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(Cary Powell)

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I am a musician for life, I've played since I was in the 5th grade and am almost 30. I have been studing music with intesity and a deep desire since I was 17. At age 19 I met my love for the flute. I took private lessons in classical flute performance for 7 of the nine years I have played. I have played in a few bands from rock, funk, jazz and cumbia/salsa. I've been to College for nearly four years studing music. I graduated my self in 2004 when I was tired of waiting to "finally learn to compose music." I finally learned to tune in to my inner radio and realized I dont have to take all the general requirments of college before I can learn what master and doctorant programs offer. "WHY WAIT!" I just write now. Before I finally started writing I purchased nearly every classical and jazz theory book available and read them since my deepest questions about composition could never be answered by my teachers. I finally have tought my self to write down what I hear and play what I see. I started recording my music into garage band this year 2005. Thanks to the computer age, I NOW share my inner radio with the world.
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