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 Genre: Film Scoring

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the valley obscured by clouds
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Uploaded: Oct 23, 2006 - 08:22:18 AM
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eMac G4, Melodica
GarageBand, iMovie
said 4167 days ago (October 23rd, 2006)
this has a feel of tension and suspence building to a moment that never comes. The way you start off grabbed my attention and held me there. Excellent feed back at least I think it was feed back, also is that a harmonica in there. This was another level and now the sky is the limit, greatness!
bud said 4167 days ago (October 23rd, 2006)
Melodica is what you hear
one of my favorite instruments, but I gotta work on my technique to sound like
Augustus Pablo. Thanks for the warm praise. There's no actual feedback - as in
amp to mike - I just piled distortion on some tracks and then played others that
complimented the overtones. The counting cycle is 11 beats, which adds to the
anticipation and keeps everything out of phase.
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Parichayaka said 4167 days ago (October 23rd, 2006)
Interesting soundscape
Although quite soothing you somehow create an almost tangible tension with nice touches, like the harmonica (or melodica?) and guitar, which I assume are actually recorded by you? The loops are well picked, only the reverse cymbal seems a bit too prominent at times. In case you're interested, check out Eric Wollo's work, only because an accoustic guitar solo on top of this beautiful soundbed may work extremely well. Thanks for sharing!
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bud said 4167 days ago (October 23rd, 2006)
Thanks for the comments...
I agree with you on the cymbal level and am planning to go back into this. My
computer couldn't handle the load so I had to pre mix the bed before adding the
live melodica (reminded me of my old 4 track days). The guitar is a loop by the
way. Now that I've listened to it - and with some outside input - I'll go back in
and retool.
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drakonis said 4167 days ago (October 23rd, 2006)
It's got a bit of Floyd in it...
That was a strangely surreal erotic movie with a Pink Floyd
soundtrack... wow that was a long time ago. Anyway, nice music here,
the rain and thunder set the hot sticky mood of the piece, slow and
continual. I agree that the cymbal should be softer and/or panned
more toward center. Stuff seems to shift in and out, which keeps
interest. Subtle things here are great, like the stuttering effect near the
end, and the little bits of melodica (a little more echo/reverb on it
might add to the mistique)... very tastefully done! So, given the
description and the wind blowing in the end... I assume you too have
"Meddled" in Pink Floyd some? For a similar "rainy" intro, check out my
"Rainy March (JP4)" sometime :-)
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bud said 4167 days ago (October 23rd, 2006)
Floyd came to mind later...
and also the movie The Sorcerer with a great track and effects by Tangerine
Dream. As you can see above this is a work in progress. My wife prefers it
without any sound effects and she may be right - but it's hard not to have fun
like this when you're in headphone world. But yes - I'm an old Pinko at heart,
and yes The Valley... was a cool movie - the soundtrack is some of my favorite
Floyd music.
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SmokeyVW said 4167 days ago (October 23rd, 2006)
os *that's* what going on under the Big Island
at first i thought it was thunder - but actually it's stresses breaking free
deep within the earth, isn't it? this is just wonderful ambience: on a
geologic timescale. huge stresses slowly shifting in ways we can only
begin to glimpse........ my only wish is that you closed the loop: fade out
with another roll of thunder - that would sort of end it - and that way it's
also kind of like one cycle of an earth tremor followed by ten thousand
years and then another earth tremor...... but that's just my opinion. it's
great as is!
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bud said 4167 days ago (October 23rd, 2006)
Smokey you're such a romantic
and a great musician to boot. I love how the artist/poet in you is at work at all
times. Your comments on the Loop It forum were dead on by the way. I like your
interpretation of the thunder - I wasn't really thinking seismic with it - but I was
really into slow movement on this one - hence Tectonica. Looking forward to
hearing your LOIOLI piece Friday.
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JOAN said 4166 days ago (October 24th, 2006)
nice bud
blissfully disturbing
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Schello said 4155 days ago (November 4th, 2006)
to seal up my dream Dub..tnx x share
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bud said 4155 days ago (November 4th, 2006)
Thanks man
I think I know what you mean.
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