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(John Whitehead)

Member Since: Wednesday, January 21 2009 @ 10:59 PM CST
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Homepage: http://johnwhitehead.bandcamp.com/album/my-fathers-hat
Location: Saint Paul, MN United States
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I've been singing and playing since the age of fourteen when my brother Paul was working his way through the Beatle book and needed someone to play with. From Paul I learned to fingerpick, play barre chords, and to sing the melody while he sang harmony. We played songs by the Beatles, Donovan, The Lovin’ Spoonful, Simon and Garfunkel, The Mamas and Papas, and The Beach Boys. Later, our sister Mary started singing with us. We favored acoustic music with country influences: James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Doc Watson, Emmy Lou Harris, The Carter Family, Van Morrison, Dylan.

Later in college and beyond, I continued to play on my own, jamming in basement bands, buying and selling electric guitars, but I never played out. I was strictly a back porch picker. Then, around ten years ago I came across an Old-Time fiddle and banjo jam. Jamming regularly with top-knotch bluegrass and Old-time players kicked my own playing up a notch. I picked up mandolin, learned a lot of songs and started writing my own. Now I play out as a solo act and with my band, Blue Yodel No. 9, a four-piece acoustic string band.
johnwhitehead's Songs (46)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
04.21.13 Wandering Blues  (---) 5203 (51) Bluegrass 09.18.14 Active
02.13.13 10 Days of Rain by Deb Carlson  (---) 2531 (22) Jazz (vocal) 04.18.13 Active
01.27.13 Runnin' Out of Road  (---) 2231 (19) Acoustic 06.29.14 Active
10.22.12 It Was Always Love  (---) 2863 (44) Acoustic 01.27.13 Active
05.12.12 Far Away  (---) 3058 (25) Folk (traditional) 08.08.12 Active
04.25.12 Can't Change the Weather  (---) 2420 (23) Acoustic Rock 06.06.12 Active
04.01.12 Bill Cheatham/Cherokee Shuffle  (---) 2910 (23) Folk (traditional) 04.22.12 Active
02.01.12 The Coals of Compassion  (---) 3270 (44) Acoustic 04.25.12 Active
01.21.12 Deckhand Blues  (---) 3403 (38) Folk (contemporary) 04.20.12 Active
10.03.11 Shannon Come Back  (---) 2894 (32) Acoustic Rock 12.01.11 Active
08.05.11 And Then Some  (---) 3107 (37) Country-Western 09.27.11 Active
07.10.11 Pink Flamenco/ with Llarion  (---) 3274 (40) Acoustic 11.05.13 Active
05.22.11 Colored Aristocracy  (---) 5054 (33) Folk (traditional) 08.05.11 Active
04.19.11 Good 'N Greasy  (---) 3737 (35) Acoustic 02.16.13 Active
04.07.11 The Land of My Dreams  (---) 3607 (30) Folk (contemporary) 05.13.11 Active
03.02.11 Blown Away (2trx2011  (---) 2803 (19) Folk (contemporary) 04.13.11 Active
10.01.10 Still Lovin' Enough  (---) 3449 (27) Acoustic 04.19.11 Active
09.21.10 Tilt-A-Whirl Studio version  (---) 3489 (24) Acoustic 07.11.11 Active
09.15.10 North Dakota Bound  (---) 2720 (18) Folk (contemporary) 08.03.14 Active
09.06.10 And the Creek Don't Rise  (---) 2841 (15) Bluegrass 04.08.11 Active
06.23.10 Love Like a River  (---) 3307 (24) Folk (contemporary) 09.22.10 Active
04.26.10 Slide-studio version  (---) 2788 (23) Acoustic 04.13.12 Active
02.25.10 Original Sin (collab w/ woofer 3)  (---) 5484 (31) Rock & Roll 05.27.12 Active
02.22.10 Cloudette  (---) 2822 (16) Acoustic 09.22.10 Active
02.02.10 Funky Man (Doh!)  (---) 3223 (21) Funk 09.22.10 Active
01.20.10 Skippin' Stone  (---) 3343 (31) Acoustic 09.22.10 Active
12.19.09 I Believe  (---) 3742 (28) Acoustic 09.22.10 Active
12.11.09 It's Snowing All Over The World  (---) 3885 (24) Folk-Rock 09.22.10 Active
11.24.09 Dreams  (---) 3099 (29) Acoustic 09.22.10 Active
11.16.09 I'm Pluggin' In  (---) 4146 (26) Bluegrass 09.22.10 Active
10.28.09 Pygmy Bone  (---) 3967 (40) Acoustic 09.22.10 Active
10.15.09 Isla Mujeres  (---) 4094 (23) Fingerstyle Guitar 04.15.12 Active
09.11.09 Boot Dragger's Waltz  (---) 4503 (33) Bluegrass 04.15.12 Active
08.12.09 Coming Into The Light  (---) 4230 (28) Acoustic 02.13.13 Active
08.02.09 A Right to the Blues 10.00 (1) 2623 (10) Acoustic 09.22.10 Active
07.22.09 Night Ferry from Troubletown 10.00 (1) 3063 (20) Rock 04.30.11 Active
07.18.09 Amarillo 10.00 (2) 4369 (22) Bluegrass 09.23.10 Active
07.09.09 Medicine Bow 10.00 (1) 3707 (24) Folk (contemporary) 04.15.12 Active
06.25.09 It Came From Memphis 10.00 (1) 2874 (12) Rockabilly 04.15.12 Active
06.05.09 Blown Away 8.38 (2) 3054 (15) Acoustic 09.22.10 Active
05.11.09 Tilt-A-Whirl 10.00 (2) 6336 (11) Acoustic 04.15.12 Active
04.15.09 My Father's Hat  (---) 5284 (11) Acoustic 02.18.13 Active
03.10.09 Maybe This Time 9.25 (8) 4664 (41) Acoustic 09.22.10 Active
02.21.09 She's In Love With the Wind 9.81 (4) 2731 (11) Acoustic 04.15.12 Active
02.10.09 Wintersong 9.58 (6) 3566 (17) Acoustic 09.22.10 Active
02.05.09 A Fool In Love  (---) 2599 (9) Folk-Rock 09.24.10 Active
Favorite Songs (789)
Title Artist Date Genre
Harold's Light Daugrin 10.06.14 Gospel
Palace Called Home sammydix 09.05.14 Acoustic Rock
Million Dollar Babe jottdee 09.02.14 Ballad
Laura (LSP2) sammydix 12.06.13 Folk-Rock
The River PeterB7858 11.29.13 Acoustic
TRUTH BE KNOWN Franciscus_Henri 08.02.13 Folk-Rock
The Likes of Us DWL 07.30.13 Pop Orchestral
Samba Del Sur (with Rok41) Philip18 07.26.13 Latin Jazz
Underwater Relic67 07.26.13 Pop (Alternative)
Not For The Likes of You DWL 05.10.13 Folk-Rock
King Kong pablatone 05.08.13 Folk-Rock
The Sea Char 05.07.13 Folk (contemporary)
Never Saw It Comin' PaddyNavinCaryatid 05.04.13 Alternative Rock
Close to Midnight w/ alackbass, rok41, paul f. page, & KyasheMusic Philip18 05.03.13 Acoustic
Anyway apb 05.02.13 Pop (Alternative)
Ride Yer Bike Daugrin 05.02.13 Jazz Fusion
Sister Cappelli Lennon714 04.28.13 Psychedelic
Burma Shave HOKEY POKEY 04.26.13 Psychedelic
The Long Way (w/ Saltaireguru77) PeterB7858 04.25.13 Rhythm and Blues
'Saturday Jam Sessions' Evolution On The One TvRicky 04.24.13 Jazz (instrumental)
Brother Can You Spare A Dime thetiler 04.24.13 Folk (contemporary)
Decisions paul f. page 04.24.13 Piano
Frozen Man (by James Taylor) TobinMueller 04.23.13 Ballad
Tosh Frenzy Parichayaka 04.23.13 Electropop
Frozen Man TobinMueller 04.23.13 Ballad
Gone Lennon714 04.22.13 Indie Rock
Needle and Spoon bluduc 04.22.13 Folk (contemporary)
Totally Edith (Wretched And Wrong) The_Applesauce_Project 04.22.13 Psychedelic
Fan Fiction (Stan Lee Writes Reed Richards) tempie 04.22.13 Pop (Alternative)
Scene Control Daugrin 04.21.13 Informational
Squirrel funk oldlibmike 04.21.13 Funk
Dream Weave (Final?) WharmtonRise 04.20.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
She's One Of The Walking Dead jfisenne 04.20.13 Rock
Beat Dancing Loob 04.20.13 Funk
violins and guitars bingsolex 04.19.13 Romantic
Moonglow (with Lilmom) Moviz 04.18.13 Ballad
Mama'd Say the_odd 04.22.13 Alternative Rock
Muddy Fields/ w DWL & rmarris davisamerica2 04.14.13 Acoustic Rock
Submarine Slumbering rodii 04.10.13 Acoustic Rock
Hell Yeah rodii 04.10.13 Acoustic Rock
Morning Watch PeterB7858 04.08.13 Fingerstyle Guitar
Cornbread uncle808us 04.04.13 Bluegrass
The Queen of 94 PHBB 04.03.13 Country-Western
God Whose Giving Knows No Ending eleveneyes 04.01.13 Gospel
JCPenney Dream Couch Lennon714 03.31.13 Alternative Rock
Never To Grow Old Dadai.2 03.30.13 Acoustic
Detroit Blues neckbones 03.25.13 Acoustic
The Time of Morris Men Again with Kingbee, Moviz, Bob Rodgers and Stevel, DWL 03.17.13 Folk (traditional)
Belle of Bethlehem oldlibmike 03.10.13 Folk (traditional)
Pinky Swear Lennon714 03.02.13 Alternative Rock
Squatch oldlibmike 02.26.13 Jazz Fusion
Skidilydoodap gadzooks 02.26.13 Jazz (vocal)
Stride La Vampa Mosaica 02.26.13 Opera
What They Tell You The_Applesauce_Project 02.25.13 Rock
Porcelain Mannequins w/Monroe Garni 02.25.13 Pop (Alternative)
Korg...MicroSampler.... Soundhound 02.21.13 Experimental
Tonight gadzooks 02.19.13 Alternative Rock
Betty's Bored oldlibmike 02.18.13 Rock (instrumental)
My Solitude ShadowofNine 02.18.13 New Age
His Name is Jesus MartinD28 02.16.13 Gospel
Strange Dreams of a Space Marine mana_junkie 02.16.13 Industrial
No Cold Radio Aemyn 02.16.13 Rock
Fading In the Dark (using the alackbass tune "Orphan Changes") Philip18 02.16.13 Acoustic
Mirror Mirror Vic Holman 02.15.13 Art Rock
Candyfloss Blonde johncarless 02.15.13 Rock & Roll
Valentine's Eve (Remix) Monkaton 02.14.13 Pop (mainstream)
It's All Hers 867-5309 02.14.13 Celtic
The Kind of Woman J_Gretch 02.13.13 Rock
cobweb hotel woofer3 02.12.13 Pop (mainstream)
Slab City DWL 02.12.13 Alternative Rock
Uncharted Waters PeterB7858 02.12.13 Acoustic
Black Hole ShadowofNine 02.12.13 Classical
Nothing Left to Drive This Broken Heart 1rwhite1 02.11.13 Film Scoring
I said I Observed jobu 02.10.13 Folk-Rock
Defeated Relic67 02.06.13 Rock
I Let It Go Talkless 02.06.13 Alternative Rock
Beagles (Muterra) Cheese Pantz 02.06.13 Alternative Rock
Opaline (Muterra) Cheese Pantz 02.06.13 Alternative Rock
World_Jazz_Improv Loob 02.06.13 Jazz (instrumental)
Fifty-Five paul f. page 02.06.13 Piano
Last Sketch gadzooks 02.06.13 Other
Planet tadashi 02.03.13 Jazz Fusion
out of sight, out of mind Sea Monk Seven 01.30.13 Lo-fi
Winter gadzooks 01.29.13 Jazz (vocal)
The Curry Song (Lager Louts ) johncarless 01.29.13 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Fernando Poo and Taj's Heliopolis (The Collector's Edition) FriendshipBrigade 01.26.13 Alternative Rock
Randy Lynn Rag kappy 01.26.13 Bluegrass
Love Relic67 01.25.13 Folk (contemporary)
Wonder If TommyBlueBoy 01.22.13 Folk (contemporary)
One Way lazyjane 11.14.12 Folk-Rock
At Dawn (with Symphony101) Mosaica 11.11.12 Classical
The End (of the world) gadzooks 11.11.12 Acoustic Rock
Good Company (revisited) pablatone 11.08.12 Acoustic
Partly Sunny Relic67 11.08.12 Pop (Alternative)
Himalaya tempie 11.08.12 Pop (Alternative)
Gimme a Break [whimsical] davidsmith99 11.08.12 Pop Classical
Litlgrn Rock Trailer 1 peterms 11.08.12 Rock & Roll
short egobandit 11.07.12 Art Rock
Bad Blood by The Speakeasy Sway Gaylen75 11.07.12 Alternative Rock
Live-Jam-in-Brentonec-02 falcef 11.07.12 Bossa Nova
Dead John Bull Six-Nail-Coffin 11.06.12 Acoustic Rock
The Story Skatehorn 11.04.12 Acoustic
The End w/ strangedream & rok41 Sigmund 11.02.12 Pop (Alternative)
Silver Tongues and Golden Boys Vic Holman 11.02.12 Art Rock
The Edge PeterB7858 11.02.12 Acoustic
pay attention tmcfate 10.30.12 Acoustic Rock
The Black Cat kristyjo 10.29.12 Children's Music
Funeral Blues JohnnyCanuck 10.28.12 Pop (Alternative)
Autumn In New York SylviaD 10.27.12 Ambient
Rain ElaDevine 10.25.12 Alternative Rock
Plaisir D'Amour D'AccordioMandolin Jarvoid 10.25.12 Acoustic
Catalina Sun (with Rok41) Philip18 10.25.12 Smooth Jazz
Mic check H3nry 10.24.12 Jazz (instrumental)
11:59 lexmusicofficial 10.23.12 Country-Western
Spiral Samba iG.STUDiO 10.22.12 Latin Jazz
Playground Fight tempie 10.22.12 Pop (Alternative)
Ignorance Is Bliss bradacash 10.28.12 Acoustic
bodh gaya carbon 10.21.12 Art Rock
Smoke And Cracked Mirrors PeterB7858 10.21.12 Acoustic
Scary H3nry 10.20.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
Micawber grah3am 10.20.12 Folk (contemporary)
When Loving is One-sided, a capella PaulaMunk 10.18.12 Open Collaborations
Goodbye, Santa Maria MajesticTaylor 10.17.12 Alternative Rock
I'm Me (Scene #3) TheAvalancheSuperband 10.28.12 Acoustic Rock
Let's Choose Today - Glastonbury 2012 Philip18 08.21.12 Acoustic
Nothing You Can Say w/ Jerry_Quinn, Ryan, ktb, & scofugate alackbass 06.12.12 Rock
Good Company pablatone 06.12.12 Acoustic
The Falling Leaves lexmusicofficial 06.12.12 Country-Western
Silence of the Silver Age Vic Holman 05.20.12 Art Rock
Terrible Hands w/KTB/Scofugate/Bassjam04/Sigmund Gaylen75 05.19.12 Alternative Rock
Sympathy Daugrin 05.18.12 Hard Rock
Murder/Suicide (1 Track H4 Demo) alackbass 05.18.12 Acoustic
Wei Ru (Only You) kickthemoon626 05.18.12 Jazz (instrumental)
Friends PHBB 05.18.12 Ballad
_'Real Funky Times'_ TvRicky 05.17.12 Funk
Play the !$h back! (edits) ElPeruano 05.17.12 Hip Hop-Rap
Unrequited Love (pop/other version) Songwriterz 05.17.12 Pop (mainstream)
Row apb 05.16.12 Folk-Rock
Between Us Loob 05.16.12 Pop (mainstream)
"Cheers" abzwork 05.16.12 Jazz Fusion
Inspector Spacetime Theme Song Owldude 05.15.12 Film Scoring
The Reason I'm Lost PaddyNavinCaryatid 05.15.12 Indie Rock
(ennead #3) Primus Superfluous mfwmiles 05.15.12 Other
OnThe Veranda (version two) Franciscus_Henri 05.14.12 Latin Pop
Sliders ShadowofNine 05.14.12 Electropop
Free Man gadzooks 05.14.12 Folk-Rock
Eight paul f. page 05.13.12 Piano
To Nothing Peter Greenstone 05.13.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
The Colchester Sphinx mrattue 05.13.12 Folk (traditional)
Talk To Myself jiguma 05.12.12 Acoustic Rock
How It Seems alackbass 05.12.12 Acoustic
Solitario (CD version) Peter Greenstone 05.12.12 Alternative Rock
Sweet Pete Moonwolf_Project 05.12.12 Blues (contemporary)
Death Don't Have No Mercy In This Land Moonwolf_Project 05.12.12 Blues (contemporary)
Fool For Loving You Bob Rodgers 05.10.12 Blues (contemporary)
Little Chevette tempie 05.10.12 Pop (Alternative)
To good to be true PHBB 05.12.12 Pop (Alternative)
Bron Yr Aur MichaelZebro 05.12.12 Acoustic
Break Me FEEL 04.28.12 Country-Western
Sanctified Fonk /Les_Kloo sammydix 04.28.12 Funk
Letters Cheeto 04.28.12 Acoustic Rock
"All The Kingz Men" abzwork 04.28.12 Jazz Fusion
Trust Me ShadowofNine 04.28.12 Pop (mainstream)
SlowDownForMe....Baby Soundhound 04.27.12 Rhythm and Blues
Walk on Water lavalamp 04.27.12 Alternative Rock
staykinda einstien 04.25.12 Acoustic Rock
Sun Beats Down gadzooks 04.25.12 Folk-Rock
See It In Her Eyes by Face Urchins Face_Urchins 04.25.12 Acoustic
Minds Eye neilh79 04.25.12 Acoustic
I think of you Jscott 04.24.12 Rock
"Green Eyes" abzwork 04.24.12 Funk
_'77 acid'_Remix TvRicky 04.24.12 Drum n Bass
The Laughing Song Mosaica 04.23.12 Opera
Duo with María Puglisi: Alfonsina y el mar jordifiol 04.21.12 Folk (contemporary)
Duo with María Puglisi: Sonho meu jordifiol 04.21.12 Bossa Nova
The Warning Bells PeterB7858 04.20.12 Acoustic
Waiting In The Rain Bob Rodgers 04.19.12 Acoustic
Lost in Rio DarienLHernandez 04.19.12 Acoustic
Pretty Baby Bang Bang w/ProtoTypeEightyOne/Gaylen75 Carrie71 04.15.12 Hip Hop-Rap
A Constant State Of Déjà Vu Bachthoven 04.15.12 Other
Lonelier Than That w/KTB sammydix 04.15.12 Cha-Cha
To Lelania Bachthoven 04.14.12 Other
Dancing ValleyPastor 04.12.12 Country-Western
Listen Baz 04.12.12 Acoustic
Little Something Else tempie 04.12.12 Pop (Alternative)
Love Me Like HipHopMoses 04.11.12 Ballad
Not Now Philip18 04.10.12 Acoustic
Jambalaya Smooth Jarvoid 04.09.12 Country-Western
Thirty Seconds Daugrin 04.07.12 Pop Orchestral
Nature boy With FenderJazz igorbass 04.07.12 Jazz (instrumental)
Waiting Here For You alackbass 04.06.12 Easy Listening
Howlin' Demons gadzooks 04.04.12 Blues (contemporary)
The End of the New Era TheReverendAG 04.03.12 Acoustic
Nothin' Doin' (mastered) rtcooper 04.02.12 Folk-Rock
Falling For You (collab) Songwriterz 04.01.12 Pop (mainstream)
Someday Soon Songwriterz 03.26.12 Country-Western
Someday Soon Songwriterz 03.26.12 Country-Western
Someday Soon Songwriterz 03.26.12 Country-Western
More of the Same mindscaper 03.24.12 Acoustic
More of the Same mindscaper 03.24.12 Acoustic
Slip of the Tongue (w. hackneybloke, Loob & Philip18) PeterB7858 03.24.12 Acoustic Rock
Your Own Worst Enemy alackbass 03.24.12 Folk (contemporary)
Shiny Things Philip18 03.01.12 Acoustic
Ultra Sound Vic Holman 02.25.12 Alternative Rock
Song For Archie alexmoody 02.25.12 Pop (mainstream)
My Young Love (feat. Char) RagingHormonesMIx chinaman2 02.24.12 Pop (Alternative)
"Equinox 2" abzwork 02.24.12 Jazz Fusion
Me Ears Are Alight grah3am 02.24.12 Reggae
I've Had Enough!. Dennis James 02.21.12 Psychedelic
SOMEBODY ELSE CIASM_ZENABI_ 02.19.12 Alternative Rock
A Place Called Home jobu 02.18.12 Rock
Oh Dear Life w/Les Kloo hackneybloke 02.17.12 Art Rock
Not Coming Home Cadman 02.16.12 Acoustic
Peacock People Loob 02.16.12 Blues (contemporary)
Transient Stomp jobu 02.15.12 Folk-Rock
I Did You Wrong...... Soundhound 02.15.12 Rhythm and Blues
-'African Tears'_featuring 'Abzwork' TvRicky 02.15.12 Ethnic-International
carnival of the spogs woofer3 02.15.12 Classical
Why You Love Me TommyBlueBoy 02.13.12 Ballad
Lament de L'Amour kassia 02.11.12 Piano
little thugs woofer3 02.10.12 Alternative Rock
Green Eyes Philip18 02.09.12 Acoustic
Abandoned ShadowofNine 02.08.12 Ballad
Too Many Whispers Moviz 02.08.12 Rock
I Miss You kaidavis 02.06.12 Rhythm and Blues
Alright Tonight PeterB7858 02.06.12 Acoustic
pulmonary Uncle Blood 02.06.12 Reggae
A _'Wonderless'_Tribute to 'Stevie'_ TvRicky 02.06.12 Funk
The Living and the Dead eleveneyes 02.06.12 Pop (Alternative)
DINAH michaeljayklein 02.05.12 Other
Cut Glass dashriprock 02.07.12 Folk-Rock
Rearrange jobu 02.05.12 Pop (Alternative)
Andante Patetico 867-5309 02.05.12 Piano
bennymix Uncle Blood 02.02.12 Jazz (instrumental)
Tight Like This grid stalker 02.02.12 Progressive Rock
Am I Pretty Yet? lexmusicofficial 02.02.12 Country-Western
"An Indoor Pool Party" abzwork 02.02.12 Funk
AClarke's LEAD WITH YOUR HEART ziti 02.02.12 Rock
Spanish Ladies Six-Nail-Coffin 02.02.12 A Cappella
YOU AND I KCsGROOVE 02.02.12 Funk
Lament For a Loved One richard13 02.02.12 Downtempo
NIGHTFALL richardhowardjones 02.02.12 Ballad
Old Wormwood danielmoore 02.02.12 Acoustic
NOCTURNE (redemption postponed) Franciscus_Henri 02.01.12 Folk-Rock
jam 1.30.12 airportseven 02.01.12 Other
No Place Like Home TobinMueller 02.01.12 Smooth Jazz
Growing Old TheRye 02.01.12 Folk (contemporary)
Home TheRye 02.01.12 Folk (contemporary)
The Garden of Earthly Delights Six-Nail-Coffin 01.31.12 Ambient
Medusa Maximum_Lux 01.31.12 Experimental
string quartet jordifiol 01.31.12 Classical
Buddha's bred Narad 01.30.12 Inspirational (contemporary)
A spring TAYASU gate tadashi 01.29.12 Jazz Fusion
Rock the Rajah Mojekay 01.29.12 Rock
Aeroplane MkII neldlog 01.29.12 Alternative Rock
jelly Roll igorbass 01.29.12 Jazz (instrumental)
The Valley-Song for Grantham gcjjones 01.28.12 Country-Western
Once Upon a Time in the East DWL 01.28.12 Rockabilly
The End (Train Home) w/ Loob, finkeldink, Symphony101 and Sigmund neilh79 01.28.12 Rock
St Louis Blues Jarvoid 01.27.12 Blues (traditional)
Today is a Good Day to Die tempie 01.25.12 Pop (Alternative)
(DUO CONTRATEMPO) aquellas pequenas cosas jordifiol 01.26.12 Folk (traditional)
tango for strings jordifiol 01.26.12 Tango
When I Grow Up FEEL 01.23.12 Children's Music
Darkness Descends TommyBlueBoy 01.22.12 Blues (traditional)
Coalesce (Instrumental) Pie 01.22.12 Rock
_'The Red Zone'_ TvRicky 01.22.12 Jazz Fusion
Foley Mountain Stomp snowdragon 01.21.12 Bluegrass
Insect Drone timothydevine2 01.21.12 Ambient
For The Love Of Pollyanna SmokeyVW 01.21.12 Other
Such is Life gadzooks 01.21.12 Acoustic
Two Monkeys In Winter Bass3x 01.21.12 Jazz (instrumental)
Guitars visit Havana (with Philip18) PeterB7858 01.21.12 Latin Jazz
_' The Dragon's Time'_ TvRicky 01.20.12 Jazz Fusion
Walking Down The Avenue Philip18 01.20.12 Folk-Rock
Everywhere I Go richard13 01.19.12 Downtempo
Birds, And Their Machinery of Escape tf10music 01.18.12 Folk (contemporary)
JESSICA jibes 01.11.12 Art Rock
White Boy Speaks of Rivers geschwarztes 11.29.11 Acoustic
Fall tmcfate 11.24.11 Alternative Rock
bennybop Uncle Blood 11.08.11 Jazz (instrumental)
Time's Up Dobrothunder 10.21.11 Blues (traditional)
In Munchen Steht Ein Hofbrauhaus....and this is the tune about the one next door. Jarvoid 10.20.11 Folk (traditional)
Heller RatRod tempie 10.19.11 Rockabilly
Hellbound Jockamo 10.18.11 Acoustic
Bella Amore story_lori 10.17.11 Acoustic Rock
99% bud 10.16.11 Alternative Rock
Wouldn't it be Nice magic matt 10.14.11 Acoustic
Breaking Down (the bummer song) - word association challenge bud 10.13.11 Alternative Rock
Whom took our L-Train? mikkinylund 10.13.11 Pop (Alternative)
Where Have You Gone, Ponce De Leon? MajesticTaylor 10.12.11 Alternative Rock
dangerous woman breaking you (word association challenge) Vic Holman 10.10.11 Rock
Empty Heart tadashi 10.10.11 Jazz Fusion
Breaking All the Laws of Love (word association challenge) michaeljayklein 10.10.11 Showtunes
Break Dawn Light (Word Association Challenge) Six-Nail-Coffin 10.10.11 Acoustic Rock
The Broken Ground w/Loob mrattue 10.10.11 Acoustic
I think you're synth is breaking (word association challenge) michael2 10.10.11 Shoegazer
Windows and Walls BoiAfrica 10.09.11 Acoustic Rock
Maybe Tomorrow (We Will See) Philip18 10.09.11 Acoustic
Con Te Partirò Var. thetiler 10.08.11 Fingerstyle Guitar
Funktified (DFunkt Challenge) gadzooks 10.08.11 Funk
The Cat Came Back alackbass 10.08.11 Children's Music
Oceans Apart obbster 10.08.11 Rock (instrumental)
Get Around Remark80 10.08.11 Alternative Rock
Cha Cha Girl musichead 10.08.11 Alternative Rock
Demetrius w/loob, Slashh!, Gadzooks sammydix 10.07.11 Funk
encrypted reign of love egobandit 10.07.11 Psychedelic
Sleep inside her Head mikkinylund 10.06.11 Pop (Alternative)
Someday Maybe stevel 10.06.11 Pop (Alternative)
Everyone's drunk in the 70s DWL 10.06.11 Electropop
Under the Raven's Eye Six-Nail-Coffin 10.06.11 Heavy Metal
IV cchaplin 10.04.11 Classical
Easy Jesus Blues mikkinylund 10.04.11 Indie Rock
out the wall (funk challenge 2011) dimm witness 10.03.11 Funk
Kansas City story_lori 10.06.11 Acoustic Rock
I Don't Know What To Do Vic Holman 10.02.11 Indie Rock
First Dance Dragonas 10.02.11 Celtic
New Orleans Prelude v1 MidiOrleans 10.02.11 Classical
Autumn Calls Moviz 10.02.11 Latin Pop
Killer Miller w/musichead crissew 10.02.11 Folk-Rock
If You're Not There mrattue 10.01.11 Gospel
Come In Funky (Funk Challenge) - draft1 TobinMueller 10.01.11 Funk
BoWevil (LIVE! Analog, Recorded 1971) wearebittersweet 10.06.11 Progressive Rock
Sunflower Headspace Daugrin 09.23.11 Experimental
Can I Count On Your Love rockstar89 09.22.11 Folk (contemporary)
Faeries in the Glen Llarion 09.20.11 Smooth Jazz
Acoustic Therapy PeterB7858 08.08.11 Fingerstyle Guitar
Lundy's Calling philonnie 08.07.11 Acoustic Rock
Guitars on a Rainy Day Philip18 08.07.11 Fingerstyle Guitar
All Gone Bass3x 08.06.11 Latin Jazz
Shark Salad Les_Kloo 08.06.11 Progressive Rock
Quack's Blues sloparts 08.05.11 Blues (contemporary)
recipe ste 08.05.11 Pop (Alternative)
Her Name is Jan Slashh! 08.05.11 Pop (Alternative)
Roadside Blues (Demo) JimDonnellyBand 08.05.11 Rock & Roll
Be Still My Soul EricHutchisonFamily 08.05.11 Other
Foggy Dew ThePints 08.04.11 Celtic
Brace, Get Down, Stay Down/ Sax Mr. Fab Daugrin 08.04.11 Jazz (instrumental)
tattoo (from 1983) dimm witness 08.04.11 Electropop
Present Tense Girl stevel 08.03.11 Psychedelic
Meandering SJB 07.29.11 Fingerstyle Guitar
About You antonfosh 07.28.11 Pop (mainstream)
Not Just Your Best Friend FEEL 07.28.11 Alternative Rock
Looking at the television billykirsch 07.27.11 Psychedelic
Love's Got No Boundrys..... Soundhound 07.26.11 Reggae
Back On Me Remark80 07.23.11 Acoustic Rock
Long Gone by jerry_quinn w/ gadzooks, ktb, kevmikwa, Ryan, & David alackbass 07.22.11 Folk (contemporary)
lovegrowscold TheRye 07.25.11 Celtic
She Walks in Beauty (posthumous collab Lord Byron) Relic67 07.20.11 Pop (Alternative)
Home Today Moviz 07.19.11 Folk (contemporary)
Sing To Me Philip18 07.19.11 Acoustic
Across the Miles Llarion 07.18.11 Smooth Jazz
I do declare jibes 07.18.11 Folk (contemporary)
Like geckobeat 07.18.11 Acoustic
Sailing On Broken Mirrors Vic Holman 07.14.11 Alternative Rock
C۫۰۪R۫۰۪O۫۰۪S۫۰۪S۫۰ ۪Y۫۰۪O۫۰۪U۫۰۪R۫۰ ۪H۫۰۪E۫۰۪A۫۰۪R۫۰۪T۫۰ michaeljayklein 07.13.11 Jazz (instrumental)
C۫۰۪R۫۰۪O۫۰۪S۫۰۪S۫۰ ۪Y۫۰۪O۫۰۪U۫۰۪R۫۰ ۪H۫۰۪E۫۰۪A۫۰۪R۫۰۪T۫۰ michaeljayklein 07.13.11 Jazz (instrumental)
Dandelion PatriciaGirl 07.13.11 New Age
Makin' Whoopee Philip18 07.11.11 Showtunes
Meaningless Without You....... Soundhound 07.11.11 Downtempo
if i could write a love song urbnite 07.10.11 Lo-fi
Us, In One Act tempie 07.10.11 Pop (Alternative)
Mercury Rising (New Version) PaddyNavinCaryatid 07.10.11 Rock
Africa Calling peterms 07.09.11 Reggae
Every Time Moviz 07.09.11 Romantic
Golden Slippers / Needle Case (with johnwhitehead) Relic67 07.08.11 Folk (traditional)
Life Sailors (Philip18, jiguma & PeterB7858 - an all-Aussie collab) PeterB7858 07.02.11 Ballad
Bad Luck gadzooks 06.24.11 Blues (contemporary)
She's Got Precision Elevator_Funk 06.21.11 Pop (mainstream)
End of the Trouble w/steve hix hackneybloke 06.10.11 Acoustic
On The Boulevard scaustrita 05.30.11 Rhythm and Blues
I Am A Machine gadzooks 05.29.11 Experimental
When Your Troubles Get You Down Philip18 05.29.11 Acoustic
Personality michaeljayklein 05.28.11 Swing
Lucky skindel 05.27.11 Folk (contemporary)
Alone Llarion 05.26.11 Jazz (instrumental)
That Much Stronger alackbass 05.26.11 Acoustic
Relax Into My Love in progress SCJohnson59 05.26.11 Open Collaborations
When I Go tf10music 05.26.11 Blues (contemporary)
Jazz Keepers peterms 05.26.11 Jazz (instrumental)
Guitar + Bass + Drums = ?? Elevator_Funk 05.26.11 NUjazz
Nine Lights Vic Holman 05.25.11 Alternative Rock
A Bridge Too Far PeterB7858 05.25.11 Acoustic
One Body - a duet TobinMueller 05.23.11 Piano
Black Forest Dance, take 3 drakonis 05.22.11 Classical
Hebel cyt 05.22.11 Experimental
What is This? neldlog 05.22.11 Alternative Rock
Congratulations (Band Mix) cyt 05.22.11 Acoustic Rock
Throw Me billykirsch 05.22.11 Punk-Grunge
On My Way (maybe I'm just weary) Dadai.2 05.21.11 Acoustic
Baby, I Love Your Smile yohmar 05.21.11 Other
Down Time eleveneyes 05.21.11 Alternative Rock
Abby Llarion 05.25.11 Jazz (instrumental)
Harvard or Yale? w/Loob & Feel, Hix, Romanowski hackneybloke 05.20.11 Alternative Rock
Hoedown Variations H3nry 05.17.11 Pop Classical
Willow Branches 867-5309 05.16.11 Folk (traditional)
Falling (2trx2011) TobinMueller 05.14.11 Ballad
Righteous Meeting/Andy and Damien Sax Daugrin 05.07.11 Jazz (instrumental)
Righteous Meeting/Andy and Damien Sax Daugrin 05.07.11 Jazz (instrumental)
Prize Winning Rose (With LilMom & Awigze) davisamerica2 05.07.11 Easy Listening
Struttin' Up Bourbon (w/ Ziti) TobinMueller 05.06.11 Jazz Fusion
Bitter Comfort stevel 05.02.11 Alternative Rock
"Now Is The Month of Maying" - Thomas Morley LonePineMusic 05.01.11 Renaissance
Life On The Trapeze jiguma 05.01.11 Acoustic Rock
VENTO DI CITTA'( © 1996) CharlyDeeCynthius 05.01.11 Pop (Alternative)
All In A Day gadzooks 04.30.11 Acoustic Rock
Your Savior LukeJL 04.29.11 Rock (instrumental)
Get a Grip spitlogic 04.29.11 Hip Hop-Rap
Leaving Manhattan (final mix) iG.STUDiO 04.29.11 Jazz (instrumental)
She'd Made Up her Mind Philip18 04.29.11 Folk-Rock
Forbidden Fruit jodyrush 04.27.11 Acoustic Rock
So Much Better Than The Rest PeterB7858 04.21.11 Acoustic
All We Are michael2 04.21.11 Alternative Rock
Love Is Come Again mrattue 04.20.11 Gospel
Lullaby (w/ SISTERS) kassia 04.20.11 Ballad
The Cook's Estampie VicDiesel 04.19.11 Renaissance
rewind gadzooks 04.19.11 Ambient
An Untitled Love Song mana_junkie 04.19.11 Pop (Alternative)
Little Town Gone /w Lagusaya2 jibes 04.18.11 Acoustic Rock
A Trane Jerry_Quinn 04.18.11 Jazz (instrumental)
MUSIC WORCS yohmar 04.18.11 Other
Why Can' t You See What You're Doin' To Me sloparts 04.18.11 Country-Western
I Get a Kick Out of You michaeljayklein 04.17.11 Showtunes
Urra Moor/The Leckie/Reel CJ/Willafjord Komrade K 04.16.11 Folk (traditional)
Blue Drag Ibstrat 04.15.11 Solo Instrument
Spring DonStevens 04.15.11 NUjazz
Spring DonStevens 04.15.11 NUjazz
The Wrong Man jobu 04.15.11 Alternative Rock
Photographic (w/Hackneybloke, Scofugate, Rok41, and Steve Hix) sammydix 04.15.11 Acoustic Rock
Amphibian thetiler 04.14.11 Other
Bill Bailey (won't you please come home?) Mosaica 04.14.11 Jazz (vocal)
WHEN WE HAD IT ALL w Pompei SISTERS 04.14.11 Acoustic
A Slight Flirtation Jerry_Quinn 04.13.11 Blues (contemporary)
Sub Zero ShadowofNine 04.13.11 Ambient
Massive (Ecstacy Mix) Garni 04.13.11 Gothic Rock
These Padded Walls JBurns 04.12.11 Rock
Change isn't always good guygrooves 04.12.11 Rock
Fukushima or Blessed Island w/awigze bud 04.12.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Reno, Nevada tempie 04.12.11 Pop (Alternative)
Interlude Justin122 04.12.11 Acoustic
The Unraveling of Mary Alice Frances Parker Brown BossHook 04.11.11 Folk (traditional)
I like it how you say it KAZOO 04.10.11 Pop (Alternative)
Still a Man jobu 04.10.11 Acoustic Rock
More Winds of War timothydevine2 04.10.11 Jazz (instrumental)
mmmm.... it's a bit lonely Elevator_Funk 04.09.11 Open Collaborations
Don't Wait For Me MarcusPerry 04.08.11 Folk (contemporary)
Windmill Rag (2011) georgeptingley 04.07.11 Ragtime
Waiting For The Sun To Come Out Vic Holman 04.07.11 Indie Rock
Simple Pleasures gail60 04.07.11 Piano
The Reason I Ride Bulls pablatone 04.06.11 Country-Western
Messing With My Heart PeterB7858 04.06.11 Funk
Hard Times sloparts 04.05.11 Rock
Black Velvet Band Philip18 04.03.11 Folk (traditional)
This Time geschwarztes 03.28.11 Acoustic
"Let's Go Cow Tipping" Daugrin 03.27.11 Experimental
Status Quo Doadars Uncle 03.19.11 Folk (traditional)
My Anxiety (with Scofugate) Relic67 03.18.11 Pop (Alternative)
Am I Getting Through 2trx2011 w/ strangedream alackbass 02.27.11 Acoustic
Best of Your Life sammydix 02.21.11 Acoustic
RUFUS TAUGHT HANK THE BLUES Lagusaya2 02.22.11 Folk (traditional)
Still got the Midnight Blues BlueAttitude 02.22.11 Blues (contemporary)
There Isn't Anything w/ Alackbass & Scofugate hackneybloke 02.13.11 Jazz (vocal)
Done My Time w/Crissew, Scofugate, and Rok412 strangedream 01.29.11 Country-Western
Crazy with you (w/ hackneybloke and scofugate) tonestones 01.24.11 Jazz (vocal)
Free Man Friday MarcusPerry 01.22.11 Folk (contemporary)
Ashokan Farewell Dragonas 01.09.11 Bluegrass
Please Come Back To Stay PeterB7858 12.13.10 Acoustic
Jack Frost paddler 12.12.10 Folk (traditional)
Silent Night thetiler 12.12.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Jingle Bells (done my way) michaeljayklein 12.03.10 Holiday
Newborn AcousticGuitarist 12.01.10 New Age
I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter michaeljayklein 12.01.10 Easy Listening
The Heights Relic67 12.01.10 Rock
wonderful (brian wilson cover) sonic_magpie 12.01.10 Art Rock
Fallin' Fallin' GilsMusic 12.01.10 Acoustic Rock
Elegy georgeptingley 11.29.10 Classical
Horse Dreams Rayelise 11.29.10 Acoustic
Bad Belinda B. Flat 11.29.10 Rock (instrumental)
Que Saudade! Elevator_Funk 12.01.10 Jazz (instrumental)
We Gather Together kristyjo 11.24.10 Holiday
We Gather Together kristyjo 11.24.10 Holiday
Restless Dreams dynoMYSTIC 11.24.10 Easy Listening
The Man Next Door VillageIdiot 11.24.10 Folk (contemporary)
The Roamer kayakanu 11.23.10 Folk (contemporary)
What Kind of Person Do I Want to Be w/D. Jorden, My Students, Rich, Andy, Mike, Bryn, & Bob alackbass 11.23.10 Rhythm and Blues
Billy The Kid Re-al 11.04.10 Pop (Alternative)
Little Girl michaeljayklein 11.03.10 Swing
Nobody Knows You (Ft Lilmom) PockBluesman 11.03.10 Blues (traditional)
One More Valley To Cross (w SISTERS) Loob 11.02.10 Country-Western
Did Ya Know? RAVENS 09.29.10 Ballad
I Will Be Overthrown tf10music 09.28.10 Folk-Rock
Just A Closer Walk With Thee (iPod Touch mic) Dadai.2 09.28.10 Gospel
The Sultry Miss ziti 09.28.10 Jazz (instrumental)
Can't Let Go (w Steiner and Anselm) Lardo 09.28.10 Folk (contemporary)
Music by Numbers DWL 09.25.10 Alternative Rock
Aerial Acrobat Maurice7 09.24.10 Progressive Rock
DEEP PLAY (chilledbeats) MUSICAL_FIDELITY 09.24.10 Downtempo
My Baby Just Cares for Me michaeljayklein 09.23.10 Jazz (vocal)
Vanessa's gastric band woofer3 09.23.10 A Cappella
dreaming, the way I do sometimes woofer3 09.23.10 Pop (mainstream)
Little Clues Corporal Beef 09.23.10 Indie Rock
Reign of Blood Six-Nail-Coffin 09.23.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Bad Idea fambroski 09.23.10 Pop (mainstream)
It Don't Matter DannyT 09.23.10 Reggae
Fruit Rollin' Dobrothunder 09.23.10 Blues (traditional)
Pieces ( HB Live ) Hectorious 09.22.10 Soul
Some Things Never Happen kitkat10 09.22.10 Experimental
I Love You christturner 09.22.10 Pop (mainstream)
After The Rain DannyT 09.22.10 Pop (Alternative)
Prada Heels TomFairnie 09.20.10 Acoustic
Sleeping Beauty mrattue 09.17.10 Ballad
Bullfrog Blues (original mix) Saltaireguru77 09.17.10 Blues (contemporary)
Shake the Shack....or the Swamp Jarvoid 09.16.10 Blues (contemporary)
Cara Part II Stav 09.16.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Cara - Intro Stav 09.16.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
The Boxer - Credits Stav 09.16.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
'59 Superior (with Scofugate) Relic67 09.15.10 Rock (instrumental)
Feel So Right Skean 09.15.10 Dance-Club
Fool To Let Me Go (Featuring RAVENS) fasteddie 09.14.10 Rock
Always Look on the Bright Side of Life michaeljayklein 09.14.10 Showtunes
The Old Rambler Joseph_Elliot 09.15.10 Folk (contemporary)
I Have No End Joseph_Elliot 09.15.10 Folk (contemporary)
Müller's Wheel TobinMueller 09.14.10 Funk
How I Spent My Summer apod 09.13.10 Shoegazer
No way, No How.... LouisLacey 09.12.10 Ragtime
I'm A Nut John Stebbe 09.11.10 Children's Music
A Sort Of Loving (w Sschedra) Saltaireguru77 09.11.10 Folk-Rock
The Uffington Horse mrattue 09.10.10 Ballad
crushed huntysin 09.09.10 Pop (Alternative)
I'm Feeling Lonely abitran128 09.09.10 Jazz (vocal)
Ain't Nobody Here but Us Chickens! michaeljayklein 09.06.10 Swing
Feel This Way w/ awigze & Fulvio Romano & Scofugate crissew 09.06.10 Acoustic Rock
Walk on (feat. jkane, pharmakeus, carlajpatterson, Henno, Northpoint and dr_elvis01) ckrohm 09.06.10 Rock
Hotel Life w/awigze hackneybloke 09.05.10 Acoustic
Life Made Easy (with woofer3) DWL 09.04.10 Comedy-Satire-Parody
South Union SixFeetUnderTheStars 09.02.10 Acoustic
Till the Tap Runs Dry (album version) michaelkoppenheffer 08.10.10 Folk-Rock
No More Stars (album version) michaelkoppenheffer 07.22.10 Folk-Rock
Summer Glaze (With cchaplin) DarkPlanet 07.02.10 Alternative Rock
Waltz in the Rain KgZ 06.23.10 Piano
Ude o migaku dantimmermans 06.23.10 Indie Rock
Rain, Rain, Rain Tom Atwood 06.23.10 Folk (contemporary)
heavy mary [#2 ] woofer3 06.22.10 Pop (mainstream)
Marital Bliss (w/RG Paddler) davisamerica 06.21.10 Art Rock
Howling at the Moon PockBluesman 06.21.10 Blues (contemporary)
Loveless & Dead hackneybloke 06.19.10 Acoustic
The Bear Safety Song michaelkoppenheffer 05.28.10 Reggae
Muddin tempie 05.14.10 Pop (Alternative)
Waving the Sky Doug Somers 05.13.10 Ambient
The Haymaking chestnut 05.11.10 Folk (traditional)
Wanted Me To Lennon714 05.09.10 Indie Rock
Hakoiri musume dantimmermans 05.09.10 Indie Rock
leave me alone pablatone 05.08.10 Acoustic
Not Who I Ever Want to Be alackbass 05.02.10 Rock
That's Where I Cross Over michaelkoppenheffer 04.29.10 Folk-Rock
Streetlights josporrett 04.27.10 Downtempo
AMSTERDAM jiguma 04.27.10 Alternative Rock
Can You Guess GandC 04.27.10 Bluegrass
Blue Skies V2 michaeljayklein 04.27.10 Swing
Groovin with Andy Sirens_Headband 04.26.10 Jazz (instrumental)
A Light Went Out w/ Jerry Quinn, Paul Page & Ryan alackbass 04.22.10 Acoustic
I Wouldn't Let It Get to You (collab with scofugate) Relic67 04.20.10 Pop (Alternative)
He Was Loved michaelkoppenheffer 03.22.10 Acoustic
The Road W/Coriander hackneybloke 03.20.10 Acoustic
Never Mind The Weather hackneybloke 03.13.10 Acoustic
I Want To Live Jim Bouchard 03.12.10 Acoustic Rock
Till the Tap Runs Dry michaelkoppenheffer 03.11.10 Folk-Rock
Picture of Your Face - by Olivia dancedivine 03.07.10 Acoustic
Confluence magnatone 03.05.10 Pop Classical
The Night Doctors michaelkoppenheffer 03.04.10 Pop (Alternative)
Daugerel Daugrin 03.02.10 Jazz Fusion
Tell Your Other Girlfriend ramonaji 03.02.10 Alternative Rock
Uma no hone dantimmermans 03.02.10 Indie Rock
The Lucky Ones Holistik 03.02.10 Acoustic Rock
Dixie (Spoken Word) ShadowofNine 03.01.10 Other
Life is a Terminal Disease michaelkoppenheffer 03.01.10 Acoustic
Answer To My Prayer by Jerry Quinn alackbass 02.27.10 Ballad
cow cow blues woofer3 02.26.10 Blues (traditional)
The River of Time by Jerry Quinn alackbass 02.25.10 Blues (traditional)
demons in the house of plenty woofer3 02.25.10 Classical
Seafood Gumbo w/ AngelaHope TobinMueller 02.25.10 Jazz (vocal)
A Beautiful World Moviz 02.24.10 Hawaiian
Take the "A" Train Lalosjazz 02.24.10 Jazz (instrumental)
Desert Raks rsolorio 02.23.10 Middle Eastern
Last Words Boogie (Featuring scofugate) Relic67 02.22.10 Rock
A Little Crazy with cchaplin lengold 02.22.10 Other
big boy juice bolin 03.01.10 Indie Rock
Laura (MJRF2010) Cameron 02.11.10 New Age
Lazy dabaxter 02.11.10 Blues (contemporary)
Life Is a Terminal Disease michaelkoppenheffer 02.10.10 Pop (Alternative)
Reality TV MJRF2010 Peter Bauckham 02.07.10 Alternative Rock
kashiwa o-dori ste 02.07.10 Pop (Alternative)
Traveling Blind MJRF2010 eleveneyes 02.06.10 Acoustic Rock
Milonga Bolacera billykirsch 02.06.10 Tango
Immigrant hackneybloke 02.04.10 Acoustic
Wouldn't Change a Thing (MJRF2010) michaelkoppenheffer 02.04.10 Folk (contemporary)
when you smile buckhorn 02.03.10 Lo-fi
Mexico Lennon714 02.03.10 Lo-fi
Cold Winter's Morning chestnut 02.03.10 Folk (contemporary)
The Snow is Melting! andreasvanharen 02.03.10 Romantic
FINE LOVE SISTERS 02.03.10 Pop (mainstream)
The Light Blue Cori Ander 02.03.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Nonesuch VicDiesel 02.03.10 Downtempo
I'm a Dreamer( MJRF2010) Moviz 02.02.10 Rock & Roll
It's About Time dynamite_van_pipe 02.02.10 Pop (Alternative)
Sailortown w/echoroom (MJRF 2010) bud 02.01.10 Alternative Rock
UP ON THE HILL jibes 01.31.10 Folk-Rock
Welcome to the New Age michaelkoppenheffer 01.30.10 Pop (Alternative)
Angelina thetiler 01.29.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Table Five (Collab. w/Sisters, Ziti, Jiguma, Awigze, Kevmikwa) davisamerica2 01.28.10 Ballad
Losing The Fever paddler 01.28.10 Electropop
Starfeesh GandC 01.27.10 Ballad
Are Ya Picking Up GandC 01.26.10 Bluegrass
Bach in the Saddle Ibstrat 01.25.10 Classical
Loveboat wheelehouse 01.25.10 Indie Rock
The Song That Never Was (Imogen Heap) ShadowofNine 01.25.10 Pop (Alternative)
The One with BirdmanWayne94 guygrooves 01.25.10 Acoustic
The Long Dark Night daibhre 01.25.10 Folk (contemporary)
A sense of summer thoddi 01.24.10 Latin Jazz
When I Say Y'All michaelkoppenheffer 01.23.10 Acoustic
Echolalia (w/ sonnyjim) racerat 01.23.10 Downtempo
bliss v2 mybravedesign 01.22.10 Electropop
A Winter Tale andreasvanharen 01.21.10 Romantic
Your Sister Was Home wheelehouse 01.20.10 Folk-Rock
Carbis Bay ThroughRivers 01.18.10 Acoustic
Big Dog DWL 01.17.10 Acoustic
Tearing Up Texas michaelkoppenheffer 01.13.10 Acoustic
Indiana TomFairnie 01.12.10 Acoustic
they're turning out the lights in england woofer3 01.10.10 Pop (mainstream)
Don't Want To Talk About It jiguma 01.08.10 Acoustic Rock
chewing generation#2 woofer3 01.08.10 Easy Listening
White Ice Starry Nights Yordbear 01.07.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
No More Stars michaelkoppenheffer 01.06.10 Folk-Rock
The New Mown Hay SJB 01.05.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Barker's Creek / West Fork Gals Relic67 01.04.10 Folk (traditional)
Mom's Favorites BirdmanWayne94 01.02.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Picture a Place hackneybloke 12.30.09 Acoustic
Picture a Place hackneybloke 12.30.09 Acoustic
WILLET BRANCH SISTERS 12.29.09 Alternative Rock
Swingin' Door 2009 The Fritters 12.28.09 Acoustic Rock
Danielle Wants to Be Your Friend michaelkoppenheffer 12.27.09 Electropop
holding sunshine tmcfate 12.27.09 Acoustic
Epilog mikkinylund 12.26.09 Folk-Rock
Death Goes Shopping DWL 12.22.09 Punk-Grunge
Ding dong (merrily we're high) BrunchandChewy 12.22.09 Holiday
Snowflakes with jkane zallaz01 12.22.09 Rock
Take Me To Heart (w thoddi, alfalpha, kevmikwa) jiguma 12.20.09 Rhythm and Blues
Pure Pop kinane 12.20.09 Rock & Roll
Coventry Carol No. 1 (another version) UnderThePianoMan 12.19.09 Holiday
Mexican Girl (Five_Extra_Arms/cjdaley cover) Lennon714 12.19.09 Alternative Rock
The song of fish and wars mikkinylund 12.18.09 Folk-Rock
somethings happen to me tmcfate 12.17.09 Acoustic Rock
Circle michael2 12.17.09 Shoegazer
Predicting The Man Gaylen75 12.16.09 Ballad
yellow fingered papa woofer3 12.16.09 Pop (Alternative)
For My Christina The_Mistress_Project 12.16.09 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
White Christmas Uke Style Martin_Leroy 12.16.09 Holiday
Wintertime (Demo quality) Cadman 12.12.09 Acoustic
Mangoes in the Morning Yordbear 12.12.09 Ethnic-International
Did we do our Best? hackneybloke 12.12.09 Acoustic
The Phoenix magnatone 12.11.09 Pop Classical
Song For Friends kickthemoon626 12.09.09 Jazz (instrumental)
Take One Two tmcfate 12.08.09 Acoustic
White Light jibes 12.11.09 Rock & Roll
Mortgage My Life Away immichaelyoung 12.07.09 Jazz (vocal)
Grow Old With Me(MedicineShowBand) davisamerica 12.05.09 Folk-Rock
Curtain hackneybloke 12.05.09 Acoustic
Uh Oh NO More OneEyedPiano 12.04.09 Pop (mainstream)
Pure Simple Day (with Feter) Lardo 12.04.09 Classical
Knock on Wood tempie 12.04.09 Pop (Alternative)
Train Boy mer 12.04.09 Electropop
think of you sonic_magpie 12.04.09 Other
Your Pleasure Centers ramonaji 12.03.09 Pop (Alternative)
Colorado River--Better Mix michaelkoppenheffer 12.02.09 Acoustic
Chorus gisli 12.02.09 Baroque
Doctor Jazz chestnut 12.02.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
The Merriest Christmas Moviz 12.02.09 Holiday
Cold December kristyjo 12.02.09 Holiday
Mardigras crisbarber 11.29.09 Jazz (instrumental)
I Want a Girl Who Smells Like Gasoline Lennon714 11.29.09 Alternative Rock
In Hell Relic67 11.27.09 Rock & Roll
In Hell Relic67 11.27.09 Rock & Roll
Organic blue tadashi 11.25.09 Blues (contemporary)
Ridin' The Yuletide arundqui 11.22.09 Holiday
Rhode to Boogie Yordbear 11.19.09 Blues (contemporary)
Deep Majesty kassia 11.18.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
All Smokey ziti 11.18.09 Acoustic
Life and Death on the Serengeti arundqui 11.17.09 Rock (instrumental)
No Time ThroughRivers 11.16.09 Folk (contemporary)
Window hackneybloke 11.15.09 Acoustic
salience #2 buckhorn 11.14.09 Folk-Rock
Dulcinea dynamite_van_pipe 11.13.09 Pop (Alternative)
In the Middle of Nowhere daibhre 11.12.09 Folk (contemporary)
Gas Town Blues ShadowofNine 11.12.09 Film Scoring
Lullaby for the Inner Child drakonis 11.11.09 Ballad
and one... bud 11.10.09 Ambient
A Good Night's Sleep with Macferret, Sir Dennis Crowther and Pete Young DWL 11.10.09 Acoustic Rock
sweet potatoes ste 11.08.09 Pop (Alternative)
SUNDAY MORNING SISTERS 11.07.09 Pop (mainstream)
The System Finds a Way to Stay the Same michaelkoppenheffer 11.02.09 Folk (contemporary)
Weather or Not w/awigze Jim Bouchard 11.01.09 Jazz Fusion
LAUGH OUT LOUD BossHook 11.01.09 Pop (mainstream)
Billy Don't You Go To the Fair michaelkoppenheffer 11.01.09 Acoustic
The Lizard Song bageltogo 10.31.09 Ethnic-International
Novis Libris Relic67 10.31.09 Pop (Alternative)
Anarchy, Inc. Lennon714 10.31.09 Pop (Alternative)
How It Happens Jim Bouchard 10.29.09 Acoustic Rock
Wake Up! mikkinylund 10.29.09 Pop (Alternative)
Dreams persona 10.28.09 Acoustic
On the Down Low instrumental willbill808 10.28.09 Hip Hop-Rap
Sunset Boats 10.28.09 Latin Jazz
Keishmul's Galley chestnut 10.25.09 Folk (traditional)
Unlimited sonic_magpie 10.24.09 Soul
coalhouse blues woofer3 10.22.09 Blues (traditional)
Nellie G. Joanna 10.15.09 Jazz (vocal)
Rock Creek Park michaelkoppenheffer 10.14.09 Folk (contemporary)
Wouldn't Change a Thing michaelkoppenheffer 09.25.09 Folk (contemporary)
Keep it Real Ibstrat 09.21.09 Solo Instrument
Tiny Man Inside (Read Between the Lines) MasonAtom 09.21.09 Rock
For String Orchestra: The Lost Child andreasvanharen 09.21.09 Classical
Slightly Bruised Jim Bouchard 09.20.09 Rock
Ramstein Lennon714 09.20.09 Other
Doodle Tree Pete_NB 09.18.09 Alternative Rock
Criminal 50's thinkfish 09.18.09 Rock & Roll
Thursday Afternoon - (Early Demo) Cadman 09.18.09 Blues (contemporary)
seems like a million years woofer3 09.18.09 Other
Gypsy Heart The Fritters 09.17.09 Acoustic Rock
How The West Was Won The Fritters 09.15.09 Country-Western
William And Nancy's Parting chestnut 09.15.09 Folk (traditional)
Here Comes the Rain Martin_Leroy 09.14.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Wild Turkey (Jam Chowder) Cheese Pantz 09.14.09 Rock (instrumental)
One-eye, Lefty and Ginger chestnut 09.12.09 Children's Music
Dmaj (Little Ditty) Cheese Pantz 09.10.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
alphaman tokai 09.10.09 Art Rock
Cakeless VillageIdiot 09.10.09 Folk (contemporary)
Then There Were Four (with Scofugate) Moviz 09.09.09 Alternative Rock
dance with a stranger - Ruth's song woofer3 09.09.09 Other
Chicken Lickin' Finger Pickin' jamminben 09.09.09 Acoustic
Calle del Maine v1 MidiOrleans 09.04.09 NUjazz
Fragile Flyers guitapick 09.04.09 Acoustic
Can't Imagine nbuckton 09.04.09 Indie Rock
A Night With Feter feat'(Roxylee sloparts crissew johnwhitehead and Yamin AL Yamani ) Feter 09.03.09 Acoustic
Komara's Song Martin_Leroy 09.05.09 Acoustic
There's No Tomorrow Moviz 08.25.09 Pop (mainstream)
Your Finest Moment nbuckton 08.24.09 Indie Rock
LIOLI9jbMando johnnyblues 08.23.09 Acoustic
H2O Music cchaplin 08.23.09 Classical
Yr Sister brentmiles 08.26.09 Shoegazer
Sonoma and Sistine (demo) TomFairnie 08.14.09 Bluegrass
at the end of the day Jim Bouchard 08.12.09 Acoustic Rock
Queen of the Same old Same JonMShaw 08.07.09 Country-Western
A Beggar I Will Stay daibhre 08.03.09 Celtic
god lives in a tent tmcfate 08.03.09 Acoustic Rock
Bad Old Song (w/jiguma) Ed Hannifin 08.02.09 Folk-Rock
Problem With Love These Days Lennon714 08.02.09 Alternative Rock
The Irish Frost Steele_obsidion 08.01.09 Celtic
Stupid Pamela mfwmiles 07.31.09 Rock
Revive us again trad. pablatone 07.30.09 Bluegrass
Oh Summer chestnut 07.26.09 Acoustic
Let's Run Away JonMShaw 07.25.09 Acoustic
Cast Iron Chef daibhre 07.24.09 Folk (contemporary)
Cherry (special edition Barbie T-Top Trans AM version) tempie 07.24.09 Rock & Roll
The Riverside Dadai.2 07.23.09 Folk (contemporary)
Strong and Free rsorensen 07.23.09 Indie Rock
Into The Tunnel kassia 07.22.09 Experimental
NO LOOKING BACK buryya 07.22.09 Soul
ISN'T IT FUNNY buryya 07.22.09 Soul
Houses Made of Glass w/ Char awigze 07.22.09 Experimental
La Maladie iG.STUDiO 07.20.09 Jazz (vocal)
Weightlessness Jim Bouchard 07.19.09 Folk (contemporary)
I Know My Babe chestnut 07.19.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Wolf Pack on a Flow - collaboration by ic42 and Daug ic42 07.18.09 Ambient
Distant Shores paddler 07.18.09 Soul
Bars on the Windows daibhre 07.17.09 Rock
Topo's Revenge (remix) michael2 07.15.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Empty Clutter stevel 07.11.09 Alternative Rock
Amar y Vivir rsolorio 05.25.09 Latin
appoggia crisbarber 05.07.09 Rock (instrumental)
Roadie dream - Woodstock MarkHolbrook 03.21.08 Blues (traditional)
Fennario MarkHolbrook 03.06.08 Folk (traditional)
Looking over the mountains MarkHolbrook 02.28.08 Acoustic Rock
Illinoi MarkHolbrook 02.28.08 Rock
sober in duluth buckhorn 06.08.07 Country-Western
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Music Skills I play guitar and mandolin, mess around with harmonica and some banjo. I love to sing and harmonize. Started writing songs in earnest when I discovered Garageband around two years ago. Clueless about production, but I'm learning!
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