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Icarus II (w/ Texasfeel)

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John (TEXASFEEL, now known simply as FEEL) has added 4 guitar tracks to my tune and infused it with just the blues lead and inventive energy I was looking for! Thank you, John! This tune was originally sung to try out ka-klick's advice that I have a the bottle of wine before (instead of after) recording. The entire tune was meant as a stream-of-consiousness improvised song, I made up the lyrics and music as I went, and loved the journey. This is a genre-bending jazz-blues-fusion tune using blues riffs/progressions over jazz voicings and shifting keys to create something I've never quite done before. The highlights are John's Santana-like lead guitar and the soprano sax solo during the final vamp by Donny McCaslin that imitates dolphins singing. (Donny also plays on "Crazy Story.") Sometimes I never know where a composition will lead me; this was one of those times. (No loops. All electric piano, synths, synth basses, and MIDI drums played in during about 24 separate passes.) Artwork: detail from "Icarus Drowning" by F. Ronald Fowler (Provincetown MA).

Icarus (v. 1) can be found here.

Donny also plays tenor sax on Crazy Story.

This track was remastered and appears on my 2007 release, A Bit Of Light, available through CDBaby.
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(Day In The Sun)

Ride the wind, oh, on this day in the sun.
I'll have my way in the sun, on this day in the sun.

I got wings made of light.
I got a heart ready for flight.
Got two arms that don't tire.
Got a mind set on fire.
Two eyes bigger than a TV screen.
I'm gonna ride those sunbeams,
ride those sunbeams to you today.
Cuz this is my day, yes it is.
I'm gonna rise into the sky
Like a soul that just won't die,
like a spirit beyond pain
I'm gonna reach into that sweet, sweet flame
and pick me a sweeter bouquet of sunrays.
And fly back home to you...

Like Icarus.
Did he make it? Did he have a plan?
Did his arms hold? Did he find land?
The shoreline? Like your body
always wanting more. Always wanting
more... of his day in the sun.

In the sun.
In the sun.
In the sun.
Like Icarus, in the sun.
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G4; Roland a90ex; EV 757
Soprano sax: Donny McCaslin
DP 4 for vocals, keyboards; GB for extra synth voices. I used Live 5 to cut and paste, edit, and alter timing on the guitar tracks by John.
Suzanne said 5082 days ago (November 16th, 2005)
swimming through the mind
what great licks on lead! texasfeel, you did the impossible (i know, i tried and failed) and added incredibly great guitar to a surprisingly complex, flowing piece. so many fantastic moments, but my favorite is the little thing you did at "ride the wind" and the hits at "wings made of light". it is so cool how this song swims along, the images it conjures, and John's work heightened all my reactions. there is a lively feel, a looseness that adds to the whole energy, something Tobin doesn't usually embrace. it really works here. well done, you two!!
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FEEL said 5081 days ago (November 16th, 2005)
swimming through the mind
I have traveled your site and have always enjoyed your fat leads and intricate guitar. Sometimes things don't always jell. I'm a firm believer that every one has a place. I forgot and also sorry that I didn't include you earlier as one of my favorites.

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snowdragon said 5082 days ago (November 16th, 2005)
Impeccable timing
All around our little village this morning, there were broken tree
branches, along with various other bits of debris in the wake of a
nasty, overnight storm. The winds continue to blow as I listen to this
tune, which captures an episode and its resulting questions as well as
any I've heard.

Musically, it took me back to The Village Gate in the late '70s, perhaps
on a night where Freddy Robinson or Clifford Solomon stopped by.

There is a somewhat disconcerting synth voice in the opening section
that might be worth another look. Then again, that may be the glue
that binds the unique mood of the piece in the first place. Just a

An excellent work that wears the Fusion label like a Silver Star.
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TobinMueller said 5081 days ago (November 16th, 2005)
Impeccable timing
Thanks for getting it, letting it speak with the wind and debris. Very nice
imagery, there. I would wear that star proudly, humbly.
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gumbi Ortiz said 5081 days ago (November 16th, 2005)
this rocks!!
great tune! guitars sound great...lyrics are really cool......synth stabs are
placed in all the right places..... just really nice! more guitar solos!!!

gumbi ortiz
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FEEL said 5081 days ago (November 16th, 2005)
It's crazy how each musician interprets music in their own special way. Tobin warned me that he was going to reorganized my guitar into different measures of the song and I found it to be quite pleasant. It's different when your face to face and able to communicate real time. I do think this came out well and appreciate the opportunity to be included in one of the great Tobin Mueller songs. This song has a real cool groove and was my pick of three. Great Job Tobin.
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TobinMueller said 5081 days ago (November 16th, 2005)
You had great material to work with and used a perfect amp setting. I did add a
slight chorus to integrate the sound better. I especially like how your alternative
intro worked after I pasted it onto the transition into the B section ("fly back
home to you...), I bet that was the biggest surprise. I also changed some notes
there and there using Live's transposition function, to fit their new chords. It
was great fun to reshape this song. Thanks again.
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alley-oop said 5081 days ago (November 16th, 2005)
Hey! This is great! Great song! Very smooth composition. Tobin, your voice is VERY good! Man, very nice. Guitars all sweet. They fit very well. I like the fusion progression and overall feel. Sax solo smokes, no question there!
Great work! Congrats on a top-notch piece. Again, your voice has tremendous character here.
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alley-oop said 5081 days ago (November 16th, 2005)
TEXASFEEL: Your guitar is very very tasty, I love it!
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Emily Rohm said 5081 days ago (November 16th, 2005)
Texasfeel- It must be crazy hard to play lead along with one of Tobin's
songs! You never know where it is going. (At least I certainly don't...!)
You sounded great.

Tobin- This song is a fun ride. This is "looser" as some have called it.
Nice collab.
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thoddi said 5081 days ago (November 16th, 2005)
I'm amazed
...by the complexity of your songs Tobin, and still you make them float naturally. As I been looking a bit closer at some of your work lately, I discover the rhythm patterns and bass figures that really is a place for a novice to get lost in;)

Texasfeel has cracked the code and managed to make music along your track. And what a great sax solo. Very professional all together.

Thanks to ka-klick for encouraging to a lowered shoulder setting on this:)

And for those of you that still haven't ordered Tobins CD "Morning Whispers". Get it here before it gets sold out...
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Macaudion said 5081 days ago (November 16th, 2005)
I don't quite know how to say it, but
The high level musicianship here amazes me. Clearly all of the players
are highly skilled and of the most astute of muscians. Tom, your
singing is velvet smooth and it takes more training and courage than I
could ever be present for. I am in envey of this...

But this is where you guys are going to kill me - As I was listening, I
kept hitting my Itunes pause botton, because it sounded as though two
or three songs were being played at one time. Things were in the
pocket here definintely, it just sounded as though they were all
different pockets.

For going on thirty years now, I have listened to alot of jazz and I
understand and have heard all types of dissonatnce, but this is not like
any that I've heard. I kept waiting for things to settle into a more
comfortable place, that sweet carrot that dissonant pieces have you on
seats edge in anticipation for, but it never quite made it there enough
for me.

I'm always oepen to learning and It may be that I am about to learn
something here, please help me to know what it is that I am to know...

Meanwhile, I will listen later to see if maybe I am having a bad day. If
so, I will come back and negate the unfavorable aspect of my
comments as I feel that it would be unfair me if I didn't.

Thank you guys for your hard work and for being willing to share this.


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TobinMueller said 5081 days ago (November 16th, 2005)
I don't quite know how to say it, but
Ok, so I will explain what was going thru my head: The music is like a tone
poem morphology starting with Icarus in the beginning of his flight, tossed
by wind, above waves, unsettled, almost without form, as he is not letting
himself feel worry or admit being tentative, but, since he's never flown before
(no one has!), he is unsteady. It settles in after the intro, with the
blues riffs that begin at "I got wings made of light," were hubris begins to set
in, bravado, but always slightly out of control. Until he reaches what I
consider the apex of his flight at the mid point (at "Like Icarus"); at this point
it smooths out, as if the wind in his ears and the fear and bravado all fall
away, and only the beauty of his vantage point remains. That is when the
island feel kicks in and then the sax takes over. It is the effortless part of the
flight. The ending piano descending progression is Icarus falling, as if seen
from a distance, from the shoreline. And so there is tragedy, dissonant
chords, and he is beneath the waves but we are now aware of him as a third
person, far removed, and sing about him in the third person, as well.

Of course, the whole thing is an allegory for a heated and then lost romantic
relationship, a boy meets girl back-story, but I'm sure you got that part.
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SpasmodicMan said 5081 days ago (November 16th, 2005)
I knew that.
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said 5081 days ago (November 16th, 2005)
Riding a Wave
Nice song I like the journey it takes me through.
Musicianship is excellent as well as the words and singing, great job!
aclarke said 5081 days ago (November 16th, 2005)
Words from wine
Excellent song... your voice sounds very loose on this track, Tobin...must
have been red wine :)

John- excellent and tasteful playing. Great work, both!
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TobinMueller said 5081 days ago (November 17th, 2005)
Words from wine
..always red wine, yes.
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said 5069 days ago (November 29th, 2005)
Words from wine
Cool - I'm impressed by the stream of words. I'm afraid if I tried the same thing
I'd end up singing about vampires and cheerleaders.
Good loose feel thoughout.

SpasmodicMan said 5081 days ago (November 16th, 2005)
Another level
3 levels. On the first level, I fly along with you and its just fun, I sprout
wings and everything delights because I don't need it to make sense, I'm
flying. Second level, I get lost, sloshing around trying to find the beat,
loosing my Zen. Third level, after a listen or two, the beat is infused,
maybe its more like what it was for Texasfeel after studying it a while, and
it coalesces like a crystal from some other planet, and I shiver, digging it
too much. My fav part has to be those vocal harmonies in the "wanting
more" section. Stream of consciousness is an understatement, man. And
you said you improved this? Wo. Red wine, for sure.
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thetiler said 5081 days ago (November 17th, 2005)
cool tune nice pic
cool syncopation, like how those horns blow!

Nice singing Tobin!
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atonalis said 5081 days ago (November 17th, 2005)
love that b sec changeup.
very nice......lovely vibrato to your voice..... i like the looseness of this...... the harmonic content is outstanding. like the best gordon sumner could have ever writen. that soprano sax just kicks. the phrasing is unbelievable...... love the ending on the iv. justso many things goin' on with this.
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dchapman said 5079 days ago (November 18th, 2005)
Like I was saying...
... when we were talking, this piece so much reminded me of some fairly
recent Bowie works. You have a knack for musically telling a story and
drawing in your listener with great depth of musical layers.

Your production is always top notch... and the guitar playing was great,
it's too bad I had to turn this piece down. There's lots of space for lots of
great guitar playing.

Another success Tobin!
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TobinMueller said 5079 days ago (November 18th, 2005)
Like I was saying...
I hope your MRI turns out ok next week. And hope you can play on more things
next year! Thanks for the Bowie comments. I checked out Outside, the CD you
mentioned in iChat, and it is very cool.
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John Stebbe said 5079 days ago (November 18th, 2005)
A great song
It's all good, but the soprano sax at the end really puts it over the top.
Way to go, guys.
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chikoppi said 5079 days ago (November 18th, 2005)
Thick man, thick!
The musicianship is beyond me, especially the "tone poem
morphology" aspect! I will say that every instrument undeniably
supports the narrative voice throughout. The performances are
inspired. Complex (I love the rhythmic juxtapositions), but very
expressive and human. Man. This is layered! The blues infusion is
terribly addictive. Wonderful phrases. I call foul! This is too much good
music to sqeeze into any one song!
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TobinMueller said 5076 days ago (November 22nd, 2005)
Thick man, thick!
Thanks. There is something irresistible to me about layering new stuff, and,
often, I should thin things out more, but I remember the moment of first
layering that new layer, how it sounded when it was too loud in the mix and
fresh in my ears, and want to keep that excited emotion alive, not drop it from
the final track. I imagine a stage full of guys all slamming away at their synths
on this tune, clones all, save Texasfeel, who is, of course, in the spotlight...
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SopMan99 said 5064 days ago (December 3rd, 2005)
So when are you performing this in a club? Or at least an open mic night...
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lowkeyespree said 5036 days ago (December 31st, 2005)
The instrumental has a real Booker T. Jones feel to it, whereas the lyrics
take a much more ambient turn. Not at all a bad combination.
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Isak Sherwood said 5010 days ago (January 26th, 2006)
A world alive
A total mess of sounds that all make sense. What a trip.
Norman Goodman said 4589 days ago (March 23rd, 2007)
Such a marvelous musical bed ..... could be incredible but it needs melody. Some of the vocal lines could be developed further. Stream of consiousness or not this deserves a real melody. I think this is my favourite keyboard playing by you, solid guitar playing in sections. Tremendous sax as well. I hope you revisit this with a strongly developed melody otherwise this is just disjointed musical meandering slapped over an exceptional backing track.
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E-Frame Wrecker said 4237 days ago (March 9th, 2008)
Interesting comment
An intricate piece indeed. Interesting "mash-up" on the guitar solo. It definitely works. As the complexity of a piece grows, so does the number of directions you can take it, and... the work required to move the piece in another direction.

(I wish DAW software was better suited to handle various mixes, and arrangements in a song. Sort of like version control in software development which is that good either.)

Its quite good the way it is. I'd be open to a stronger melody or perhaps vocals sung by someone who is not as intimately familiar with the underlying chord progressions. I. E. get the vocal melody floating on top of the complex chord progressions.
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TobinMueller said 3918 days ago (January 23rd, 2009)
Yes, interesting comment. When I listen, the timing of my expectations are different, since I look at the structure differently, perhaps. The melody doesn't start until the "I got wings" stanza, everything before that is a cadenza intro. Once I start singing "in the sun" it turns into an outro vamp. So, the melody is only what happens in between those two sections. The first part is a simply blues type melody, kind of a Hewie Lewis thing. The second is more of a New York Voices kind of thing that visualizes a gliding man high above the shoreline, separated and melancholy,and a bit oblivious or uncaring about his eventual fate. Hope that helps explain my thinking behind my improvisational choices.
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Bob6stringer said 3476 days ago (April 9th, 2010)
Too much is just enuf
Yow! Tex' intro guitars caught my ear immediately. The whole thing's got the perfectly rich weave to hook the ears from the start. The vox and guitar sound here like were separated at birth. Great everything including THAT SAX -- whoa, guys, this is too much.
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TobinMueller said 3459 days ago (April 26th, 2010)
Yup, that great layered guitar and sax work make this a special track fro me, as well. That and a bottle of wine. Thanks for checking it out after all this time!
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