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 Genre: Experimental

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album: Big Wheel In The Sky
track 1: 3:26 I Dance My Way To You (Prelude)
track 2: 4:14 FortyTwoYearsAgo v2
track 3: 4:18 Grace
track 4: 3:38 I Never Thought
track 5: 2:55 No For Won Won
track 6: 5:57 We're Circling The Drain
track 7: 6:12 Dump
track 8: 4:52 I Don't Know
track 9: 4:48 Milling Molecules
track 10: 4:29 We Hardly Live Our Lives
track 11: 3:15 Hallelujah, I'm a Bum
track 12: 2:22 Jabber
track 13: 3:32 Spiritus Felis
track 14: 7:52 SkyWind
track 15: 3:10 Teardrop
track 16: 7:00 Unwinding Time II
track 17: 5:13 Remodel
track 18: 5:36 I Dance My Way To You
track 19: 4:05 Celebrate Always
track 20: 4:07 It's Time To Roll
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Song Description

sometimes i feel like i live in a symbolic world
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the time has come
to strip off the walls right down to the studs
this room was getting old
and disused

time for a new start
take it all down
all of it

it's time
it's time to measure twice and cut once
and maybe measure again
and cut another time

we've got big dreams about this space
it's gonna be nice when we're done

right now there's a lot of bare wood
hangin' out
just covered with dreams

i don't know
hopefully it's gonna work out
we've had to rethink things several times, already
and it's not gonna be the last time, i'm sure

and you know the way houses are
there's always some weird thing you gotta work around

there's this cleanout on one of the drains
that's right where i wanna have this transition in the ceiling
and we're gonna have to do some weird removable thing
so we can get there without destroying everything
should we ever have to use it again
(count yourself lucky if you don't know what i'm talking about)

and i'm sure it's not up to code
there's not enough outlets
hopefully we can get all that license stuff sorted out
we'll see

i don't know
lots of strange stuff here

when we're done
it's gonna be a nice space for the kids
i think it's gonna work out really good

the cats are totally blown away by all of this
they always hate it when you change the space they live in

(c) 2009 Bill Grundmann

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sloparts said 3784 days ago (June 6th, 2009)
Very nicely done Bill
It's like listening to your thoughts and getting to know you, while being surrounded by your Muse.

Thanks Bill, I really enjoyed this, on a very personal level.

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Dj French Toast said 3784 days ago (June 7th, 2009)
here and now
thanx for the Zen ,:)
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particledots said 3784 days ago (June 7th, 2009)
You have summed up my life
over the last 6 months

lovely stuff
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Skean said 3784 days ago (June 7th, 2009)
You're the man, very cool as nice listening, I kinda like this, peace bro.

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MarkHolbrook said 3784 days ago (June 7th, 2009)
this is what I've been doing all my life... Every home I've ever owned has been a huge renovation project! Yikes you captured this all to well... now I feel like I can't enjoy my Sunday have to go fix that bare stud room I've been dreading...

Wow... Nicely done!
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bobnisbet said 3783 days ago (June 7th, 2009)
Good concept
I enjoyed the dialog, etc. but I kept wanting for your composition to morph into something with a beat / lyrics, perhaps 1/2 way through or sooner. For what it's worth... your Abandoned song is still one of my MacJams favorites.
Ed Hannifin said 3783 days ago (June 7th, 2009)
...you live in a symbolic world. What did you think, Bill?

Come on, man...


You're one of the people who can do poetry and not have it come out sappy and pretentious. This one you ought to send to NPR, and I mean that... They'd play it...
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Roxylee said 3783 days ago (June 7th, 2009)
It's gonna work out
and the kids will appreciate you for it, even without knowing what you went through to get it. And the cats will come out- eventually. I really enjoy your spoken word pieces, Bill.
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said 3783 days ago (June 8th, 2009)
wierd removable thing
always something, then, "I wish I'd added a cross stud right there for hanging this" after the drywall is already up....

Always "fun" though... haha

. - Harold
drakonis said 3782 days ago (June 8th, 2009)
so much work
a lot went into this, I can feel metaphors carefully packed between the studs as you architect plans to fortify your space and re-invent where you live. Very nicely delivered, and intriguing music, lightly ominous. I loved the tangential reference to the cats... almost broke the spell, but was a deliciously wry bit of humor.

During a major remodel of a prior house long ago, I went in right before the drywall was put in and laid a bunch of speaker wire in the walls of two bedrooms, put in outlet boxes, and ran the wire to the stereo area for later. We used the upstairs speakers for a couple years afterward... but one day I was in the downstairs room, and suddenly remembered that I had run the speaker wire down there too, but there were no plates on the walls... when the drywallers did THIS room, they didn't cut for the boxes, and the speaker wires were walled up behind the drywall somewhere, never to be found or used. Oh well, the best-laid lines of mice and men...

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futzpucker said 3782 days ago (June 8th, 2009)
Who doesn't love a nice remodel?
I enjoyed this track very much, Bill.

And, assuming you weren't talking about remodeling your house, I completely understanding what you're saying. There's a sizable remodel going on with me at the moment... I will follow your positive example: "I think it's gonna work out really good."

Apparently I have cats, too, as there is some amount of "blown away by all this" present...

Thanks for this unique gem, Bill.
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SmokeyVW said 3782 days ago (June 8th, 2009)
it turns out that my wife and i actually *are* remodeling our downstairs room

on the other hand, it's a nice metaphor for other concepts such as re-inventing oneself, or perhaps the efforts of the next generation trying to fix the mess we've made of this world. even the cats might symbolize something, although "sometimes a feline is just a feline"

and thank you for the listen and comment
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futzpucker said 3782 days ago (June 9th, 2009)
Good luck with the physical stuff..
Yes, I read this as an interior sort of thing. Perhaps I reveal too much...
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guitapick said 3780 days ago (June 10th, 2009)
Nice choice...
...keeping the vox dry...no reverb/effects...I like the builds...

When we renovated our place, I stood on the completely stripped 3rd floor of our 1875 house, in the light of the full moon. It was incredible.

There's a definite nostalgia to remodeling a house...you've captured it nicely here, Bill.
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Calchas said 3779 days ago (June 11th, 2009)
Slice of life...
Personal. Yet more than that...

Very nice Bill.

Be well friend!

BTW: We are ALL living in a symbolic world...
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bud said 2843 days ago (January 3rd, 2012)
This is great
glad I got here to hang with you. Excellent soundscape - really interesting tones and your voice sound s great in the mix.
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