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Smoke (w mvh9591 , Leo Roese, and Ric Stehman Jr.)LoobRock (1959)F-Jam Studios (36)
Beat DancingLoobFunk (357)F-Jam Studios (36)
Maybe You Will /w Gadzooks, adf, Susan, Glenn, and PeteLoobF-Jam Studios (36)
Maybe You Will (new drums)/w Gadzooks, adf, Susan, Glenn, and PeteLoobF-Jam Studios (36)
Don't Remove My Hat / adf & PauloLoobF-Jam Studios (36)
Maybe Next YearLoobF-Jam Studios (36)
Scraps and Crumbs of KindnessLoobF-Jam Studios (36)
Under The WeatherLoobF-Jam Studios (36)
Vision w Egodays and FinkledinkLoobF-Jam Studios (36)Curtain Call (3)
The ComingLoobF-Jam Studios (36)
Wide Open Spaces (fusion collab)LoobF-Jam Studios (36)
Don't Eat The Peppers (progressive funk)LoobF-Jam Studios (36)
Touch The SunLoobF-Jam Studios (36)
Sweetie BelleLoobF-Jam Studios (36)
All Hallows Eve (Ghosts In The Graveyard)LoobF-Jam Studios (36)
IllusionLoobF-Jam Studios (36)
Extemporization FunkLoobF-Jam Studios (36)
Wide Open SpacesLoobF-Jam Studios (36)
Another StringLoobF-Jam Studios (36)
The River Jam (by Pete Bowen - PeterB7858)LoobF-Jam Studios (36)
Amazed By Who You AreLoobF-Jam Studios (36)
Acoustic PrayerLoobF-Jam Studios (36)
Sunshine After The BluesLoobF-Jam Studios (36)
The UnveilingLoobF-Jam Studios (36)
The GameLoobF-Jam Studios (36)
In Another RoundLoobF-Jam Studios (36)
Friday NightLoobF-Jam Studios (36)
Queen Of The Silver SummerLoobF-Jam Studios (36)Snakefishes (1)
No Match For MeLoobF-Jam Studios (36)bullying (2)
Knocking At The Devil's DoorLoobF-Jam Studios (36)
Pull Me Under w lyrics and vocalsLoobF-Jam Studios (36)
Gift of My LifeLoobF-Jam Studios (36)
Cry MercyLoobF-Jam Studios (36)
When The Windchimes ScreamLoobF-Jam Studios (36)
A Merry Christmas SongLoobF-Jam Studios (36)
Over and OverLoobF-Jam Studios (36)