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Don't Know



 Genre: Alternative Rock
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Not really sure... failed relationship, thinking about the past. I just started playing with GarageBand and have no idea what I'm doing. I came across this website in my search for places to learn about the software, so here's my first submission. Hardly a complete song, hate the whole second part, but some good bones I hope. Let me know what you think.
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Made them up as I went along...
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Acoustic guitar, no mics, some drum loops
drakonis said 2755 days ago (February 3rd, 2012)
Welcome to the big classroom of Macjams..
First of all, welcome... this is a great place to get ideas, advice, and have fun making music. As for the song sketch... sounding like a good start to me, you have some good ideas in there to work with. I like the vocal harmonies you put in there. There's probably a little too much "room reverb" in there which makes the whole thing sound a little hollow and boomy... I would suggest recording a little closer to the mic (and turning down the record level so as not to clip, or "go into the red".) Then you can add "fake room reverb" later in GarageBand. Also, panning is a good way to separate the vox and instrument, but you may want the vox close to center, and move the drums and guitar a teeny bit off to each side (or add the "spread stereo" chorus effect to the guitar in the center, to move it out from under the voice)... that way things feel more balanced in headphones. I'd also lower the drum volume slightly, and boost the guitar a bit.

Just some ideas to try, and just mine... others will likely add or disagree!

But have fun polishing that up, I'd keep it fairly lean like that.

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ESRG said 2755 days ago (February 3rd, 2012)
drakonis - thanks for the comments! Exactly what I was hoping to hear! I'll check your stuff out soon too! So excited to be here!
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TvRicky said 2754 days ago (February 4th, 2012)
Great Start My Man!
It's just a matter of time for you my friend, This has an appeal that say's you are on your way to making some slick pieces. My advice is for you to continue with this and use it as a learning tool. I have a garageband ebook if you want a copy let me know!

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ESRG said 2754 days ago (February 4th, 2012)
Thank you
Wow, thanks Ricky! Means a lot - gonna keep experimenting and go for it. I listened to quite a fe of your songs before I officially joined, really cool! So interesting to hear what flows from someone else's mind. I'd love a copy of the book - how do I get hold of it?
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richard13 said 2754 days ago (February 4th, 2012)
Good start
and welcome aboard. My only piece of advice is to listen to Drakonis; he gives good ear.
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ESRG said 2754 days ago (February 4th, 2012)
Too cool
Again, thanks! Love the fact that people actually communicate here! I'm overwhelmed! I will check out your stuff too soon!
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RochaMalhada said 2754 days ago (February 4th, 2012)
cool tune
A couple of timing issues, but hey... The vocals are cool with the guitar. Panned too far left on the vocals a bit. Suggestion - right around 00:50 get some crunchy electric guitar going? ( ok I like crunchy guitar lol )

Drak has some good advice... in the end , You've got to be happy with it. Let me tell you, this is better than my first try at digital recording, and after 7 years I still wonder about mine, HA!

Around here, what's cool is that you can ask for collaborations on your songs; people that may have skills that you don't and can play and give you some tracks to mix in. It's awesome. People want to!


. - Harold
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ESRG said 2749 days ago (February 9th, 2012)
appreciate that
Glad you thought it was cool Harold! Lots of work to be done, but I"ll get there! Be by soon to check out your latest too!
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magnatone said 2754 days ago (February 4th, 2012)
Don't Know
first of all, welcome to MJ! you're going to have some serious fun here and you will learn a lot. i SO remember opening GB for the first time and going "WHOA!!!" my music is piano and orchestral, so i'm afraid i'm not the best person to ask for advice on this. my ears hear: your vocals are heavily weighted to the left side; timing kind of falls apart right toward the end there (but i'm sure you know that already!). your voice is really good - have fun and welcome!
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ESRG said 2749 days ago (February 9th, 2012)
WHOA is right!
So overwhelmed by all of the levers and controls on this piece of software that comes with every mac! Love the diversity of styles and tastes you get exposed to here on macjams too. Simply awesome! Can't wait to hear your symphonies!
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Sir Bass said 2754 days ago (February 4th, 2012)
Nice voice, try it with just the guitar, and vocals. Or just keep the one drum loop from the beginning.
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ESRG said 2749 days ago (February 9th, 2012)
belated thanks
Sir Bass - appreciate the input! Loving the advice I'm getting!
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Relic67 said 2751 days ago (February 7th, 2012)
good song
Great singing, harmonies, guitar part.
I like short songs so it could stand on its own.
I would fix the part where the guitar strumming goes off time.
I would agree with Drakonis' suggestions, although I am pretty tolerant of extreme reverb as some pretty cool music has been recorded that way.
welcome to MJ!
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ESRG said 2749 days ago (February 9th, 2012)
could be better
Thanks for your kind input. I'm a newbie but you really do learn quick just from playing around w/ the software and everyone's awesome input. There's not enough time in my week to check out everyone's awesome submissions, but I'm trying to make some. Thanks to everyone for their creative displays here on MJ!
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Char said 2750 days ago (February 7th, 2012)
I like to see
lyrics because I don't always hear that well. Nice voice. Hope you develop this more. Thanks.
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alackbass said 2738 days ago (February 20th, 2012)
Don't Know
Great vocal and melody. The low-fi production is actually pretty darn cool.
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ESRG said 2735 days ago (February 23rd, 2012)
Appreciate the comments man! I've been away for a few weeks, but as soon as I'm caught upon "real world" stuff I'll be by to check out your tunes!
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Philip18 said 2737 days ago (February 21st, 2012)
Don't know
Plenty to think about in the comments so far, so I won't add to them. Did you use a mike or just record into the computer? If the latter, at some stage it will be worth investing in a condenser mike that can capture your talent better than is the case with this quality of recording. Enjoy the journey!
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ESRG said 2735 days ago (February 23rd, 2012)
What's up?
Phillip - thanks for listening. Just sat in front of the iMac and pressed record. I have a condenser mike, electric guitar, acoustics, and a keyboard but had just cracked open macjams when I recorded this and Front Yard. As I've become more familiar I'm planning up some revisions and new tunes. It is a journey indeed! As always appreciate criticism and everyone's talents here at MJ!
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