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(Suraj Joneja)

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I (The ChandniChowkBand) started playing 4 years ago. There were short periods when I played with my Brother (Pukraj) and another Guitar Man called Joy

The band is called the "ChandniChowkBand" after the famous and colourful place in New Delhi, India. It stands for a unique mixture of people, styles and cultures.

My influences have been Majorly Classic rock and "Old school Rock": The Eagles, The Beatles, MSG, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Whitesnake, Scorpions and many many more.
I play 'Sufi' Rock, which are fusion of Rock and sufi style Music and lyrics. Also play solos and covers.
I'm like a "passion player": My music is inspired by "Windows of passion", whenever I find time and peace. I love to play to myself and to small groups.
I'm constantly looking for partners to play with, people who share the philosophy of playing solid, good music and having a good time!
suraj's Songs (7)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
03.23.07 Soul Incomplete 7.50 (1) 2164 (1) Progressive Rock 03.23.07 Active
08.07.05 Woh Din 7.13 (2) 1932 (6) Ethnic-International 08.13.05 Active
08.04.05 Staccato 5.00 (1) 1535 (1) Rock & Roll 08.04.05 Active
07.25.05 The Singing Bass 6.50 (1) 1607 (4) Rock & Roll 07.27.05 Active
07.18.05 Babe you gotta.. 7.00 (1) 1500 (3) Rock & Roll 08.09.05 Active
07.17.05 Rock On! 3.25 (1) 1965 (3) Rock & Roll 08.17.05 Active
07.16.05 Saroor 6.75 (5) 2746 (7) Ethnic-International 07.28.05 Active
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