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(David Thomas)

Member Since: Wednesday, May 04 2005 @ 07:15 PM CDT
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Homepage: http://www.perceptualvortex.com/
Location: Seattle, WA USA
Song Comments: 4384
Song Votes: 1245
Forum Posts: 685
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Total Points: 11192.05
perceptualvortex's Songs (56)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
02.21.13 Mercury (RPM 6) 0.00 (0) 3897 (7) Art Rock 06.01.13 Active
01.08.13 Frozen 0.00 (0) 1515 (8) Art Rock 03.28.13 Active
01.06.13 Did You Find Sanctuary? 0.00 (0) 1838 (16) Art Rock 07.04.13 Active
12.16.12 Birdsong 0.00 (0) 1692 (13) Art Rock 01.08.13 Active
09.14.10 September (w Vac and ktb) 8.63 (2) 5711 (37) Rock (instrumental) 03.28.13 Active
08.30.10 Hypno 9.88 (2) 4483 (51) Techno 01.03.12 Active
08.13.10 Wanted (w Vac) 8.50 (3) 3710 (41) Techno 01.03.12 Active
08.07.10 Matrioshka Brain 0.00 (0) 3192 (19) Techno 08.24.10 Active
07.31.10 The Move (w Beastie Boys) 8.50 (2) 2402 (12) Hip Hop-Rap 01.26.11 Active
07.26.10 The Daban Urnud 0.00 (0) 4768 (28) Techno 08.01.10 Active
02.17.10 Ultimatum (w Vac) 9.50 (1) 3316 (16) Rock (instrumental) 04.27.15 Active
09.04.09 Machine Man (w Beastie Boys) 8.25 (1) 5025 (15) Hip Hop-Rap 12.29.09 Active
08.12.09 Cats and Dogs (w Drew Kopr, KTB, ziti, Bill Birney) 9.81 (4) 4574 (22) Rock (instrumental) 09.14.09 Active
02.03.09 Free Fall (MJRF) 9.85 (5) 4975 (34) Rock (instrumental) 08.15.10 Active
08.27.08 OBEY! 9.50 (8) 4955 (36) Other 02.17.10 Active
06.14.08 Arthropod 9.63 (4) 4208 (25) Breakbeat 10.08.08 Active
06.05.08 Wake Up (w ledebutant) 9.39 (11) 4839 (69) Alternative Rock 09.22.08 Active
11.23.07 Dream World 9.38 (10) 5638 (53) Ethnic-International 11.07.09 Active
10.20.07 Body Movin' (w Beastie Boys) 9.04 (6) 8348 (20) Hip Hop-Rap 11.01.07 Active
09.23.07 Lord of the Witch Doctors (w Vac) 9.17 (6) 5618 (60) Rock (instrumental) 01.25.08 Active
08.30.07 Future War Baby (w Drew Kopr, echoroom) 9.32 (18) 7646 (68) Rock 02.06.11 Active
08.17.07 Rigel (w Vac) 9.05 (5) 4843 (38) Rock (instrumental) 12.27.07 Active
07.28.07 Green 9.14 (9) 4662 (66) Ethnic-International 05.29.08 Active
05.19.07 Kaiju (w Mcboy, Z293, Drew Kopr) 9.17 (16) 6670 (61) Rock (instrumental) 09.23.07 Active
04.23.07 One On One (w Vac) 9.16 (14) 5850 (53) Rock (instrumental) 04.18.08 Active
03.28.07 All Lifestyles (w Beastie Boys) 8.93 (10) 4972 (45) Hip Hop-Rap 02.28.09 Active
03.22.07 Nothing Will Die (w Vac) 8.78 (15) 5490 (37) Rock (instrumental) 01.04.08 Active
03.17.07 The Ticktockman (LIOLI 3) 8.86 (7) 5529 (46) Dance-Club 11.27.09 Active
02.24.07 Rendezvous (w Vac) 8.90 (20) 5698 (29) Rock (instrumental) 03.18.07 Active
02.06.07 Nataraja (w Vac) 8.87 (23) 7405 (75) Dance-Club 01.25.08 Active
01.31.07 Yog-Sothoth 8.86 (14) 6584 (48) Art Rock 04.22.08 Active
01.23.07 Hyperreal Park 8.85 (10) 4626 (36) Experimental 01.31.07 Active
01.17.07 Azathoth 9.00 (3) 4412 (54) Experimental 10.18.07 Active
12.23.06 What Happened to Outpost Five? 8.97 (27) 6282 (64) Psychedelic 08.05.08 Active
11.03.06 Dang, You're Looking Sexy II (w Hectorious, Karmatoburn, Ledebutant) 8.91 (23) 8089 (54) Rock (instrumental) 10.08.08 Active
10.26.06 Planetoid (LIOLI 1) 8.82 (11) 5258 (40) Experimental 11.10.06 Active
10.13.06 Dang, You're Looking Sexy (w Hectorious) 8.67 (18) 8225 (52) Techno 06.13.07 Active
09.02.06 Saturnine PV (w ledebutant) 8.76 (25) 7056 (39) Alternative Rock 03.09.07 Active
08.08.06 Kensho 8.57 (14) 6811 (45) Techno 06.07.07 Active
07.15.06 Forbidden Zone (w Drew Kopr) 8.91 (31) 8770 (90) Rock (instrumental) 04.27.09 Active
07.04.06 Nitrous 8.08 (9) 4838 (39) Experimental 10.06.06 Active
05.02.06 Vera (w Vac) 8.71 (19) 5428 (50) Rock (instrumental) 11.20.06 Active
04.15.06 Ruins Of Earth 8.42 (22) 5632 (62) Progressive Rock 10.24.06 Active
03.05.06 Spring Equinox (w thetiler) 8.27 (13) 4277 (47) Rock (instrumental) 07.11.08 Active
01.19.06 Steve and Frances (w ledebutant) 8.53 (27) 7976 (73) Alternative Rock 12.06.07 Active
01.02.06 Fists of Righteous Harmony (w Vac) 8.55 (22) 6313 (59) Rock (instrumental) 04.19.08 Active
12.14.05 Galaxy Band Episode 4 8.44 (20) 5566 (49) Experimental 12.30.09 Active
11.27.05 Red-Shift (w Vac) 8.10 (20) 7022 (54) Rock (instrumental) 11.15.10 Active
11.25.05 Animal Magnetism (w Vac) 8.29 (12) 4306 (22) Rock (instrumental) 02.06.07 Active
11.02.05 Dragonfly (w chakeres) 8.23 (12) 4728 (26) Progressive Rock 02.27.08 Active
10.23.05 Vox Populi (w magullo and Drew Kopr) 8.49 (31) 6419 (33) Rock (instrumental) 12.05.07 Active
10.16.05 Free Fall (w Vac) 8.68 (25) 7543 (44) Rock (instrumental) 01.21.08 Active
10.13.05 Prometheus (w chakeres) 8.26 (29) 5597 (43) Rock (instrumental) 03.29.07 Active
08.23.05 Dance 'Til You're Doomed 8.09 (27) 6489 (67) Political 08.15.08 Active
07.17.05 Future Shock 8.07 (29) 4928 (59) Progressive Rock 04.02.10 Active
07.05.05 Sun Dogs 7.94 (26) 5637 (50) Dance-Club 06.20.07 Active
Favorite Songs (551)
Title Artist Date Genre
And So We Pray (w/Jiguma, Cori Ander & Mackie) Ed Hannifin 10.22.17 Folk (contemporary)
My Brother FEEL 09.18.14 Acoustic Rock
Pulse echoroom 09.01.13 Pop (Alternative)
Orphan Changes alackbass 02.10.13 Open Collaborations
Shades of Grey VicDiesel 02.02.13 Downtempo
I Lift Your Name on High aRcTip 01.31.13 Electropop
play that (with Mori collaboration) tadashi 01.04.13 Jazz (instrumental)
.yrT (welb) ouY (setil) eeS (revo) oT (eht) ekiL (tressed) d'I Heroic_failure 01.01.13 Indie Rock
Judgement Day (Doom 2012) Vic Holman 12.14.12 Rock
Da Da Doom Doom (Doom2012) gadzooks 12.14.12 Alternative Rock
IfIWereHigh Drew Kopr 06.21.12 Dub
Breakfast In Bed Drew Kopr 01.03.12 Rock (instrumental)
Under The Southern Cross w ktb jiguma 02.06.11 Alternative Rock
Time Travel DirtyWinston 01.18.11 Art Rock
SPINNIN' w ktb jiguma 12.04.10 Funk
Foyer of Destruction Einarus 11.07.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Sequence Two Parichayaka 11.06.10 Film Scoring
Burning Leaves paddler 11.03.10 Psychedelic
It's Alive SmokeyVW 10.30.10 Dance-Club
Journey To Forty Acres, And A Mule Named Melody BoiAfrica 10.30.10 Folk (traditional)
When Lightning Strikes FrankAxtell 10.27.10 Jazz Fusion
WRONG WAY HOME jiguma 10.23.10 Acoustic Rock
The Move - Beastie Boys (Pac-Man's Glitched Cherry Mix) Diviner 10.23.10 Hip Hop-Rap
Brighton Dark Fantastic paddler 10.16.10 Art Rock
Monster Down The Hall five_extra_arms 10.10.10 Holiday
Roman Gladiator Cemetery grid stalker 10.07.10 Progressive Rock
CAT FACED GIRL (w ktb and kevmikwa) jiguma 10.07.10 Alternative Rock
Just Let It Slide SmokeyVW 10.06.10 Other
Mindreader (edited version) TobinMueller 10.05.10 Jazz Fusion
Radio Eyes (Mike Watkins/Gaylen/Tokai) ktb 10.02.10 Rock
Duality of Man ronnielong 09.28.10 Hard Rock
Sjö sinnum Einarus 09.26.10 Dance-Club
East Coast Grind (Featuring KTB) Z293 09.25.10 Jazz Fusion
MOVE YOUR BODY ramonaji 09.24.10 Dance-Club
Another angel above egobandit 09.24.10 Alternative Rock
Windowshade II TobinMueller 09.23.10 Jazz (instrumental)
Redemption (w/ Ziti) Einarus 09.22.10 Rock (instrumental)
People Under Pressure Vic Holman 09.19.10 Art Rock
Who Let You In? PBGB 09.19.10 Alternative Rock
Just a Gigolo michaeljayklein 09.19.10 Romantic
Redemption ziti 09.17.10 Art Rock
Teardrop SmokeyVW 09.16.10 A Cappella
Fool To Let Me Go (Featuring RAVENS) fasteddie 09.14.10 Rock
Always Look on the Bright Side of Life michaeljayklein 09.14.10 Showtunes
Killing in your Own Backyard ronnielong 09.14.10 Punk-Grunge
Müller's Wheel TobinMueller 09.14.10 Funk
RENEGADE SKIN jiguma 09.12.10 Acoustic Rock
The Knife The Orbiting 09.08.10 Pop (Alternative)
Loading Zone (w/alackbass, kevmikwa, rgpaddler, ktb, rok41, & sigmund davisamerica2 09.07.10 Blues (contemporary)
You're Getting to be a Habit with Me michaeljayklein 09.02.10 Easy Listening
Tension Einarus 09.01.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Lost In The West Village TobinMueller 08.31.10 Jazz (instrumental)
Nanostudio Number 1 Bubowski 08.28.10 Downtempo
NO RELIEF IN SIGHT jiguma 08.28.10 Alternative Rock
Neverland 2010 (with Pie) The Orbiting 08.27.10 Pop (Alternative)
Dream Goblin grid stalker 08.25.10 Psychedelic
Saddle Shoe Sally TobinMueller 08.25.10 Jazz (instrumental)
Spiral Man Vic Holman 08.22.10 Alternative Rock
And Now It's Dark echoroom 08.22.10 Alternative Rock
Le Ciel Nocturne FrankAxtell 08.20.10 Progressive Rock
Phosgene w/mike_d fasteddie 08.19.10 Heavy Metal
Seafood Gumbo Bop (final mix) TobinMueller 08.17.10 Jazz (instrumental)
Oasis On The Rocks (final mix) TobinMueller 08.17.10 Jazz (instrumental)
Mad As Hell announcer 08.16.10 Rock (instrumental)
Impromptu Request 867-5309 08.16.10 Piano
Seafood Gumbo Bop (mix1) TobinMueller 08.16.10 Jazz (instrumental)
The Bumpkins Strike Back ziti 08.15.10 Blues (contemporary)
Everything Floridaplayer 08.14.10 Acoustic
Above The Cloud Skean 08.14.10 Ambient
The Birth of the Blues michaeljayklein 08.14.10 Swing
Oasis In Your Palm (mix2) TobinMueller 08.13.10 Jazz (instrumental)
Boozer Blues PBGB 08.12.10 Blues (contemporary)
once upon a serene summer night [work in progress v4.0] Alimar 08.12.10 Classical
'Cuz I Can guitapick 08.10.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Unable To Let Go w/Harmony (w Jeff Cook) crissew 08.09.10 Pop (mainstream)
Grace SmokeyVW 08.09.10 Art Rock
I'M A MAN five_extra_arms 08.09.10 Electropop
Dream Train Moviz 08.09.10 Rock & Roll
The Calling/w Egobandit Vic Holman 08.06.10 Art Rock
Silverbird Wildcat 08.05.10 Trip Hop
Towering Above FrankAxtell 08.04.10 Jazz Fusion
A A B A SmokeyVW 08.02.10 Experimental
Just Squeeze Me michaeljayklein 08.02.10 Jazz (vocal)
Unless The Full Moon's A Risin' paddler 08.02.10 Rock
Under a big chimney tadashi 08.02.10 Rock (instrumental)
Oasis In Your Palm (v1) TobinMueller 08.01.10 Jazz (instrumental)
Lights, Camera, Action (DJ Andy Foxx remix!) ramonaji 07.30.10 Dance-Club
What u said thoddi 07.29.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Once & Future Concerto, 1st movement TobinMueller 07.27.10 Classical
Could have been moorlandt 07.25.10 Pop (Alternative)
Texas Jam (sloparts band mix) davisamerica 07.22.10 Country-Western
Tyrants of the Past w Jeff Cook & Scofugate crissew 07.21.10 Rock
Irrational Exuberance magnatone 07.06.10 Pop Classical
Surprise, Surprise Vic Holman 07.04.10 Alternative Rock
2weeks egobandit 06.24.10 Psychedelic
The Last Sucka grid stalker 05.05.10 Progressive Rock
Uno/I Like The Way... (with Macaudion, SISTERS, ktb, and ziti) Ed Hannifin 03.22.10 Blues (contemporary)
Whilst I Was Dreaming [Final Version] Alimar 03.14.10 Classical
Gimme Some Lovin (Instrumental) Drew Kopr 03.01.10 Rhythm and Blues
Whispers in the Sand Einarus 02.18.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Bluesphemy (MJRF 2010) Mcboy 02.07.10 Acoustic
Merton's Prayer (work-in-progress with Jim Bouchard) ledebutant 02.05.10 Folk-Rock
2M3NT4L (danceinthedarkmix) K.I.S.KISMET 02.03.10 Experimental
The Signs Mcboy 01.30.10 Rock
Acid Hopping (extended version) TobinMueller 01.12.10 Jazz (instrumental)
Don't Want To Talk About It jiguma 01.08.10 Acoustic Rock
End of the Day packosmokes 01.04.10 Electropop
The Harley Drew Kopr 12.27.09 Trip Hop
Everything Now (w/t Tokai) echoroom 12.27.09 Alternative Rock
Dekompress grid stalker 12.09.09 Breakbeat
Orange Scream w/z293 ktb 12.08.09 Rock (instrumental)
Into the arena saundhaus 12.03.09 Hard Rock
Running Scared (w/ Ziti) Einarus 11.25.09 Rock (instrumental)
Next Time Around (w/jiguma) Ed Hannifin 11.16.09 Folk (contemporary)
Sirens [Featuring Steve Stone] Collaboration - Version 2 Alimar 11.12.09 Progressive Rock
Lost In Translation (w Mike Watkins) jiguma 11.11.09 Alternative Rock
WinterSong Drew Kopr 11.09.09 Ambient
After Loving Anne (w/jiguma, SISTERS, Komrade K and Scott Carmichael) Ed Hannifin 10.23.09 Folk (contemporary)
Kaleidoscope (Single) Pie 10.21.09 Pop (Alternative)
off the deck (w/Z293) ktb 09.17.09 Rock
Mayday The Orbiting 09.16.09 Pop (Alternative)
Broken (Spitlogic) ktb 08.25.09 Hip Hop-Rap
Good Things Come in Fours Einarus 08.15.09 Pop Orchestral
Let Your Blues Come Down (w/ziti and jiguma) Ed Hannifin 08.13.09 Blues (contemporary)
Happy Birthday Jack MarkHolbrook 08.05.09 Other
Bad Old Song (w/jiguma) Ed Hannifin 08.02.09 Folk-Rock
The End (Ramonaji Collab) Drew Kopr 07.27.09 Alternative Rock
If It Rains All Night (w/ziti and jiguma) Ed Hannifin 07.26.09 Folk-Rock
Voiceless (Raw) chikoppi 07.07.09 Metal
Deeper (w/t Racerat) echoroom 07.05.09 Pop (Alternative)
... How I learned to Love the Bomb ronnielong 06.30.09 Hard Rock
X-Lrg Impersonal Foot Wear Macaudion 06.24.09 Film Scoring
Kali's dance Narad 06.12.09 Ethnic-International
Mahashakti Narad 06.10.09 Ethnic-International
A Big Melancholy Drew Kopr 06.07.09 Acoustic
Shark Attack jiguma 05.19.09 Rock
Paint It Red Z293 05.02.09 Rock (instrumental)
Another Light Goes Out jiguma 04.27.09 Reggae
Beatin' To The Move DeputyDoofy 04.24.09 Electropop
Classical Smackdown magnatone 04.08.09 Piano
Flying Off The Handle CarlSagan 04.02.09 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Galaxy Band 10 SmokeyVW 03.18.09 Film Scoring
Tunnel Vision Z293 03.14.09 Rock (instrumental)
Money To Burn jiguma 03.12.09 Alternative Rock
Dive! dreadmon 03.06.09 Rock
Sex lengold 02.20.09 Alternative Rock
Fight Scene Einarus 02.18.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Innocence Gone MJRF Willywagga 02.14.09 Indie Rock
Happy Birthday MacJams (featuring Jon Anderson of YES; and Tobin Mueller) Alimar 02.09.09 Progressive Rock
C'Mon Get Ready LIVE (MJRF) psexnyc 02.04.09 Acoustic Rock
A Shimmering Shining Star Macaudion 01.27.09 Jazz (instrumental)
21st Century/Megan/ Fox echoroom 01.27.09 Alternative Rock
Do It For Me (w/ Ramonaji) Drew Kopr 01.19.09 House
Mermaid (w/Electro Estate) The Orbiting 01.18.09 Pop (Alternative)
Lock 'Em Up, Knock 'Em Down jiguma 01.15.09 Acoustic Rock
Lost In space(Colab W/Bud and Partical Dots) Dj French Toast 01.05.09 Hip Hop-Rap
Pod Farm Z293 11.27.08 Rock (instrumental)
Invention #16 (by WildlifeAnalysis w/DrewKorp) ktb 11.15.08 Rock
Pocket Aces (Collab with Karmatoburn) Drew Kopr 11.05.08 Jazz (instrumental)
Futurewhore The Orbiting 10.23.08 Electropop
Rapunzel (LIOLI8) The Orbiting 09.27.08 Pop (Alternative)
Cumulus Parichayaka 09.18.08 Cinematic Soundtrack
Alien Voiceunder Bob6stringer 09.17.08 Rock (instrumental)
No Words Vic Holman 09.11.08 Indie Rock
Stolen (and if I ever find you I'll break a Dell over your skull) MissChaos 09.06.08 Downtempo
Close Your Eyes w ledeb + Jim Bouchard jiguma 08.28.08 Acoustic Rock
Finding No Path TobinMueller 08.27.08 Jazz (instrumental)
Song 3 12parsecs 08.26.08 Techno
Arise(w/Roxylee) Feter 08.25.08 Acoustic
Learning What I Already Know futzpucker 08.11.08 Jazz (instrumental)
Gossamer dissected Stun Nutz 08.07.08 Experimental
The EVIL Robotic Unicorn TheWhizzies 08.05.08 Children's Music
LIGHTEN UP NOW (rschletty-Dadai-perceptualvortex-David Gomez) Miller-Schletty 07.31.08 Folk-Rock
Tokyo One (Telephone Booth) five_extra_arms 07.28.08 Indie Rock
Bleary Drew Kopr 07.28.08 Ambient
Free Loader FEEL 07.26.08 Acoustic Rock
Far From Earth The Orbiting 07.22.08 Electropop
Sea Of Dreams jiguma 06.24.08 Acoustic Rock
Wake Up - The Orbiting (Dub Reggae Mix) Diviner 06.22.08 Dub
Drifting Out of Sanity Kori Arashi 06.20.08 Progressive Rock
Out-out on the edge Jim Bouchard 06.20.08 Ambient
Wake Up Remix (w/Orbiting) michael2 06.19.08 Alternative Rock
Insadong eleveneyes 06.19.08 Rock (instrumental)
Slimorex Slapahound Slithorex 06.18.08 Reggae
In The Great Dream (Robin Hood) TobinMueller 06.18.08 Showtunes
Laika springclock 06.18.08 Alternative Rock
Progulation #1 (w/perceptualvortex and ibstrat, with ziti remaster) Ed Hannifin 06.17.08 Progressive Rock
Lonely (BlueBoy Club Mix) SlimGirlFat 06.17.08 Dance-Club
Wake Up (W/The Orbiting) Skean 06.17.08 Breakbeat
Lead With Your Heart (with Fran Dagostino Band feat. Futzpucker) aclarke 06.16.08 Rock
Black Star (MJ Live Aid w/jgurner) ledebutant 06.16.08 Alternative Rock
On Reflection jiguma 06.15.08 Acoustic Rock
Mysterious Journey (Short Cue) maxruehl 06.14.08 Cinematic Soundtrack
Journey To A Sunrise paddler 06.11.08 Progressive Rock
Muse Ash Tree 06.10.08 Indie Rock
Wake Up (Pooey Remix) pooey 06.10.08 Trip Hop
One Less Child (Robin Hood) TobinMueller 06.09.08 Showtunes
Wake Up (Listen Up Mix) ledebutant 06.08.08 Hip Hop-Rap
Pu Ekaw (The Orbiting's Wake Up remixed) Jim Bouchard 06.07.08 Ambient
Lords of Decomposition grid stalker 06.04.08 Heavy Metal
Within Mack_Danger 06.09.08 Heavy Metal
Wake Up (remix) paddler 06.03.08 Pop (Alternative)
Capricho Arabe Vr2 / Re-recorded and mixed thetiler 06.02.08 Classical
Between Green Sleeves guitapick 06.02.08 Acoustic
Che Old Mix Drew Kopr 05.30.08 Ethnic-International
King Wah stratcat 05.29.08 Rock
Elevated Passage magnatone 05.28.08 Pop Orchestral
Wonderland The Orbiting 05.27.08 Pop (Alternative)
Apogee MissChaos 05.25.08 Dance-Club
Captain Caveman paddler 05.23.08 Rhythm and Blues
Seriously Frolicking Macaudion 05.20.08 Pop Orchestral
Daze in Sunshine (w/michael2) sonic_magpie 05.17.08 Indie Rock
Glacier Ride (with ziti) magnatone 05.09.08 Pop Orchestral
GRILL K Möller J 05.05.08 Other
Boy Candy (CBGB w/gregd) ledebutant 05.04.08 Alternative Rock
Held Down Holistik 05.04.08 Hip Hop-Rap
Dissatisfied w/Echoroom racerat 04.27.08 Acoustic
Forbidden (W/Alannah & Ibstrat) Macaudion 04.15.08 Cinematic Soundtrack
Freefall Z293 04.06.08 Rock (instrumental)
Wake Up (LIOLI7) The Orbiting 03.31.08 Pop (Alternative)
WWYD? (w/Jim Bouchard & michael2) ledebutant 03.18.08 Alternative Rock
Serpentine Z293 03.16.08 Rock (instrumental)
Swing Axe (w/PV) ktb 03.15.08 Rock (instrumental)
For Marion futzpucker 03.09.08 Acoustic
Electrojack grid stalker 03.05.08 Trip Hop
Puzzle City (AUDIOCRACY) TobinMueller 02.26.08 Progressive Rock
What Will You Do? (w/michael2) ledebutant 02.21.08 Alternative Rock
Ornamental Featherweight (w/t Estellie) echoroom 02.16.08 Pop (mainstream)
Sweet Dreams magullo 02.11.08 Jazz Fusion
Today droop 02.10.08 Pop (mainstream)
White Noise Z293 02.09.08 Rock (instrumental)
Do For Love jiguma 02.07.08 Alternative Rock
77 trash (with AW/DHL) echoroom 02.05.08 Electropop
Thistles (Clutchbox Mix) The Orbiting 01.22.08 Electropop
Freezer Brain FEEL 01.14.08 Progressive Rock
Smurf Rebellion (w/glennkav) ktb 01.13.08 Blues (contemporary)
Saturday Morning Child BoiAfrica 01.12.08 Rhythm and Blues
Deep (w/t Racerat) echoroom 01.08.08 Ballad
Left to Swing (w/ The Composer) Tiny_Man_Inside 01.07.08 Rock
HOW I'D LOVE TO eleveneyes 01.06.08 Alternative Rock
Old & New (v.2) thetiler 01.05.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
I Will Move On dreadmon 01.04.08 A Cappella
There She Goes w/Jiguma Vic Holman 12.24.07 Indie Rock
The Wrong Sky (w/t Racerat & Michael2) echoroom 12.14.07 Alternative Rock
A Break From It All Einarus 12.12.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
The Raven: Edgar Allen Poe deadpoetclan 12.13.07 Hip Hop-Rap
Caught In The Current (v2) - feat. BBarner & Komrade K TobinMueller 12.11.07 Ethnic-International
damaged tape #23 datafunk 12.10.07 Breakbeat
Alpha Knock (W/Le Debutante) michael2 12.03.07 Experimental
Worlds Apart telefan 12.03.07 Rock
MIA (EchoRatKopr) echoroom 12.01.07 Art Rock
You Can't Touch Me (LSP) TobinMueller 11.30.07 Pop (mainstream)
LSP is making the world melt (rainbow mix) Diviner 11.30.07 Trance
Crazy Star- LSP Vic Holman 11.30.07 Rock
Quantum Surf grid stalker 11.28.07 Progressive Rock
WALK AWAY jiguma 11.27.07 Acoustic Rock
Circles The Orbiting 11.25.07 Pop (Alternative)
Big Fonk Nasty (Hector & Ktb) Hectorious 11.24.07 Funk
Bass-Box VicDiesel 11.23.07 Other
Gleetchlab Experiment michael2 11.23.07 Experimental
I Wanna Fly (v2) TobinMueller 11.20.07 Jazz (instrumental)
The Night's Too Long_MJ Mx rtcooper 11.19.07 Folk-Rock
Windy Waltz 1 haribo 11.19.07 Classical
To Slumber Jim Bouchard 11.18.07 Acoustic Rock
Milky Boulevard w/APB and Wildcat moorlandt 11.18.07 Rock
Insert Human grid stalker 11.14.07 Progressive Rock
Rendezvous Z293 11.10.07 Rock (instrumental)
Black Forest Dance, Take 2 drakonis 11.04.07 Romantic
Paper Cranes (Bipolar Mix) The Orbiting 11.04.07 Electropop
wither in urban pleasures atonalis 11.04.07 Downtempo
Skein kristyjo 11.03.07 Folk (contemporary)
SpitLogic's Regret Macaudion 11.02.07 Psychedelic
Lightning Strikes (v1) TobinMueller 11.02.07 Jazz (instrumental)
Siamese grid stalker 10.31.07 Heavy Metal
Crazy Moon jiguma 10.29.07 Acoustic Rock
Halloween Punch drakonis 10.28.07 Holiday
Stompy the stomp stomping stomper Diviner 10.27.07 Techno
Something Sinister Einarus 10.26.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
Mistakes Of Man (feat. Holistik & Kryptik) Leon 10.24.07 Hip Hop-Rap
Faces On the Train racerat 10.20.07 Acoustic Rock
Tomorrow Knows w/Bud/Micheal Wark/Michael2 Vic Holman 10.19.07 Psychedelic
Trialogues(Henri Roger/Tadashi/Mcboy) Mcboy 10.18.07 Rhythm and Blues
Work and Money thoddi 10.14.07 Soul
Interstellar Racer - Warp Factor 2 Pie 10.14.07 Electropop
knotted windpipe Stun Nutz 10.06.07 Experimental
Hold On (w/ Komrade K) TobinMueller 10.05.07 Alternative Rock
I'm Done BoiAfrica 09.30.07 Jazz (vocal)
... and I will have my revenge on Chicago (w/t Biba Nova) echoroom 09.28.07 Experimental
Mr. D. Funked [Instrumental] EZamor 09.28.07 Electropop
Underworld Sky grid stalker 09.26.07 Heavy Metal
Duel (ktb/cydniko/edhara collab) edhara 09.25.07 NUjazz
Santiago Plugs In Ibstrat 09.24.07 Classical
Interstellar Racer Pie 09.21.07 Electropop
ahoy your lioli life (part 6) datafunk 09.19.07 Ballad
Cigarette Tadashi Togawa 09.19.07 Jazz (instrumental)
II. Cadenza Cameron 09.19.07 Classical
A Morning On The Edge Of Time Norman Goodman 09.18.07 Progressive Rock
BackTalkin (Resolution) Hectorious 09.16.07 Alternative Rock
Converging (AlexEchoRat) echoroom 09.14.07 Art Rock
Martial Art steck 09.09.07 Experimental
Duality(thoddi/myst/steveL) Mcboy 09.08.07 Ambient
Empty Sky twonicus 09.07.07 Hard Rock
Mirage thetiler 09.06.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
There you go Jim Bouchard 09.05.07 Acoustic Rock
SOMEWHERE DEEP jiguma 09.05.07 Acoustic Rock
Drunk walk 1 haribo 09.05.07 Classical
Stone stage Tadashi Togawa 09.03.07 Jazz Fusion
Marco moorlandt 09.01.07 Downtempo
Golden Days (Jiguma's) Macaudion 08.30.07 Acoustic Rock
If I Only Had A Brain Samba thetiler 08.30.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
Fall Down King (Mcboy/RCAndrews) RacerX 08.29.07 Blues (contemporary)
Sanctuary Parichayaka 08.29.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
Break it on down Dj French Toast 08.28.07 Hip Hop-Rap
Out of Time Einarus 08.27.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
Fragile (Echoroom/Mystified/Rebsie/MissChaos) MissChaos 08.25.07 Downtempo
Dealers prey paralax 08.21.07 Rock
Tell Me - by *Catch* steck 08.19.07 Pop (mainstream)
Manhattan Hangs (RaceratRedux) echoroom 08.19.07 Alternative Rock
melted ribcage Stun Nutz 08.17.07 Experimental
The Golden Days jiguma 08.17.07 Acoustic Rock
Sagrada Familia Tadashi Togawa 08.17.07 New Age
Saturnine (unplugged) Macaudion 08.16.07 Folk (contemporary)
Future Perfect K.I.S.KISMET 08.12.07 Experimental
Losing it Macaudion 08.10.07 Ringtones
Dontcha Think? five_extra_arms 08.08.07 Alternative Rock
W.I.P. Coalesce 4 Pie 08.05.07 Pop (mainstream)
Funky dancing Tadashi Togawa 07.30.07 Funk
Sail Away (w/Racer X) ledebutant 07.26.07 Ballad
Run On (New Recording) dreadmon 07.22.07 Acoustic Rock
Pressure SlimGirlFat 07.20.07 Dance-Club
Glamorous Occupation ( w/ I. Spike) EZamor 07.19.07 Electropop
Paper Cranes The Orbiting 07.13.07 Electropop
The Queen's Party (Always AWay) eleveneyes 07.12.07 Alternative Rock
Crashed (w/t OneSweet World) echoroom 07.02.07 Alternative Rock
In The Garden (w/Jim Bouchard) ledebutant 07.01.07 Pop (Alternative)
The Birdwatcher Ibstrat 07.06.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
Ocean's Fluke Parichayaka 06.20.07 Jazz Fusion
JAPAN Tadashi Togawa 06.13.07 Rock (instrumental)
I Love My Mac - V2 Pie 06.10.07 Alternative Rock
Mama Cries (Horizon Mix) MissChaos 06.07.07 Downtempo
Escuta craft 06.07.07 Hip Hop-Rap
Seaside In San Tropez FrankAxtell 06.06.07 Jazz Fusion
ACROSS THE WATER jiguma 06.06.07 Acoustic Rock
Warcrime Thompa 06.05.07 Heavy Metal
Steady chakeres 06.03.07 Rock (instrumental)
Solar Flare Z293 06.03.07 Rock (instrumental)
Madeliene Mcboy 06.01.07 Jazz Fusion
Who Should Know-Experiment 1 (collab w/Macaudion) Ed Hannifin 05.31.07 Progressive Rock
Evanescent Surge FrankAxtell 05.27.07 Rock (instrumental)
God Already Blessed America Ed Hannifin 05.23.07 Folk (contemporary)
godofwaR(commOn nuisance rmX) atonalis 05.22.07 Drum n Bass
LIOLI4 - Stuck At A Friggin' Railroad Crossing While Driving Home From Work DeputyDoofy 05.21.07 Electropop
FOLLOW THE BLACK LINE (w Alfalpha) jiguma 05.18.07 Acoustic Rock
Grieg Revisited Cori Ander 05.17.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
The Secret Place FrankAxtell 05.15.07 Jazz Fusion
You Make My Heart Skip A Beat TobinMueller 05.14.07 Piano
That's EJH Macaudion 05.11.07 Progressive Rock
Texas Blues-Youra-w/ElevenEyes eleveneyes 05.08.07 Blues (contemporary)
SAYING SO YOU'LL KNOW w kevmikwa jiguma 05.08.07 Acoustic Rock
Maple Leaf Rag Cori Ander 05.07.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
Just Like A Circle (w/I. Spike) Sil-VER 05.06.07 Downtempo
A Dream In Spring thetiler 05.06.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
Synthin' To The TechNose DeputyDoofy 05.02.07 Electropop
Tesla Coil grid stalker 05.02.07 Progressive Rock
survivalisM (NINrmX) atonalis 05.01.07 Industrial
The Final Rabi STK 05.01.07 Art Rock
modern world ziti 04.30.07 Blues (contemporary)
Rain Rain (go away) MissChaos 04.29.07 Electropop
Sweet Baby (w/Jim Bouchard) ledebutant 04.28.07 Acoustic Rock
Wellyn (remix) dreadmon 04.27.07 Acoustic Rock
BLUE POOL (w Anne Cozean, kevmikwa, alfalpha and Ms jig) jiguma 04.25.07 Acoustic Rock
A Broken Distress Call DeputyDoofy 04.25.07 Other
Subdivide Peter Greenstone 04.24.07 Rock
We Are The Ones TobinMueller 04.24.07 Children's Music
6route6route6 atonalis 04.22.07 Hardcore
Katchoolik Cori Ander 04.21.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
Indian Rocks five_extra_arms 04.21.07 Alternative Rock
PERFECT STORM Scott Carmichael 04.21.07 Acoustic Rock
Way Out Somewhere Parichayaka 04.20.07 Downtempo
Helium (w/domdino) ledebutant 04.18.07 Pop (mainstream)
Particle Theory FrankAxtell 04.17.07 Jazz Fusion
If swinging even beauty Tadashi Togawa 04.17.07 Jazz Fusion
Balereka thetiler 04.16.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
Subdivisions In Time FrankAxtell 04.14.07 Jazz Fusion
CRAZY MOON (w/jiguma) Sil-VER 04.14.07 Rock
Neon Tiki (Remix) dreadmon 04.11.07 Pop (Alternative)
No Better Day V2 Scott Carmichael 04.09.07 Folk (contemporary)
Hold On Peter Greenstone 04.07.07 Acoustic Rock
1984 atonalis 04.06.07 Downtempo
The fifth street Tadashi Togawa 04.04.07 Jazz Fusion
Seminole Solstice dreadmon 04.03.07 Native American
After All (w/Jim Bouchard) ledebutant 03.30.07 Folk-Rock
Hemispheres paddler 03.29.07 Experimental
Hyperspace FrankAxtell 03.28.07 Jazz Fusion
MacPherson Strut (LIOLI) SmokeyVW 03.16.07 Experimental
bytE atonalis 03.12.07 Other
The Passage Z293 03.10.07 Rock (instrumental)
WELL ENOUGH ALONE jiguma 03.01.07 Acoustic Rock
azuredelusioN atonalis 02.27.07 Experimental
Funkwerk datafunk 02.19.07 Film Scoring
deconstructingbritanY atonalis 02.16.07 Other
Winter rabbit Tadashi Togawa 02.14.07 Jazz Fusion
Heroes Parichayaka 02.13.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
Speak Truth To Power (w/ twon, Darren Chapmen, Audiocracy) TobinMueller 02.13.07 Progressive Rock
Robot man. paddler 02.07.07 Breakbeat
Mist(re-mixed EJH song) Jim Bouchard 02.06.07 Acoustic
The Mist Comes Up The Valley by EJH jiguma 02.03.07 Folk-Rock
Dance of the Technoids drakonis 02.03.07 Game Soundtrack
When The Future Comes (w/ Twon, Alimar, Audiocracy) TobinMueller 02.01.07 Progressive Rock
Through it all w/ Mimi - Remix Macaudion 02.01.07 Art Rock
rockit supergirl (drumoff party edit) datafunk 01.31.07 Art Rock
Karma 4 Brecker(futzpucker/karmatoburn/edhara/tadashi/ricky s./mcboy) Mcboy 01.29.07 Jazz Fusion
Ambient Guitar Chill Parichayaka 01.28.07 Ambient
The Mist Comes Up The Valley (collab w/Mystified) Ed Hannifin 01.28.07 Folk (contemporary)
Don't Wake The Baby (2007 MJ Drumoff) Pie 01.23.07 Rock (instrumental)
All I Want eleveneyes 01.20.07 Acoustic Rock
Casualties of Faith (Remix) dreadmon 01.18.07 Rock
never think twice ( I'm a fish) (with wildcat and moorlandt) datafunk 01.18.07 Downtempo
Gulaga Dreaming jiguma 01.18.07 Acoustic Rock
pump up the damned Stun Nutz 01.13.07 Experimental
ambisol Stun Nutz 01.13.07 Experimental
Voices of Arctic Insomnia (ft. I. Spike) MissChaos 01.11.07 Other
el nino datafunk 01.09.07 Electronic
WANNADO jiguma 01.09.07 Acoustic Rock
Driven by desperation (w/I.Spike) Sil-VER 01.08.07 Alternative Rock
Through it all w/Mimi/Mcboy&Thoddi Macaudion 01.06.07 Art Rock
Strange Days Z293 01.06.07 Progressive Rock
I'm So High racerat 01.02.07 Acoustic Rock
Simply Fine Ed Hannifin 01.02.07 Folk (contemporary)
Auld Lang Syne 2007 dreadmon 12.29.06 Folk (traditional)
No One Is Alone (w/TEXASFELL) Sil-VER 12.29.06 Alternative Rock
12 Days for my new car to get to Nashville? thetiler 12.26.06 Holiday
One Winter Solstice Morn dreadmon 12.20.06 Holiday
Saturnine w/ktb ktb 12.20.06 Alternative Rock
Xmas Fantasy/silent night ziti 12.13.06 Holiday
Dates that Mutate grid stalker 12.13.06 Heavy Metal
Inshalla (hopefully) chikoppi 12.09.06 Middle Eastern
Thistle The Orbiting 12.09.06 Electropop
McBoy's ktb 12.07.06 Jazz Fusion
Meeting Disillusionment Macaudion 12.07.06 Experimental
RUSTY DUSTY NIGHTS jiguma 12.07.06 Acoustic Rock
Crazy Feels Like dreadmon 12.07.06 Alternative Rock
Saturnine - Pie Mix Pie 12.03.06 Ballad
Voices of Arctic Insomnia MissChaos 12.01.06 Ambient
Don't Tell the QUEEN eleveneyes 11.30.06 Acoustic Rock
DOG FIGHT Tadashi Togawa 11.27.06 Jazz Fusion
Crush Joshosh 11.26.06 Alternative Rock
Love Was Once (with Wildcat and Moorlandt) datafunk 11.22.06 Alternative Rock
voice of the machine (feat Tydelwave) datafunk 11.20.06 Techno
Clouds Across The Sky jiguma 11.19.06 Acoustic Rock
Saturnine (the dirty jazz version) The Composer 11.15.06 Jazz (vocal)
Escalation (w/Z293) ktb 11.13.06 Jazz Fusion
Rubicon (w/ The Composer) Tiny_Man_Inside 11.02.06 Rock
Finding Satori MissChaos 11.01.06 Cinematic Soundtrack
Holding Pattern Z293 10.29.06 Rock (instrumental)
World That Breathed The Orbiting 10.27.06 Pop (mainstream)
Loop and Drum (Loop or Lose it Entry) The Composer 10.26.06 Drum n Bass
Jailbreak Tadashi Togawa 10.24.06 Rock (instrumental)
Chaos of the Subconscious TobinMueller 10.24.06 Twentieth Century
batteryQ-66 atonalis 10.23.06 Drum n Bass
Bounce Buffet w/ Hectorious AquilA 10.21.06 Progressive Rock
1001 Lacrime Parichayaka 10.21.06 Cinematic Soundtrack
doooo wap datafunk 10.18.06 Funk
2jumpbleeptoY atonalis 10.14.06 Drum n Bass
Dark Nights jiguma 10.11.06 Acoustic Rock
Lurk upon the angel's shoulder Particulate Eden 10.07.06 Trip Hop
BIG DRY (w Ms jig) jiguma 10.02.06 Acoustic Rock
You Can't Change My Mind Ed Hannifin 09.30.06 Folk (contemporary)
Acoustic Rush 3 thetiler 09.30.06 Acoustic
Over the Hill Einarus 09.24.06 New Age
Please Don't Call Ed Hannifin 09.21.06 Folk (contemporary)
In The Garden (PV Mix) ledebutant 09.20.06 Dance-Club
A Final Moment futzpucker 09.19.06 Jazz (instrumental)
Mechanical Schoolmarm ledebutant 09.19.06 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Use This (Cori Ander w/ktb) ktb 09.18.06 Acoustic Rock
Headful Of Smiles (Massimo Ferrusi feat jiguma) Sil-VER 09.12.06 Alternative Rock
VO Animation Demo Joanna 09.09.06 Spoken Word-Poetry
Bridge of Sighs MissChaos 09.04.06 Downtempo
Nashville Nights jiguma 09.04.06 Acoustic Rock
Sands Of Egypt TAREK 09.03.06 Rock
Saturnine (electro estate mix) The Orbiting 08.25.06 Alternative Rock
Less Then Expected chakeres 08.25.06 Rock (instrumental)
Wandering Tadashi Togawa 08.24.06 Hard Rock
liquidroboT atonalis 08.17.06 Drum n Bass
Guantanamo Vacation w Cydniko jiguma 08.16.06 Acoustic Rock
Division By Zero Error DeputyDoofy 08.08.06 Other
Saturnine The Orbiting 08.07.06 Alternative Rock
Blown Away (w ziti) jiguma 08.06.06 Rock
JabaTheFunk (DataFunk/DrewKopr) Drew Kopr 08.06.06 Experimental
Fire In The Hole Z293 08.02.06 Rock (instrumental)
Drew's Brew (McBoy/Drew Kopr) Drew Kopr 08.02.06 Blues (contemporary)
Bringing Down the Satellites - Relayed The Orbiting 07.24.06 Pop (mainstream)
Tears Of Time Z293 07.20.06 Rock (instrumental)
All Alone (Resolution) Hectorious 07.15.06 Alternative Rock
The Gumshoe Wears A Rag TobinMueller 07.14.06 Piano
World of Wonder Parichayaka 07.12.06 Cinematic Soundtrack
oo aa ee Stun Nutz 07.11.06 Experimental
Potato jam Tadashi Togawa 07.11.06 Jazz Fusion
Balken Fizz (ktb & edhara) ktb 07.10.06 NUjazz
Curry's Stew (Mcboy Ziti) ziti 06.23.06 Funk
What I Was Thinking While You Were Talking (w/ Ziti, Mungo) TobinMueller 06.14.06 Ambient
Son of a Beat datafunk 06.14.06 Breakbeat
Far planet Tadashi Togawa 06.13.06 Progressive Rock
Come into the Forest Einarus 06.04.06 Children's Music
zizzer squeek Stun Nutz 06.01.06 Breakbeat
ZigZag(collab: Z293/mcboy) Mcboy 05.28.06 Hard Rock
Neverland (w/illuminati) ledebutant 05.25.06 Pop (mainstream)
Clears up after rain Tadashi Togawa 05.11.06 Jazz Fusion
NinetySix chakeres 05.04.06 Hard Rock
Too Many Ghosts jiguma 04.15.06 Acoustic Rock
One-way Tadashi Togawa 04.12.06 Jazz (instrumental)
Data City datafunk 04.11.06 Breakbeat
Tabula Rasa Einarus 04.06.06 Progressive Rock
Heart Of The Desert futzpucker 03.31.06 Jazz (instrumental)
Serious Delirium Holistik 03.28.06 Hip Hop-Rap
Blendertown datafunk 03.28.06 Breakbeat
air266A atonalis 03.19.06 Drum n Bass
Fireflies MissChaos 03.16.06 Other
Pliny's Natural History Warren Smith 03.16.06 Spoken Word-Poetry
Sunny Beaches (w/zallaz & TEXASFEEL) ledebutant 02.14.06 Pop (mainstream)
Sampled Sister The Composer 01.21.06 Other
Now and Then chakeres 01.20.06 Hard Rock
Galaxy Band : Part V Einarus 01.08.06 Progressive Rock
Deadly Minds feat. Lightfingers Klepto Holistik 01.07.06 Hip Hop-Rap
Shufflerbones(ziti,dkopr,pvortex) ziti 01.07.06 Funk
Everybody Party Now PeaceGirl 01.02.06 Pop (mainstream)
bleed (cover w/alley-oop) ledebutant 12.12.05 Acoustic Rock
Stranded (w/ Chakeres) Einarus 11.09.05 Rock (instrumental)
The dessert is a pudding Tadashi Togawa 11.04.05 Funk
Mermaid (w/Electro Estate) ledebutant 11.01.05 Downtempo
Oregon chakeres 10.30.05 Rock & Roll
Ocean Bird chakeres 10.14.05 Rock & Roll
Homeland Insecurity jiguma 10.03.05 Acoustic Rock
Am I Being Unfair daphna 09.15.05 Pop (mainstream)
Grabblesnaps Einarus 09.09.05 Progressive Rock
spine Stun Nutz 09.08.05 Experimental
Tadashi Said jiguma 08.30.05 Acoustic Rock
Bringing Down the Satellites w/Ledebutant illuminati 08.30.05 Pop (mainstream)
The Song Of This World Ed Hannifin 08.17.05 Folk-Rock
SlimGirlThat MacJammersUnited 08.08.05 Open Collaborations
Do you mind if I smoke? Tadashi Togawa 08.05.05 Blues (traditional)
Blackberries (collab w/alley-oop) ledebutant 08.04.05 Acoustic Rock
In the Garden (Remix) ledebutant 07.15.05 Pop (mainstream)
Take Me As I Am (Collab SGF) Drew Kopr 06.30.05 Dance-Club
Jenny Get Angrier illuminati 06.13.05 Dance-Club
I Sail On (arr: Troy) TobinMueller 05.23.05 Progressive Rock
Haftarah-boom-dee-ay! Cantor 05.06.05 Ethnic-International
Mixed Nuts MacJammersUnited 03.18.05 Other
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 fosod 11.08.04 Alternative Rock
asparagii _nderscore 09.30.04 Experimental
Unwashed Mcboy 08.04.04 Rock & Roll
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Music Background Rock, Funk and Jazz drum lessons. Some minimal training on saxophone and piano. Various classes in college. Played drums for a whole lot of undiscovered rock bands. Hung out with some jaded old rockers. Listened to Quadrophenia once while snorting dried toads.
Music Skills Drums and... well, just drums.
Music Hardware Mac Mini, iPad
Music Software Soundtrack, GarageBand, SoundEdit, WireTap, GleetchLab, i-Electribe, random other doodads.
Keywords drums, drummer, rock, electronic, dance, soundtrack, collaborator, juggler