 03.06.08 Latin Jazz
Mental Cowboy Dude (with a test card) sonic_magpie 03.05.08 Other
After All Granular Re-Mix (w/LeDebutante) michael2 03.03.08 Alternative Rock
Fallen Angel BossHook 03.01.08 Rock
Say A Prayer michael2 02.28.08 Alternative Rock
Song For Big John-08 ziti 02.25.08 Blues (contemporary)
I Thought I Told You davisamerica 02.24.08 Ballad
all of my life (matt granz remix w/Mystified on vocals) filters are fun 02.24.08 Indie Rock
Snowfall (remix) sonic_magpie 02.23.08 Ambient
Avalon - Isle of Apples elfdaughter 02.22.08 Ambient
Fair Phyllis dirigent 02.21.08 A Cappella
I'm Just Fine (fuzz mix) michael2 02.21.08 Alternative Rock
O Babe (w/Roxy ,Jack and Terry) Feter 02.20.08 Acoustic Rock
Dreams of Soaring magnatone 02.17.08 Pop Classical
LillNisse Cori Ander 02.16.08 Acoustic
Dreamlight dirigent 02.15.08 Classical
Prince Charm Does Exist (lalalala) (edited by DROOP) garner_smake 02.13.08 Children's Music
A Pray 33 Feter 02.12.08 Classical
Right Time stevel 02.10.08 Alternative Rock
Today droop 02.10.08 Pop (mainstream)
First Light magnatone 02.10.08 Classical
Losing in Miami davisamerica2 02.08.08 Pop (Alternative)
le trottoir (w Michael2) blaky smith 02.06.08 Blues (contemporary)
Regent's Park (w/stevel) sonic_magpie 02.04.08 Ambient
Feb'ry Blues stevel 02.02.08 Blues (contemporary)
Hero's Journey Project Overview Doug Somers 01.29.08 Informational
Eleonore blaky smith 01.21.08 Blues (contemporary)
Fugue 1 (for harpsichord) gisli 01.16.08 Baroque
Into the Unknown - Myst inspired part two elfdaughter 01.15.08 Game Soundtrack
So Easy To Read michael2 01.15.08 Alternative Rock
Into the Unknown - Myst inspired elfdaughter 01.15.08 Game Soundtrack
After The Storm michael2 01.08.08 Cinematic Soundtrack
sonata in D flat major; movement four: Rondo Allegro andreasvanharen 01.08.08 Classical
Stolen Moments stevel 01.06.08 Pop (Alternative)
Tresus btransue 01.05.08 Open Collaborations
Hinterlands of Ashburn sonic_magpie 01.01.08 Experimental
McZorro 08 ziti 12.31.07 Latin
Blindfold Donkyswing droop 12.30.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
The Sound and Shape of The Words sonic_magpie 12.24.07 Ambient
Wave Memories Part 2 stevel 12.22.07 Ambient
My Time filters are fun 12.21.07 Experimental
Reverse Bells in The Valley filters are fun 12.21.07 Experimental
Fragments Bubowski 12.20.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
Brown Bread (with Rebsie on harp) DWL 12.16.07 Pop Orchestral
Christmas time is near stevel 12.16.07 Holiday
A Break From It All Einarus 12.12.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
Blue cjhoose 12.11.07 New Age
Reverse Folk michael2 12.11.07 Psychedelic
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen michael2 12.10.07 Holiday
Lost and Found lostsongs 12.07.07 Informational
You Lied (LSP) DWL 12.04.07 Pop (mainstream)
The Charlatans Tele omnibus11 12.03.07 Electropop
Today (LSP) Peter Bauckham 12.01.07 Pop (Alternative)
Doctor Evil's Laser - The Lost Finale (LSP) Doug Somers 12.01.07 Progressive Rock
A Wish for Joy notsosweet 11.28.07 Holiday
Temporal Light michael2 11.26.07 Ambient
Without Company (but with Rebsie!) DWL 11.24.07 Acoustic
American Patrol Cori Ander 11.13.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
(You're like a) Guided Missile stevel 11.11.07 Alternative Rock
Evening Prayer MidiOrleans 11.10.07 Classical
the most beautiful thing Jim Bouchard 11.10.07 Acoustic
For Armistice Day Moviz 11.09.07 Spoken Word-Poetry
Om Sommaren Cori Ander 11.09.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
Black Forest Dance, Take 2 drakonis 11.04.07 Romantic
Another Green Ember w/Drakonis bud 10.30.07 Open Collaborations
The Active Girls stevel 10.29.07 Acoustic
Suite: Darker Side of Nowhere Cameron 10.24.07 Pop Orchestral
Mountain (w/vocals) michael2 10.18.07 Alternative Rock
Secret Smile stevel 10.14.07 Pop (Alternative)
Green Doria Feter 10.07.07 Acoustic
Cerulean Dream (Stone of Aldur) w/Mystified Henke 10.07.07 Ambient
III. Episodes Cameron 10.06.07 Classical
Your Rose Tint Color MattGranz 10.01.07 Rock
Salem Witch Hunt michael2 09.27.07 Experimental
unfinished michael2 09.19.07 Open Collaborations
I. Let The Night Begin Cameron 09.11.07 Classical
Delay on Ten (w/Mystified) michael2 09.11.07 Experimental
Duality(thoddi/myst/steveL) Mcboy 09.08.07 Ambient
Lakes of Cool Flynn Komrade K 09.07.07 Folk (traditional)
Wasting Time On A Summer's Day prototype 09.06.07 Other
Black Forest Dance drakonis 09.03.07 Romantic
Cumulus michael2 09.03.07 Ambient
Bienta cjhoose 09.02.07 Ambient
bolanesque/everyone's a star prototype 09.01.07 Electropop
Winterlude Feter 08.30.07 Classical
Sanctuary Parichayaka 08.29.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
Soiree Polka MidiOrleans 08.28.07 Classical
Out of Time Einarus 08.27.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
Lonesome Orphan Molly Day For Night 08.27.07 Folk (contemporary)
Waves (Original reference mix) prototype 08.26.07 Downtempo
Fragile (Echoroom/Mystified/Rebsie/MissChaos) MissChaos 08.25.07 Downtempo
No Fault (w/Vic Holman) michael2 08.19.07 Indie Rock
Saturnine (unplugged) Macaudion 08.16.07 Folk (contemporary)
Minstrel Boy/"Soul Of Love" w/Rebsie alfalpha 08.12.07 Renaissance
Future Perfect K.I.S.KISMET 08.12.07 Experimental
Don't Move an Inch lengold 08.11.07 Alternative Rock
Mist Comes Up The Valley Ibstrat 08.10.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
Second Hand Goodbye cjhoose 08.08.07 New Age
Adagio in e minor for string quartet djdrshaman 08.07.07 Classical
DAWN djdrshaman 08.07.07 Piano
Sea breeze Tadashi Togawa 08.07.07 Jazz Fusion
The Sound and Shape of The Words (Original Reference Mix) prototype 08.15.07 Experimental
Lost To The Night stevel 07.30.07 Alternative Rock
Sail Away (w/Racer X) ledebutant 07.26.07 Ballad
Gartan Mother's Lullaby ceilidh 07.25.07 Folk (traditional)
Cadence stevel 07.22.07 Ambient
Lamentations composerclark 07.19.07 Classical
Sing to Me Cori Ander 07.18.07 Acoustic
Om sommaren sköna Cori Ander 07.15.07 Acoustic
A Cave Of Stars dolby 07.14.07 Alternative Rock
Absynth Parichayaka 07.12.07 New Age
Wrecked and Beautiful stevel 07.07.07 Alternative Rock
Truth slips away w/end credits legato 07.07.07 New Age
Feeling Loud stevel 07.05.07 Alternative Rock
Leaving Bisbee Blues Cameron 07.02.07 Blues (contemporary)
In The Garden (w/Jim Bouchard) ledebutant 07.01.07 Pop (Alternative)
Low Rent Heart stevel 07.01.07 Alternative Rock
braking plates... my first song back with the g-tar woodguy32 06.23.07 Other
Township Jig Komrade K 06.17.07 Ethnic-International
Sonata part 3 andreasvanharen 06.17.07 Classical
The Gentle Maiden/Planxty Fanny Powers Brian Weiland 06.12.07 Celtic
Agnus Dei for Strings jason.s 06.11.07 Classical
Green Fields of Canada (Space Re-Mix) michael2 06.11.07 Psychedelic
Mama Cries (Horizon Mix) MissChaos 06.07.07 Downtempo
So Far michael2 06.07.07 Indie Rock
Museful Cori Ander 06.04.07 Acoustic
Who Should Know-Experiment 1 (collab w/Macaudion) Ed Hannifin 05.31.07 Progressive Rock
totally random enharmonic 05.26.07 Experimental
McZorro/Ziti/Mcboy ziti 05.20.07 Rock (instrumental)
The Promised Land MattGranz 05.19.07 Rock
Checking Out stevel 05.19.07 Acoustic
Flying High Day For Night 05.14.07 Pop (Alternative)
Maple Leaf Rag Cori Ander 05.07.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
Fredo's chanson VicDiesel 05.07.07 Renaissance
Silk Brocade kristyjo 05.06.07 Ambient
Just Like A Circle (w/I. Spike) Sil-VER 05.06.07 Downtempo
Then the Rain guitapick 05.04.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
area five elektronix 05.04.07 Ambient
Ode of Hope Feter 05.01.07 Classical
Sweet Baby (w/Jim Bouchard) ledebutant 04.28.07 Acoustic Rock
theme song for a chopstick western-riding toward sunset woodguy32 04.28.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
Soulless (remixed by biba_nova) cjhoose 04.22.07 Experimental
Carol stevel 04.22.07 Acoustic
Sign of Life Cori Ander 04.19.07 Acoustic
Remember When The Leonids 04.16.07 Ballad
Wayfaring Stranger 07 ziti 04.15.07 Gospel
Olives and Honey (Jim Bouchard mix) Magritte 04.09.07 Showtunes
After All (w/Jim Bouchard) ledebutant 03.30.07 Folk-Rock
sleep morningcup 03.27.07 Acoustic
ANGEL OF MERCY BAMPOT 03.25.07 Ambient
Funeral Shimky 03.22.07 Downtempo
I Miss You (take two!) stacey 03.22.07 Acoustic
Endings & Beginnings Cameron 03.21.07 Classical
Nothing Ever Stays the Change btransue 03.21.07 Open Collaborations
octoctus btransue 03.21.07 Open Collaborations
octosexus btransue 03.20.07 Open Collaborations
A W A Y MattGranz 03.18.07 Indie Rock
Foot of the Bed guitapick 03.17.07 Children's Music
Cuckoo Song paddler 03.15.07 Folk (contemporary)
Mirkwood Fires stevenkeys 03.05.07 New Age
Bard's Farewell stevenkeys 03.05.07 New Age
Nothing Will Be Impossible Cori Ander 03.01.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
Roe Deer Run paddler 02.18.07 Folk (contemporary)
Nothing Needed Saying stevel 02.18.07 Acoustic
Heroes Parichayaka 02.13.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
Stars (with Mystified) stevel 02.13.07 Ambient
Deus Ex Machina Einarus 02.11.07 Dance-Club
Goodnight, and Drive Safely ziti 02.07.07 Blues (contemporary)
Lost at Sea legato 02.06.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
Mist(re-mixed EJH song) Jim Bouchard 02.06.07 Acoustic
The Mist Comes Up The Valley by EJH jiguma 02.03.07 Folk-Rock
The Misty Mall of Avalon composerclark 02.03.07 Classical
Ambient Guitar Chill Parichayaka 01.28.07 Ambient
The Mist Comes Up The Valley (collab w/Mystified) Ed Hannifin 01.28.07 Folk (contemporary)
Butterflies and Dragonflies guitapick 01.18.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
on the wind. Tadashi Togawa 01.14.07 New Age
Movin' on stevel 01.13.07 Acoustic
In Echo of Emptiness (Mystified w/Komrade K) Komrade K 01.10.07 Classical
Aftermath composerclark 01.09.07 Classical
Through it all w/Mimi/Mcboy&Thoddi Macaudion 01.06.07 Art Rock
That Hot Night in July IV Cori Ander 01.04.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
The Soldier's Love elfdaughter 01.03.07 Classical
Simply Fine Ed Hannifin 01.02.07 Folk (contemporary)
If You Want Cori Ander 01.01.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
Camellia Rag (Final Version) Andronis 12.29.06 Ragtime
Nu tändas tusen juleljus Cori Ander 12.14.06 Fingerstyle Guitar
Angels We Have Heard on High Postludes Trio 12.14.06 Holiday
Little Drummer (featuring Mystified) MattGranz 12.10.06 Holiday
O Holy Night MissChaos 12.10.06 Holiday
Thistle The Orbiting 12.09.06 Electropop
A health to the seeds (with Rebsie) Komrade K 12.07.06 Folk (contemporary)
2 Five Minutes Compositions Cori Ander 12.05.06 Fingerstyle Guitar
Saturnine - Pie Mix Pie 12.03.06 Ballad
Something Tells Me... Paradoxical719 12.04.06 Smooth Jazz
Ascend (Orchestral Version) Audiologic 11.28.06 Cinematic Soundtrack
Emergent Bubowski 11.22.06 Cinematic Soundtrack
In Another Life (featuring Mystified) MattGranz 11.13.06 Ballad
Curry Rag Cori Ander 11.07.06 Fingerstyle Guitar
The Silver Screen Day For Night 11.05.06 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
World That Breathed The Orbiting 10.27.06 Pop (mainstream)
The Sleeping Walking Things MattGranz 10.19.06 Indie Rock
When Worlds Collide (or... Mars Needs Beef) MattGranz 10.10.06 Indie Rock
Cacophony (Thin Air Mix) borisluxx 10.02.06 Ambient
Over the Hill Einarus 09.24.06 New Age
In The Garden (PV Mix) ledebutant 09.20.06 Dance-Club
Autumn Leaves stevel 09.09.06 Indie Rock
VO Animation Demo Joanna 09.09.06 Spoken Word-Poetry
Moove Cori Ander 08.25.06 Fingerstyle Guitar
Traces of the truth stevel 08.12.06 Rock
Wave Memories stevel 08.10.06 Ambient
Saturnine The Orbiting 08.07.06 Alternative Rock
Psalm of Icarus MattGranz 07.13.06 Alternative Rock
Something Like That (by Mystified-Remixed) MattGranz 07.13.06 Alternative Rock
The Cool Breeze Komrade K 07.12.06 Celtic
The Emo Harp jefferson987 07.11.06 Classical
Bubbling Brook Cameron 07.10.06 New Age
Curry's Stew (Mcboy Ziti) ziti 06.23.06 Funk
Hello? stacey 06.12.06 Ballad
Sunday is a Good Day (for the Blues) ziti 06.09.06 Blues (contemporary)
Come into the Forest Einarus 06.04.06 Children's Music
Neverland (w/illuminati) ledebutant 05.25.06 Pop (mainstream)
dropping anchor lucyfur 05.24.06 Alternative Rock
Libby's Theme ziti 05.22.06 Rock (instrumental)
When Johnny Comes Marching Home thetiler 05.19.06 Acoustic
Cat's Walk Quietly ziti 05.16.06 Acoustic
3 Pieces for Orchestra, #1 composerclark 05.13.06 Classical
First Sight macgalver 05.12.06 Acoustic
She's More To Be Pitied MowMeDown 05.12.06 Bluegrass
YamPak Whirled Bubowski 05.07.06 Ethnic-International
Flowing In Peace thetiler 04.25.06 Acoustic
Just Providing mix 2 haribo 04.23.06 Folk (contemporary)
Fade Away (Dreams aren't real) stevel 04.22.06 Ballad
The Blue Man gwhoose 04.09.06 Folk (contemporary)
Journey Within Parichayaka 04.07.06 Cinematic Soundtrack
Structure of Stones MissChaos 04.06.06 Classical
Then Slumber Hold Me Tightly Andronis 04.03.06 Classical
Round Window mandolinquent 04.01.06 Acoustic
Heart Of The Desert futzpucker 03.31.06 Jazz (instrumental)
Forgotten coma7200 03.27.06 Rock
Untitled No. 1 (Song of Forgotten Sorrow) Tom Atwood 03.26.06 Classical
Find Him Scott Carmichael 03.18.06 Folk-Rock
Surfing Embers (Woodguy Remix) drakonis 03.14.06 Rock (instrumental)
You were the one stevel 03.12.06 Acoustic
What Time It Is Nolan 03.10.06 Acoustic Rock
Into the Deep Einarus 03.05.06 Spoken Word-Poetry
Tell me (W/Mystified) Sil-VER 03.05.06 Dance-Club
Walk a dog Tadashi Togawa 03.04.06 Jazz (instrumental)
Turtles.. woodguy32 03.03.06 Rock & Roll
dream 2...no.8.. woodguy32 03.02.06 New Age
Raisin&Butter Tadashi Togawa 02.28.06 Rhythm and Blues
Clairvoyant MissChaos 02.28.06 Film Scoring
These Days Tom Atwood 02.26.06 Folk (contemporary)
Blue time Tadashi Togawa 02.20.06 Blues (traditional)
Goodbye Tom Atwood 02.20.06 New Age
Interboro iG.STUDiO 02.19.06 Jazz (instrumental)
The First stacey 02.08.06 Acoustic
The Fall of Man (levels redone) RickW 02.06.06 Classical
A New Unknown (complete) Tom Atwood 02.06.06 Cinematic Soundtrack
Jazz Me Blues (second attempt) Cori Ander 02.06.06 Swing
Rainforest Lament (A New Unknown, Part 4) Tom Atwood 02.04.06 Cinematic Soundtrack
Galaxy Band 7 Audiologic 02.04.06 Cinematic Soundtrack
Slobodan Milosevic Cantor 02.03.06 A Cappella
RawhideDanger(w/rschletty) Sil-VER 02.03.06 Rock
Striped Sweater aclarke 02.03.06 Children's Music
The Wild Pair woodguy32 02.01.06 Rock (instrumental)
I've Got A Loverly Bunch Of Coconuts! caroline 02.01.06 Other
Kalimba Sunday Tom Atwood 01.29.06 Cinematic Soundtrack
solitude w/Mysti ziti 01.29.06 Ambient
Fathomless ("Soundtrack draft" completed Parichayaka 01.28.06 Cinematic Soundtrack
The View from Up Here MissChaos 01.27.06 Cinematic Soundtrack
Soon Together Cori Ander 01.23.06 Acoustic
Drifted Arin 01.22.06 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Barcarolle kristyjo 01.22.06 Classical
Plains (A New Unknown, Part 2) Tom Atwood 01.22.06 Cinematic Soundtrack
Jazz Bosendorfer John Stebbe 01.22.06 Jazz (instrumental)
Gethsemane Jon Swerens 01.21.06 New Age
I Am Yours (Last Embrace Behind The Wall) w/ Mystified TobinMueller 01.19.06 Classical
The Garden of Eden RickW 01.18.06 Classical
A New Unknown Tom Atwood 01.17.06 Cinematic Soundtrack
Invocation of the Island Court Andronis 01.16.06 Ethnic-International
My Wild Irish Rose piano jazz John Stebbe 01.15.06 Jazz (instrumental)
Jazz Me Blues Cori Ander 01.15.06 Swing
Julia's Prelude composerclark 01.15.06 Classical
MEMORIES OF SNOWFLAEKS Ghost -05 01.14.06 Drum n Bass
Universal Language(ziti-tadashi) ziti 01.12.06 Jazz Fusion
Art of Happiness Parichayaka 01.12.06 Ambient
Ode to a Previous Day Cameron 01.10.06 Classical
Monica's Waltz Emily Rohm 01.09.06 Classical
Galaxy Band : Part V Einarus 01.08.06 Progressive Rock
oceans and oceans 13 01.08.06 Ambient
Shufflerbones(ziti,dkopr,pvortex) ziti 01.07.06 Funk
Mommy and Daddy Don't Get It (w/ thepeep & Sunbeam) Mackie 01.06.06 Rock & Roll
Four Days in January Tom Atwood 01.06.06 Cinematic Soundtrack
Dog Leg Left ziti 01.05.06 Rhythm and Blues
The Creation RickW 01.05.06 Classical
Never Alone (Pt 3) Tom Atwood 01.05.06 New Age
Never Alone (Part Two) Tom Atwood 01.04.06 New Age
La Muerte Me Está Mirando composerclark 01.04.06 Classical
Never Alone Tom Atwood 01.03.06 New Age
vette of gold woodguy32 01.01.06 Rock (instrumental)
Tadpoles--Tom Atwood (unauthorized) Mystified 12.30.05 Folk (traditional)
Shade Tom Atwood 12.30.05 Classical
Hearts Survive AarCanaduh 12.29.05 Pop (mainstream)
The Transition thetiler 12.27.05 Inspirational (contemporary)
Seek Ye First (White Hawks) Tom Atwood 12.24.05 Inspirational (contemporary)
So Far Away (with Bill Furner - The Tiler) Alannah 12.24.05 Acoustic
Our Saviour Is Born! White Hawks 12.24.05 Holiday
Coventry Carol waynehinton 12.23.05 Holiday
S.N. (Emily Rohm/Mcboy) Mcboy 12.22.05 Holiday
The Twelve Days of MacJams Christmas (w/The Bawdies) Epileptic Gibbon 12.21.05 Holiday
Jhonny Silva mandolinquent 12.21.05 Ambient
snow 1956 Tom Atwood 12.20.05 New Age
At Christmas Time thoddi 12.20.05 Holiday
lime jonx 12.19.05 Alternative Rock
Little Iceland in the Refrigerator - DRAFT rik 12.18.05 Ambient
Silent Night classicalman04 12.17.05 Acoustic
Marche Militarie 2005 Cori Ander 12.16.05 Fingerstyle Guitar
One Quiet Morning kclements 12.16.05 Jazz (instrumental)
Galaxy Band Episode 4 perceptualvortex 12.14.05 Experimental
Sycamore Tree (As I Sat Under A) featuring Revolving Doris Noel Project 12.13.05 Holiday
bleed (cover w/alley-oop) ledebutant 12.12.05 Acoustic Rock
Homeward Bound kristyjo 12.11.05 Classical
I Saw You There 1981 Tom Atwood 12.10.05 Folk (contemporary)
Uv'khein Cantor 12.09.05 A Cappella
Galaxy Band Episode 2 Tom Atwood 12.07.05 Jazz (instrumental)
Perillon Theme ziti 12.07.05 Rock
Galaxy band,Episode 1 Tadashi Togawa 12.06.05 Jazz (instrumental)
Lord, prepare Us for Your Advent kristyjo 12.05.05 Holiday
Destination: Everywhere jgurner 12.05.05 Pop (mainstream)
Rocks Up a Hill w/Jim Bouchard (5:15) macgalver 12.05.05 Folk (contemporary)
What Remains Behind notsosweet 12.04.05 New Age
Unbalanced(W I. Spike) Sil-VER 12.01.05 Rock
I Slept Like a Baby ziti 11.29.05 Blues (contemporary)
God Rest Ye, Merry. ./variations thetiler 11.29.05 Acoustic
Northern Snow (Cori Ander) Noel Project 11.29.05 Holiday
What Child Is This? John Stebbe 11.27.05 Holiday
Fantasy on a Midwinter Theme ragurner 11.27.05 Classical
Away (revised) Noel Project 11.26.05 Holiday
Christmas Pastorale (revised) Noel Project 11.25.05 Holiday
The Lonely Road (Deserve This) aclarke 11.24.05 Folk (contemporary)
Cori Ander Remix: Gläns över sjö och strand II (Shine Over Sea and Shore) Noel Project 11.21.05 Holiday
The River Between notsosweet 11.19.05 New Age
A Mournful Sound MowMeDown 11.17.05 Bluegrass
Boar's Head Carol (Rebsie/Mando) Noel Project 11.16.05 Holiday
Sound Heals Audiologic 11.15.05 Ambient
Still, Still, Still notsosweet 11.15.05 Holiday
SAKURA..Late autumn Tadashi Togawa 11.14.05 Jazz (instrumental)
7Pillars (Dream Mix)-Collab with Pie SlimGirlFat 11.13.05 Rock (instrumental)
Forward MissChaos 11.10.05 Classical
Woman at the Well krtaylo 11.08.05 New Age
Be Undone btransue 11.07.05 Folk (contemporary)
Wave ( vocal remix) ChrisKevin 11.06.05 Alternative Rock
Transmission(w/I. SPIKE) Sil-VER 11.05.05 Rock
God Rest Ye Jazzy Gentlemen John Stebbe 11.05.05 Jazz (instrumental)
Emmet Peter Greenstone 11.05.05 Acoustic
The dessert is a pudding Tadashi Togawa 11.04.05 Funk
Sinfonia BWV 29 (Repost) notsosweet 11.03.05 Classical
American Plain Tom Atwood 11.03.05 Classical
Fanfare (The Lord Shall Reign) White Hawks 11.02.05 Classical
Timber Cove futzpucker 10.31.05 Jazz (instrumental)
A Heartbeat Away digitalnirvana9 10.30.05 New Age
Sansara (Mystified collab) stevel 10.25.05 Ambient
Lamb and calf's dances Tadashi Togawa 10.24.05 Jazz (instrumental)
Christmas Medley Piano Solo John Stebbe 10.23.05 Jazz (instrumental)
Dark Angel Heart .. blue surf muzak woodguy32 10.23.05 Other
Omnipotens Domine Cantor 10.22.05 A Cappella
Annabel Lee (Edgar Allen Poe) Peter Greenstone 10.22.05 Spoken Word-Poetry
The Man Born Blind (Jesus Spits, revised) Tom Atwood 10.19.05 Gospel
emission (w/the tiler) Stun Nutz 10.19.05 Other
CenterPede thetiler 10.17.05 New Age
Ocean Current Tadashi Togawa 10.17.05 Jazz (instrumental)
Above the Grass Einarus 10.16.05 New Age
Remember (with Mystified) cjhoose 10.16.05 New Age
Meriggiare Pallido e Assorto (1st take) DuoAzzoni 10.16.05 Classical
Meriggiare Pallido e Assorto (2nd take) DuoAzzoni 10.16.05 Classical
Brudmarsch efter Larshöga Jonke Cori Ander 10.15.05 Folk (traditional)
Lil stevel 10.13.05 New Age
H o n e y (with iG.STUDIO on sax) Peter Greenstone 10.13.05 Rock & Roll
The Church's One Foundation White Hawks 10.13.05 Inspirational (contemporary)
Canon in D (for Guitar) ronnielong 10.11.05 Classical
Chasing Shadows II Tom Atwood 10.11.05 Folk (contemporary)
Small Piano Pieces on Two Themes and a Lyric rik 10.11.05 Classical
I Believe In God saved777 10.11.05 Inspirational (contemporary)
Deor elfdaughter 10.10.05 Open Collaborations
In Haste..v1 thetiler 10.04.05 Folk (contemporary)
The tide runs high stevel 10.02.05 Folk-Rock
t'every caroline 09.28.05 Folk (contemporary)
Sopra un raggio d'Inverno rik 09.25.05 Classical
Marigold Ed Hannifin 09.23.05 Folk-Rock
Salut; resubmit/improved? bwhite 09.23.05 Classical
Coalesce MissChaos 09.23.05 Ambient
Her Hand In War thetiler 09.21.05 Film Scoring
47 samurais Tadashi Togawa 09.20.05 Funk
The Judgement White Hawks 09.19.05 Classical
Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes [with rschletty] ceilidh 09.19.05 Folk (contemporary)
New lights for new eyes magullo 09.17.05 New Age
hardware despair caroline 09.17.05 Folk (contemporary)
A Dance In The Meadow/Song of This World thetiler 09.17.05 Folk (contemporary)
Rehlehna Mystified 09.17.05 Cinematic Soundtrack
Ember-Zitified drakonis 09.16.05 Ambient
Let Loose Blues Cori Ander 09.15.05 Blues (contemporary)
Every Choice w/stevel bronco 09.13.05 Folk-Rock
I Wish I Was A Mockingbird Ed Hannifin 09.13.05 Folk-Rock
The Years (collab w/Katchoolik) Peter Greenstone 09.12.05 Ballad
Prayer without Words rik 09.11.05 Classical
Believe It stevel 09.11.05 Acoustic
Sinfonia BWV 29 notsosweet 09.11.05 Classical
himituno piano kcsaito 09.11.05 Jazz (instrumental)
Cat's Walk ziti 09.10.05 Rhythm and Blues
Grabblesnaps Einarus 09.09.05 Progressive Rock
Chelsea & Westminster [with Rebsie] mandolinquent 09.08.05 Folk (contemporary)
Lasko boze lasko ceilidh 09.05.05 Folk (contemporary)
Sally O'Brien (The Life of) Tom Atwood 09.05.05 Acoustic
Concept |3| (Vocals: CJ Hoose) Audiologic 09.04.05 New Age
Tadashi Said jiguma 08.30.05 Acoustic Rock
18 Games (A Lament) Tom Atwood 08.29.05 Folk (contemporary)
Praise to the Lord the Almighty thetiler 08.28.05 Acoustic
Lament To The Fallen Heroes ll (Collab: Tom Atwood) White Hawks 08.26.05 Classical
remembrance(NEW MIX) ziti 08.26.05 Progressive Rock
Progress & Destruction (from America) Tom Atwood 08.26.05 Classical
First Embrace REMIX ziti 08.26.05 Ballad
450 Miles Samba iG.STUDiO 08.25.05 Jazz (instrumental)
Crossing The Stars Shimky 08.25.05 Ambient
A Mighty Fortress thetiler 08.25.05 Classical
Lady of the Lake (w/ Mystified) TobinMueller 08.24.05 Classical
Polska Från Medelpad Cori Ander 08.22.05 Folk (traditional)
Hymn (from America) Tom Atwood 08.22.05 Classical
Three-forked Road"Can we really go to the Sushi Bar? " Tadashi Togawa 08.22.05 Jazz (instrumental)
Whisper Evermore Peter Greenstone 08.21.05 Ethnic-International
Lament To The Fallen Heroes (Collab: Tom Atwood) White Hawks 08.20.05 Classical
soviette _nderscore 08.19.05 Experimental
Song for Sale MissChaos 08.19.05 Alternative Rock
The Eye of the Rakshasa rik 08.18.05 Jazz (instrumental)
The Song Of This World Ed Hannifin 08.17.05 Folk-Rock
Fragments stevel 08.17.05 New Age
Baby Roosters on Parade Cameron 08.17.05 Classical
Amazing Grace (nylon) Cori Ander 08.17.05 Fingerstyle Guitar
Old Dog MowMeDown 08.15.05 Bluegrass
Le Troisième Demi Komrade K 08.15.05 Ethnic-International
Roundup® the World Tom Atwood 08.14.05 Folk (contemporary)
Kaleidoscope Pie 08.14.05 Rock
Wayfaring Stranger ziti & mystified ziti 08.13.05 Open Collaborations
Min Låt Cori Ander 08.11.05 Other
The Pain Game Peter Greenstone 08.09.05 Alternative Rock
SlimGirlThat MacJammersUnited 08.08.05 Open Collaborations
A Tribute to Fallen Heroes (Revised) BranDaMan 08.08.05 Classical
You & I WorldJazzProject 08.06.05 Jazz (instrumental)
Do you mind if I smoke? Tadashi Togawa 08.05.05 Blues (traditional)
Blackberries (collab w/alley-oop) ledebutant 08.04.05 Acoustic Rock
Old Folks MowMeDown 08.03.05 Bluegrass
CRY GIRL ronnielong 08.02.05 Blues (traditional)
Resurrected btransue 08.02.05 Cinematic Soundtrack
America Tom Atwood 07.27.05 Classical
Answers ziti 07.25.05 Blues (traditional)
Every Day Another Reason Ed Hannifin 07.24.05 Folk-Rock
Believe My Love. cormacbrenock 07.23.05 Classical
The Welcome Song Cori Ander 07.22.05 Folk (contemporary)
Stars On My Ceiling Peter Greenstone 07.21.05 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Cori Ander's Rag Tom Atwood 07.20.05 Folk (contemporary)
Hot spring heaven Tadashi Togawa 07.20.05 Blues (traditional)
The Thin Man Dreams jiguma 07.20.05 Acoustic Rock
Somewhere Over Greenland Peter Greenstone 07.20.05 Alternative Rock
Coriander Rag Cori Ander 07.19.05 Folk (contemporary)
The Midnight Glance ziti 07.17.05 Blues (traditional)
Call Home The Day Ed Hannifin 07.17.05 Folk-Rock
Future Shock perceptualvortex 07.17.05 Progressive Rock
Schrodinger's Cat Peter Greenstone 07.16.05 Alternative Rock
Song of Mbira (1985) Bubowski 07.16.05 Ethnic-International
In the Garden (Remix) ledebutant 07.15.05 Pop (mainstream)
Mexican Waves (Featuring Fairy Beth) ronnielong 07.12.05 Rock & Roll
Changes Drew Kopr 07.11.05 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
In Between Tom Atwood 07.10.05 Folk (contemporary)
VW's Lament davecos 07.05.05 Classical
American Fanfare Tom Atwood 07.05.05 Classical
Grace ziti 07.03.05 Blues (traditional)
What's Wrong with This World Tom Atwood 07.01.05 Folk (contemporary)
Take Me As I Am (Collab SGF) Drew Kopr 06.30.05 Dance-Club
Gumshoe Reflection ka-klick 06.27.05 Jazz (instrumental)
Git Along Little Dogies (collab with Bronco & Mando) snowdragon 06.25.05 Country-Western
oK2b3 btransue 06.23.05 Funk
Revolving Door Tom Atwood 06.22.05 Classical
La Noche Cameron 06.20.05 Classical
I'm Getting Phat (& Happy) Drew Kopr 06.19.05 Funk
Where Swallows Fly notsosweet 06.17.05 New Age
Blue Sun ziti 06.17.05 Blues (traditional)
An Error Thinly Tom Atwood 06.17.05 New Age
Memory Tadashi Togawa 06.16.05 Classical
Chillin Swanny 06.15.05 Dance-Club
electric raga ziti 06.14.05 New Age
Bluesy Grieg Cori Ander 06.14.05 Fingerstyle Guitar
Pictures in Heat (with Rebsie) mandolinquent 06.13.05 Folk-Rock
Telephone Call (acoustic country rock) CR 06.13.05 Country-Western
Under the Trees trebbia 06.12.05 Alternative Rock
Angel w/ cjhoose stevec 06.12.05 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
I Miss You Swanny 06.11.05 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Lunar To Earth trebbia 06.10.05 Alternative Rock
Memories TheBoogieMan 06.09.05 Classical
Start to a Ballad Swanny 06.05.05 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Funeral Shoes ScooterDMan 06.05.05 Folk (contemporary)
Small Peace notsosweet 06.04.05 New Age
Misery CR 06.04.05 Rhythm and Blues
Setting Sun krismacqueen 06.03.05 Alternative Rock
Dub Shack-BT & Ziti ziti 06.03.05 Open Collaborations
Seek Ye First (Collab: Tom Atwood) White Hawks 06.03.05 Inspirational (contemporary)
Dagadella ziti 06.01.05 Blues (traditional)
Improvisation for Nino #1 btransue 06.01.05 Classical
Old Timey Cori Ander 05.31.05 Folk (contemporary)
Three Numbers (Collab: Bouchard, Flynn, Atwood) Tom Atwood 05.31.05 Ambient
Talk About Love (Soul Tribute) CR 05.30.05 Rhythm and Blues
Theme-Third Draft basil81 05.30.05 Cinematic Soundtrack
Danny Boy jazz collab John Stebbe 05.28.05 Jazz (instrumental)
Rebsie's SOS mandolinquent 05.28.05 Folk (contemporary)
peace dream (dream piece) ziti 05.28.05 Alternative Rock
Excalibyr snowdragon 05.28.05 Folk-Rock
Cuba Street compyellow 05.24.05 Rock & Roll
Rebsie and The Man Next Door mandolinquent 05.24.05 Folk (contemporary)
Lost On The Waves Peter Greenstone 05.23.05 Alternative Rock
Were You Sent To Rescue Me? Andy Taylor 05.23.05 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Molly Brown d_cavins 05.23.05 Pop (mainstream)
Jazz Praise Syncopatient 05.23.05 Jazz (instrumental)
julia jonx 05.21.05 Alternative Rock
Faithful Heidi_E 05.20.05 Showtunes
Trepidation in Jewelry ziti 05.19.05 Jazz (instrumental)
A Simple Sorry Would Do ziti 05.19.05 Blues (traditional)
As the Years Go Passing By ziti 05.19.05 Blues (traditional)
Pokey's Blues ziti 05.17.05 Blues (traditional)
Song for Big John ziti 05.17.05 Blues (traditional)
Bach Jazz Collab. John Stebbe 05.17.05 Jazz (instrumental)
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