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 Genre: Rock

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Original song with a little ZZ Top inflence. Pretty basic Strat Lead & Rhythm guitars with some GB bass & percussion.
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PowerMac Dual 1.25 GHz G4
Line 6 Podxt
Fender Stratocaster
eKeys Evolution Keyboard
dwwave said 4011 days ago (March 28th, 2007)
Great Mix of Rythmn and Lead!
I thought I had posted a comment and when I went back today nothing was there?(must have had a psychic impression? ha) My mistake. This song is very,
very good! I like the "chug" like start to the piece
and the guitar(s) at 75-80% into the song are just
pure rock and roll. Your guitar playing is just becoming outstanding! The only (and this may be a desired effect)
is the sound for the first 5-6 seconds is low (I listened through headphones as well to double check) You will have to tell me howw the Line 6 Gearbox interfaces with the PODXT (I sort of get it) and wonder if it would be a good tool to have. My Pod is set as
I have 3 model packs in addition (which I think for the price is a good deal( I have not considered adding the
bass model pack as I do not have a bass and with GB loops and a midi keyboard I feel I can take care of bass parts if needed (The Doors did not have a Bass Player, (though I am not trying in any way to compare myself to that esteemed group whose career was much to short) I noticed that we both joined Macjams on the same day March 19.2004. Interesting Coincidence
and that we correspond as well! I just may give this one a whirl lyric wise (no promises) I fel bad nothing worked out with the Geronimo piece. Not giving up though. Strangely I wrote poetry and ? lyrics much more
than playing a instrument. I took guitar lessons(about six of them at church when I was about ten) then bought a Les Paul Copy and low budget amp with some money from
a job when i was about 15 and sold it to a friend who turned out to be a really, really good guitar player
(and singer), then a bought a piano and taught myself
by painting the keys (based on a library book) it was
a old 1920's Waltham upright made in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I still have some cassette tapes I made
and the best one was stolen out of my coat at a concert. It was a piano/vocal called "Snow" amd I had no way to make a copy. I also had a analog syth
a Crumar Orchestrator (weighed a ton) My wife and I moved quite a few times after she finished college and
I finished college and I endingup selling the Crumar.
The Upright piano was dismantled when we moved from Ohio to Virginia (It was a 1870's house and I lived on the second floor and the stairs barely held going up
and the landlord changed and redid the stairs and no way was I going to either collapse the stairs or tear
up the fresh varnish so 3 of us with wood saws and hacksaws cut it up, a good friend's Dad was a wood carver and he gladly took some large pieces of wood
and we cut the harp up and trashed it (we should have taken it to a scrap yard) I also sold a small Fender Tube amp and a Ampeg 4x12 cab (my Boss was a guitar Player and was always buying and selling stuff so I would get good deals and another buddy was back from the Marines with several awesome Fender Guitar's and he bought the amp and cab. Now I on Macjams doing stuff
I neer imagined those years back in the early 1980's.
Life has taken some twists in the road but it could always be worse. Great wife and kids and lack for nothing. Well Iam sure ramblin here (sorry) I will send you a seperate e-mail about the Gear-box , I ?think you
also mentioned you have Guitar Port as well. Talk again soon and Great, Great Job with this song!Sory for any mispellings!

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john said 4005 days ago (April 3rd, 2007)
Hi David,

Good to hear from you as always and I appreciate all your comments on the song. I responded in a separate email about your questions on the Gearbox/Podxt setup.

The slow fade in was intentional, but maybe the volume ramps up a little too slowly as you noted. Lyrics/vocals would be great. I'm always open to changing things up if needed to make room for a vocal track.

Thanks again for listening and posting.


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