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 Genre: Hip Hop-Rap

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Another track from the members of Obsidian. This jam features El P, Konscious and Spitloigc.

Beat and cuts by Spitlogic. The lyrics are by El P, Konscious and Spitlogic.
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verse 1

This is dark matter
We bought data to make your thoughts shatter
We teach the knowledge of self where others talk chatter
I don't understand the reason behind their sentences
My logic drives to preserve what they diminishing
Our definition and place where we deserve to be
Implant the pupil during the 3rd eye surgery
Address the hiphop union during emergency
charge them with perjury and cultural burglary
See the condition that I'm spittin is not to make commission
But to make you come an listen to this diction I have written

(El Peruano)
I rock steady to the rhythm while you're sliding and slipping
Styles vicious pledge allegiance with the highs come in it
Mics and bars I'ma love like religion
Cuts these tracks with precision so when I cipher just admire and listen
You little bitches came in and fucked up the game
Degraded the culture for the money and fame
And its a shame, but we ain't having that
Like an Indian giver, we're taking it back
So you little plastic rappers and major label execs
Can cash checks, but cant gain my respect

verse 2

I reach into my soul pull out a white rabbit
people are amazed these creatures of habit
shooting up TV on the daily like an addict
hypnotic remedy kill thee it's automatic
the downfall of real independent intellect
no inspect to reject then recheck through reflect
thoughts of regret will infect full of disrespect
please check your ego at the door 'fore I resurrect
the beast that's within me lose every piece of decency
cause my crew and I exist on a higher frequency

Babble like a schizophrenic when these voices speak to me
If you're not original then your facade is weak to me
Tweak a piece of weak MC and make them turn a cheek to me
I seek to be the peak of all unique MC, no beating me
At all
I'll die on my feet instead of crawl
All you shall witness when Babylon fall
And I'll be the catalyst to battle this analysis
That'll sit like death to all these devils like a rattle's kiss
Not concerned with grabbing hits, these are greatest misses
I'll keep it real while you keep it ganstalicous

verse 3

(El Peruano)
did you ever get the sense that pop music is senseless?
incentives for profit, target markets like the census
I judge rappers, and then dismiss them with a sentence
the Edison of rap, im lyrically inventive
and trying to transcend this senseless state I mentioned
of superficial music that is violent and sexist
check it,   like it was a survey question
lets put things in perspective
and learn a little lesson
that music is society's reflection
so why do we aspire to this mindless aggression?

That's a good question but I cannot find the answer
it plagues the nation like the epidemic of cancer
tainted touched by lust all their morals turned to dust brains gain rust
withered weathered elements exposed to distrust
cause the lime light will entice no other option will suffice
in their eyes so they lie through these lyrics that they don't write
to perpetuate the ugly ways people choose to relate
solidify our fate through an expression of hate
I used to wonder how all these people sleep at night
but after being broke realized money buys a nice life

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Calchas said 3446 days ago (February 13th, 2010)
Ha ha...
Love the trick beginning!

Wow, this is very well done! Excellent rapping by all...

Be well friends!
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willbill808 said 3446 days ago (February 13th, 2010)
this has GOT to be
one of my favorite songs ever. Not just on macjams... ever!

Insane lyricism from the crew and classic Spitlogic cuts and beats.

Nicely done!
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Morning Light said 3446 days ago (February 13th, 2010)
I love this guys! Cool collab, AWESOME lyrics, and message! This picture fits great with the meaning. I like the sounds in between the verses that add a cool twist. This is oxymoron-ish with its contrasts, and it is a fabulous heart tonic, thanks for sharing!
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Dj French Toast said 3446 days ago (February 13th, 2010)
Is some hot shit kids :)
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guygrooves said 3446 days ago (February 13th, 2010)
A selection of
The finest Hip Hop this site has to offer. Excellence guys Excellence!
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crissew said 3446 days ago (February 13th, 2010)
Is the a mushroom cloud I see?
Someone has just dropped bombs like hiroshima! Nice work on this one. Enjoyed the various styles of the 3 of you. Very cool song, enjoyed the hell out of it!
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AcetyleneJukebox said 3446 days ago (February 14th, 2010)
Excellent floetry by all. Nice DJ skills on this also. Enjoyed.
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dave_b said 3445 days ago (February 14th, 2010)
Thinking man's rap. Very creative lyrics and cool flow. The title comes from both the new beginning you're pushing, and also from the "House Of The Rising Sun" sample? Cool stuff.
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Obsidian is began as an idea between Spitlogic, DJ French Toast, El Peruano, and Konscious to start what could be called a "cyber group." Our initial intention was to create an album, but with life being what it is; various factors in each of our li... [see more]

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