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The Mighty Alexander (rmx)

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This one has a long history. It's one of the first pieces that I worked on, when I first got hooked on Logic -- 2006 or so. My son Alex was similarly hooked on his new Xbox, the game Halo, in particular.

The game has a very nice music track, composed and performed by Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori. Alex liked one part of the soundtrack that has the simple bass line that forms much of my little tribute. To amuse him with my new toy, I wrote the bass line into Logic. He was thrilled that such a thing was even possible (so was I), and he challenged me to make a whole song, which I did. Except for the thematic bass line, it's not a copy or cover.

I originally posted it under a now defunct account at MJ, and there it sat for a year or two. Some of you will remember, so to the extent that it's embarrassing to repost the same old stuff again, my apologies. But I want to have an online version. I think I had more energy for this kind of thing back then. I have reworked it, made a few changes, and wrapped it up as a new and (I hope) improved Version 2. It's long, indulgent, and bombastic, but I've stopped apologizing for that. That's just the way it's gonna have to be.

Dedicated to Alex.
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PatriciaGirl said 2731 days ago (January 23rd, 2012)
love it :)
A very nice progression that transports me places. Smooth production sounding quality. Excellent, sounds a little like Dream Theater (to me) which I so enjoy :)

I can't seem to add as favorite, but I see you have instructions on how to do that...
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Char said 2731 days ago (January 23rd, 2012)
It sounds
like something that would work as a soundtrack in a movie. Futuristic and heroic. No apologies necessary. A little cat yodeling might give it some extra anime flavor but it is damn good as is. ;) Thanks.
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Reinholt56 said 2731 days ago (January 24th, 2012)
Hi Duane........
Great track. The bass gives the piece plenty of energy and your sounds, as usual, are a great choice.

Take care.

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Narad said 2731 days ago (January 24th, 2012)
The Mighty Alexander
Beautiful rhythmic stuff in an unusual forme from you ! I like it a lot !
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richard13 said 2731 days ago (January 24th, 2012)
Long, indulgent, bombastic
and very tasty! I downloaded a copy quickly, in case you changed your mind ;-) Thanks.
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davajonah said 2731 days ago (January 24th, 2012)
really don't recall this one. It's not on my DL playlist! However, once again, you amaze with your skills in the mix. Super-duper melange of bass, guitar, percussion and your trademark swirling synth pads. It may be long and bombastic, but it's also brilliant sir.
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Henke said 2728 days ago (January 27th, 2012)
I did
download this in 2009 but it's sure nice to be reminded of it. Great track you've got here Duane :-)

Thanks and take care,
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Doug Somers said 2723 days ago (January 31st, 2012)
Well that was freaking excellent
Halo - cool. I remember the bass riff well. If I had a nickel for every minute I played that series I could buy a boatload of XBOXs. You've taken it to all kinds of new places here of course, superbly crafted in traditional Ex style. And bring on the bomsaticism! (more of that soon enough, he he). Long is good, indulgent really means immersive, and the synth duet at 3:40 is killer - as is most of it really, but that one caught me since it reminded me of something else. As does the synth work at 5:28 - Wakeman's got nothing on you!!

The shift to 3/4 at 6:30 - and the synths thereafter are killer.

How did I miss this one??? Really glad you brought it back, and even more, that you let us download it!! Holy crap, I'd pay to buy this. Where's that doanload icon! This baby's going to be tickling my speakers more than once in the next while.

Thanks Ex,
Made my day!


Art vs. prog rock??

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kassia said 2704 days ago (February 19th, 2012)
been away
and come back to find several new posts from you! what a treat. Well, I live with someone who also has spent an inordinate amount of time with Halo, so I've become quite intimate with the soundtrack, but this is a wonderfully fresh use of that bass bit. And to be honest, your composition here is much more compelling than any of the Halo soundtrack pieces. Your combo of synths, guitars and drums is perfectly balanced and everything sounds great together. Great atmospheric effects and sound choices. Bombastic but with room to breathe - brilliant.
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