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(Jason T. Ingram)

Member Since: Friday, September 28 2007 @ 09:16 AM CDT
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Homepage: http://myspace.com/jasoningramproductions
Location: Florence, KY USA
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Jason T. Ingram is a singer, song writer and producer from the US. His music ranges from folk to techno with some heavy guitars and vintage synth sounds. Jason's work has a creative edge with lyrics focused on anything from relationships, theology, social issues and personal experience. Jason Todd Ingram was born in Portland, Oregon and moved to Alaska at the age of twenty to make original music for video productions. In the late 90's he began to teach music and later built another recording studio creating his own CDs and producing the works of others. He played with groups such as His Hands and the Wilo Vasquez Ensemble (in addition to his solo appearances) while living in Anchorage. Mr. Ingram has been through thirty-three US states as well as a dozen countries. Jason lived in the Russian Federation involved in playing music and teaching, Spring of 2000. Jason has been composing and recording his own music since his early teens. In the late 80's he began releasing home-made audio cassette recordings and appeared on radio shows into his late teens. He also worked in community and professional theater in his Portland years. Jason finished the Professional Music Program at PCC as well as graduating from RBTC followed by a missions program in 1999. Mr. Ingram relocated to the Midwest during the years of 2005 and 2006 beginning to work in video production and continuing his work in the arts, songwriting and recording. Jason's creative work ranges from mixed media art, creative writing to a wide range of music styles. Throughout the years he has been known to build homemade musical instruments (even ones that randomly "play themselves") and put together teams of creative people to make a spontaneous performance art piece. His stage work can be compared with the genre of Stomp or Blue Man Group. This summer, Jason finished his 14 track album entitled "Don't Let the Moonlight Burn Your Eyes".
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01.27.08 Bleach and Ammonia 9.33 (3) 3053 (5) Pop (Alternative) 03.04.08 Active
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Music Background Instructor since 1996, over 20 years home studio experience, classically trained on piano, studied bass and guitar at 15 as well as drums, woodwinds and others in mid teens.
Music Skills Transcribing, arrangements, vocal coaching, understanding of how analog sound processors work, banging on things and making lots of noise, piano tuning, basic instrument and electric instrument repair.
Music Hardware Graphic EQ, Dominion condernser mic with pop filter, Edirol UA 25, Korg X5D (controller), Gibson Les Paul (on a few songs), balalaika from Russia, junky guitars, five string bass, programing, vocals, woodwinds (classical flute, Indian bamboo flutes, clarinet, tin whistles, etc...), cornet, air synth, ride hat (its two ride cymbals on a high hat stand), e-bow percussion, harmonica, tenor recorder... Jason has also performed/recorded on several instruments like: keyboard percussion, sitar and tablas, banjo, pan flute, bouzouki, thrashed piano with drum sticks, native American flutes, lots of odd percussion and woodwind instruments from foreign countries. He has also been known to take mallets to large downtown metallic outdoor sculptures. Over the years, Mr. Ingram has designed and built several instruments including the: DooWakka, Jasophone, DumDrum, iScream, Tinkle Tower, Electric Plant Stand, didgeridoo (with a water bottle mouthpiece) and the Saxoflute.
Music Software Garage Band, Soundtrack, Reason, Arturia Analog Factory
Keywords Jason Ingram, art, pop, alternative, slow, melodic, experimental, power pop, glbt, faith, christian, lgbt, garage band, kentucky, ohio