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Brahms Jazz Piano Trio

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This is my jazz piano take on Brahms' Hungarian Dance #5.

Piano sounds from Synthogy Ivory.

Bass from Sonic Boom Box.

Drums from Drums On Demand, Vol. 6 (Jazz/Latin)

Controller: Yamaha P-120.

2004 eMac 1.25 ghz. 768mbRam

It's me playing piano live, with loops from DOD. I did not make one single pass on the piano track. Full disclosure: I punched in and out several times, and made a few post-performance edits as well.

I want to make myself believe that I could make a clean take of the whole piece, without the punch-ins, but I really wanted to get this track posted, because I think it sounds great, especially with the DOD loops.

So I'll keep practicing until I can get throught the whole thing in one take, and then maybe I'll repost.

This is the first track that I am working on for my next CD. For my first CD, the tracks which got the most response were the ones which had a jazz take on a classical melody, so my next CD will be nothing but that.

Still trying to come up with a catchy name for the CD.

Hope you all enjoy the music.
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kontakto said 4688 days ago (November 18th, 2006)
Hi john I heart your song and I think it's fantastic, I wish I could play jazz like you, but I know that it's going to take several years of studies. By the way I would like to know more about your jazz lessons if there is a possibility to find that material so I could probably improve my skills. Sorry about my writing but english it's not my mother language and i'm still learning. I'm from Venezuela I speak spanish, and I play some latin jazz stuff but not so hardcore. I'm olso new in this chat and I would like to know how I can post my songs that I do with garage band and other thins I wold like to know what do you think about them. Thanks for your help.
John Stebbe said 4688 days ago (November 18th, 2006)
Thanks, Simon.
Simon: Thanks for your kind words. I wrote a short essay on how to be a jazz pianist a few years ago. You can find it at my jazz piano website: <a href="http://www.johnstebbe.com"> www.johnstebbe.com</a>. Click on "Teach Yourself Jazz PIano."

I will have to check out your stuff now, if you have something posted.


John Stebbe

P. S. For info on how to post songs here, follow the FAQ link at the top of the MacJams page.

My jazz piano CD on the<a href="http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?id=79324809&s=143441"> iTunes Music Store</a>.
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John Stebbe said 4688 days ago (November 18th, 2006)
HTML error!
HTML is not working. Aargghh!

My jazz piano CD on the<a href="http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?id=79324809&s=143441"> iTunes Music Store</a>.
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RickW said 4688 days ago (November 18th, 2006)
I loved it ... but
it was too short John. :-)
Name for the CD? I dunno...maybe "Jazzed Up Classical"? :-)

God bless,


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thetiler said 4688 days ago (November 18th, 2006)
and I said it before the happiness of your style. It is sooo polished and delightful!

You music to be is amongst the tops here at Macjams, in my honest opinion.

Full of a reall holiday type cheer!
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kristyjo said 4688 days ago (November 18th, 2006)
The drums are amazing!
Of course, so is your piano playing, but I've come to expect that. :) This is actually a really good length in my opinion. I also like the idea of jazz 'takes' on classical favorites that you have envisioned for your next album. It has a broad appeal because it's a fun way to get something familiar yet novel in a piece of music. This is very polished sounding.
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Scorpjammer said 4688 days ago (November 18th, 2006)
Great Groove
DOD sounds like veteran drummer, Adam Nusbaum drumming for you. Sounds so natural. I would've never known you weren't featuring someone on drums. Terrific use and interplay of DOD.

I saw Adam with Joe Sample. His accompaniment was sweet and subtle, then he would outright attack the skins when he soloed, like on your track. Then bring it down to the smooth accompaniment. What contrast. You have it working here.

Good job. I dig this one, lots!
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Slotogenic said 4688 days ago (November 18th, 2006)
A pleasure to listen to
Some great sounds on this. Your playing is fantastic. I'm really impressed with the piano generator you use. It sounds pretty close to a miced piano. Ditto on the DOD. It really worked well with your piece. Glad I stopped by!
said 4688 days ago (November 18th, 2006)
I'm going to a jazz club tonight. I can only hope the music is as good.
This flows very nicely and you incorporated the drum parts extremely well. Your touch on the keyboard is very playful and sure.
gregd said 4686 days ago (November 20th, 2006)
Dude . . .
this is hot. Nice take remix of a classical piece. The production is as live sounding as you can get for have all instruments looped or sythnesized.

Nicely done.
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Mcboy said 4685 days ago (November 21st, 2006)
on a route 66 tip.......groovy playing john.....drums sound very nice.....classical harmony works well for jazz interpretation/improvisation......bravo!
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Cameron said 4685 days ago (November 21st, 2006)
Light and Airy
Great piano playing as always, John!

This classic tune adapts very well to the jazz genre; you've done a fine job "updating" it and giving it a jazz spin.

You get a very realistic sound out of that Ivory plugin, and your presentation is light, airy and spare, with a lot of space -- which allows the drums and bass to shine through. Your touch on the keys is lyrical; very tasteful.

Sometimes the piano seemed just a wee bit ahead of the drums, but not overly so; it was more like your enthusiasm and excitement in preparing this tune was infectious. Perhaps a little more "back-beat" would help settle this piece into even more of a groove.

Very nice song art, too. Brahms as a jazzer!
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The Composer said 4684 days ago (November 22nd, 2006)
Having played the original back in my years of classical piano study I'm really digging the take on this tune. Really nicely done and if you hadn't had told me that this was synthisised... I would've only been able to pick it up from the few drum fills that were repeated (only just though, as you mixed them up a little, good move on that).

Really, the only complaint I have about this tune is that at the punch in at 2:28 there's some clipping or fuzz. If I'm being really picky... there's not enough tail on the end of the piece... sounds just a tad like you cut the drums or reverb off short.... but thats reeeaaallly being picky.

Tight work! Great listen!
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Magritte said 4684 days ago (November 22nd, 2006)
One of my favorite classical pieces.
Now one of my favorite jazz pieces!

I have nothing new or original to say other than when I see a classical titles with you as the composer, it's a sure bet I'm going to love it.
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Enrique Gil said 4684 days ago (November 22nd, 2006)
no better words to describe it......anybody who played piano as a child remembers this piece....although not quite as wonderful as this rendition...Thank you
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j2morrow said 4684 days ago (November 22nd, 2006)
Man, who cares if this isn't done in one take. It sounds great. I'm not a huge jazz fan but I really enjoyed this from the ragtime feel at the beginning to the final note. It ended too early for my taste. I'm definately going to check out your earlier postings. Many thanks.
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Feter said 4684 days ago (November 23rd, 2006)
was just talkin t0o my friend about
how its neat when classical pieces
misxed with jazz flavours ...and now
I just impressed by your take ...
this is the very best jazz piano
to enjoy nd listen to ....thank you
for sharing such great music ..!!
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caroline said 4683 days ago (November 23rd, 2006)
thank you xoxoxxo
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bud said 4683 days ago (November 23rd, 2006)
Great take on Brahms
and the backing tracks are totally convincing and interesting in their own right. I'd hire the drummer in a minute. This kind of thing boggles my mind - I'm nowhere near this level of production and as for playing - never will be. If I can I come up with a title for the CD I'll send you a note.

On another subject if you don't mind - I have this idea stuck in my head of a Dub Reggae take on Bach's Brandenburgs. Don't ask me why - but I hear the possibility - but there's no way I can touch it. Whaddya think - am I crazy?
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paul f. page said 4683 days ago (November 24th, 2006)
This is the first track of yours that I've had the pleasure of listening to. It's wonderful! The composition is so much fun to listen to, one can't help but feel good during and afterwards. I don't understand some of the picky comments (above). I don't listen that way... I think your mix is extremely well-balanced in every way and most restrained. I particularly enjoy how you bring out the drums now and again and then let them settle back into keeping a cool beat. Ivory rocks, to be sure. I'd never have known this was pure digital unless you'd said so. I'm definitely going to look for more of your things... The title: "Jazzed About..." (If it's all based on classical composers, then "about..." will cover them all. I'll look forward to your CD release.
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jiguma said 4682 days ago (November 24th, 2006)
Ebb and flow ........
Excellent, cool jazz. A showcase for DoD as much as anything else, but your playing is very good - wish I could do that! Like Cameron I noticed some timiing issues between the drums and piano, and I also expect this was due to your enthusiasm. Mike Watkins (kevmikwa), a drummer here on MJ, once said to me something about the ebbs and flows in a piece's bpm being a natural part of the art of making music - normally each musician (in a live situation) follows this ebb and flow naturally. Using loops (even such excellent quality loops as DoD) will always occasionally mismatch - one of the major difficulties I have using loops. I sometimes try to go back and compensate, but it never totally works out.
Very minor nits indeed, as this is an artful interpretation of #5. I must check out your jazz piano page and drool :)
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peacepiano said 4681 days ago (November 25th, 2006)
Great work
Simply excellent work here. Thanks for sharing.
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stooey said 4674 days ago (December 2nd, 2006)
Loved it
Hey John. I always love when you jazz up the classics!
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TobinMueller said 4648 days ago (December 28th, 2006)
Marvelous. You are so steady, confident and just right about your choices. Great drumming too, great choices there as well. I love your interpretations of the classics. A delight.
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ktb said 4548 days ago (April 7th, 2007)
smooth and polished. John, you are the consumate jazzman. What a great concept and the execution is passionate. The bass and drums are the perfect foil to your excellent playing. Awesome mix
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John Stebbe said 4548 days ago (April 7th, 2007)
Thanks, Karm.
Thanks, Karm. That's high praise coming from someone as skilled at the piano as you. I appreciate it.


My jazz piano CD on the iTunes Music Store.
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