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Control Rods



 Genre: Other

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album: Beginnings And Endings
track 1: 5:41 Rings Of Smoke
track 2: 4:44 Two More Animals
track 3: 5:25 I-IV-V-I
track 4: 5:49 Unstuck In Time
track 5: 4:00 Sacrament
track 6: 6:16 Control Rods
track 7: 3:24 Waiting For Harry
track 8: 7:01 Entropy (Box After Box)
track 9: 3:40 Best Day Of My Life
track 10: 7:27 Oblivion
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Song Description

Consulting the latest specification, the technician deliberately pulls out all the control rods, one by one.


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Uploaded: Jul 31, 2007 - 09:15:29 PM
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SmokeyVW said 4460 days ago (July 31st, 2007)
paint your roof and driveway white
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bud said 4460 days ago (July 31st, 2007)
This is one of the best pieces I've
heard in a long time. Not just from you - but anywhere. I'm a real sucker for repetition and slow builds and this tune is wonderful. I also enjoyed the Newton site which I read while listening. I know you were away for the weekend - did you just pull this off? It's really excellent. I have to give it a few more listens before I can say anything intelligent about what you did - this is just my emotional reaction.
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SmokeyVW said 4443 days ago (August 18th, 2007)
i remember playing around ages ago with a song for the MT-32 that was all the same note, but played on various instruments. it was partly an exercise that came from some software that i was creating that let you easily do tons of ProgramChange MIDI messages.

this song started from that memory, but got sort of elaborated from there. it took about a day.

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peacepiano said 4455 days ago (August 5th, 2007)
Nice use of synth beats and sounds to create a driving disturbing rhythm and tone poem.

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SmokeyVW said 4443 days ago (August 18th, 2007)
thanks Bill

i've been getting into hiding lots of sounds way in the background lately. perhaps that's partly where the "disturbing" aspect came from.

maybe the deliberateness is like a death-march?
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said 4451 days ago (August 9th, 2007)
Put them all back in NOW, Bill!!! :-)
Great! What lousy choices! Nuclear Winter, or the entire planet smells like rotten eggs! Or a giant tarp!?! Is this the best scientists can come up with?!!! Then I vote for the giant parasol! At least it will go better with the decor. :-) Get the Chinese Scientists on it right now. :-)
I like the music very much though, dear. :-) :-) Very inventive!!!! :-)
And I vote we put you in charge of finding a better solution to Global Warming!!! :-) How about you invent a way to make ozone so we can just plug up the hole. :-) I know - too simplistic... but why not?
SmokeyVW said 4443 days ago (August 18th, 2007)
what really gets my goat (i always wanted to use that phrase!) is that lots of people knew about and discussed global warming years ago (that site is 1993). somehow the awareness of this problem is perceived, or last presented by the media, as NEW. what a crock.

after it's all said and done, i predict that average temperatures will continue to rise until it becomes a completely obvious and unsolvable problem. it will take several hundred years for temperatures to lower. we will switch to a high percentage of nuclear power, augmented by solar sources: tidal, wind, and solar collectors.

the good news is that we are not facing the next Ice Age, which would be arriving just about now if not for the Industrial Revolution. someday, we'll need to intentionally add just enough greenhouse gases to stave off ice ages indefinitely.

just my opinion.


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