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Macbook Problem
Tuesday, November 20 2007 @ 12:17 PM CST

Hi Guys,

Long time no post as I have been unable to for various reasons. Music has taken a backseat for the last while but a comeback is imminent so watch this space!!

For the moment I have a problem:
I have a Macbook (Intel) that I'm going to sell but there is a password on the login window when I start up. I basically cant get into the computer at all. I want to wipe it clean before resale.

I already have a Macbook and used the installer discs too boot up from so I could change the password in utilities. It didn't work and now the computer doesn't even boot up off the disc anymore. I hold C at startup and it totally ignores the disc and goes straight through to the login window again.

I also tried command 's' to get into the system to change the password manually but that didnt work either as it brogught me straight to the login window again.

The keyboard is working fine so thats not the issue.

Its my brothers computer who passed away a few months ago and I cant find the computers discs. I just want to get this out of my posession at this stage so any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Re:Macbook Problem
Tuesday, November 20 2007 @ 01:58 PM CST

sorry to hear about your brother.

I think the only way is to get it to boot from the disks (which you said isnt working) cos then you could erase the drive and reinstall.

Theres a list of various startup keypresses at:-

- I'd probably trawl through these to see if anything works.Other than that I'm not sure - it should startup from the disks.You could try connecting the two macbooks with firewire,and startup if firewire target disk mode and see if you can get into it that way to erase/install.After that I dont know.Regards


Re:Macbook Problem
Tuesday, November 20 2007 @ 10:47 PM CST

i agree with paddler.
turn both computers off. connect them via firewire.
boot YOUR macbook into target mode (hold T on boot), then boot the problematic macbook holding the "option" button. this should bring up a selection of startup disks.
select YOUR macbook to boot of of. (i suggest this because it sounds like the other one will probably not boot into target.
now (hopefully) you are effectively running from YOUR own machine.
erase the problem hard drive and format it to OS Extended (with journaling enabled)
you should then be able to insert the install disk into YOUR macbook.
i would power down both macbooks and repeat the boot process above only this time, when you hold "option" select the install disk.
once you are have booted from the disk, instal the OS on the newly re-formatted HD, and barring any other hardware issues, you should be home free from there.
hope this helps.
*note* you may not need to go to such extremes, but from what you described the behavior of the one to be, I would try this. i have dealt with many a stubborn mac, and used this technique many times with excellent success.
good luck!