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musically...fronted the band Violent Green...Up records for some years...dark sparse trip hop with rough mournful rocknroll...my voice was compared to Marianne Faithful...Pati Smith...Thaila Zedek...maybe more so cause I am female than because those comparisons are accurate (albeit hugely flattering) the music was very experimental and hard to categorize....stopped for many years am now picking it back up again...
during the down time I used an Akai s5000 and sequenced on a MMt8.. very strange, sad soundscapes...recently got my first puter and
garageband and am excited but a little overwhelmed by the choices...very grateful for all these sites.
rarecatta's Songs (5)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
07.18.07 collecting dust 8.58 (3) 2356 (2) Experimental 07.20.07 Active
07.18.07 we lay 8.25 (1) 1499 (1) Electropop 07.19.07 Active
07.18.07 possum 8.75 (2) 2061 (2) Experimental 07.20.07 Active
07.16.07 animal/green 8.50 (2) 1962 (5) Art Rock 10.12.07 Active
07.16.07 16 stories high 7.75 (1) 1444 (1) Art Rock 07.20.07 Active
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Mourning Rain ***itiswotitis*** 06.29.07 Trip Hop
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