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When in Disgrace: acoustic version by Schletty

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Rough acoustic version of Richard's version of Sonnet 29. In this, Richard does all the playing and singing. No loops. Jack Miller and I will clean this up and include it on our future "Great Shakes" album by Breakers (our new band name).

This is different than Tiler's version which was previously posted: http://www.macjams.com/song/21106
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intro: Em7 - Am7 - Bm7 - Em7 - Em7 - Am7 - Bm7 - Em7

Em7 Am7
When, in disgrace with fortune and men's eyes,
Bm7 Em7
I all alone beweep my outcast state
Em7 Am7
And trouble deaf heaven with my bootless cries
Bm7 Em7
And look upon myself and curse my fate,

break: Am7 - Bm7 - Am7 - Em7 - Am7 - Bm7 - Am7 - Em7

Em7 Am7
Wishing me like to one more rich in hope,
Bm7 Em7
Featured like him, like him with friends possess'd,
Em7 Am7
Desiring this man's art and that man's scope,
Bm7 Em7
With what I most enjoy contented least;

break: F# - C# - B - F# - F# - C# - B - F#

F# C#
Yet in these thoughts myself almost despising,
B F#
Haply I think on thee, and then my state,
F# C#
Like to the lark at break of day arising
B F#
From sullen earth, sings hymns at heaven's gate;

break: Am7 - Bm7 - Am7 - Em7 - Am7 - Bm7 - Am7 - Em7

(3 times)
For thy sweet love remember'd such wealth brings
That then I scorn to change my state with kings.

(last time)
For thy sweet love remember'd such wealth brings
That then I scorn to change my state with kings.
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Hohner Big River Harp, Hondo acoustic 6-string guitar (used for both rhythm and faux bass), Audiotechnica 3035 mic, MXL 2001 mic, Mbox.
Logic Express 7.1
said 4617 days ago (May 30th, 2006)
Looking forward to Hearing
cleaned up version.
This rough version has good energy - don't lose too much of that!
The vocal harmonies near the end are fascinating.
said 4616 days ago (May 31st, 2006)
While this is...
a big improvement over the previous "death-metal grunge" version of the
tiler (just kidding) I too look forward to the cleaned up version of this
beautiful tune.

So we are now in the Post-Postludes era? Fine by me. BREAKERS is a much
better name.

Be well gents!
perceptualvortex said 4616 days ago (May 31st, 2006)
Random words
I like the harmonica and much of the guitar... and the vocals sound good. But I'm still left with this weird feeling after listening to this, and I've been trying to pinpoint what exactly sounds awkward to me... I think it may be that the packing of Shakespeare's sonnet into this song format feels a little forced. Some lines, like the last two, fit naturally, but some (also because of the archaic language, methinks) sound almost sped up. Also I'm a little thrown when I expect a rhyme, but it doesn't happen, like "friends possess'd" with "contented least". Anyway, I don't want to sound totally negative; I like the concept.

I like the name Breakers too.
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said 4616 days ago (May 31st, 2006)
Random words
I have been getting a heavy dose of the Chicago-based band "Devil in a
Woodpile". Blues, Americana and Hillbilly music. They played live at my
nephew's wedding reception in early May and I bought all three of their CDs
at the end of the night's performance. Man, they were good. National steel
guitar, washboard, harp and standup bass. The lead singer sang with a
gravelly, juiced-up voice. And he sang fast. I want to push Shakespeare to the
edge with this song. Might not be working, but I do have a solution for
those real fast phrases I sing here. I will be singing with syncopation and/or
in triplets to smooth out the word delivery. I think I have a bead on it. The
next version will be great. This is fun when it's not depressing.

perceptualvortex said 4616 days ago (May 31st, 2006)
Random words
'Devil' sounds good; steel guitar, washboard, blues harp and upright
bass--that's an excellent lineup. Hillbilly music rocks. Not that random tho.
I think the singing in triplets sounds like a good solution. And triplets are
inherently good, which is a plus. Depressing, wha? Are you setting the
wrong goals for yourself or something this is FUN dammit FUN!! FUNN!!!

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screamalexz said 4616 days ago (May 31st, 2006)
hmm, fast vocals. like the harmonies. the speed seems a little forced. but, i read that you have an idea to make it smoother. you're on too high of a musical level for me to give any advice. ill look forward to the next version. i do like when it slows down vocally it has nice contrast with the fast parts.
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said 4431 days ago (December 1st, 2006)
If I was at that high a level of music, I wouldn't be here. Still struggling to make the music fine. Thanks for commenting, my friend.

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