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Save the Planet

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To illustrate part of what I talked about with Gio in the interview he posted, here is a song from one of my youth musicals, To Save The Planet. The singers are members of my theatre troupe, all youths. We performed this show 240 times, toured 3 countries, and had a blast. There is narration over the instrumental intro before the singing comes in, but I dropped that part out. The piccolo is Proteus II. Copyright 1992. Featuring lead vocalist Emily Rohm, age 11.

To learn more about my educational youth musicals, please see:
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This is our home,
our refuge we must never disown.
Without her we are all alone.

There is no other.
There's no other mother but Earth;
from her bounty comes life and birth.

Can we deprive land and sea of what they need to thrive?
If we do, how can they survive?

Can we revive what's been lost?
Can we keep it alive?
If we don't, how can we survive?

I hear the calling; it is time to save the planet.
There's no more stalling; it's our home we must defend.
Our generation must come forth and save the planet.
The night is falling and our time is at an end.

What happens next?
Do we go on unchecked, in neglect?
Or do we gain a new respect?

We can protect our sweet Earth.
We can interconnect,
as we learn all that we affect.

Hear the hushed voice of the Earth
singing songs of rebirth.
She is asking: What life is worth?

Do we belong?
Can we learn a new tongue, old and young?
To be strong, we must sing along.

(Repeat Chorus)
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Old Macs. Everything mixed by hand to tape... then transfered. Proteus I and II; M1; Emulator II +HD.
Performer for the MIDI work.
Mcboy said 5511 days ago (July 22nd, 2004)
the composition is evocative....the kids singing top
notch..great skills....i hope macjammers appreciate what a
great asset they have in u....the wealth of musical
knowledge at your disposal and u r graciousness in
sharing is way wway kool......thanks for sharing!!!....
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Cameron said 5510 days ago (July 23rd, 2004)
Excellent composition/production/performance
This is a very clever, artful composition well-produced
and performed!

The young voices really enhance the message of SAVING
the planet, because they will inherit it (a mess....)
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ka-klick said 5510 days ago (July 23rd, 2004)
E II Forever!!
I miss working with the EII - had one to work w/ at
CalArts, they had a cello/violin floppy there that I swear
literally pulled one of my better pieces out of me - I've
never ever made that sequence sound right again. Really
nice children's theatre piece. Would have liked a real
guitar on the countermelody on the ending repeating
chorus. Love what it's playing though.
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Suzanne said 5507 days ago (July 25th, 2004)
yes, the right voices
the sweet children's voices, starting so young and seemingly naive, then growing in strength and conviction and, perhaps, wisdom, create a wonderful build to this song. that the voices of the future sing these lyrics makes it work evne better. the lyrics are very clever, compact and right. we were the generation that was supposed to do this, weren't we? and the next, and the next...
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fosod said 5487 days ago (August 14th, 2004)
This is from that kid's CD you did, right? Very innnocent.
Can't tell if it's beatiful, eerie, or comical.... That synth
alto sax or something in the background makes me lean
toward comical.

Productio is out of this world, as usual. Goodly, Tobin.
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thetiler said 5362 days ago (December 17th, 2004)
What a sweet voice!
Nice beat, what great vocals!!!


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mactony said 5109 days ago (August 28th, 2005)
Save the planet
Thank you sharing!
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diamondvalley said 5057 days ago (October 19th, 2005)
Save the Planet
Kids vocals are outstanding (you coached them well!). Arrangement and instrumental perfomance all excellent. I very much enjoyed the music and found it a moving anthem for environmental protection. Thanks for sharing it.
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