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We Will Dance through Fields

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"We Will Dance Through Fields"

you can download it here:

this will be the song that follows "the seven sisters" and continues the story through the album.

This was initially a percussion experiment.
i was really inspired during a night of music with friends.
(bless you scott and bonnie, kindred spirits)

three drum tracks laid over one another (a little hand drum)

i choose a guitar riff i wrote a while ago and repeated it nineteen times i believe. and nothing changes. listened to it for a day, and decided before i left, it had to become a song.

there are only a few changes i would make and two tracks i would add.
otherwise, im cool with it =)

please listen and please send some feedback!

bless you all
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my daughters
your hearts are broken
but you are whole
so surethey were mistaken
and how you still smile
only the wise know

underground we heard battle cries
and close to the earth but we could not yet see sky
your voice kept us alive
then we saw light
blinding light
we will fight we will fight!

My blessed daughters
live for love and laughter
it will heal any wound
and music, my daughters
flows with the rhythms of the moon
our blood flows with the rhythms of the moon

we will dance through fields
singing gaily to the stars
and the trees will whisper our names
and we'll remember who we are
through the forests were are roots are strong
herbs and flowers we will gather
along our journey to the sacred stones
for spring is here
its not much further
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preamp and mic
Feter said 4014 days ago (October 19th, 2008)
We Will Dance through Fields
this is deep heartfelt song ..alot of colors behind
the shade of grey you draw with your guitar ...the
colors reflected with your vocal works on behind !!
there s something on your fiddle work that gives
the essence of the old world music thats just magical
Giant percussions work did you played that as well ??
this is a very wonderful piece of art ..thnx alot
for sharin !!!!
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lengold said 4014 days ago (October 19th, 2008)
I would not
have a clue of a way to improve this. Original, very creative and talent full piece of lovely music.

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kassia said 4014 days ago (October 19th, 2008)
Great lyrics. I love the simplicity of the instrumentation and accompaniment, combined with all the different things you do with the vocals. The piece really kept moving with all the panning and different textures of your voice. This is very cool...I could totally imagine women dancing in the fields to this with their hand drums and guitars. Thanks for sharing this. Can't wait to hear the next installment!
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kristyjo said 4014 days ago (October 19th, 2008)
It sounds like you caught a great jam where everything happened just right.
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be_silent_galileah said 4014 days ago (October 19th, 2008)
im so pleased
it means a lot that you have listened and commented. i think it would be great if someone or a few people remixed the song or played around with it.

i was really pleased with the vocals because i have improved a lot. i was going for that essence, feter, wonderful of you to feel and notice! i did, its three separate drum tracks on the same little bongo that i messed with the sound a bit to bring out the highs and lows. thank you thank you! lengold - thank you for listening and commenting. kassia, funny, the lyrics that i spend the least time thinking about but have a general idea of the outcome i want are the lyrics that work the best. im glad you like the simplicity because i was worried it might become to repetitive, thus the vocals and violin were a means to compensate i suppose.

i love the imagery, women dancing through a field to the rhythm of this song, playing instruments and singing. its so evocative... makes writing a song around it that much more challenging and fun. yay!

look forward to listening to some of your pieces as well and commenting.

bless you all!
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said 4014 days ago (October 19th, 2008)
and very beautiful. The minimalistic approach is perfect. I can't think of how adding more could do anything but detract from the wonderful simplicity you've captured here. One thing: I think the levels are too low. That's easy to fix. Do you have something like Audacity? Anyway, great vocals and effects, great mix of instruments.
drakonis said 4014 days ago (October 19th, 2008)
nice work, creativity flows strong...
I always enjoy your music, you have a strongly creative streak. Good drumming circle work... I love the spoken lead-up to "We will fight!" I'm guessing that's you on fiddle? Lovely work, evocative lyrics, really pretty singing and melody... this just flows through my head. Overall volume is a little low, but otherwise nice recording.
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guygrooves said 4013 days ago (October 20th, 2008)
maybe I should click on more songs in the experimental genre. You have certainly given me cause to do so in the future. I wish I could write "new music" such as this. It truly pushes the envelope while being thoroughly pleasant to listen to. Exceptional to say the least.
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be_silent_galileah said 4013 days ago (October 20th, 2008)
to everyone
thank you guys =)

big smiles and appreciation for your comments.

paganistic for sure. =)
yeah, the levels are too low when exported to itunes, but are fine in garageband... ?

i had this problem a while ago, but fixed it. and all other songs i have exported recently do not have this problem. i do have audacity but leave for india tomorrow.

it is me on fiddle, and me playing each drum track. same drum, three separate tracks.

after a drum circle, i went home and tried to achieve the same effect with layer tracks over one another. i need some bells!

never thought of it as "new music" but now that you mention it, it does not really fit any particular genre. i kind of think of it as "old music" revitalized.

thank you thank you =)
you all rock
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Bob6stringer said 3771 days ago (June 18th, 2009)
Lanois wants you!
I love it so many ways, and to think I found you through chikoppi's excellent alt-mix so long after you posted this here. Try to check in from time to time when Daniel Lanois makes you famous--and I know you know him. Really, I can't put words to the lift I get from you here.
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