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The Composer

 Genre: Dance-Club

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This is a song built from researching Alban Berg's Opera 'Wozzek'. The piece uses Berg's style of pitch selection and the choice of the dominant cadence as well as circular motion and retrograde. There's a lot of information I can give you in regards to this composition.. but thats included in the essay I submitted with the piece originally.

All you need to know is that it sounds pretty good... and its designed to be played in a loop as the final sentence, cadence and other parts of the structure of the piece are actually completed during the first few seconds of the piece. (hence the 366˚... 6˚ past a full circle)
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Digital Performer and MetaSynth
SlimGirlFat said 5043 days ago (September 25th, 2005)
What a fascinating track,
So much to hear and absorb.
Fabulous use of the vocals and alternating rythms.
Excellent production..

jiguma said 5041 days ago (September 27th, 2005)
it made me think!
Bryan, I have to admit that your work is a little beyond what I
understand, however it is clear that you are extremely talented to
produce something this complex. On first listen I was a little lost (I'm
now on my third listen), but am now really beginning to apppreciate
the performance and especially the incredible production. There is a
depth in this work that I can appreciate, but don't feel at all able to
comment on either musically or technically. Doesn't mean I can't
recognise a great piece when I hear it though. Thanks a lot for posting
this - it made me think!
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_nderscore said 5039 days ago (September 29th, 2005)
extra 6
it took me a bit to catch what was happening with the abrupt ending. i
love the muffled percussion & little electro-squeaks.. really shows that
you're not afraid to tweak something that's pretty beautiful in the first
place. nifty changes in tempo, great stuff

i keep getting a 27 byte file as the download.. is it just me?
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The Composer said 5039 days ago (September 29th, 2005)
extra 6
Thankyou all for your comments.
As to the percussion, that was just me having fun with a program called
MetaSynth which is where I synthisised most of the drum sounds with. I also
used this to synthisise the vocal synth like textures.

Hehe... it always makes me feel satisfied when people pick up the more
subtle things in my music. The piece only increased by 15 bpm over the
whole song (and then back again)... so 10 points for picking that one up. :D

(I'm messaging the mods about the 27byte thing)

The Composer, previously known as The Pianist who hasn't played the piano in a while...
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_nderscore said 5038 days ago (September 30th, 2005)
extra 6..
downloads werkin! thanks for the music
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rik said 5028 days ago (October 10th, 2005)
Sound pretty good you say :)
I like it very much. Sounds easily post-rock in some manner.
Cycling is of course strictly related to Wozzeck. Nevertheless you say
there's more about the relationship between your piece and Berg's
masterpiece. I would like to know something more if you would be so
kind to explain.
I have been in love with this opera in the past... (but in music has every
love an end?), and wrote a series of miniature pieces which at least under
the aspect of chordal material are strongly influenced (among other
authors) by Berg and Schoemberg works. I will post them soon.
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allsaints said 5012 days ago (October 26th, 2005)
Really great piece. Don't think I can add more to what's already been
said, specifically Stun Nutz. Really like the whole percussive quality of the
instrumentation, including the piano, and the little backward loops
throughout. Also, the voice towards the end when it loops and goes
around and around, a great effect that produced a great affect. Will have
to download this so I can listen to it on a loop.
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Stun Nutz said 5010 days ago (October 28th, 2005)
hey... I didn't leave a comment on this one until today! You must mean
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Stun Nutz said 5010 days ago (October 28th, 2005)
Great piece.
I love the overall sound of this... even the electronic elements
sound "acoustic". It's like an "IDM" version of a Broadcast tune.
The singing voice has a wonderful emotional quality to it as well.
I like when someone takes a song and makes it as abstract as
possible without losing some connection with the listener. I
attempted that on my own tune, "resuscitated joy". Enough said...
I must listen again...
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Stun Nutz said 4999 days ago (November 8th, 2005)
Great piece.
I was listening to this again in my car today and am just blown away by
it. I can't believe it is not rated higher... oh well, ratings are definitely
not everything.
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cormacbrenock said 4925 days ago (January 21st, 2006)
I get it , from serial music ( Schoenberg )
This is reminds me in parts of "transfigured night" by Arnold Schoenberg but with a modern beat .
I like your use of dissonance followed by dissonance.

This deserves a much higher rating , i gave it 9 , 9 ,8 ,9
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Location: Melbourne Victoria Australia
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