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Learn not to churn
Friday, November 09 2018 @ 08:31 AM CST

Yes, a product promo from Daug, I am not connected to the production of this product in any way. It is just kool and I thought you might not know about it...
This piece of software is a terrible reminder that learning advanced tonal concepts can be made easy with an effective teacher. The thing demonstrates most cliche techniques for reharmonization and therefore teaches advanced harmony in tonal music. In place of a sophomoric explanation of what it's useful for, this software is like sitting-in with a hip piano player and getting schooled...
The software is modest in cost.
Wanna learn how modern music works? "The Way" used to be shown by invitation only, at least a far back as when I was starting out... not any more. This thing will start you on "The Way"...

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Re:Learn not to churn
Sunday, November 11 2018 @ 06:42 PM CST

Can you edit please to post the product-name and a direct link to its website?