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(Tony Cantu)

Member Since: Thursday, October 28 2010 @ 07:21 PM CDT
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Homepage: http://Ur Momma.com haha
Location: Omaha, Nebraska United States
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I am tony i am in a band right now i play lead guitar and vocals i liek many differant genres of music from jimi hendrix to obituary my top 10 favortie bands are
not in order:
Led Zeppelin
Alice In Chains
Jimi Hendrix
Smashing Pumpkins
Red Hot Chili Peppers
I also skate a lil haha i suck at it thought i love jammin with people i play a bunch of differnt instruments i slap a lil bass, bang a lil drums, and shred guitar and barely a lil piano!
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Music Background jimi hendrix, led zeppelin, ac/dc, jefferson airplane, danzig, smashing pumpkins, carcass, built to spill, nirvana, foo fighters, lim bizkit, lil john, ludacris, morbid angel, mayhem, red hot chili peppers, bob marley, r.e.m., black sabbath, ozzy, my band stealing the watermelons, slipknot, pantera, a december lost, weezer, cheech and chong, aerosmith, buddy holly, johnny cash, white stripes, metallica, hoobstank, puddle of mud, jet, sadgasm, s.p.m., vinnie coluta, Earth Wind and fire, tenascious d, Van halen, flyleaf, Janis Joplin, Beatles, john lennon, rolling stones, the who, the ramones, Dio, Anvil, Alice In Chains, guns and roses, queen, scoripions, heart, blur, flock of segulls, soundgarden, Ted nugnet, boston, chicago, E.M.F., destiny's child, Lamb of god, godsmack, indie, alternative, metal classic rock bands!, Green day, blink 182, Sublime, system of the down, E.L.O., Kansas, Lynyrd skynyrd, Kiss, Creed,Omaha, Nebraska Muscians in the Old Market DowntownThe everybody fields, Poisin the well, sketter, skillet, papa roach, La bamba, OF COURSE COVER BANDS!, The tramps, Lenny kravitz, Michael jackson, Everclear, Wierd Al, Above the Law, N.W.A., 2pac, Run D.M.C., Snoop Dog, SLayer, Outkast, STeppen wolf, Spose, Adam sandler, rob wheeler, new jerusalem, marshall, scott rober johnson, ronster, my dad, my bro eddie, dale grayson, joe yesh haha, o yesh i also like the spongebob songs exspeciallt F.U.N./Campfire song/ And i rpped my pants im gonna learn them on guitar, The lipstick, roger hodgson, C.K.Y., Rush, Al green, the off spring, Elton John, Im a barbie girl by aqua, o yahh that 4 chord song by uhm......., Axis of awesome, o yahh bush, uhm... jumper song third eye blind, o yesh jim carrey, beatoven, power rangers/ spongebob/ star wars theme song, batman theme song, journey, Hanson, the jam, the strokes, Numa numa, jack black, Duck song, cypress hill, marlin manson, Jackass song, butthole surfers, cant think of any more haha!
Music Skills Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, Vocals, Drumline, Chorus, Soon To Be D.J. Skills
Music Hardware Fender Squier Harmony Acoustic Crate Amp - Sweet As Poop Jackson Dinky - Just Sold Sadly Wish I Would'nt Of Pearl Mixed Kitt - Also Sweet As Poop
Music Software None Really Except: A Freinds E.P. My Computer And A Walmart Microphone
Keywords YAhh like i said i have no idea what this is for! haha