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(Bill Thomas)

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I have been playing music off and on for the last 35 years. I did some stage work in the early 80's as a harmonica player. Now I enjoy recording what i play. I am getting more into the studio side of things. It use to be just playing the music but I am now finding the studio is another art form. I love to play music. It
is like painting a picture to me. I love the colors of the tones and melodies as they come out on the canvas of my studio. I think the creative process is like lifting weights for me, also. When I work at it I can tell when I am getting stronger. I ride motorcycle and work hard in my profession. God is my Hero. l love my life and my friends. My marriage is more that a partnership. I didn't know it could be so good.
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08.12.09 hot muggy nights 9.75 (1) 1655 (1) Blues (traditional) 03.28.10 Active
08.12.09 muggy nights 10.00 (1) 1636 (1) Blues (traditional) 08.12.09 Active
01.25.09 The Joy of Marriage 10.00 (1) 1767 (6) Blues (contemporary) 01.26.09 Active
01.22.09 Winter Time 0.00 (0) 1926 (2) Easy Listening 01.25.09 Active
01.21.09 winter nights 0.00 (0) 1241 (1) Easy Listening 01.21.09 Active
12.24.08 pure white snow 0.00 (0) 1400 (1) Ambient 12.30.08 Active
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Music Hardware Fender strat ash, rivera 5512 serial#1)amp, los bottomos bass amp , washburn audition, baby ml dean, 1959 gibson, br864 portable studio (cosm), Vamp2, digitech expression pedal, roland amp with synth p/u, yamaha keyboard, pevey soundboard, hohner harps, hohner accordian (very old) and other assorted odds and ends. now that i have logic express and my Imac i don't really use the other stuff much but i will get into it once in a while so why not list em.
Music Software garage band, logic express, cubase(don't use this much anymore),
Keywords improvisational musician, slow hand guitar player,