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Beyond the Stars

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My third song that I'm entering for the Canadian Radio Star competition. A collaboration with my brother Dylan who composed the beat and added some scratching with his turn table. The rest is all me. First song that is composed completely of MIDI and original recordings. I am really proud of this one. I hope you like it. I need feedback quick so I can make changes before I enter it. This song shows major improvement here at MacJams. Listen to this and then go back and hear my first song. haha... you'll notice a huge difference! :)

Description: Seeing is believing, or is it? The message is just believe. This really represents me. It's got a twinkly, pretty, dance kinda sound to it. Enjoy MJers.

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Beyond the Stars – November 23, 2005

Look beyond the stars
Tonight Tonight
Who knows where we are
Tonight Tonight

Follow a path unknown
To a place inside your head
Lost in a forbidden zone
A land beyond your bed

Follow me
It’s not a dream

Look beyond the stars
Tonight Tonight
Who knows where we are
Tonight Tonight

Circles of color
Like diamonds of light
Spark the fire
Off into the night
Believe what you see
Or just believe

Follow me
It’s not a dream

Look beyond the stars
Tonight Tonight
Who knows where we are
Tonight Tonight

It’s there
And now it’s gone
Only a memory
Of life lives on
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stevel said 4472 days ago (November 25th, 2005)
Cool pop!
I really like this song and the vocals are really very nice indeed.
Personally I found the beats a little loud in the mix, would have
prefered to have heard the vox a little louder and maybe some more
sounds coming in on the chorus bit. But its a great song and I hope
you do well in the contest with it!
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dajama said 4472 days ago (November 25th, 2005)
Nice song, and a nice vibe. stevel has a point about the beats - it sounds
a bit like a club mix, and the vocals need to be more to the front. But
overall a good song. Nice job.
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bronco said 4471 days ago (November 26th, 2005)
Music yes, Lyrics ?
The music was fine. Like Steve, I thought the beats were a little too
loud in the mix for my personal taste but realize that is popular these
days. The lyrics are a puzzle to me. At first it seems an ode to
imagination, "Follow a path unknown to a place inside your head."
But then you say, "It's not a dream" which suggests something real.
Looking "beyond the stars" takes another turn and suggests perhaps
some type of religious experience? Then the "circles of color"verse
almost sounds like a description of a UFO encounter and there is
nothing wrong with that if it is what you are trying to write about as
many people have had such experiences.But it just isn't clear how it fits
in with the other lines. "Believe what you see or just believe" just makes
no sense to me at all! What are we to believe? If I say the moon is a
gigantic piece of green cheese will you believe it even though you can
see it isn't true?

Please understand there is nothing wrong with any of the lyrics you
have written. They are poetic and fit the music well and draw images I
can see in my head. But even poetry, no especially poetry, should have
a point of view, an idea, an emotion, something that it is clearly trying
to communicate. And these lyrics taken as a whole just don't do that
for me.
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Macaudion said 4467 days ago (November 30th, 2005)
Like it
Nice job, both of you guys. I hope that you win! Good luck! Dion
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said 4467 days ago (November 30th, 2005)
I mean Ditty! I like your voice! I sounds really cute! I t reminds me of early Madonna! Another Fairy! Would you like a Bizarre Berri! Hahahaha! tINKLEBERRIES FOR DINNER! Don't eat that rat! I am from the stars! Xenon! If you get a chance check out my tunes! BIZARRE
Joshosh said 4458 days ago (December 10th, 2005)
Vanessa Carlton?
Your voice has that dead on, simple but powerful quality to it that I love hearing. The song is not my favorite, but I'd pay to hear you sing for sure.
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Pauly-G said 4454 days ago (December 14th, 2005)

I thought this was a tasty sugary treat :) i enjoyed all of the different vocal effects. I really enjoy good melodies and you certanily can create them.
Good work.
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Meg said 4439 days ago (December 28th, 2005)
Very catchy melody and what a voice! Very sweet, pure, and just the right
effects for this song, I think. I like that the beats are loud. Because this is
a fairly simple song, melodically and lyrically, the beats at the forefront
add the intensity and intrest that saves the song from being a little trite
without them. Overall, I liked it. I do have to agree that the lyrics are a
little confusing, but maybe that is what you are going for. There is
definately nothing wrong with everyone gleaning something different
from the poetry.
thetiler said 4431 days ago (January 5th, 2006)
sorry I didn't get to this earlier
This is really nice and it seems so radio friendly. Got that current musical
You sure have a terrific pop voice. Like this arrangment. Again, your voice
is much fun to listen to!
Thanks for posting this and sorry I did't catch this gem earlier.
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thetiler said 4431 days ago (January 5th, 2006)
Another thing
That is some of the best scratchin on a pop tune i've heard. Not a lot of
scratchin but really cool f17 !
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fairymagic17 said 4431 days ago (January 5th, 2006)
Another thing
Thanks so much for enjoying it. I thought this one was a little different from my other stuff. My brother had a huge hand in writing this one. And he's the one on the turntables. He's really into Daft Punk and all those Euro Pop/Techno kinda music. He's cool. I'm thinking of helping him get a start here on MacJams. He's done some really cool stuff. No singing unfortunately. I can lend a hand in that though :P

Once again thanks for listening. I know the lyrics may be hard to interpret. But that's the thing. They don't need to have an exact meaning. It's however you imagine it. I try to paint some type of picture. But the real message is Look beyond what is real and right in front of your face and imagine something completely out of this world. Basically seeing isn't always believing. And no this song has nothing to do with religion.

Tootles. FM17

"Don't kick dirt on others, you're only losing ground."
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