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The Crazy Organ

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Well this is actually a demostration piece. And its not demonstrating my expertise at writing cheesy music, its actually demonstrating an instrument I've written in the program Max/MSP.

The instrument is quite similar to the Hammond Organ (complete with the Leslie Amp that Mr. Hammond hated so much)... the Hammond Drawbar Presets are even copied off a Theatrical Hammond organ. The thing that makes this organ different is how the harmonics are used.

In a normal organ, the stops or drawbars effect one keyboard at a time (every note on that keyboard will have the same set of harmonics, therefore it will sound the same, just on a different pitch). In the Crazy Organ, the harmonics of a note are pitch dependant and the avaliable stops effect the left and right bias (not the upper and lower keyboard).

In other words, each note on the Organ is a combination of the two choosen drawbar presets. If a note in the center is played, an even combination of the left and right harmonics are use... if a note futher down the keyboard is played... there will be a greater proportion of the left harmonics used that the right (vice-versa for the other direction) until when you get to the lowest note of the keyboard, only the harmonics used for the left drawbar presets will be used.

This means that each individual note of the keyboard has a different harmonic spectrum (unless both of the harmonics choosen are the same). When played in small intervals this change is very small... so to play a scale will product a gradual change in the harmonics.

The Organ works as an instrument (ie with a keyboard attached) or as a mini-playerpiano type thing as it can play 'demo' songs. Whats more, it has flashing lights and an decent looking interface (considering this was my first real experiment with the Max/MSP program).

As for the song itself... well its intentionally fun and silly, so enjoy it.
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Max/MSP (using digital performer 4 and sibelius 2 for the midi files)
alfalpha said 4999 days ago (November 8th, 2005)
Cheesy experteezy!
Bryan, this is absolutely wonderful stuff.

This reminds me of a kind of 'Neo' Korla Pandit...LOL!

It's so cheesy, it's bloody brilliant!
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ElectroClubCrew said 4999 days ago (November 8th, 2005)
Fun and silly
But maybe you knew that. I don't fully understand the thing about the harmonics and drawbars and whatnot, but the instrument you've made really sounds cool. I like those rapid slides up and down the keyboard. Sometimes this sounds like an actual, honest to goodness organ, and sometimes it gets more Casio-like, which makes for an interesting continuum across the keyboard, I guess. The outrageous panning is really cool. This may just be an experiment, but it is quite interesting. Thanks for sharing! --perceptualvortex
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Einarus said 4998 days ago (November 9th, 2005)
Silly's good!
Silly is definately good - just look at Monty Python!
Anyway - cool sound, first of all. Liked the kind of sweeping aspect to it.
The song itself is also very playful - reminded me of some old Nintendo
game like Chip & Dale or something.
Very playful, indeed.
An interesting listen, but definately enjoyable.
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said 4998 days ago (November 9th, 2005)
twizzle my temples
Totally unexpected delight. What could have been cheese is happy
cotton candy and popping caramel corn. I love it.
said 4997 days ago (November 10th, 2005)
That was fun
Not too crazy but very bouncy.
Lilbit21 said 4995 days ago (November 12th, 2005)
atonalis said 4995 days ago (November 12th, 2005)
i can hear the variances in the harmonics or overtones coming through. this was an extremely fun listen. thanks.
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