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Not much to say really. I'll leave it at that.

Thanks for taking the time to visit here and I hope you'll enjoy the tracks.

mike_d's Songs (14)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
02.08.19 Experimental Track  (---) 465 (16) Experimental 03.26.19 Active
06.27.16 Bleed out (redo)  (---) 1387 (9) Heavy Metal 12.02.17 Active
11.19.12 .....  (---) 2057 (15) Heavy Metal 11.10.13 Active
03.03.12 bL33d0uT  (---) 2409 (13) Heavy Metal 08.28.12 Active
02.19.12 Going Nowhere  (---) 1886 (12) Heavy Metal 07.19.12 Active
02.06.12 Untitled (draft) Track  (---) 1944 (9) Hard Rock 07.19.12 Active
04.02.11 Wasting Your Time  (---) 2551 (27) Heavy Metal 08.12.11 Active
02.28.11 Manic Metal Experiment  (---) 2165 (30) Heavy Metal 03.16.11 Active
01.01.11 Stress (redo)  (---) 2507 (34) Heavy Metal 01.28.11 Active
11.07.10 Original  (---) 2139 (18) Heavy Metal 11.13.10 Active
02.23.10 Reborn (w/ Bubba Hotep)  (---) 3403 (32) Heavy Metal 07.19.12 Active
02.08.10 Resurrect (collab w/ fasteddie & Fioretti)  (---) 4134 (54) Hard Rock 07.19.12 Active
06.08.09 Broken (Ft. spitlogic & Kingbee)  (---) 4379 (40) Heavy Metal 07.19.12 Active
03.14.09 Spirits (remix)  (---) 4637 (51) Hard Rock 04.02.15 Active
Favorite Songs (920)
Title Artist Date Genre
Bad Land grid stalker 08.14.19 Progressive Rock
Woke@Station 317 Daugrin 06.20.19 Progressive Rock
Fake Parade Daugrin 06.12.19 Latin Jazz
Children Of Eve Calchas 06.11.19 Rock
Fireproof- rough vocal mix AllenDean 06.09.19 Heavy Metal
Tas 10507 grah3am 06.09.19 Electronic
Summer Of Your Love Calchas 05.01.19 Ballad
Arden Street - by Al Noble and PBGB jiguma 05.01.19 Acoustic Rock
GROOVE in a CAN groovehounds 04.29.19 Rock (instrumental)
Project Megastudio One AllenDean 04.28.19 Rock (instrumental)
Stuck Here In Your Past Vic Holman 04.27.19 Hard Rock
ROCKIN' THE MAC Calchas 04.23.19 Rock
A Good Day For A Throw Down Gaylen75 04.23.19 Alternative Rock
The Disappearing Man jiguma 04.18.19 Acoustic Rock
You Should Know rsolorio 04.16.19 Hard Rock
They got you now egobandit 04.16.19 Alternative Rock
HUNTED Calchas 04.16.19 Progressive Rock
BLACK HOLE KCsGROOVE 04.15.19 Acoustic Rock
That Place Loob 03.23.19 Jazz (instrumental)
Elsewhere MissChaos 03.23.19 Electronic
Life 'Aint Fair Daugrin 03.21.19 Hard Rock
A terrible day Skean 03.19.19 Cinematic Soundtrack
Roland Is Just A Machine Vic Holman 03.17.19 Progressive Rock
Out in style egobandit 03.12.19 Psychedelic
Project Keys1 AllenDean 03.07.19 Experimental
Three Trees Four Birds Loob 03.06.19 Jazz (instrumental)
Elegant Bitch Daugrin 03.04.19 Blues (contemporary)
It's Not The Same Calchas 03.04.19 Rock
Flowing through all Skean 03.04.19 Ambient
the unheard egobandit 02.21.19 Rock
Can You Hear Me? Skean 02.14.19 Cinematic Soundtrack
A.O.C. Daugrin 02.14.19 Alternative Rock
Mr. Tarver Revisited/Gra3ham sammydix 02.13.19 Funk
No more demands egobandit 02.12.19 Psychedelic
Soul to Sell- 2019 Remix AllenDean 02.06.19 Acoustic
Phil's Exit Daugrin 01.23.19 Easy Listening
MegaStudio1-2 test #2 AllenDean 01.11.19 Rock (instrumental)
Project Megastudio1- test AllenDean 01.10.19 Rock (instrumental)
Sway Les_Kloo 02.05.18 Rock (instrumental)
Twilight Time egobandit 12.01.17 Psychedelic
Smoke and Dew /awigze Les_Kloo 11.29.17 Progressive Rock
Coming Apart At The Seams Loob 11.28.17 Heavy Metal
rebuke the lie egobandit 11.11.17 Psychedelic
Just A Man (After All) Calchas 08.09.17 Rock
Ten Years Gone Led Zeppelin Cover FEEL 08.08.17 Acoustic Rock
Photographs Vic Holman 08.06.17 Rock
Dreamer Skean 07.30.17 Art Rock
Cloudlifter grid stalker 07.26.17 Progressive Rock
Notion [w/ Loob] Calchas 07.17.17 Rock
Jam Nite AllenDean 09.02.16 Rock (instrumental)
Make it Right- solo mix1 AllenDean 03.06.16 Heavy Metal
Fireproof~ Demo Mix AllenDean 01.26.16 Heavy Metal
First Light (solo piano) magnatone 08.14.15 Piano
My Brother FEEL 09.18.14 Acoustic Rock
Razorhed-LIVE AllenDean 07.22.13 Hard Rock
Wave Goodbye magnatone 06.12.13 Piano
THINK AllenDean 11.25.12 Hard Rock
It's Your Move Skean 11.23.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
disillusioned deviant egobandit 11.21.12 Art Rock
Moving to the Centre gadzooks 11.19.12 Art Rock
skull/Sir Bass tokai 11.17.12 Rock
Ricochet(w-Stan) J_Gretch 11.15.12 Acoustic Rock
The Yard Bent_Axis 11.03.12 Alternative Rock
The Trader (Curtain Call- with Loob and egodays) finkeldink 10.25.12 Acoustic Rock
Sun King AllenDean 10.18.12 Hard Rock
Sucker's Revenge Bent_Axis 10.08.12 Hard Rock
Until You Join Me There alackbass 09.29.12 Acoustic
Grace (Sisters/VicHolman/awigze mix) davisamerica 09.22.12 Art Rock
Stars Skean 09.22.12 Ambient
My Life in a flea market egobandit 09.21.12 Alternative Rock
Scream the Sky Les_Kloo 09.20.12 Progressive Rock
Spitacalypse spitlogic 09.17.12 Hip Hop-Rap
Curtains of Curiosity Vic Holman 09.15.12 Acoustic Rock
XXX Skean 08.03.12 Open Collaborations
Hope for the Love of My Life (demo) Diviner 07.31.12 Electronic
Insect Anxiety Les_Kloo 07.25.12 Progressive Rock
Bill Grogan's Goat alackbass 07.22.12 Children's Music
bent/K.I.S.KISMET tokai 07.19.12 Trip Hop
The World is Dew Les_Kloo 07.17.12 Art Rock
Blackwater (by Tokai) ktb 06.25.12 Rock (instrumental)
Valarty & Craft - Shovunz (Original mix) craft 06.03.12 House
Sideways .4 ginz111 03.18.12 Dance-Club
makin my way egobandit 03.14.12 Art Rock
Golden Age Relic67 03.11.12 Rock
possibly on egobandit 03.09.12 Psychedelic
The Campfire w/ Catherine Symphony101 03.08.12 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Verbing Common Noun Les_Kloo 03.07.12 Progressive Rock
If FEEL 03.05.12 Ballad
Night Traveller gadzooks 03.03.12 Art Rock
Cloudgig (w/ DavisAmerica) awigze 03.02.12 Other
theory of entanglement egobandit 03.02.12 Art Rock
Dark Eyes Doadars Uncle 03.01.12 Folk-Rock
Stone Age Skean 02.29.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
Curtain Call (featuring Loob and egodays) finkeldink 02.26.12 Alternative Rock
Ultra Sound Vic Holman 02.25.12 Alternative Rock
floating away but its ok egobandit 02.25.12 Art Rock
Crossing FEEL 02.23.12 Acoustic Rock
Wanderlust (by FLY) Symphony101 02.23.12 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Shimmer smokey bacon jnr 02.21.12 Dub
Two Tracks In One Skean 02.21.12 Experimental
SOMEBODY ELSE CIASM_ZENABI_ 02.19.12 Alternative Rock
A thought gadzooks 02.18.12 Acoustic
Empty Rooms w/ Leon alackbass 02.17.12 Acoustic
Wretched Man five_extra_arms 02.17.12 Electronic
Rain Time Fire_Angel 02.09.12 Film Scoring
My Time Coming EE 02.08.12 Experimental
Never jgurner 02.03.12 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Tight Like This grid stalker 02.02.12 Progressive Rock
Lament For a Loved One richard13 02.02.12 Downtempo
Techno Beat Skean 02.01.12 Dance-Club
Rewire (by PaulaMunk) Les_Kloo 01.19.12 Rock
Streaks of Blue alackbass 12.27.11 Blues (traditional)
Hum (VicHolman/Sisters Mix) davisamerica 12.17.11 Rock
Blind Love (Seeing Heart) - Orchestral Version magnatone 12.06.11 Pop Classical
Cigarettes, Vodka, Lipstick & Men borisluxx 10.27.11 Dance-Club
Run A New Race egobandit 10.21.11 Alternative Rock
Chipmunks way to the carnival Skean 10.12.11 Experimental
dangerous woman breaking you (word association challenge) Vic Holman 10.10.11 Rock
Dá-me espaço para as palavras craft 10.10.11 Other
The Cat Came Back alackbass 10.08.11 Children's Music
To Deny Red Les_Kloo 09.07.11 Progressive Rock
omkara bud 09.05.11 Ethnic-International
turn the key egobandit 09.02.11 Psychedelic
The Lady of Light PatriciaGirl 08.30.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Complacent (by Spitlogic) ktb 08.14.11 Hip Hop-Rap
Llarions Blues dave_b 06.28.11 Blues (contemporary)
disclaimer direct egobandit 05.28.11 Industrial
That Much Stronger alackbass 05.26.11 Acoustic
Nine Lights Vic Holman 05.25.11 Alternative Rock
Demon (featuring Reggie_Pole) finkeldink 05.23.11 Progressive Rock
Saved Gaylen75 05.20.11 Acoustic Rock
no mAtter egobandit 05.14.11 Other
Rock To I Die & After Skean 05.09.11 Alternative Rock
I Will Be Your Alien Vic Holman 04.23.11 Alternative Rock
Our Journey w/Awigze & PickQuickRecords sheilad 04.22.11 Easy Listening
Take It Outside w/ D. Jorden, Students, Gaylen75, Sigmund, five_extra_arms, Scofugate alackbass 04.22.11 Heavy Metal
My Past Life Feels Like Yesterday ShadowofNine 04.22.11 Rock (instrumental)
Never knew egobandit 04.21.11 Art Rock
A Stroke of Genius finkeldink 04.15.11 Hard Rock
Get COW Tonight egobandit 04.08.11 Rock
All Good Robots goto Heaven, All Bad robots goto Hell jgurner 04.08.11 Pop (Alternative)
Waiting For The Sun To Come Out Vic Holman 04.07.11 Indie Rock
Guy In The Sky five_extra_arms 04.07.11 Other
Hard Times sloparts 04.05.11 Rock
drift egobandit 04.01.11 Other
We Know w/ scofugate, fasteddie, Relic67 and RAVENS neilh79 04.01.11 Acoustic Rock
Use Once and Destroy Spiderland 03.31.11 Rock & Roll
Possibilities spitlogic 03.31.11 Hip Hop-Rap
Complacent (Feat Spitlogic) Skean 03.31.11 Hip Hop-Rap
Mission (stevel, kevmikwa, Hectorious) ktb 03.30.11 Rock
Smackdown 3 w/awigze & scofugate magnatone 03.27.11 Pop Orchestral
Secrets and Skeletons Vic Holman 03.26.11 Alternative Rock
Snowball's Chance in Hell (2trax) alackbass 03.26.11 Acoustic
Warfare Spiderland 03.22.11 Rock
Careful Man FEEL 03.21.11 Punk-Grunge
K-A-R-M-A RAVENS 03.20.11 Rock
A Friend to the End fasteddie 03.17.11 Folk (contemporary)
Exit Wound grid stalker 03.16.11 Metal
Begin Today w/ D. Jorden, students, Ryan, RAVENS, ktb, kevmikwa alackbass 03.12.11 Funk
Better Find - Open Collab FEEL 03.12.11 Progressive Rock
Tempest SmokeyVW 03.11.11 Film Scoring
Inner experience (with modobeats) craft 03.11.11 Other
bitter-sweet-bitter Mystified 03.10.11 Ambient
Perception guygrooves 03.10.11 Rock
In The Shadows Of The Raven ShadowofNine 03.06.11 Metal
The Irradiation of Martin Heidegger by the Transportation Security Administration (with Racerat) sonnyjim 03.06.11 Art Rock
Just So You Know Vic Holman 03.05.11 Alternative Rock
Tryin Hard To Wake From This American Dream dave_b 03.05.11 Other
ginga egobandit 03.03.11 Psychedelic
Stumblin (PockBluesman/awigze/Outtaorbit) davisamerica 03.03.11 Rock
Bit Crushed Accent (w/ 5 Extra Arms) michael2 03.03.11 Electropop
Voices in my Headroom grid stalker 03.02.11 Psychedelic
Bury me up side down kingbee 03.02.11 Pop (Alternative)
Sunset 2trx2011 fasteddie 02.28.11 Acoustic
Voice Within 2trx2011 jgurner 02.28.11 Rock
Crossroads Devil Six-Nail-Coffin 02.28.11 Blues (traditional)
New Beginning (2trx2011) sheilad 02.27.11 MuzaK
Am I Getting Through 2trx2011 w/ strangedream alackbass 02.27.11 Acoustic
When You Sing With Me/ Clay Potts RosaLinda 02.27.11 Other
Military Industrial Complex Outtaorbit 02.26.11 Ambient
Sicker quicker apb 02.26.11 Pop (Alternative)
Rejected (Angry Version) with loopage Char 02.25.11 Jazz (vocal)
We Will Have a Good Time lavalamp 02.23.11 Acoustic Rock
the ashes/stinger 11 tokai 02.15.11 Progressive Rock
Here We Go Again Corporal Beef 02.09.11 Rock
The Doncaster Spinners springclock 02.02.11 Alternative Rock
We're Circling The Drain SmokeyVW 01.26.11 Other
Crazy with you (w/ hackneybloke and scofugate) tonestones 01.24.11 Jazz (vocal)
The Lost Chickmonk awigze 01.21.11 Comedy-Satire-Parody
All About Sheila's awigze 01.20.11 Comedy-Satire-Parody
All About Sheila's awigze 01.20.11 Comedy-Satire-Parody
All About Sheila's awigze 01.20.11 Comedy-Satire-Parody
All About Sheila's awigze 01.20.11 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Drop Me A Line (Tribute to the band FEEL) FEEL 01.19.11 Rock
squid pro electro grid stalker 01.19.11 Psychedelic
Freedom (W/Spitlogic) Skean 01.19.11 Hip Hop-Rap
Freedom (W/Spitlogic) Skean 01.19.11 Hip Hop-Rap
One for the Ages fasteddie 01.17.11 Hard Rock
Letting go (w/Henri Roger) apb 01.16.11 Ballad
Two Bitches Daugrin 01.15.11 Jazz Fusion
MJCC11 Sally (by bud) five_extra_arms 01.14.11 Electronic
Mastermind (w/Gaylen75 & PrototypeEightOne) Gaylen75 01.14.11 Art Rock
Whatever We Say Relic67 01.12.11 Folk-Rock
Man Overboard (For All The Wrong Reasons) jiguma 01.08.11 Alternative Rock
Anthem ShadowofNine 01.07.11 Hard Rock
Mad Wife ginz111 01.07.11 Dance-Club
I've Never Seen A UFO (remix) michael2 01.07.11 Indie Rock
Don't Ask for Mine w/Lavalamp Vic Holman 01.06.11 Alternative Rock
Salute to Andy w/awigze scofugate 01.06.11 Jazz (instrumental)
Superfast borisluxx 01.06.11 Dance-Club
Show and Tell Corporal Beef 01.03.11 Rock
A dwelling in the past apb 01.02.11 Pop (Alternative)
Can't See The Line (w/sonnyjim) racerat 01.02.11 Alternative Rock
If I Go w/ Gaylen75, Sigmund, & kevmikwa alackbass 01.02.11 Hard Rock
The start of 2011 Skean 01.01.11 Ambient
You Dont Need Me Gaylen75 01.01.11 Alternative Rock
Fragmented Leon 01.01.11 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Lead With Your Heart- w/ Futzpucker aclarke 01.01.11 Acoustic Rock
This Wasted Beauty (w/t ted23) echoroom 01.01.11 Alternative Rock
How Do You Say Goodbye? awigze 01.01.11 Piano
Unnoticed & Contained-KTB/FEEL FEEL 12.31.10 Progressive Rock
hangover tokai 12.31.10 Open Collaborations
it hurts/Gaylen tokai 12.30.10 Hard Rock
Tick tock KCsGROOVE 12.29.10 Funk
Salt (with Scofugate and MR) Alannah 12.28.10 Alternative Rock
rock and roll roots egobandit 12.28.10 Alternative Rock
Love, Love, Kill, Kill fasteddie 12.28.10 Hard Rock
Magi kassia 12.26.10 Holiday
Additional Tooth Gaylen75 12.24.10 Metal
If You'll Be Here (with Scofugate) Relic67 12.23.10 Pop (Alternative)
12 Days Of MacJams (MJ Christmas Challenge) five_extra_arms 12.21.10 Holiday
F in Father Christmas apb 12.21.10 Holiday
Consumer Corporal Beef 12.20.10 Electronic
Better Than Here with Chris Boros bud 12.19.10 Psychedelic
In The Bleak Midwinter magnatone 12.18.10 Piano
minus infinity positive forever egobandit 12.17.10 Other
Rip off 2.0 / by Ibstrat and a ridiculously good bass player friend of his scofugate 12.17.10 Jazz (instrumental)
Nitro-Gen borisluxx 12.17.10 Dance-Club
He Moves Through The Fair w Doug Somers & Caitlin Somers Char 12.17.10 Celtic
Oh Moody Night bud 12.15.10 Holiday
Know Me (w/strangedream, cyrus0302, birdmanwayne94, paddler, vicdiesel) crissew 12.15.10 Pop (Alternative)
I thought egobandit 12.13.10 Psychedelic
Please Come Back To Stay PeterB7858 12.13.10 Acoustic
No Bad Luck (with Christopher Chaplin/Julian Sims/Aisuluu) lengold 12.13.10 Alternative Rock
Funky Blues FEEL 12.12.10 Blues (contemporary)
Riding On Stone Ponies Vic Holman 12.11.10 Rock
Forgive Me, I (w/ Symphony101, Sigmund, alackbass, kevmikwa) RAVENS 12.10.10 Rock
Colfax Ave fasteddie 12.07.10 Alternative Rock
SPINNIN' w ktb jiguma 12.04.10 Funk
Domino Effect Vic Holman 12.03.10 Acoustic
I don't hear it egobandit 11.29.10 Psychedelic
Thinking About You PeterB7858 11.27.10 Rock
La Pavillon Z293 11.24.10 Rock (instrumental)
Vertigo w/ Gaylen75 Symphony101 11.20.10 New Age
Pocket Dreams (with Roxylee & Paul Page) davisamerica2 11.19.10 Inspirational (contemporary)
Mothballs (Featuring Gaylen75) fasteddie 11.18.10 Progressive Rock
Soulless~ mix 3 RazorsKiss 11.13.10 Heavy Metal
theory/Hackneybloke tokai 11.12.10 Art Rock
The Ones You Take From Corporal Beef 11.11.10 Metal
Ploom smokey bacon jnr 11.04.10 Art Rock
Fall Rising magnatone 11.03.10 Pop Orchestral
My Room w/ Vic Holman, Calchas and Scofugate strangedream 10.30.10 Indie Rock
Stepping Stones Duet (Featuring 867-5309) fasteddie 10.30.10 Classical
Commercial Soundtrack 1 ginz111 10.20.10 Dance-Club
Fluff spitlogic 10.20.10 Hip Hop-Rap
Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone Collab with Ibstrat and michaeljayklein scofugate 10.16.10 Swing
Blower Pow fasteddie 10.14.10 Alternative Rock
Emma - Vampires Kiss MarkHolbrook 10.14.10 Ballad
Laissez Faire SmokeyVW 10.13.10 Funk
Night Walking Skean 10.13.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
This Song Sucks fasteddie 10.12.10 Punk-Grunge
tech talk egobandit 10.11.10 Psychedelic
Emma (davisamerica) crissew 10.11.10 Indie Rock
Emma Haunting (Rabittwhole + Alannah + Emma) Alannah 10.10.10 Art Rock
Monster Down The Hall five_extra_arms 10.10.10 Holiday
Jazz Inprov scofugate 10.10.10 Swing
Dark Place (Stop That Train-W/Beastie Boys) Skean 10.09.10 Hip Hop-Rap
Do The Spider lavalamp 10.09.10 Alternative Rock
To Tomorrow Vic Holman 10.08.10 Acoustic
Not a Love Song (w/ JDHolliday, Crissew & awigze) awigze 10.08.10 Rock
run in egobandit 10.07.10 Art Rock
Roman Gladiator Cemetery grid stalker 10.07.10 Progressive Rock
CAT FACED GIRL (w ktb and kevmikwa) jiguma 10.07.10 Alternative Rock
Static Free FEEL 10.06.10 Acoustic Rock
Song for New Venice w/Five Extra Arms bud 10.05.10 Film Scoring
Nothing Left For Me w/ Lavalamp Vic Holman 10.03.10 Pop (Alternative)
Radio Eyes (Mike Watkins/Gaylen/Tokai) ktb 10.02.10 Rock
Did Ya Know? RAVENS 09.29.10 Ballad
East Coast Grind (Featuring KTB) Z293 09.25.10 Jazz Fusion
To Get Through FEEL 09.20.10 Hard Rock
Round in Circles lavalamp 09.20.10 Alternative Rock
People Under Pressure Vic Holman 09.19.10 Art Rock
passing day egobandit 09.17.10 Psychedelic
'59 Superior (with Scofugate) Relic67 09.15.10 Rock (instrumental)
Fool To Let Me Go (Featuring RAVENS) fasteddie 09.14.10 Rock
Müller's Wheel TobinMueller 09.14.10 Funk
September (w Vac and ktb) perceptualvortex 09.14.10 Rock (instrumental)
Stand Tall (by jdholliday) Symphony101 09.11.10 Pop Orchestral
childhood dreams 0x02 ic42 09.04.10 Ballad
I Feel So Dirty Vic Holman 09.04.10 Alternative Rock
The Wraith fasteddie 09.03.10 Heavy Metal
You're Getting to be a Habit with Me michaeljayklein 09.02.10 Easy Listening
AGONIZER (with Mike_D and Fasteddie) StrainsOfCaine 09.02.10 Metal
Someday CrazeeFlootGrrl 09.02.10 Pop (mainstream)
Dark Walk(awigze,ShadowofNine,Spitlogic) davisamerica 09.01.10 Experimental
Frenzy c/w video ShadowofNine 08.31.10 Metal
Lost In The West Village TobinMueller 08.31.10 Jazz (instrumental)
Over Time (Religious Metal) FEEL 08.31.10 Heavy Metal
50 years of my live (What a ride) Skean 08.30.10 Experimental
Hypno perceptualvortex 08.30.10 Techno
Easy Come, Easy Go w/Anne & paddler alackbass 08.29.10 Rhythm and Blues
You Know You've Got The Blues Dadai.2 08.28.10 Rhythm and Blues
Dream Goblin grid stalker 08.25.10 Psychedelic
4 seconds down/Billy Kirsch tokai 08.25.10 Alternative Rock
The List lavalamp 08.25.10 Alternative Rock
Digital World borisluxx 08.24.10 Electropop
Summer time (and it's hot!) (T4S) apb 08.22.10 Other
Time Lapse Z293 08.22.10 Rock (instrumental)
Spiral Man Vic Holman 08.22.10 Alternative Rock
And Now It's Dark echoroom 08.22.10 Alternative Rock
The Factory borisluxx 08.21.10 Dance-Club
sunspot/Tempie (24S} tokai 08.21.10 Reggae
In Your Eye (24S) sschedra 08.21.10 Pop (mainstream)
Summer Sizzle (T4S) w/ SISTERS awigze 08.21.10 Ballad
They Will Eat Us Alive kickliquid 08.21.10 Alternative Rock
The Midsummer Grove (T4S with Bubowski) VicDiesel 08.21.10 Native American
Lake Balaton (t4s) w/ bud Symphony101 08.21.10 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Always Surrender (T4S) w/kicbal & ted23 Kicbal 08.21.10 Pop (Alternative)
Images SmokeyVW 08.20.10 Experimental
Shoobies (t4s) w/symphony 101 bud 08.20.10 Alternative Rock
In Vein StrainsOfCaine 08.20.10 Metal
Chrome side Bus T4S guygrooves 08.20.10 Rock
Bayou Stomp - 2-4 Summer challenge w/sonnyjim sloparts 08.20.10 Alternative Rock
Phosgene w/mike_d fasteddie 08.19.10 Heavy Metal
Track 2 (digital 8 track dayz) ginz111 08.18.10 Rock
Seafood Gumbo Bop (final mix) TobinMueller 08.17.10 Jazz (instrumental)
Seafood Gumbo Bop (mix1) TobinMueller 08.16.10 Jazz (instrumental)
trinity/Gaylen tokai 08.15.10 Art Rock
I don't like monkeys kingbee 08.15.10 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Above The Cloud Skean 08.14.10 Ambient
Wanted (w Vac) perceptualvortex 08.13.10 Techno
Prometheus borisluxx 08.12.10 Ambient
I'M A MAN five_extra_arms 08.09.10 Electropop
Beach Relic67 08.08.10 Pop (Alternative)
Methaqualone FEEL 08.06.10 Psychedelic
The Calling/w Egobandit Vic Holman 08.06.10 Art Rock
Dulce's DADication - Instrumental drakonis 07.31.10 Acoustic
Her Painted Face/She Was Framed Vic Holman 07.29.10 Indie Rock
sabor/Gaylen/Ktb tokai 07.29.10 Alternative Rock
135 ginz111 07.29.10 Dance-Club
m3r ginz111 07.29.10 Dance-Club
Huh? lavalamp 07.29.10 Alternative Rock
Bound(W/Char) Skean 07.28.10 Experimental
Ambiguity borisluxx 07.27.10 Dance-Club
The Daban Urnud perceptualvortex 07.26.10 Techno
Scherzo Moderno No Scherzo Numero Uno [v3.0 WIP] Alimar 07.26.10 Classical
Bitch Slapped fasteddie 07.24.10 Hard Rock
End kickliquid 07.23.10 Open Collaborations
From The King Castle To Home Skean 07.23.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Bound, a capella Char 07.23.10 Open Collaborations
Texas Jam (sloparts band mix) davisamerica 07.22.10 Country-Western
Jimi (old recording) crissew 07.21.10 Hard Rock
My Queen w/ livelargemusic crissew 07.21.10 Hard Rock
I Don't Want You Anymore DeputyDoofy 07.20.10 Electropop
She looked delicate as lace guygrooves 07.18.10 Rock
Early June Open COLLAB scofugate 07.17.10 Open Collaborations
Late Nite Spaghetti Sauce... Dadai.2 07.17.10 Smooth Jazz
More Than Faith w/ Alackbass & KTB Gaylen75 07.17.10 Acoustic
Them Pickers, Grinners, Losers, Winners (Ain't nothin' hotter than Texas) sloparts 07.12.10 Country-Western
Void Magnetic borisluxx 07.12.10 Dance-Club
Funk Giant fasteddie 07.11.10 Hard Rock
Tempest kassia 07.10.10 Piano
What You Left Behind StrainsOfCaine 07.10.10 Metal
Irrational Exuberance magnatone 07.06.10 Pop Classical
Surprise, Surprise Vic Holman 07.04.10 Alternative Rock
Chemical Peel fasteddie 07.03.10 Industrial
Don't Call Me Again w/mike_d FEEL 07.03.10 Heavy Metal
Abby's Gotta Dance - w/ Davisamerica-2 sloparts 07.03.10 Open Collaborations
From Cathedral To The Castle Skean 07.02.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
A Kick in the Teeth fasteddie 07.01.10 Hard Rock
Try So Hard Skean 06.28.10 Ambient
Wetlands Waking kassia 06.28.10 New Age
Gun Shy Song w Sloparts Char 06.27.10 Rock
She Walks Away fasteddie 06.26.10 Hard Rock
whatever/Gaylen tokai 06.26.10 Funk
But I Will* (2010) Dadai.2 06.25.10 Folk-Rock
2weeks egobandit 06.24.10 Psychedelic
xes ginz111 06.22.10 Downtempo
Astral (420 Mix) ginz111 06.22.10 Dance-Club
My Day ginz111 06.22.10 Downtempo
Vicodin ginz111 06.22.10 Downtempo
Who are the Pure in Heart? awigze 06.21.10 Classical
Stargaze craft 06.21.10 Other
Marital Bliss (w/RG Paddler) davisamerica 06.21.10 Art Rock
Gun Shy sloparts 06.20.10 Rock (instrumental)
A New Thing w/awigze bud 06.20.10 Funk
Love Something Skean 06.20.10 Experimental
Screw! borisluxx 06.19.10 Dance-Club
A Thousand Pieces lavalamp 06.19.10 Acoustic Rock
Show Me Your Tits! (featuring Bob6stringer and ted23) fasteddie 06.19.10 Hard Rock
Jimmy Buffetts Dead egobandit 06.18.10 Psychedelic
Moment of Silence Vic Holman 06.18.10 Alternative Rock
Am I Losing? FEEL 06.17.10 Punk-Grunge
The popularity of diversity apb 06.16.10 Film Scoring
Golden Hare Masquerade paddler 06.16.10 Folk (contemporary)
Holding Out Char 06.16.10 Downtempo
The Only Time - (redone) sloparts 06.14.10 Country-Western
House In Order five_extra_arms 06.14.10 Other
Free Fall fasteddie 06.13.10 Heavy Metal
Dust w Symphony 101 Char 06.13.10 Blues (contemporary)
Her Blue Eyes BirdmanWayne94 06.10.10 Acoustic
sight egobandit 06.10.10 Alternative Rock
Missing Texas sheilad 06.09.10 Funk
Do you dare? apb 06.08.10 Electropop
Ghost in the Machine kingbee 06.07.10 Alternative Rock
Indigo B Vic Holman 06.02.10 Blues (contemporary)
Shambles GNoise 06.02.10 Other
Death of the Phoenix (orchestral interlude) drakonis 05.30.10 Classical
To Believe Again w/Alannah, DavisAmerica, Outtaorbit & Mike_D awigze 05.11.10 Pop (Alternative)
Escape From Radiation (featuring Spiderland) fasteddie 04.17.10 Hard Rock
keep your head up egobandit 04.06.10 Alternative Rock
$12 Hooker (non-explicit version) fasteddie 04.06.10 Alternative Rock
Spring Feelings Skean 03.13.10 Dance-Club
Aquabloop Demeter7 03.13.10 Jazz (instrumental)
BeerFriday Toe Jam MJ_Jam_Dallas_2010 03.12.10 Blues (traditional)
some sort of expert egobandit 03.11.10 Psychedelic
Amatuer Stuff PrototypeEightyOne 03.11.10 Experimental
All Fall Down w/Particledots bud 03.09.10 Shoegazer
Armed Robbery fasteddie 03.07.10 Hard Rock
Don't Let It Slip Away (w/thetiler-Bill Furner) Dadai.2 03.07.10 Folk-Rock
Vision craft 03.06.10 Other
Confluence magnatone 03.05.10 Pop Classical
The Deep Blue Sky lavalamp 03.05.10 Alternative Rock
Fire (w/Moviz) MJ_Jam_Dallas_2010 03.05.10 Rock
Alligator Crawl MJ_Jam_Dallas_2010 03.03.10 Blues (contemporary)
Orbit's Andy Song MJ_Jam_Dallas_2010 03.02.10 Other
Just For Two MJ_Jam_Dallas_2010 03.02.10 Acoustic
Texas 2010 MJ_Jam_Dallas_2010 03.01.10 Blues (contemporary)
Hey yo! Skean 02.27.10 Experimental
3 Round Burst(demo) Spiderland 02.26.10 Hard Rock
Hiya sheila and chris rabittwhole 02.26.10 Blues (contemporary)
Seafood Gumbo w/ AngelaHope TobinMueller 02.25.10 Jazz (vocal)
HELICOPTERS five_extra_arms 02.22.10 Other
Last Words Boogie (Featuring scofugate) Relic67 02.22.10 Rock
A Little Crazy with cchaplin lengold 02.22.10 Other
forgot about love egobandit 02.21.10 Psychedelic
The Beat DarkPlanet 02.21.10 Alternative Rock
It's a Good Night for a Fist Fight fasteddie 02.21.10 Hard Rock
Lunar Eclipse (w/ awigze, tonestones) SmokeyVW 02.20.10 Jazz (vocal)
Crossover Skean 02.20.10 Dance-Club
FungibleSonicConsciousness (FSC) SmokeyVW 02.19.10 Film Scoring
My Needs- Featuring Gaylen75 2_Daves 02.17.10 Hard Rock
Ultimatum (w Vac) perceptualvortex 02.17.10 Rock (instrumental)
Barbed wire Sunday kingbee 02.17.10 Pop (Alternative)
snowfall (w/Gaylen75) ktb 02.16.10 Rock
Valentine (Remix) StrainsOfCaine 02.16.10 Electropop
Darkman PrototypeEightyOne 02.16.10 Hip Hop-Rap
Every Time You're Near borisluxx 02.15.10 Electropop
IggyJiggyWiggy w/ jiguma , awigze I.G.M. 02.15.10 Acoustic Rock
Jennifer A. Vic Holman 02.15.10 Indie Rock
The Thing About Cheating tempie 02.15.10 Rock
Angel Eyes (MJRF2010) jiguma 02.15.10 Acoustic
Permanent light (feat. Echoroom) with Guygrooves craft 02.14.10 Other
Raining Every Day lavalamp 02.14.10 Alternative Rock
yep egobandit 02.13.10 Psychedelic
Little Tiki Bar (Russo Mix) aclarke 02.13.10 Folk-Rock
l'antidote (MJRF2010) blaky smith 02.13.10 Blues (contemporary)
Sunrise Obsidian 02.13.10 Hip Hop-Rap
Rock forever (MJRF2010) Skean 02.13.10 Rock
Worlds gone mad (w/Lengold) (MJRF2010) apb 02.13.10 Experimental
Twist of Fate Z293 02.13.10 Blues (contemporary)
Firefly paddler 02.13.10 Ballad
Concrete Tango (FSC) bud 02.12.10 Tango
Xallarap Daugrin 02.12.10 Jazz Fusion
Core by ktb "John Libby" featuring Gaylen75 Gaylen75 02.12.10 Pop (Alternative)
Winter's Breath (MJRF 2010) Mystified 02.12.10 Ambient
Floored (remix) 2_Daves 02.13.10 Hard Rock
Destroyer and Preserver Fioretti 02.11.10 Experimental
Pirulito Doce MJ_Jam_Dallas_2010 02.13.10 Samba
The Death of Gaia fasteddie 02.10.10 Hard Rock
The Death of Gaia fasteddie 02.10.10 Hard Rock
Humming Demeter7 02.11.10 A Cappella
whynot2 rabittwhole 02.09.10 Indie Rock
Fran Dagostino Band DEMO-Live ziti 02.09.10 Blues (contemporary)
Clarion's Bell (FSC) awigze 02.09.10 Experimental
1 4 ME His_Boy_Sherman 02.08.10 Alternative Rock
I Like You (MJRF 2010) B. Flat 02.08.10 Rockabilly
Transparent Fractals borisluxx 02.08.10 Ambient
Snow Circus Relic67 02.08.10 Indie Rock
Like a Drunk Falling Down Stairs Outtaorbit 02.08.10 Art Rock
like a leaf egobandit 02.07.10 Alternative Rock
Northumberland Reunion (MJRF2010) Retro Plien 02.07.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Sometimes I Get To Wondering...MJRF2010 Dadai.2 02.07.10 Acoustic
Reality TV MJRF2010 Peter Bauckham 02.07.10 Alternative Rock
Bluesphemy (MJRF 2010) Mcboy 02.07.10 Acoustic
The Same (MJRF 2010) lavalamp 02.07.10 Alternative Rock
kashiwa o-dori ste 02.07.10 Pop (Alternative)
The Empiric And The Theocrat [MJRF 2010] Alternate Version Alimar 02.06.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Give in to Love (w/t Birdman Wayne: MJRF 2010) echoroom 02.06.10 Alternative Rock
so long and thanks for all the....(MJRF2010) mybravedesign 02.06.10 Electropop
Mists (MJRF2010) Scott Carmichael 02.06.10 Inspirational (contemporary)
Light of Bethlehem (w/ mawigze and Roxylee) MJR2010 awigze 02.06.10 Inspirational (contemporary)
Live With Me Plumefall 02.10.10 Alternative Rock
Traveling Blind MJRF2010 eleveneyes 02.06.10 Acoustic Rock
Go (live your life) (with Nick Flash) craft 02.06.10 Other
Tribute to Day (MJRF2010) FEEL 02.05.10 Ballad
La Casa Ruidosa / Be Quiet / The Lady Greensleeves (FSC) Ren-Tin-10 02.05.10 Progressive Rock
Forever fasteddie 02.04.10 Psychedelic
Notes 'n Thoughts (MJRF2010) BirdmanWayne94 02.04.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Blue Sunshine(MJRF2010) Skean 02.04.10 Rock
Alignment grid stalker 02.03.10 Downtempo
bobbabledee(MJRF2010) egobandit 02.03.10 Psychedelic
Never Been So Lost Dharma_Logos 02.03.10 Metal
McZorro-Live ziti 02.02.10 Latin
Sailortown w/echoroom (MJRF 2010) bud 02.01.10 Alternative Rock
Gaze v.F+F (MJRF2010) packosmokes 02.01.10 Electropop
Chocolate Rabbits 3 (MJRF 2010) mr_mordenus 01.31.10 Electropop
Turbo Boost (MJRF10) DeputyDoofy 01.31.10 Electropop
Speed of Light (MJRF 2010) EEFliess 01.31.10 Rock & Roll
Over The Rainbow MJRF2010 Diviner 01.31.10 Trance
Freedom (Remix) ft Spitlogic MJRF2010 Diviner 01.31.10 Hip Hop-Rap
Away In Black (MJRF2010) Vic Holman 01.31.10 Progressive Rock
The Show - MJRF2010 sloparts 01.31.10 Other
Wild Uinta (MJRF2010) Doadars Uncle 01.31.10 Art Rock
Glacially Inevitable Music Video (MJRF2010) ic42 01.31.10 Ambient
Scarborough Faire: Ren Faire on the Beach (MJRF 2010) Ren-Tin-10 01.31.10 Renaissance
Grave Robbing v2 (MJRF2010) w/ tonestone TobinMueller 01.31.10 Progressive Rock
The Thin Man Dreams (MJRF2010) jiguma 01.31.10 Acoustic Rock
all smokey - live ziti 01.31.10 Smooth Jazz
you knew it egobandit 01.30.10 Psychedelic
The Signs Mcboy 01.30.10 Rock
Chill Out Skean 01.29.10 Ambient
Untitled Demo Spiderland 01.29.10 Hard Rock
Losing The Fever paddler 01.28.10 Electropop
God Help Us smokey bacon jnr 01.26.10 Dance-Club
One And Only Skean 01.26.10 Dance-Club
P.R.I.D.E. spitlogic 01.26.10 Hip Hop-Rap
The One with BirdmanWayne94 guygrooves 01.25.10 Acoustic
A cycle revealed egobandit 01.24.10 Alternative Rock
System Overload Z293 01.24.10 Rock (instrumental)
Empty (collab with funboi) nevermine 01.23.10 Alternative Rock
We Were Heroes NickFury 01.23.10 Rock
Grand Theft Auto Thrill ride fasteddie 01.22.10 Hard Rock
Interstellar and Expeditious Fioretti 01.20.10 Progressive Rock
Timeless Skean 01.19.10 Experimental
Tell me (feat. ia) apb 01.19.10 Electropop
not something you say egobandit 01.18.10 Psychedelic
Silhouettes borisluxx 01.17.10 Downtempo
Snake Baked a Hoecake / Martha Campbell Relic67 01.16.10 Children's Music
Bah Weep Granah Weep Ninni Bong(W/Spitlogic) Skean 01.14.10 Hip Hop-Rap
Spiritus Felis SmokeyVW 01.13.10 Native American
End Of Tyranny borisluxx 01.12.10 Ambient
Bah Weep Granah Weep Ninni Bong (A Cappella) spitlogic 01.10.10 A Cappella
The Hit (collab w/scofugate) fasteddie 01.10.10 Progressive Rock
Human Being Vic Holman 01.10.10 Indie Rock
Slow Burn Z293 01.10.10 Blues (contemporary)
Walk It Now FEEL 01.10.10 Rock
Intangible (W/Char, a capella) Skean 01.09.10 Experimental
Take me away (feat. Jo Thorpe) craft 01.08.10 Drum n Bass
Magic GB Slow Blues(2) (with dave_b) dave_b 01.08.10 Blues (contemporary)
Fantasy Lady (ft Awigze) lengold 01.04.10 Alternative Rock
End of the Day packosmokes 01.04.10 Electropop
Barker's Creek / West Fork Gals Relic67 01.04.10 Folk (traditional)
Prowlers Creed scofugate 01.03.10 Swing
Mephistophelian Grin Fioretti 01.02.10 Progressive Rock
Wyatt Not with awigze bud 01.01.10 Jazz (instrumental)
January lavalamp 01.01.10 Alternative Rock
Breathing Cyborg Z293 01.01.10 Rock (instrumental)
Mom's Favorites BirdmanWayne94 01.02.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Jeserine dream egobandit 12.31.09 Art Rock
Auld Lang Syne (in G with shupplies ending, for oldies) apb 12.31.09 Holiday
Transmission Obsidian 01.02.10 Hip Hop-Rap
Wonder Whirled His_Boy_Sherman 12.31.09 Alternative Rock
Fillmore Fantasy (instrumental) Dadai.2 12.29.09 Blues (contemporary)
Escape from Radiation Spiderland 12.28.09 Hard Rock
Psycho A Go Go (Remix) fasteddie 12.27.09 Alternative Rock
Subterranean Soldiers(Final) Spiderland 12.23.09 Rock
O Holy Night magnatone 12.22.09 Piano
A Bell In The Valley/Smokey VW,s nice melody Skean 12.22.09 Holiday
Faded Celluloid Actress Vic Holman 12.20.09 Alternative Rock
Complacent spitlogic 12.19.09 Hip Hop-Rap
длительное путешествие (Long Journey) SmokeyVW 12.18.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
What can I do? Skean 12.18.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Shine (MJ Collab) davisamerica 12.17.09 Ambient
Eternal Return (updated!) Fioretti 12.16.09 Progressive Rock
My Xmas No.1 kingbee 12.16.09 Holiday
Fire (with racerat) craft 12.16.09 Breakbeat
tikipod w/awigze and APOD bud 12.15.09 Jazz (instrumental)
Intangible Bud mix Char 12.13.09 Blues (contemporary)
The Phoenix magnatone 12.11.09 Pop Classical
I'm not doing that... smokey bacon jnr 12.10.09 Dance-Club
Dekompress grid stalker 12.09.09 Breakbeat
Orange Scream w/z293 ktb 12.08.09 Rock (instrumental)
Fire at Zero Gravity Spiderland 12.07.09 Rock & Roll
14995 borisluxx 11.29.09 Dance-Club
You're Breaking My Heart lavalamp 11.29.09 Alternative Rock
In Hell Relic67 11.27.09 Rock & Roll
Hum smokey bacon jnr 11.23.09 Dance-Club
The Fine Line Z293 11.21.09 Rock (instrumental)
when its love egobandit 11.20.09 Psychedelic
Next Time Around (w/jiguma) Ed Hannifin 11.16.09 Folk (contemporary)
Copperhead borisluxx 11.15.09 Dance-Club
Break Away (Mark Holbrook & Awigze) Char 11.14.09 Ballad
November Vic Holman 11.12.09 Alternative Rock
Lullaby for the Inner Child drakonis 11.11.09 Ballad
Guillotine spitlogic 11.10.09 Drum n Bass
Eddy Current grid stalker 11.04.09 Psychedelic
Pigs Fly FEEL 10.30.09 Heavy Metal
One Step Over The Line Vic Holman 10.27.09 Indie Rock
Blue Lights (feat. Spleenveil) craft 10.26.09 Breakbeat
Please Marry Me PaulaMunk 10.26.09 Open Collaborations
Last Day Here guygrooves 10.25.09 Hard Rock
Halloween Wandering/PickQuickRecords sheilad 10.23.09 Other
unheard in the distance egobandit 10.23.09 Experimental
Brains Are A Dish Best Served Warm sewer rod 10.23.09 Heavy Metal
WEIGHTLESSNESS five_extra_arms 10.19.09 Electropop
Roll Your Bones DarkPlanet 10.19.09 Alternative Rock
Stars On Her Eyes Vic Holman 10.18.09 Rock
Walking seeking & depressed Skean 10.17.09 Trance
WHEN egobandit 10.16.09 Alternative Rock
No Son(egobandit band) davisamerica 10.16.09 Art Rock
Googolplex Times Zero lavalamp 10.16.09 Alternative Rock
Melody w/Emily Rohm Gilmore FEEL 10.13.09 Ballad
Tiger Flame (Halloween Challenge) paddler 10.12.09 Ballad
Symphonic Smackdown magnatone 10.12.09 Pop Orchestral
Temporal Tantrum (Sister Savage Mix) drakonis 10.11.09 Gothic Rock
Take It I Love You Skean 10.10.09 Dance-Club
Overture In Space (MJ SpaceRace 2009) Skean 10.10.09 Experimental
Stones Throw Away falo 10.10.09 Heavy Metal
Overbite scofugate 10.09.09 Rock (instrumental)
whats next egobandit 10.08.09 Psychedelic
Dr.Thunderball-Bond theme challenge kingbee 10.07.09 Film Scoring
OFF YERSELF five_extra_arms 10.05.09 Alternative Rock
Dodgy Doughnut lengold 10.05.09 Alternative Rock
MAYDAY (space race) Vic Holman 10.03.09 Art Rock
walk along ok egobandit 09.28.09 Alternative Rock
My Creation (W/ Vic Holman) lavalamp 09.25.09 Alternative Rock
Tess:A Wessex Eve paddler 09.21.09 Piano
off the deck (w/Z293) ktb 09.17.09 Rock
Aubergine Relic67 09.05.09 Pop (Alternative)
A Night With Feter feat'(Roxylee sloparts crissew johnwhitehead and Yamin AL Yamani ) Feter 09.03.09 Acoustic
Hey Freebird His_Boy_Sherman 08.26.09 Pop (Alternative)
In This Moment b0rn2w0rsh1p 08.26.09 Inspirational (contemporary)
Juan Song LIOLI 9 sheilad 08.17.09 Romantic
never saved egobandit 08.14.09 Punk-Grunge
Verbal Watlz feat. Fresh Master Def spitlogic 08.10.09 Hip Hop-Rap
Eclipse ...And The Neutrinos Danced Unnoticed Through Us All (2009 Extended Version) Alimar 08.10.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Glass (Mirror, Mirror On The Wall) Vic Holman 08.09.09 Indie Rock
Glass (Mirror, Mirror On The Wall) Vic Holman 08.09.09 Indie Rock
Foolsaint kassia 08.09.09 New Age
Controlled Chaos Z293 08.08.09 Rock (instrumental)
I Will Never Know lavalamp 08.08.09 Alternative Rock
Happy Birthday Jack MarkHolbrook 08.05.09 Other
Simple Gifts (wRoxylee and kappy) Feter 08.04.09 Folk (traditional)
Nocturnal dbaymon34 08.01.09 Pop (Alternative)
Dancing Monkeys Outtaorbit 07.29.09 Downtempo
Piece of Heaven (by sbloodsworth) kevmikwa 07.29.09 Acoustic Rock
Feter's O Babe 2009 [MedicineShowBand] davisamerica 07.29.09 Folk-Rock
I'm Not Myself rsorensen 07.29.09 Alternative Rock
Luminescence borisluxx 07.28.09 Trance
Minor Complications AllenDean 07.28.09 Rock (instrumental)
Dreams (Mowguy3 Cover) lavalamp 07.28.09 Alternative Rock
Believe packosmokes 07.27.09 Electropop
Fall From Grace Z293 07.27.09 Rock (instrumental)
If It Rains All Night (w/ziti and jiguma) Ed Hannifin 07.26.09 Folk-Rock
The One guygrooves 07.25.09 Acoustic Rock
Black Ice Vic Holman 07.24.09 Alternative Rock
Ya Know I ain't seen him (wawigze & yamenyamani)(Woodstock MJ II) Feter 07.24.09 Blues (contemporary)
The world is crazy Skean 07.24.09 Experimental
The Solution (2009) Extended Orchestration Alimar 07.24.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
The Riverside Dadai.2 07.23.09 Folk (contemporary)
Pay Up Moocher SmokeyVW 07.23.09 Rock
Better Men (Featuring Dajama, Awigze) MarkHolbrook 07.23.09 Rock
Into The Tunnel kassia 07.22.09 Experimental
Every Last Desire egobandit 07.21.09 Alternative Rock
Bloofies Blues ziti 07.21.09 Blues (traditional)
New things coming Skean 07.20.09 Experimental
Abracadabra lengold 07.20.09 Alternative Rock
Pull Mah Finger RadioChuck 07.19.09 Informational
Howdy Boys Outtaorbit 07.18.09 Blues (contemporary)
Wolf Pack on a Flow - collaboration by ic42 and Daug ic42 07.18.09 Ambient
Distant Shores paddler 07.18.09 Soul
New Opera? Skean 07.18.09 Experimental
Fighting keeping down kingbee 07.17.09 Indie Rock
Burn Down Blues(Bob Rodgers) Feter 07.16.09 Blues (contemporary)
Let It Go Vic Holman 07.15.09 Indie Rock
Noise Pollution GNoise 07.16.09 Alternative Rock
A Woman Like You lavalamp 07.15.09 Acoustic
to tell her egobandit 07.12.09 Psychedelic
Life Without You - A Rock Ballad scaustrita 07.12.09 Alternative Rock
The Augur Revisited WharmtonRise 07.09.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
sit down [kassia Band] davisamerica 07.09.09 Other
Single Payer Blackout grid stalker 07.08.09 Political
Royal Crest Mark II (collab YamenYamani) Relic67 07.07.09 Heavy Metal
some, some more egobandit 07.07.09 Psychedelic
Saint Savior (you could have been a star) Vic Holman 07.07.09 Alternative Rock
Balloons SmokeyVW 07.06.09 Other
Trust rsorensen 07.05.09 Indie Rock
Aura borisluxx 07.05.09 Dance-Club
Deeper (w/t Racerat) echoroom 07.05.09 Pop (Alternative)
the du (collab with ktb) Clambake 07.02.09 Jazz (instrumental)
Windchime Witnessed five_extra_arms 07.02.09 Experimental
Bellissimo (Cinematic Version, Downloadable) Alimar 07.02.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
boredom blues (wDadai.2 PickQuickRecords yamenyamani) Feter 06.30.09 Blues (contemporary)
present wishing egobandit 06.29.09 Alternative Rock
Ralph Relic67 06.28.09 Funk
Singing Lessons - Week 2 five_extra_arms 06.26.09 Experimental
Eye of the Storm Z293 06.26.09 Rock (instrumental)
I want to dial egobandit 06.24.09 Psychedelic
My Love Is Your Harmony (W/Onesweetworld) Skean 06.22.09 Experimental
Ember-A Heart of Stone Turns to Flesh (The Drakonis Collab) awigze 06.22.09 Inspirational (contemporary)
Never gone kingbee 06.22.09 Alternative Rock
Walk Away Vic Holman 06.21.09 Acoustic Rock
Trichome Cowboy Diviner 06.21.09 Downtempo
A Taste of Paradise lavalamp 06.21.09 Alternative Rock
Save Me (wBob Rodgers,yamenyamani) Feter 06.19.09 Blues (contemporary)
believe its true egobandit 06.18.09 Art Rock
Singing Lessons - Week 1 five_extra_arms 06.16.09 Electropop
Fifel´s Night (broken leg) Go_Turtle_Go 06.15.09 Experimental
Nasty Little Things [ramonaji/awigze mix] davisamerica 06.15.09 Trip Hop
I didn't see that coming Skean 06.14.09 Progressive Rock
Just my Luck (w/Thoddi) ktb 06.14.09 Rhythm and Blues
The Wind is Lost lavalamp 06.13.09 Alternative Rock
desperation egobandit 06.12.09 Experimental
MagnaFlight magnatone 06.12.09 Pop Orchestral
Dark Matter borisluxx 06.11.09 Dance-Club
Wolves of the Sky Kori Arashi 06.10.09 Heavy Metal
Oxygen-(Can't Live Without It Mix) borisluxx 06.09.09 Dance-Club
Punch & Judy tempie 06.09.09 Pop (Alternative)
My Dear Lady (Feter Cover) five_extra_arms 06.09.09 Indie Rock
Black Hole / Last Light Vic Holman 06.08.09 Alternative Rock
Black Hole / Last Light Vic Holman 06.08.09 Alternative Rock
Into your Arms (Roxylee,Relic67,kappy) Feter 06.07.09 Acoustic
Albino Truffles Diviner 06.06.09 Downtempo
A Little Alleluia kassia 06.06.09 Classical
turnin blue in the shower egobandit 06.05.09 Alternative Rock
Hard Times Dadai.2 06.05.09 Folk (contemporary)
The Flu Bug ( in Sonic Form ) PrototypeEightyOne 06.05.09 Experimental
Broken, ( BlueSky Remix ) vbluesky 06.03.09 Hip Hop-Rap
Twirl (multi collab) ktb 06.03.09 Rock
The Cafe Go_Turtle_Go 06.02.09 Downtempo
Bach Bach Black Sheep drakonis 06.02.09 Children's Music
clint's song/remix [gail60] davisamerica 06.01.09 Ballad
Disco baby kingbee 06.01.09 Pop (Alternative)
Broken (Am I Truly Alive?) w/Spitlogic five_extra_arms 06.01.09 Hip Hop-Rap
with out you egobandit 05.31.09 Alternative Rock
Sex - LenGold&Becca Johnson (Diviner's Dub Mix) Diviner 05.31.09 Dub
The Nightingale (music and lyrics by Oceans) Leon 05.31.09 Progressive Rock
Its The French Toast(Colab W/WillBill808) Dj French Toast 05.31.09 Hip Hop-Rap
Come Fly With Me (Angels Will Fly) Alannah 05.31.09 Psychedelic
Temporal Tantrum (Video Soundtrack) drakonis 05.29.09 Open Collaborations
The Beast bud 05.29.09 Alternative Rock
Amazing Grace (Multi-Collab) magnatone 05.29.09 Blues (contemporary)
Victory yamenyamani 05.29.09 Rock (instrumental)
The New Black razoondragoonus 05.29.09 Techno
Box Full Of Autumns HeadCrushingMachine 05.28.09 Experimental
no tomorrow egobandit 05.27.09 Psychedelic
Katzenhaus grid stalker 05.27.09 Heavy Metal
Moon Talk ( Ft. El Peruano ) PrototypeEightyOne 05.27.09 Hip Hop-Rap
Dark Sun PrototypeEightyOne 05.27.09 Hip Hop-Rap
Count Tracula PrototypeEightyOne 05.27.09 Hip Hop-Rap
Back Door Blues (featuring Feter and Yamen al yamani) Dadai.2 05.27.09 Blues (contemporary)
I Hunger for the Thorn ( w/ Char) Damroze 05.26.09 Other
No For Won Won SmokeyVW 05.25.09 Other
River at Night (Jonk/Tokai) ktb 05.25.09 Ambient
Broken ft. Spitlogic (my 2 cents mix) Go_Turtle_Go 05.25.09 Experimental
Broken Lyrics - Spitlogic (Diviner's Jumped Up Mix) Diviner 05.25.09 Drum n Bass
Tuscan Morning Doug Somers 05.25.09 Classical
Mr Tribuzio egobandit 05.24.09 Psychedelic
Broken (DJ Straight 8 Remix) willbill808 05.24.09 Hip Hop-Rap
The Rabbit Hole borisluxx 05.23.09 Dance-Club
Heart Cries MarkHolbrook 05.23.09 Ballad
My DeLorean Relic67 05.22.09 Pop (Alternative)
Passion And Fury Vic Holman 05.22.09 Psychedelic
Where I'm Going (Broken feat Spitlogic) Skean 05.22.09 Hip Hop-Rap
Mon Cheri KenneSilva 05.21.09 Blues (contemporary)
Misplaced apb 05.21.09 Open Collaborations
Another Thorn lavalamp 05.21.09 Acoustic
Humanoid Behavior 2Legit 05.20.09 Indie Rock
Broken (a cappella) spitlogic 05.19.09 A Cappella
Shark Attack jiguma 05.19.09 Rock
diamonds in the coal/Echoroom/KTB tokai 05.17.09 Alternative Rock
Dance Of The Prairie Wind kassia 05.16.09 Classical
Good Time Girl sloparts 05.15.09 Rock
Empty Nights dadgarus 05.15.09 Hard Rock
Attack kingbee 05.15.09 Alternative Rock
Feed Me (w/Char) bud 05.14.09 Alternative Rock
Water On The Smoke announcer 05.13.09 Rock
Dig U grid stalker 05.13.09 Industrial
Get out from the jungle Skean 05.12.09 Jungle
Walking MarkHolbrook 05.11.09 Alternative Rock
worthless yamenyamani 05.12.09 Heavy Metal
Raped dadgarus 05.10.09 Emo
Alcohol and Saturday Morning Cartoons shavingronaldscar 05.06.09 Jungle
lifestyles of the dead(wYRP) egobandit 05.05.09 Psychedelic
Bark, B****es shavingronaldscar 05.05.09 Dub
One Bright Day Vic Holman 05.04.09 Alternative Rock
iphone busking davisamerica 05.04.09 Experimental
Sweet Smell Of Success DeputyDoofy 05.04.09 Electropop
iam/Ramona tokai 05.03.09 Heavy Metal
Paint It Red Z293 05.02.09 Rock (instrumental)
fallen (its much to beautiful) egobandit 04.29.09 Psychedelic
Reasons Why guygrooves 04.28.09 Hard Rock
BETTER DAYS ronnielong 04.28.09 Hard Rock
Another Light Goes Out jiguma 04.27.09 Reggae
The Sinner (instrumental version) borisluxx 04.27.09 Ambient
Brenda Govenda lengold 04.27.09 Alternative Rock
Sunrise Song kassia 04.26.09 New Age
What you lookin' at? smokey bacon jnr 04.26.09 Funk
Almost There (The Race To 200 - Oh, It's On) DeputyDoofy 04.26.09 Dance-Club
And Then Daylight Skean 04.26.09 Trip Hop
She's a Soldier - redone w/GuyGrooves sloparts 04.25.09 Inspirational (contemporary)
Cuban Mojo w/KTB thoddi 04.23.09 Latin Jazz
No Eden Here (w/ Andy-bm & Char) tweaked awigze 04.22.09 Jazz (vocal)
Dedicated to Grave dadgarus 04.21.09 Heavy Metal
Inside A Plastic Bag Vic Holman 04.19.09 Alternative Rock
alposketch ktb 04.17.09 Rhythm and Blues
Spring Break w/awigze bud 04.17.09 Funk
Water Slide (On The Lake Of Fire) five_extra_arms 04.17.09 Other
Let's Go Babe ( bug67,tireiron,Roxylee) Feter 04.17.09 Rock
Time Marches On lavalamp 04.15.09 Alternative Rock
Fram altan (w/dadai.2) (TFP) apb 04.14.09 Acoustic Rock
Speak To Me Gently kassia 04.14.09 Piano
seasons Mystified 04.12.09 Piano
Mad As Hell (Demo) jjmorgenrot 04.12.09 Heavy Metal
SouthlandOne (Feel) echoroom 04.12.09 Rock
Lost Idols Vic Holman 04.11.09 Rock
Feel The Beat w Anne Cozean jiguma 04.11.09 Rhythm and Blues
Love's Out of Hand w musichead Char 04.10.09 Rock
Visceral Concept borisluxx 04.10.09 Trance
King Of Denial SmokeyVW 04.08.09 Rock
Cross Fire (w/apb) abfkingsport 04.08.09 Rock
Divine Particle grid stalker 04.08.09 Gothic Rock
Food And Drink MarkHolbrook 04.08.09 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Classical Smackdown magnatone 04.08.09 Piano
Excelsior! - The Power and Glory of Christ (Reposted for Easter 2009) Alimar 04.07.09 Classical
Selling me water apb 04.05.09 Pop (Alternative)
March of the Night Z293 04.04.09 Rock (instrumental)
Golden (Tomorrow Will Shine) kassia 04.04.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
All of the Answers chronologic 04.04.09 Alternative Rock
Mountainside (W/Char & IGM) Skean 04.04.09 Pop Classical
mountain of garbage egobandit 04.04.09 Alternative Rock
What If? (Re-Mix) lavalamp 04.04.09 Ballad
Revelate spitlogic 04.03.09 Hip Hop-Rap
Flying Off The Handle CarlSagan 04.02.09 Comedy-Satire-Parody
No making Stars egobandit 03.31.09 Alternative Rock
My House Outtaorbit 03.29.09 Rock
what if? paralax 03.28.09 Rock
Shadows of the night dadgarus 03.28.09 Hard Rock
Impossible borisluxx 03.27.09 Trance
Who stole my lupines? CarlSagan 03.27.09 Comedy-Satire-Parody
ramalana/Karma tokai 03.27.09 Art Rock
Mountainside(I.G.M.) Char 03.27.09 Ballad
The Door Man Skean 03.26.09 Ambient
Crawl - TEXASFEEL with blamm FEEL 03.26.09 Rock
For Godness Sake KDB91 03.30.09 Art Rock
I'm Still The Same Vic Holman 03.25.09 Indie Rock
Simple Song bud 03.25.09 Pop (Alternative)
Down That Street jiguma 03.22.09 Alternative Rock
Drifting Today Dadai.2 03.21.09 Folk (contemporary)
Scott's Stones DaneCarmichael 03.25.09 Rock
Beautiful Day Nick_Flash 03.21.09 Alternative Rock
Help Wanted/Apply Within rsorensen 03.21.09 Acoustic
lost bud 03.20.09 Psychedelic
OVERLOAD W/Bud & LunaTrick Vic Holman 03.18.09 Alternative Rock
Peel grid stalker 03.18.09 Psychedelic
I'm Bleeding feter,ziti,& pipetones ziti 03.17.09 Blues (contemporary)
Drums of Submission (W/Luna Trick & Morning Light) Skean 03.17.09 Breakbeat
Dargan's Dance Dadai.2 03.17.09 Celtic
Ember(Drakonis and Dadgarus collab) dadgarus 03.16.09 Downtempo
150cc (Pre-Release) springclock 03.16.09 Alternative Rock
Yember (Yeman Ember Mix) drakonis 03.15.09 Downtempo
Me and my git have some fun Skean 03.15.09 Alternative Rock
Hard to Say chronologic 03.14.09 Rock
Innocence Project [w/ Dj French Toast/damiengh/outtaorbit] davisamerica 03.12.09 Art Rock
Money To Burn jiguma 03.12.09 Alternative Rock
Covert Oscillations chronologic 03.11.09 Rock (instrumental)
Veniae kassia 03.08.09 New Age
Accomplice Of Love borisluxx 03.08.09 Dance-Club
DETROIT bud 03.06.09 Open Collaborations
Im sorry but thats dumb Dj French Toast 03.06.09 Hip Hop-Rap
Laughing At falo 02.26.09 Heavy Metal
Tenor Sax/Guitar Evening Mix Dadai.2 02.22.09 Smooth Jazz
Insane Skean 02.21.09 Industrial
Russian Revolver borisluxx 02.20.09 Trance
Sex lengold 02.20.09 Alternative Rock
Going Down [MedicineShowBand] davisamerica 02.19.09 Folk-Rock
Brazil Vic Holman 02.18.09 Alternative Rock
16 Bars Dj French Toast 02.17.09 Hip Hop-Rap
Just egobandit 02.17.09 Psychedelic
Kaleidoscope (with Prologue) 2009 Beta V1 Pie 02.15.09 Rock
Open mindfield apb 02.14.09 Pop (Alternative)
Super Duper (MJRF) Skean 02.13.09 Art Rock
A Penguin Song (final mix) screamalexz 02.13.09 Rock
Bud on the Playa w/airport seven bud 02.11.09 Psychedelic
Rainstorm 2009 with iG.STUDiO - (MJRF) Dadai.2 02.08.09 Soul
Rain of Love (Dadai.2, Jiguma, Roxylee, Vicholman) (MJRF Mix) Feter 02.08.09 Acoustic
Rainy March (MJRF 2009 recharge mix) drakonis 02.07.09 Game Soundtrack
Pain In Empathy (W/Hightened&TepTep Skean 02.07.09 Industrial
Delerium w/Ramonaji borisluxx 02.06.09 Dance-Club
I've entertained some bad ideas egobandit 02.05.09 Alternative Rock
Techno Stupify (MJRF) DeputyDoofy 02.05.09 Dance-Club
C'Mon Get Ready LIVE (MJRF) psexnyc 02.04.09 Acoustic Rock
Rock'n the Scene TEXASFEEL/Schletty/Jiguma (MJRF) FEEL 02.04.09 Rock
Meeting The Alien (MJRF) Vic Holman 01.31.09 Rock
Too Many Ghosts (MJRF) jiguma 01.31.09 Alternative Rock
Aracnid borisluxx 01.30.09 Dance-Club
the shamen/Ramona/Lunatrick tokai 01.17.09 Heavy Metal
Pod Farm Z293 11.27.08 Rock (instrumental)
Everything to lose MarkHolbrook 10.13.08 Alternative Rock
Lead With Your Heart (with Fran Dagostino Band feat. Futzpucker) aclarke 06.16.08 Rock
Broken (Remix) spitlogic 06.08.08 Hip Hop-Rap
Trust (by XNovemberX) drakonis 03.23.08 Alternative Rock
angst w/ Michael2 davisamerica 03.07.08 Art Rock
ZigZag(collab: Z293/mcboy) Mcboy 05.28.06 Hard Rock
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Music Background A couple of years of piano lessons (very basic playing skills currently) I was learning to play guitar as free time allowed. That ended in 2012 when I'd packed everything up for moving. It's all still in boxes at this point.
Music Skills minimal at best (see above)
Music Hardware Yammy S-90es Paul Reed Smith SE single cut (not the $2000 one, lol!) POD X3 Live
Music Software Garage Band '09 Logic Pro