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(Brother Timothy Clark)

Member Since: Thursday, March 22 2012 @ 10:37 PM CDT
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Homepage: http://www.timothyclarkmusic.wordpress.com
Location: New Florence, Pennsylvania United States
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Timothy was born 3 months early and doctors declared he would go blind. they attempted to fix the problem but they failed and he is now blind as a result. Timothy feels though that it happened for a reason. “when i think about what could have been, i’m glad God made me the way he did for now, i can share my faith from a unique point of view and for that i’m grateful.

he originally found god because of a show called Adventures in Odyssey and later he strayed away and realised things were missing in his life. He then searched for information to questions he had. He searched all kinds of texts and always found the truth in the bible. After realising the truth he gave his life back to the lord and he has stated in an interview, “i think my faith is actually strengthened by the fact i denied God then rededicated my life back to the lord.” “see now, i can argue in favour of the bible and my thirst for information on god has indeed been clenched and i’m vary grateful that god has shown himself to be true and that the words and works in the bible are indeed true as well.”

Timothy Writes a blend of music all for the lord. “i’ve wrote poppish songs for god and i’ve wrote countryish songs as well. see, it all depends on the mood."

  he started playing guitar at the age of 12 and views music not only as an outlet but a means of giving praise and glory to the lord Jesus Christ.  He is heavily influenced by Larry Carter, Doyle Dykes, Albert Lee, James Burton, Brad Paisley, The Gaither Vocal Band, George Jones, Hank Williams SR, and more.

 Timothy Grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania and enjoys hanging out via Skype, Twitter andamateur radio.

he is an ordained minister as well as a music producer as well as his own music promoter. "i where a lot of hats but the glory doesn't belong to me. " "the glory belongs to god."

when timothy thinks of music he says,  "music isn't just an outlet, it's a part of who i am."

Timothy hopes to inspire others with his story and music for years to come.
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05.16.16 he broke the chains for me 0.00 (0) 690 (0) Gospel N/A Active
12.04.15 won't we have a time - when we get over yonder 0.00 (0) 1195 (0) Gospel N/A Active
03.26.12 god of love 0.00 (0) 913 (1) Gospel 03.27.12 Active
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