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(Steve Hadley & Ray Kainz)

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Spot is the result of Stephen Hadley writing a song, grabbing whoever's hanging around his office with a little extra time between classes, record them singing and/or playing, then taking the tracks over to Ray Kainz's studio, and getting all hopped up on coffee, staying up all night arguing about volume curves and Micheal Moore, do more tracking, then more Micheal Moore, then mixing and more mixing and more mixing and somehow winding up with a tune that's not half bad. At least that's how it goes down most of the time.

Steve Hadley writes music and also works at Columbia College, Chicago where he has the oppourtunity to recruit both world-class and aspiring musicians alike to help make his music come alive. "The more people I can get involved in a project the funner it is, and most times it turns out better than I could have imagined".

Ray Kainz ( eleveneyes ) met Steve when they were both students at CC. Steve had a recording studio in his apartment and Ray loved to record and turn knobs. It was a match made in heaven. almost 20 years later (wow!) they are still producing music together.

Much ot the talent you'll hear here are students currently attending Columbia College.
spot's Songs (7)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
11.30.06 To Be With You 8.68 (7) 3396 (9) Rock 06.17.07 Active
09.25.05 This Little Piggy 7.90 (10) 6725 (10) Rock & Roll 10.30.05 Active
08.23.05 IN TIME 7.98 (10) 4875 (10) Acoustic 08.28.05 Active
05.12.05 I Believe NEWMIX 8.19 (20) 5210 (15) Hip Hop-Rap 12.03.06 Active
04.19.05 I Believe 8.34 (61) 11151 (44) Hip Hop-Rap 06.17.07 Active
03.31.05 See You In Your Dreams 7.96 (24) 5423 (31) Rock & Roll 11.29.09 Active
03.31.05 Even Better Days 7.72 (19) 5064 (11) Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary 04.20.05 Active
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