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Never Alone (Part Two)


Tom Atwood

 Genre: New Age

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This is a companion piece to Never Alone, posted yesterday. There may be additional companions soon, I guess. (To hear Part Three, click here.

This piece is really a "bagatelle." (No, my British friends, not a table game in which short cues are used to knock balls into holes that are guarded by wooden pegs; penalties are incurred if the pegs are knocked over. Not that bagatelle!) A bagatelle is a short, light piece for piano. And, in this case, clarinets. Less than 2 minutes long.
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t-bone said 4827 days ago (January 4th, 2006)
enjoy with a cup of coffee
an optimistic little diddy.....I am drinking my coffee and feeling all toasty listening to your tune.......I envision this piece being used in a dialougue free scene of a movie. where an actress like Julia Roberts is searching through antiques for her for her upstate gettaway............. good work.
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rik said 4827 days ago (January 4th, 2006)
I'd have
a million names for this, and for the first Never Alone you've posted
I insist upon the cinematic nature of this operation :D
Which I insist upon enjoying. Little ideas, all bearing your style impressed.
I'm really glad of this.
..."A ball? A journey? A dream?"...
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Tom Atwood said 4827 days ago (January 4th, 2006)
I'd have
Thanks Rik. I appreciate your enthusiasm for this "operation." But I am not sure if you will like Part Three (to be posted tomorrow). There is a marimba in it!

Thanks again.

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composerclark said 4827 days ago (January 4th, 2006)
Short and Sweet
Very nice atmosphere. It sounds like transition music for a film, taking
you from one scene to the next. I like it!
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perceptualvortex said 4827 days ago (January 4th, 2006)
This is like when you're on vacation and you can be truly lazy because, hey!, you can't do chores even if you want to. Instead, sit on the balcony, sip your tea and watch out over the neurotic world. Very relaxing and carefree sounding, I like it!
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White Hawks said 4826 days ago (January 5th, 2006)
This song matches well with the title "Never Alone". This is a nice short
pieace Tom;o) This song is not really a "Happy" song, but not a "sad"
song, I think it's "Can see hope" kinda song, you know what i mean. I
like the beginning of this song very much;) Thanks for sharing.

- Hawks
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Cori Ander said 4826 days ago (January 5th, 2006)
Mmm, piece of meditative rest, yet interesting. Perfect for a two minute
daydreaming break (for those of us who have the need and habit of
escaping reality for short moments during a day).

Keenly awaiting what may come next!

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Tadashi Togawa said 4826 days ago (January 5th, 2006)
Chapter 2
What is the subject in Chapter 2?
Is it breath of the life?
Did you recover from sadness?
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Einarus said 4825 days ago (January 6th, 2006)
For some reason I feel like I have to start drinking coffee...
...and move to a place where you can sit outside without having to lay
bricks on everything to keep it steady...

A very relaxing tune.
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Ed Hannifin said 4824 days ago (January 7th, 2006)
Yep. American classical.
Different from part one, but still an Atwoodiness to it...

I hear it differently than simply cinematic. I find myself imagining God
looking out over his creation, and finding it good...

It's been a long seven days. God puts his feet up, listens to the stream,
and the birds, and sips his coffee...

I persist in hearing love in these pieces.

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TobinMueller said 4812 days ago (January 19th, 2006)
Bagged it
Very nice. The lightness is infectious without being trite, unique without
sounding unusual, just right. Very sweet and fine, without being too
refined. Wonderful start to the day. Thank you.
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