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(Carl Edlund Anderson)

Member Since: Tuesday, September 06 2005 @ 09:40 AM CDT
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Homepage: http://www.carlaz.com/music/
Location: Bogotá, D.C. Colombia
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Formed in 1971 ;) Carl grew up on a musical diet of folk, jazz, and classical music, before succumbing to the heady glories of rock-and/or-roll in a teenage daze. Since then, he's played various instruments (badly) in various bands in the US and UK. Now based in Colombia, South America, he continues mucking around in his (extremely rudimentary) home studio and looking for new opportunities to collaborate -- in person or online!
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04.04.08 Afterburner 0.00 (0) 2089 (1) Hard Rock 04.04.08 Active
03.10.08 Twa Corbies 9.50 (2) 5036 (7) Heavy Metal 06.27.09 Active
01.16.08 Twa Corbies (v2) 9.25 (2) 2870 (6) Heavy Metal 02.01.08 Active
12.21.07 Twa Corbies (v1) 9.00 (2) 2480 (5) Heavy Metal 01.16.08 Active
08.14.06 Words to the Wind (v1) 7.50 (1) 1932 (2) Hard Rock 12.18.07 Active
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Music Background Played with some bands in/around Boston, USA and in Cambridge, UK, performing original songs, improvisational material, and a few covers.
Music Skills Studied piano and trumpet as a kid, self-taught guitar/bass (and a bit of drums!) in university. Been going downhill ever since .... ;)
Music Hardware 1992 Gibson Les Paul Standard (with Bare Knuckle "Crawler" pickups), 1976 Rickenbacker 4001 (with Bartolini and Jim Mouradian custom pickups). Shure Beta Green BG2 microphone. Assorted hand percussion.
Music Software GarageBand, Doggiebox, ns_kit7(full), various BetaMonkey drum loops ....
Keywords Rock,Metal,Psychedelic,Folk,World,Progressive,Latin