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You Came Searchin'



 Genre: Soul
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Dimly lit dance floor, hangin with someone you love, no reason to hurry.

Colin Hayse layin down the bass quite nicely once again.
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It's not the way
you're closer than a brother
it's not the way
you laid your hand on me
it's not the way
you taught me like no other
but you gave away your life to set me free

take my heart
tell me what needs changin
take my heart
draw me close to you
take my heart
you are my good foundation
i will only find my life is hid in you

Lord you are higher than my thinkin
and your ways are hard to understand
without your love
i know i'd be sinkin
there would be no place for me to stand

I was livin in a hopeless situation
fill the silence to avoid the confrontation
while i wandered further from my destination
slip back fall and stumble in the wrong direction
i always thought that love was only for my eyes
i only knew the sound of empty lonely cries
i didn't know that love went deeper down inside
cause i never listened to the words you whispered when i closed my eyes
i heard you callin but i thought that i was better than
anything you had to say was only for some other man
and i could walk away because i had a better plan
numb my mind pretend that i was happenin

you called out to my heart
i turned away
you came searchin
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G5, presonus firepod, CCC mic
logic express 7, natural grooves loops
TobinMueller said 3807 days ago (September 17th, 2007)
without love
Really nice track. The guitar reminds me of the Deja Vu era Stills. Your use of loops was very good. Hand percussion may be a tad too loud. A few of the guitar licks were slightly rushed, making it slightly less smooth as it could've been. But I dug the track immensely. Nice intimate vocals and great drum choices. Without love, how can we live?
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pablatone said 3806 days ago (September 17th, 2007)
Thanks Tobin
I really appreciate the critique. I was a little concerned about perc as well, but I wanted them to stand out cause I like what they add to the song. I'll check to see if there's a happy medium, maybe with EQ. I'm hardly ever thrilled with my guitar playin so usually if I get it close, I just call it good. I should probably get over that.

In the desert you can't remember your name cause there aint no one for to give you no pain... la la la
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Moviz said 3805 days ago (September 19th, 2007)
track, this. You'll never know how much I tried to get to listen to this song in it's completeness, because of the way the site is running for us in the UK. 3 unsuccessful tries and a fifteen minute wait on the 4th, for the Q'time to build up... Sheesh! Yet..... it was worth it when I finally heard it LOL. I love the 'personal' sound on the vocals and the lovely smooth treatment, well constructed and performed. Harmonies too are spot on, cheers M
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pablatone said 3803 days ago (September 20th, 2007)
thank you M
I'm glad you liked it, I certainly had a blast doin' it!! How bout that bass playin'? the kids only been at it 3 years, he's good now he's goin to be great. It thrills me to no end to hear that somebody in the UK can hear my tunes, thanks again for puttin in the effort.

Make the white queen run so fast she hasn't got the time to make you wise
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cthayes said 3803 days ago (September 20th, 2007)
you calling me a "kid" made my day! Just last night, my wife and kids commented on how my gray hair has increased lately (I'm 40). A kid at heart, anyway!
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pablatone said 3800 days ago (September 23rd, 2007)
too funny
Anytime brah. we all get by with a little help from our friends!

In any gathering, in any chance meeting on the street, there is a shine, an elegance rising up.
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dynoMYSTIC said 3804 days ago (September 20th, 2007)
Groove On
Nice arrangement... groovy bed... I like that drum track.
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pablatone said 3803 days ago (September 20th, 2007)
drum loops
are the greatest invention of all time. I have a love/hate relationship with drummers- I love to hate them ;). But with loops- best drummers, best mics, best engineers, it's like getting what I hear in my head out for the first time ever.

Make the white queen run so fast she hasn't got the time to make you wise
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said 3783 days ago (October 10th, 2007)
hands down...
(at least so far)
my fav track by you!
great words... a real surrender aspect to it
and the guitar tone is super!
a truly memorable song
pablatone said 3782 days ago (October 11th, 2007)
thank you faelin
this is my favorite too. It's not completely finished, I still need to do a final mix and there's a keyboard part my friend Steve Collins is going to do. The real trick is going to be leaving breathing room in it.
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revofsound said 3671 days ago (January 31st, 2008)
Best yet
It's been 20 years since I've heard you man. Listened to all your songs tonight. Like this one the best. Great lyrics as usual. Love the jazzy drum beat. Smooth sound like cool jazz. Percussion was great. Love the rap in the back. Way cool. Bass was solid as a rock. I get the Stills thing but heard hints Robert Cray and John Mayer too. Keep up the good work.
pablatone said 3670 days ago (January 31st, 2008)
Thanks mike
it's a trip seein' yer mug brah.
This is one of my favs too.
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saymme said 3603 days ago (April 7th, 2008)
: )
This is so GREAT !(!) Its late now so I gotto lissen again tomorrow when I can play it LOUD! Its AWESOME...love this kind of Music: ) reminds me a bit of 'Sade' -long time since I heard her She was a Favorite artist of mine for a few years from 1986(!) I think ! This is very special with the vocaldubbeltrack - WOW the cream on the cake !
tx faved & dl
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about 2007 I received the gift of a presonus firepod. That launched me back into a love of music that I hadn't realized I'd been missing. Since then I've been writing and learning the craft of recording and mixing. I am now in two acoustic groups-... [see more]

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Soul music is a combination of rhythm and blues and gospel which began in the late 1950s in the United States. Rhythm and blues (a term coined by music writer and record producer Jerry Wexler) is itself a combination of blues and jazz, and arose in t

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