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No10 (the MTV cut)

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A piece for string quartet and rock band. Theres a big Dream Theater influence here apparently...
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Uploaded: Sep 25, 2005 - 08:55:09 AM
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Garageband and Sibelius
billl said 5048 days ago (September 25th, 2005)
Great composition. Well recorded. Remids me of ELP.
I'd like to here this on a little better midi equiptment.
Keep up the good work.
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eleveneyes said 5048 days ago (September 25th, 2005)
slow start
this one started off kinda cheesey like to me, but then just got better
and better as it went on. love the piano stuff and the call and response
stuff between the piano and synth. i can hear the dream theater
influence but this is much more interesting to me. thanks for sharing
your sounds.
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TobinMueller said 5047 days ago (September 26th, 2005)
Very cool
Yes, the level of interest increased tremendously as the track morphed on
and on. Some very cool moments and tons of great energy. If this is a
demo track to flesh out ideas, then the MIDI strings are ok, but if you
want to use the track for other than demo purposes, consider substituting
the synth strings with more interesting synth sounds (Moog, for instance),
or looking into more realistic solo string AUs or the Proteus 2 module by
Emu. Or get your string buddies at Monash to play for you. I used to do
that in college all the time. Keep inventing, man. Cool stuff.
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The Composer said 5047 days ago (September 26th, 2005)
Very cool
Thanks for the feedback. Part of the reason I've labled it the MTV cut is
because I personally think there is alot more that I could do with the piece...
ESPECIALLY the call and response between the guitar and piano.

The introduction will take some time to remove the cheese from it, as it
presents the material for a large part of the piece... but that comment has
been made to me a couple of times now by various people so I'll definately
have to think about it.

As for the synth strings... oddly enough I had to use GM midi sounds for the
strings, the Garageband strings just didn't have anywhere near the timbral
variation that I wanted. Idealy I would want to record this entirely with real
instruments (after I've finished the non-MTV cut)... however, trying to do that
right now at Uni will be difficult. Its a relatively difficult piece in some
sections and there are too many instruments to worry about recording (seven
at the moment)... the most I've had time to deal with is 4... and besides, I
don't know that many strings players that well.

Thanks for the comments.

The Composer, previously known as The Pianist who hasn't played the piano in a while...
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said 5047 days ago (September 26th, 2005)
The begining of this song did a great job of grabbing my attention. It
reminded me alot of the second half of "Make Ronnie Rocket" by the
Venetian Snares. You don't hear alot of glitched out synth string
sections here on Macjams... The electric guitar, piano and heavy metal
drums work surprsingly well togeather and create an awesome bridge
into that plucked string section. Excellent work.
Stun Nutz said 5047 days ago (September 26th, 2005)
crazy, man!
This does get better and better and it goes along... your
programming is really energetic and fluid. Is it all pencil tool
stuff? A lot of it sounds like live instrument playing. The sound
of some of the instruments could be improved and/or changed (I
agree with some of the other comments), and this is more
noticable at the beginning, but overall very impressive! I love the
crashing climax at the end...
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The Composer said 5047 days ago (September 27th, 2005)
crazy, man!
Is it all pencil tool? No way man, this piece was originally written on Sibelius
2 (a music notation program), as I had to originally submit this as a written
composition to my lecturer... so it actually is all just midi notes in
Garageband. Thankyou for the comments.

The Composer, previously known as The Pianist who hasn't played the piano in a while...
Check out my latest song called Blood Is Boiling (By Faeble)
Stun Nutz said 5047 days ago (September 27th, 2005)
crazy, man!
Cool... I am just not familiar with many of the more professional,
sophisticated programs like Sibelius... we are so used to
GarageBand around here!
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Tadashi Togawa said 5047 days ago (September 27th, 2005)
High sea of composition
Hello Bryan.
I am Japanese. Are you doing the Karate? Are you a black belt?
The tune is magnificent. Development moves. It is wonderful at the end.
The amount of the recording was a little excessive. I was possible to enjoy
very much.
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SpasmodicMan said 5046 days ago (September 27th, 2005)
Start of the road
I tuned into this after getting a heads up email from Tobin and it truly lived up to his hype. Totally dig brain-teasers. Would love to hear this with more expressive instruments, bring it off the page and under the fingertips of players. Human exploration done by remote control, otherwise. Tear off the space suit and feel the atmosphere, man, because this track could travel.
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Macaudion said 5042 days ago (October 1st, 2005)
And, nice composing it is...
Mighty fine rig'n... Eleveneyes borrowed my words about this and has
yet to return them.... What he/she said; it definitely unwound into a
seemingly complex and very interesting tune. The word, 'intrigue' hops
into my head space about this..

This is a nice composition. I was kind of thinking the same as billl
about wanting to hear a better midi recording, but then, as i listened
more, my mind changed on me. I thought, you know, it is entirely
possible that you have filtered things to get this sound image.
Certainly, you were clever enough w/ all of your other choices in
putting this together.

A very nice piece - Thanks for sharing your work, Composer.

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said 5035 days ago (October 8th, 2005)
The interplay of piano and bass once the song gets rolling (about a
minute in) is really unusual and striking.

The "squeeky bicycle" tire into is REALLY grating tho. Nearly
unlistenable in it's seeming randomness.

Production-wise, the whole thing is really blown out and distroted.
Your levels sound really high, especially on the drums. You're pegging
the meter and rather than it sounding tough and rocking in that Spinal
Tap "Turned up to 11" way, it just sounds like a bad recording.

Your drum timbres are very canned sounding, lacking any subtlty WRT
velocity or spatiality. The snare and cymbals in particular.

Everythign sounds very center channel.

Neat composition, but it's pretty rough.
The Composer said 5000 days ago (November 13th, 2005)
Yeah, about the production... as with Ætherial... this was one of the first
pieces I wrote when I had access to Garageband let alone a multi-track
program capable of anything but midi... so my experience with post-
production was next to nothing. Compare this to the tracks I'm writing now
(only a year later... but also after a subject that actually looked at post-
production techniques) and they're considerably better (though I'm still
constantly finding more holes in them)... now days I do look at this track and
wonder how it scored above 5 for production... let alone almost 7.5

The Composer, previously known as The Pianist who hasn't played the piano in a while...
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mtriviso said 5032 days ago (October 12th, 2005)
What the hell were you thinking?

The only redeaming portion is when the strings ascend.

Try again!

Actually, it's damn cool.

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echoluna said 4993 days ago (November 19th, 2005)
Rock on, Piano Man!
During the intro to this song, I was thinking I had made a mistake in clicking on it... fortunately, that changed once the piano solo section arrived. I have never before heard prog rock with such amazing piano! Being a fan of Dream Theater, and being a one time veteran of a really good prog rock band myself, I have high expectations when it comes to this genre of music. I must say that I'm impressed with the writing on this song, especially once the long intro is over. The production leaves a lot of room for improvement, but it's easy to hear through that, at least for me. It is obvious to me that you are a skilled prog musician. Keep up the good work!
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Tiny_Man_Inside said 4941 days ago (January 10th, 2006)
comparing this to Dream Theater
is like comparing a filet mignon at The Palm to a happy meal at McDonald's. To me, this is much more satisfying than Dream Theater.

Fusiony, fun, engaging. My only real criticism is that I'd like to hear this played by real people on real instruments. Some of the drum parts sound a little to mechanical and I think the guitar sound is good, but not as great as it could be if it were played by a real top notch pro through a killer rig.

I like the time signature changes, particularly in the last 1/4 or so of the song. I think the intro is the weakest part, but it is still pretty good, just pales in comparison to some of the end stuff. The song really kicks in with the killer drum roll about 1/4 of the way through and doesn't look back at any point. From there on it's full speed ahead.

Can't believe I missed this one until now.


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giovanni said 4899 days ago (February 21st, 2006)
Nice work... there's spots in this that remind me of YYZ by Rush. I dig the
time sigs...
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timothy devine said 4390 days ago (July 15th, 2007)
Very special work.
great piano.
Out there!
I love it
top to bottom
faved and saved(like dat)
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