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Incense (It's Alright)



 Genre: Alternative Rock

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Recorded last night (Sept 22, 2005) live with a room mic in a 11' x 13' room...
This was one of many jams we fooled with during this round of jams.
We will update as we work this into a full song to show our process.

Ryan Chubb - Vocals / guitar
Barry Lane - Drums
Jared Puppe - Bass

This was purely spontaneous and we hope to craft this into a coherent song soon.
I cut off the first 55 seconds of this track with no other edits and mixed down to a mp3
in under 10 minutes at around 2am the same night.

Ideas - comments - criticism welcome...thanks for listening.

Incense - 2005
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(slightly altered since conception) - still working on this one...

Desperately, I wanted to get free
But caught up in the wake, of your tide
I felt I had no feet to stand on.

...and all you fought for was to run from this fight...well
It's alright!

Don't ask questions in the dark.
Write it down...click send...and I'll get back in the morning...Babe

I'm so tired now just asking for something more
It's alright...It's Alright...

((back beat))

Sometimes it takes us a long time to groove.
But as the heat goes up in this little old room
The songs they start to sing themselves
The bass and the drums lock tight and they start to swell

Don't you know we could've shared a love like that...but
It's alright...It's Alright...

Kill me again with your songs and your melodies
Kiss me again with your salt water lies
I know you love God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost
But don't you think that your incense is more of a choking smoking..ahhh...

It's not a question here about giving grace
It's alright.
It's alright.
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3 piece drum set - with 1 cymbal
Fender strat
Fender bass
Rode NT4 room mic
Shure Sm58 vocal mic

Bottles were scattered around room for sound diffusion...varying fluid levels...
(worship emergent pipe calvanism schaeffer church mind fire new)
cbuchner1 said 5084 days ago (September 23rd, 2005)
I listened to this and totally enjoyed this. You rock.

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Mokus said 4954 days ago (January 31st, 2006)
Danke schön Christian!
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jesushairdo said 5084 days ago (September 24th, 2005)
this was just a jam session? amazing! i frickin loved the song! its got
so much U2 flaver that i really really loved. maybe its the vocals? or
the guitars? or the rhythms? really lookin forward to the completed
version in the near future. wow...
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Mokus said 5044 days ago (November 2nd, 2005)
Thanks J...we are working on it...hard though...after a long days work I don't want 'to work on it'...we just want to make up new stuff...
...we're getting there though! It's alright!
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krismacqueen said 5082 days ago (September 26th, 2005)
I can't tell you how great it is to hear you guys playing together. This
sounds great and very original. Way to go Jared. Barry, you sound as
good as ever. Ryan, your voice has a cool edge to it that I haven't
necessarily heard before.
This has tons of potential as a song, with some great impromptu lyrics. A
bridge and some more refinement and it'll be good to go.
BTW U2 was fantastic this weekend in Minneapolis. Best show I've seen
yet. Just thought I'd let you know.
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Mokus said 5044 days ago (November 2nd, 2005)
Thanks again kris...we appreciate the encouragement!
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said 5080 days ago (September 27th, 2005)
live jams are cool
Hey M,
this is a pretty cool jam and the sound is not too bad.
It does sound a little U2ish, but I am sure you will find
your own original style.
Maybe throw in a brutal guitar solo just to funk with people.
Would have liked to hear some variations in the drumming.
I am digging this jam and the cool live feel.


Mokus said 5044 days ago (November 2nd, 2005)
live jams are cool
Dr. Katchoolik I presume, thanks for the comments...
ya, this song does need a little something, a little twist for sure ... but we'll have to think about the brutal guitar solo...

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rtcooper said 5079 days ago (September 28th, 2005)
First - Great Vocal timbre, speed and mood. Going to be Major in the

All parts are strong and in groove, but stacked and a bit crowded by
the single source room mic, as you know. Let's borrow a few more and
a mix board and make some more room for everything. Though, even
as is you've got a Basement Tape/small venue thing going here that is
also cool.

Do make a Next Version for us.

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Mokus said 5079 days ago (September 28th, 2005)
Thanks RT,
The one mic is definitely a problem...but at the same time, perfect for taking a snapshot of the birth of this song...
Were working on a full version...thanks for the comments...
and welcome to my basement!!! :)
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SlimGirlFat said 5079 days ago (September 28th, 2005)
I like this,
for a live jam the recording was not bad,
be cool to hear you guys with some clean recordings...
Great vox..

alley-oop said 5079 days ago (September 29th, 2005)
with Dr. Katchoolik, that one spot in the middle could have ripped with
some change in the guitar. Great tune!
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Philos60 said 5078 days ago (September 29th, 2005)
Your live jam...
That's real live music with spontaneity I like very much.
It expresses your orignial individuality. GREAT!

All the best to you and your musical life!
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Mokus said 5044 days ago (November 2nd, 2005)
Your live jam...
Thanks Philos...your the king!
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BUDA-Pesht said 5057 days ago (October 20th, 2005)
Pretty Cool
Hey Mokus!
This is pretty good. It kind of reminds me about a little place in town I like to call the "Happy Place"
Keep up the great melodies, and cool vocal arrangments. One day you guys will be in the spot light........even if it only the one mounted on the LAPD's search chopper!!!!!
Mokus said 5044 days ago (November 2nd, 2005)
Pretty Cool
A BUDA-pesht...it's been a while.
look I don't care what the cops say...it wasn't me...I swear.
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aivan said 5039 days ago (November 7th, 2005)
Great rock
Keep on working... I NEED to hear more of you!!! :)
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Mokus said 5035 days ago (November 11th, 2005)
Great rock
Aivan, you are too kind...to our very rough sketches.
Congrats with your song...we like it!
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