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Horror Flick-Porno Flick feat. Lightfingers Klepto & Q-BruteAncient RhymerLFK (3)Cube Root (1)Q-Brute (2)Lightfingers Klepto (4)EBC (1)Excessive Body Count (1)E.B.C. (1)U.R.G. (25)URG (20)Underground Rap Generals (19)Kurbstomp (55)G1 (14)Holistik (44)$30 (1)JDKhaos (29)JDK (38)Ancient Rhymer (38)El Canto (18)Horror Flick-Porno Flick (1)Flick (1)Film (111)Horror Flick (1)Porno Flick (1)Horror (30)Porno (2)Camrose (1)Alberta (1)Vancouver (2)Canada (26)BC (2)British Columbia (2)MC (7)freestyle (14)freebust (1)P.dot (3)bikini (2)zucchini (1)Olive Oil (1)Ghost (43)Edmonton (1)crew (4)clan (2)Soldier (12)Warrior (9)Aquaman (2)
Don't Anybodybreezerbreezer (28)patriotism (6)war (168)anti-war (16)pro-war (1)soldier (12)
Soldier BillBoiAfricasoldier (12)bill (7)war (168)iraq (42)army (6)politics (49)foreign (1)policy (1)
"Durge To Surge"dwwave
Georgie Porgielindafinklegeorge (5)bush (58)antiwar (3)iraq (42)politics (49)soldier (12)death (198)elections (2)
A Soldiers Dream (EKNM Fest)MovizSoldier (12)dreaming (26)war (168)love (1469)window (13)jewels (2)feeling (35)
The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (collab w/ scofugate)fasteddiefasteddie (39)scofugate (14)rock (1959)tomb (2)unknown (12)soldier (12)
The Tin BoxJoannaunknown soldier (1)soldier (12)war (168)memorial day (1)Joanna (44)
Song for the Dead (redeployment mix)Normalwar (168)sad (189)regret (41)soldier (12)dead (41)death (198)mourn (3)tragedy (9)
AT TIMESeleveneyeswar (168)iraq (42)afghanistan (3)911 (5)death (198)toll (3)PTSD (4)ground (5)truth (46)ray (22)kainz (14)patriot (1)soldier (12)patriotic (4)military (5)militia (1)industrial (167)complex (4) (0)